Thursday, June 28, 2007

Stocks To Watch Today - NSHV MPWE CNCM GSCR IVGR

We've seen some really nice runs the last few days. IVGR soared yesterday after releasing a PR yesterday that had a whole lot of words in it, when all it needed was one - IPhone. The stock was up over 1000% and is gapping up this a.m. pre-market.

GSCR looks poised for a bounce after dropping as low as $.0009 yesterday. If you had spent $1k at the high the other day your investment would have fell to around $149 yesterday. Which is why you can't buy a penny stock and not watch it for a few days.

NSHV has dropped some since some nice action last week, but really has held considering the run it had from less than $.01.

MPWE is the pick. It is up 25% so far and is awaiting some volume to push it higher. Maybe that comes today.

CNCM released a PR yesterday and promptly rose 50% before pulling back. This one looks to run today - keep your eyes on it!

It should be an interesting day watching the subbers today.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

MPWE - Our Next Super Sub Penny Bouncer

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This pick, like the rest of our picks, is a bottom play. If the company decides to dilute, one of its debtors feel they need to convert their debt, ect ect then we might not see a bounce. I feel that this stock has been under accumulation, even with the recent drop in share price. $.0004 is a great price to get in. The stock ran to $.0015 a little over a month ago from $.0006 on a small amount of volume. Once again volume will be the key. If we can get some volume there is no telling where this stock will go. The ask is thin and support is at $.0003 so we have no place to go but up!
This is one of our first stock picks that actually has up to date filings with the SEC. Feel free to check them out here this is their 10QSB filed on May 15th 2007
If the link does not work then PM me and if your nice I'll send you the document.
Here is some relevant information on the company:
We had cash on hand of $ 597,110 as of March 31, 2007
They erased over $1,000,000 of convertible debt from the last quarter
Gary F. Kimmons, President/CEO/CFO; Kathryn Kimmons, Secretary

Outstanding Shares: 212,867,688 as of 2007-05-08
Estimated Market Cap: 106,434 as of 2007-06-25 (based on Outstanding Shares as of 2007-05-08) Number of Shareholders of Record: 186 as of 2007-04-02
Address:2602 Yorktown PlaceHouston, TX 77024USA
Business Description:M Power Entertainment is creating an advanced lifestyle information/ entertainment portal (project name "Doorways") designed to offer an enhanced form of interactivity and support for today's visually-oriented web surfing community. Doorways will also serve as a central forum for New Media e-commerce B-to-C product marketing, customer support and distribution. We are acquiring successful technical and entertainment production companies who can assist us with Doorways development and will use it to create and sell entertainment content.

Please do your own DD. this is a risky play. The company states that is does not have the funds to continue as a going concern for the next 12 months. What does this mean? This is not a long term play. Do your DD and if you like this stock - Buy - Play the Run - and lock in profits. Don't fall in love with it.
It has popped the last two months. We think it pops again this could easily be a 100% - 200% gain. If it runs to $.0015 then it will be over 300% and rival our PMCL call.
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Saturday, June 23, 2007

GSCR - Up 2775%

Yes the stock rose 2775%! In One Day and the worst part is that I watched it rise for most of it from the sidelines. When I put the ticker in my watch list trades were going through at the $.005's and the stock was already up 500%. How many stocks would you buy that have already risen 500% in one day? Well this one kept going and going and going. Sure it dipped along the way but it seemed to go up stronger after each dip. I doubt I'll be able to watch a run like this ever again.
But it should run some more the next few days and be a hot stock. Here is why. The company they are merging with intends to have over $120 million in sales in a few years. Do the math. How many companies with an 85 million share float trade at $.023 with over $100 million in sales?
OTC Bulletin Board: GSCR - News) to Seaway Capital, Inc. ("Seaway Capital"). Seaway Capital, a growth equity and leveraged buyout company, has agreed to assume up to $500,000 in GSCR's legacy debt, and GreenShift shall retain its current assets by transferring GS Carbon's current investments, intellectual properties and R&D operating subsidiaries to GS CleanTech Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: GSCT - News).Seaway Capital ( was formed in 2002 as a merchant banking company and controls significant stakes in various companies. Upon the closing of the transaction, Seaway intends to merge into GSCR several of its holdings, including that of WiseBuys Stores, Inc., ("WiseBuys") a big box retail chain it founded in 2003 with former Ames Chairman and CEO, Joe Ettore, and former BJ Wholesale executive, Joe LaChausse. WiseBuys currently has five (5) locations representing approximately 230,000 square feet, and it has partnered with other retailers such as Payless ShoeSource, Inc. and KB Toys to expand rapidly in rural markets in primarily former Ames locations. WiseBuys has generated store revenues of over $35 million since November 2003, and, after a brief pause, is now aggressively seeking growth through acquisitions and new store development.WiseBuys' goal is to add another 30-40 stores over a three year period and achieve annual revenues of about $120 million. Joe LaChausse, WiseBuys' CEO stated, "We feel this critical mass is attainable given the current supply of relatively low cost retail space in rural America. Our initial geographic presence with be New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut." WiseBuys' current stores - all in New York State - include Canton, Gouverneur, Hamilton, Pulaski, and Tupper Lake.This reverse acquisition, which is subject to completion of an audit of WiseBuys and is expected to close in June 2007, would have the effect of transferring GreenShift's majority stake in GS Carbon to Seaway Capital, which is seeking additional investments in media, business services, manufacturing, and technology companies.

