Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mondays Stocks To Watch - AVIX, FLRE, ICPA, PASO

We had a nice close to the week on Friday. 3 out of 4 stocks on my watch list had great sessions with SMHS up 150% and FLRE +30% on strong money volume. Money flow in the market was strong as well and this bodes well for penny stocks heading into the holiday season.

Here are Mondays stocks to watch AVIX, FLRE, ICPA, PASO

AVIX chart looks to be making a turn here, some late day buying volume could be a good signal for this week.

FLRE I think this stock will extend its gains from Friday. There was strong buying interest throughout the session and I see no reason why Monday will not be any different.

ICPA this $.003 stock has fallen slowly on very light volume. It could fall further but I think its poised right here to make a reversal. Add this stock to your watchlist.

PASO this $.0002 stock will have its day sometime in the near future.

Friday, October 28, 2011

AVIX - Chart Starting To Turn?

This stock was over $.20 a share a less than two months ago. Today the stock closed at $.0195 and could be at the start of a recovery in share price. The last few sessions for AVIX have seen the stock stabilize which should mean a short term bottom is in. Support at $.015 area and today's resistance was $.02. With the 50DMA at $.07 and the 200 DMA at $.26 there is a lot of space between $.02 resistance and the next level of resistance. Add AVIX to your radar.

FLRE - Chart Update

FLRE closed 30% higher today as the stock continues to move itself out of oversold levels. Volume was strong as was money flow and the stock has excellent momentum heading into the weekend. With the 50DMA at $.16 and the 200DMA at much loftier levels, there is a lot of room for this rebound to go. To those who took the chance at $.008 on my blog posts and tweets, congratulations on the rebound. Nothing is certain in this market, and its always nice to see a stock rebound for my readers and subscribers. I do think there is potential for more gains, and FLRE could see $.02 or better in the short term if this bounce continues.

Weekend Bottom Scan

Symbol  Close   Volume  Name
FFEX 1.3 115219 Frozen Food Express Industries, Inc.
MF 1.2 84275248 MF Global Holdings Ltd.
PWAV 0.68 4738475 Powerwave Technologies, Inc.
NTWK 0.46 340684 NetSol Technologies, Inc.
TXIC 0.34 708922 Tongxin International Ltd.
BMBM 0.132 618370 BMB Munai Inc.
CDCAQ 0.13 793837 CDC Corp.
EMBA 0.11 1191958 eMamba International Corp.
HEVV 0.095 12052186 Ener1, Inc.
CTESY 0.079 354065 SinoTech Energy Ltd.
SPOW 0.07 361864 Superlattice Power, Inc.
ALZM 0.054 1694751 Allezoe Medical Holdings Inc.
BLIAQ 0.023 680186 BB Liquidating Inc.
BCDH 0.02 294283 Black Castle Developments Holdings, Inc.
COIN 0.019 1862714 Converted Organics Inc.
SRCO 0.005 790500 Sparta Commercial Services Inc
MSMY 0.005 3517523 MC Endeavors Inc.
PNGB 0.005 162150 Panglobal Brands, Inc.
BZTG 0.002 198000 Buzz Technologies Inc.
PDGE 0.002 378500 PDG Environmental, Inc.
MLPH 0.001 304100 Molecular Pharmacology (USA) Ltd.
UVUM 0.001 103920 uVuMobile, Inc.
GRYE 0.001 648900 GreenGold Ray Energies, Inc.
OVOE 0.001 300225 One Voice Technologies

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Friday's Stocks To Watch - ATYG, SMHS, FLRE, DGIN

ATYG currently at $.0034 a share, this stock has fallen from over $.10 a share in recent months. The company is current at OTCmarkets and the stock looks poised to rebound from current levels. Add it to your watchlist.

SMHS a quick look at the chart shows a stock that has slowly fallen from $.006 to now $.0002 a share, with not much of a bounce. I think this stock has a nice bounce in store over the coming days and weeks. At $.0002/.0003 a share there is a risk it goes to no bid, but I also think a great chance to profit should the stock rebound.

FLRE I like the way this stock is trading right now. It hit new lows earlier this week and has since crawled back. The last two days have the stock starting to turn the corner and I think it could break $.01 and ultimately $.02+. But right now lets see it hold above $.008 and get through the resistance at $.0095.

DGIN has been stuck in a range $.0007-$.001 for quite a while. You have to like the support right now and if the company comes out with some news that investors like, I think it could break $.001 and make new highs since the summer swoon.

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Click Here For Today's Winning/Losing Penny Stocks

Chart of The Day - USFF

This chart looks to be turning higher again. USFF was up 45% today and looks like it wants to push back toward its 52 week highs.

