Tuesday, April 28, 2009

BEHL - a penny is within reach

BEHL almost touched a penny today on above average volume. The stock has traded in impressive fashion over the last several trading sessions.

There could be a nice push over a penny coming.

Monday, April 27, 2009

BEHL - It keeps going and going and going.....

BEHL, alerted to you here at this blog at much lower prices, continues to run. We've seen this price action before. BEHL is going to hit $.01 before the music stops. One nice round number sounds good.

Lets see if we get this right.

PINR - Pine Ridge Holdings

Usually when a triple zero penny stock breaks out, it does so in a forceful and impressive fashion. PINR is not your average triple zero stock. It has been slowly crawling its way toward $.001, giving prospective investors every opportunity to jump aboard. The question is do you jump aboard or let the train leave the station without you?

As with all sub-penny stocks the risk exists for you to lose a substantial portion of your "investment". With that being said a stock trading at $.0009 can, and has, run to multi-pennies, much like a few stocks we've brought to light on this blog. Theoretically a few hundred dollars can turn into several thousand dollars in a short span of time.

PINR looks to be on the brink of a memorable breakout. The train is leaving the station. We'll be watching this one closely, as should you.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Flu Pump - Grab Your FLU stocks at the open - AVII

We are on the brink of a flu pandemic. I can't think of a better time to pump the flu stocks. Any stock that has the slightest bit to do with the flu should see an impressive run-up tomorrow and going forward.

We'll try to come up with a list but off the top of my head AVII would be primed for a multi-bagger.

AVII closed at $.89 on Friday.

Friday, April 24, 2009

BEHL - News Release Pre-Market

It was as if BEHL's CEO was a reader of this blog. After doing a quick write up of BEHL last night curiously a BEHL pr is released on Friday (and posted below for your viewing pleasure.)

The stock followed its big board brethren and closed in the green. This could become more routine as the money flow and investor interest reaches a peak. As with any penny stock it is difficult to tell when the music will stop.

For now its buy and cheer.

Go B - E - H - L! Go Go Go

Dennis Fisher, CEO and Board Member for BioCentric Energy Holdings, Inc., Provides a Company Update

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA -- (Marketwire) -- 04/24/09 -- BioCentric Energy (PINKSHEETS: BEHL) provides a Shareholder Update:

-- Yesterday, BEHL met again with the Chinese delegation in Southern California to further our negotiations to implement several possible algae farms throughout the world including Wuhan China, and Death Valley Junction -- an update from these meetings is scheduled to occur in the 2nd week of May

-- Website -- www.BioCentricAlgae.com -- we are building a new site that will carry all the hard assets (photobioreactors, nutrients, and nutrient management, automation, harvest, and VPN controls) and consultation to assist anyone with the desire to produce algae in a closed loop environment... although the site will continue to evolve, the first release of the shopping cart portion is expected to be completed by May 10th

-- Today, BEHL brought Dale Baeten, of Investing In Stock Market, Inc., onboard as BioCentric Investor Relations

-- On April 28th Dennis Shen, President of BioCentric Algae, will be a guest speaker at the Algae World in Rotterdam -- afterwards Mr. Shen will then become one of the panelists for a roundtable discussion on the "Implementation of the Commercialization of Algae" Forum

-- On April 29th Mr. Shen will go to Berlin to meet with Mohammed Janus (Nobel Peace Prize winner in Economics) associate and author of Mr. Janus' best-selling autobiography, Peter Spiegel of Genesis Institute regarding Grameen Bank support for third world countries working with BEHL and the UN to implement the Algae Pro Photobioreactors for high value nutrition

-- On April 30th Mr. Fisher will be attending the National Algae Forum in Houston, Texas, where Mr. Fisher, on May 1st will release details of the Algae Pro Photobioreactor in his speech titled "Cost and Revenue of Algae Production"

-- On May 2nd Mr. Fisher will meet with Helmut Gass of Eccowerks in Port Arthur, Texas, to discuss a possible joint venture agreement

-- On May 2nd Mr. Shen will be meeting with the BioCentric Algae Scientists in Prague to begin the process of identifying which proprietary research will become our next co-owned patents in the USA