So worst case you could have bought in at $.001 on Thursday. Say you bought $1,000 worth or 1,000,000 shares. If you held and sold at the close you would have made $24,000. Not a bad profit for one day. I guess it is the reason we all love penny stocks. Some days the sun shines on you and pretty much every other day you get pissed on. But is those few sunny days that you remember.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

PDVP - Expecting 75 - 100% Gain From Here

Our Last Few Picks Have Performed Well: SMAS ran from $.0004 to $.0007 for a nice 75% gain. LDHI went from $.0003 to $.0005 for a 66% gain. PMCL went up over 300% from $.0115 to $.047. We expect a nice little bounce out of PDVP, maybe even today so that everyone can have a nice green weekend.

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Straight from their website: "Podium Venture Group Inc is focused on the creation, acquisition and growth of brands in the lifestyle sports market.
With a well-versed team fully immersed in lifestyle sports, Podium Venture Group Inc can seamlessly provide each facet of brand evolution.
Through the strength, vision, and commitment of our management team, strategic partners, and subsidiaries – we are able to capitalize on a complete “in-house” system to build and deliver brands."

Selected parts of Recent PR's that sound appealing:
PORTLAND, ME--(MARKET WIRE)--Jun 8, 2007 -- Podium Venture Group, Inc. (Other OTC:PDVP.PK - News), an apparel, media, and publishing holding company in the lifestyle sports industry, announced today the total number of authorized common stock remains at 500,000,000 and it is the company's intention to not increase the authorized given current operations and brand development.
PORTLAND, ME--(MARKET WIRE)--May 18, 2007 -- Podium Venture Group Inc. (Other OTC:PDVP.PK - News), an apparel, media, and publishing holding company in the lifestyle sports industry, announced today that there has been no change in the total number of shares of the Company's common stock Authorized. Additionally, management announced that the current number of shares issued and outstanding is 331,460,887.

Always my biggest concern is finding out how many shares are in the market. Supply and demand. If the company has too many shares the stock will have a tough time moving. It looks like PDVP has a reasonable amount of shares outstanding for a company trading at $.0006.
I have made another chart. It is below:

Let me be clear once again: We do not get paid to make these picks and we usually do not have a position in the stocks we pick. These are (hopefully) for the benefit of the user of our site.
I don't think PDVP will blow up over night. Please do not rush into it - do your own DD and if you come across any negatives or some positives please post for everyone on the board to see. I will start a thread for this stock once I post the pick on the site.
Right now this is a more of a bottom bounce play that anything else - and if you have any questions private message me or email me using the link on the main page (

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

LDHI - Forum Stock Pick

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As with all our picks: we don't get paid to make them, we merely do all the hard work for you.
Forum member paul123 came across this stock today. He has since called the company and left a message. He is awaiting a response. The stock blew up to $.0006 the other day on news. But what strikes me here is the low float, which we are trying to get confirmed. A little over 200k market cap makes the stock a nice buy at this price range. The $.0003's look cheap here.

I don't think $.001 is out of the question. SMAS has a very similar chart. The accum/dist dropped to way oversold. LHDI is due to rebound here. Call it a dead cat bounce, or whatever you like to call it.
We say hold your SMAS and buy some LHDI. With only one market maker from .0003 - .0006 this should cruise to the 100% plus status fairly quickly. Always do your DD before you buy.

Friday, June 8, 2007

SMAS - Our New Stock Pick

We picked ILGY for 160% - PMCL for over 300% - RSDS for over 200%
We don't get paid to pick these companies. This is our own DD. We feel SMAS is poised for an intense rally. Please do your own follow up research and feel free to post in the SMAS thread your findings. An informed investor is welcome here.
First things first- I have called the company. They do exist. (877)586-2555. I am awaiting a call back. Also the share structure is pretty for a company trading at these levels. Now for the chart analysis. The CMF is starting to rise along with the RSI. The stock is oversold and gaining momentum. Some recent Pr's begin to shed some light upon the operations of the company. I think we could see a short term rise to $.001. Possibly more depending on volume. Looking for at least 100% gain from these levels.
Price: $0004
Short Term Target $0010
Long Term Target $002

Somatic Systems, Inc. to Unveil Exciting Web Redesign NORTHAMPTON, MA, Jun 06, 2007 (MARKET WIRE via COMTEX) -- Somatic Systems, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: SMAS) announces an extensive web redesign to launch this month. The new site is being designed to allow maximum growth in the company's communications and technology infrastructure, as Somatic Systems readies itself for national expansion. Somatic Systems CEO Steven Aronstein is excited to be promoting their new membership benefits program for professionals. Aronstein said, "The redesign will kick off of a larger branding and marketing crusade that will unfold over the next several months."
The new site will include interactive features such as forums, classifieds, and member specific pages. The website will serve as a hub for both professionals and potential clients, and will help to bring them together in their search for the holistic principles of Somatics. Along with the new quarterly professional journal to be published this month, the website will be the anchor for the membership program that will drive loyalty and increase annual revenue.
The new site is built on the open source Drupal Content Management System and will be fully standards compliant, allowing for easy future growth, the widest accessibility from all devices and browsers, constant and simple maintenance and upgrades of style and content, newsletter management, interactive user features, and easy scheduling features. The system will allow centralized hosting and communications between offices and employees. The email newsletter feature helps to achieve targeted direct marketing to a larger audience at a lower cost.
Somatic Systems will be providing an unprecedented service, as the information accessibility and interactive features of the site are the first of their kind in the field of Somatics.
Somatic Systems, Inc. Nears Completion of Department of Education Licensing
NORTHAMPTON, MA, May 10, 2007 (MARKET WIRE via COMTEX) -- Somatic Systems, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: SMAS) is proud to announce the near completion of the certification process to become the first licensed school to offer training in Clinical Somatic Education.
The approval of the Massachusetts Department of Education and the State Auditor will make Somatic Systems Institute the first and only school in the country officially recognized to train practitioners in Clinical Somatics. This process will present students with exciting new benefits, such as financial aid through Sallie Mae and other major lending organizations. Additionally, it opens the door to offering continuing education credits to physical therapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists. The availability of a financial aid program and the capability to offer continuing education to professionals in related fields will dramatically increase enrollment in Somatic Systems, Inc.'s professional training programs. The certification of the institution will pave the way for endorsing and promoting Clinical Somatics(TM) as a trusted and accredited education facility.
Following the licensing, Somatic Systems, Inc. plans to offer accredited Masters and Ph.D programs which will increase the notoriety and position Somatic Systems, Inc. as the leader in the field of Somatics training, education, and clinical offerings. This will also help Somatic Systems, Inc. fill positions with high quality personnel in other locations.
About Somatic Systems, Inc.
Somatic Systems, Inc. is headquartered in Northampton, Massachusetts. Somatics uses a technique called Clinical Somatics(TM). Somatics trains and certifies clinical practitioners on how to reeducate a client's muscles and recalibrate overused or injured muscles through a simple series of training sessions and prescribed at-home movements. The Clinical Somatics(TM) process uses a series of movements (lasting as little as five minutes a day) that lengthen muscles back to their natural, relaxed state.
Safe Harbor Act: This release includes forward-looking statements made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 that involves risks and uncertainties including, but not limited to, the impact of competitive products, the ability to meet customer demand, the ability to manage growth, acquisitions of technology, equipment, or human resources, the effect of economic business conditions, and the ability to attract and retain skilled personnel. The Company is not obligated to revise or update any forward-looking statements in order to reflect events or circumstances that may arise after the date of this release. SMAS Share Structure (as of June 7, 2007)Total Outstanding: 4,051,087,596Restricted: 3,479,878,491Public Float: 571,209,105

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Stocks To Watch Tuesday: NLUB EPGL AMPE CTTJ SBMI

We expect some nice movement on five penny stocks today. NLUB has been our stock pick for over a week and has yet to move more than 20%. We are looking for at least a 100% run in the near term.

EPGL is a real steal at $.0017. They expect revenues this year of over $4 million yet the stock has a market cap in the hundreds of thousands. Something has to give here and we think it is the PPS.

AMPE is a low float bottom play. They are also going to change the name of their company soon.

CTTJ blew up yesterday after trading back in the .o001 x .0002 range. Could it run back into the $.001's again?

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