-- On May 3rd Dennis Fisher will meet with J.D. Wilshusen, of the Permian Sea Algae Farms in Imperial, Texas, to finalize a possible Joint Venture Agreement (presently there has been a Memorandum of Understanding signed by both parties) to build the Algae Pro Photobioreactor at their location

-- On May 4th and 5th Mr. Fisher is scheduled to meet with two different universities in the southwest to ascertain which institution (or possibly both) will receive grants from BEHL to work with our scientists on algae photobioreactor enhancements

Dennis Fisher, CEO for BioCentric Energy Inc. (BEHL), stated today, "This communication is to provide an update on our Plan of Action. I know most companies would spread this information out over the next few weeks but with all that is happening I thought my fiduciary responsibility was to keep our supporters aware. I personally would like to take this opportunity to thank all those supporters of BEHL on our climb to success."

Thursday, April 23, 2009

BEHL - Biocentric Energy Holdings

BEHL has been on a tear the last few trading sessions. These type of runs make a turning point tough to locate. Has the stock run its course? Or is this upside just an appetizer for a multi-penny run?

Five straight days closing in the green might indicate an overbought condition which could be solved with some profit taking.

I'll be watching BEHL the next several trading days to see if an entry would be a prudent move.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

FTCH (.019)

Been watching this one for over 8 months after a reverse merger and symbol change(formerly AUMN.PK). Looks like the companies business plan is starting to take shape, and they have been landing contracts the past few weeks.

Watch the video Conference from last week with the CEO: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/1360417

Looks like a ground floor opportunity here.

About F3 Technologies, Inc.

F3 Technologies, Inc. (F3) is an Atlanta-based Software-as-a-Service application service provider created to provide on demand internet solutions to consumers and small to mid-sized companies. F3 currently has three distinctive products: Fargotube.com, Ascend Global Systems and Interaction Community Systems. It is F3's goal to provide the necessary systems and tools to help its end user realize personal, professional , social, and business oriented goals.

Points of interest

First and foremost, this was a developmental stage company starting the summer of last year. They are a Software-as-a-Service company(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_as_a_service), with three major products: FargoTube.com, Ascend Global Systems, and Interaction Community Systems.

Part of the fun with any of these micro-cap plays is doing Due Diligence, and we will not ruin the fun by giving every detail here, so I will summarize some key points:

• As of January 1st, 2009, the company is no longer in the “developmental stage”, and is fully engaged in marketing and sales of it’s product lines.(as per PR: http://ih.advfn.com/p.php?pid=nmona&cb=1238727222&article=29157967&symbol=NO%5EFTCH)

• Company projects $2 million in revenues for FY ’09. SAS sector is EXTREMELY profitable with gross margins averaging 80%. One of the best known SAS companies (CRM: Salesforce.com) has a 79% Gross margin rate!!

• Quote from the company : "With our burn rate being less than $10 thousand per month, the company foresees profitability by the second quarter of 2009." So one could estimate $120k in costs for FY’09, which would mean $ 1,880,000 in profits!

• PPS Valuation : $1,880,000/47 million OS = .04 x 20 P/E = .80 Price per Share Valuation!

• Looks like the companies main product right now is the interaction Community Systems. This looks like the cream of the crop. Take a look at it: http://www.interactioncs.com/f3/web/home.aspx?c=55f68c9f-8e52-4c85-bc7e-72892d8e9f22

• After the companies first ROAD SHOW of the product:, they were able to land 2 deals within 3 weeks, with many more on the way. http://ih.advfn.com/p.php?pid=nmona&cb=1238903546&article=36389018&symbol=NO%5EFTCH / http://ih.advfn.com/p.php?pid=nmona&cb=1238903546&article=36795802&symbol=NO%5EFTCH / http://ih.advfn.com/p.php?pid=nmona&cb=1238903546&article=36812364&symbol=NO%5EFTCH

• Now read that last PR carefully : "The real good news is there is about another 50 communities we met with that expressed an interest in Interaction that we are still following up. We have installed over 600 units for homeowners associations and management companies for the month of March; these include Westport, Winston towers and Pine Ridge."

• Share Structure confirmed. 16 million float with 47 million O/S

Happy trading folks!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

SPNG - Who Ever Thought A Sponge Would Garner So Much Attention?

SPNG has maneuvered itself from the sub-penny area to $.03 in a short amount of time. This was done with substantial volume and a tremendous amount of capital.

We all know the deal with penny stocks. Most of them are penny stocks for a very good reason, but when you see $1 million plus traded on a daily basis for a $.025 stock you begin to think this Sponge might have some upside.

Today SPNG dropped a little over 3%, which was a better showing than many of the Dow Components. Penny stocks are supposed to be the wild crazy bets, while blue chippers such as JP Morgan Chase, and GE are the ones you should be throwin your money at.... right?

SPNG has a compelling story. SPNG has had some very serious volume and money exchanging hands. SPNG also had a press release out late this afternoon that could vault the stock tomorrow.

This stock should be a very good day trade for the time being so keep it on your radar. Today's PR is pasted below for your viewing pleasure:

SpongeTech(R) Delivery Systems, Inc. Receives Nearly 3 Million USD in Orders First Week in April

  • Tuesday April 7, 2009, 3:27 pm EDT

SpongeTech® Sees Increase in Orders in the U.S.

Related Quotes

{"s" : "spng.ob","k" : "c10,l10,p20,t10","o" : "","j" : ""}

NEW YORK, April 7 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- SpongeTech® Delivery Systems, Inc. America's Cleaning Company(TM), (OTC Bulletin Board: SPNG - News), is pleased to announce that the Company has received approximately 3,000,000 USD in booked orders of its "easy-to-use" Product Cleaning Systems for the Car, Child, Home, and Pet. Orders have been coming in from the website, the call centers for the new TV commercial that are airing nationwide via cable and satellite and new and re-orders from various retail outlets across the United States.

"The spring season is here and we are pleased that the consumers are responding very well to our national marketing campaigns," said SpongeTech®'s COO, Steven Moskowitz. "Purchase orders continue to come in from new and existing retailers as they begin stocking their shelves with our products. In addition, everything indicates that our 3rd Quarter results for the period ending February 28, 2009 are expected to be filed on or before the 15th of April."

For more information, please contact Investor Relations at 1-877-SPONGE-T, and/or visit the Company's website at: www.spongetech.com.

About SpongeTech® Delivery Systems, Inc.

SpongeTech® Delivery Systems is a company which designs, produces, and markets unique lines of reusable cleaning products for Car Care, Child Care, Home Care and Pet Care usages. These sponge-like products utilize SpongeTech®'s proprietary, patent (and patent-pending) technologies and other technologies involving hydrophilic (liquid absorbing) foam, polyurethane matrices or other ingredients. The Company's sponges like products are pre-loaded with specially formulated ingredients such as soap, conditioner and/or wax that are released when the sponge is soaked and applied to a surface with minimal pressure. SpongeTech® is currently exploring additional applications for its technology in the health, beauty, and medical markets. SpongeTech® Delivery Systems, Inc. intends to globally brand its Company as America's Cleaning Company(TM).

Safe Harbor Statement

Under The Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: The statements in this presentation that relate to the Company's expectations with regard to the future impact on the Company's results from new products in development are forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. The results anticipated by any or all of these forward-looking statements may not occur. Additional risks and uncertainties are set forth in the Company's Annual Report on Form 10-KSB for the year ended May 31, 2008, the Company's Quarterly Report on Form 10-QSB for the second quarter ended November 31, 2008. The Company undertakes no obligation to publicly release the result of any revisions to these forward-looking statements that may be made to reflect events or circumstances after the date hereof, or to reflect the occurrence of unanticipated events or changes in the Company's plans or expectations.

SpongeTech® Delivery Systems, Inc.
Investor Relations:
Bill Young, 1-877-776-6438
wayoung55@aol.com or info@spongetech.com

Sunday, April 5, 2009

EESO - Still holding its head above water

A little while back we called the end of EESO's run. The stock had made a second trip from the triple zero's to penny land, and it was fairly easy to predict that EESO would come crashing back to where it began.

But alas EESO has proved us wrong, and that is great new for EESO shareholders. We don't like seeing people lose money, and EESO has turned into a nice pot of gold for many.

We'll try and find the next EESO here. The summer is quickly approaching and volume might slacken some. But keep checking back as we'll have several memorable penny stock runners here.