October 27th Bottom Scan

Symbol  Close   Volume  Name
NTWK 0.463 575164 NetSol Technologies, Inc.
AGXMF 0.45 755150 Argentex Mining Corp.
TXIC 0.37 134375 Tongxin International Ltd.
ZAAP 0.3 125093 ZAP
EMBA 0.155 1809419 eMamba International Corp.
BMBM 0.135 3585562 BMB Munai Inc.
HEV 0.09 23736898 Ener1, Inc.
SPOW 0.081 323881 Superlattice Power, Inc.
TBBC 0.068 970410 The Brainy Brands Co., Inc.
SKNY 0.031 735323 Skinny Nutritional Corp.
CTESY 0.03 363154 SinoTech Energy Ltd.
BLIAQ 0.022 2765902 BB Liquidating Inc.
BRKM 0.02 277000 BookMerge Technology, Inc.
NRTLQ 0.019 537460 Nortel Networks Corp. Holding
AVIX 0.015 122000 Avix Technologies Inc.
TDCP 0.008 5330893 3DIcon Corp.
MSMY 0.005 5717854 MC Endeavors Inc.
BZRT 0.004 299250 Inc.
ICPA 0.003 1960741 IC Places Inc.
ZNNC 0.001 325000 Zann Corp.
COUV 0.001 1505000 Corporate Universe Inc.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Click Here For Today's Winning and Losing Penny Stocks

Click Here For Today's Winning and Losing Penny Stocks

FLRE - Chart Update

The stock has over $50,000 in volume today and closed the session up 10% at $.0083 after being up as high as $.0093. The stock looks like it could be at the start of a nice rebound.

October 26th Bottom Scan

Symbol  Exchange        Close   Volume  Name
FMETF PINK 0.47 118356 Formation Metals Inc.
TXIC PINK 0.37 137000 Tongxin International Ltd.
BMBM PINK 0.135 474829 BMB Munai Inc.
SPOW NASD 0.087 526319 Superlattice Power, Inc.
UAHC PINK 0.035 125000 United American Healthcare Corp.
BLIAQ PINK 0.02 1809087 BB Liquidating Inc.
AVIX PINK 0.017 163500 Avix Technologies Inc.
TDCP NASD 0.007 4315719 3DIcon Corp.
MSMY PINK 0.005 6920569 MC Endeavors Inc.
FNSCQ PINK 0.004 104611 First National Bancshares, Inc.
BZRT PINK 0.004 209000 Inc.
ABNS PINK 0.002 101000 Alliance Bancshares CA
MLXO PINK 0.002 509322 Michelex Corp.
NRPI PINK 0.001 499999 NRP Stone Inc.
FGOCQ PINK 0.001 356380 Firstgold Corp.
SMAN PINK 0.001 105000 Standard Management Corp.
VOYT PINK 0.001 130000 Voyant International Corp.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

FLRE - Poised For A Bounce?

FLRE I like this stock right now, but before I tell you that lets talk about the negatives. This stock just did a 1,000 for 1 reverse split on August 3rd. That is not a positive for anyone buying into this stock, because it usually means another one is possible down the road. That is not always the case, but it is something to be wary of. The second negative is the ongoing dilution. You don't split a stock and then suddenly get liquid again without dumping shares into the market. That explains the drop in price.

What do I like about this stock right now? I really like the chart. The price is holding above $.007 and volume has been strong. The company has a professional web presence, and the money flow indicates people are buying the stock. I think this stock could mount a rally from current levels and it remains a stock to watch, unless the selling continues unabated. The moving averages are skewed due to the split, with $.18 and $2.60, I would rather think a bounce could bring this stock back to $.02 or better.

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Today's Winners and Losers\

Bottom Scan

CVM - As If Right On Cue

CVM I alerted on October 13th and stated that it had support. Last night I even noted the potential for a short term run, as the stock was up a few ticks.

A few weeks ago In this post I noted a move to $.40 or better was likely. Sure enough today CVM hit $.40 a share. Congratulations to those of you who have profited off this stock.

Monday, October 24, 2011

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Today's Winners and Losers

Today's Bottom Scan

CVM - Started Its Climb Today

After being range bound for much of October, CVM looks poised to bounce to higher prices. The stock has been beaten down this year and almost 6 months ago traded for over $.70 a share. Today the stock clawed its way back over $.30 and closed near its session highs of $.33 on higher than normal volume.

The chart shows a stock that could be making a substantial move in the short term. Keep it on your watchlist.

Friday, October 21, 2011

FLRE - Dump and Run - Looking To Run

FLRE - the money flow and chart leads me to believe this stock has some upside to give to its investors in the short term. The moving averages are sky high and the over $100k money flow day indicates traders are betting on gains from here. I agree and think a break above $.01 could set this stock up for a big short term move higher.

Investor Alert: Investment Seminars – Trading Seminar Scams

Investor Alert: Investment Seminars – Trading Seminar Scams

The SEC’s Office of Investor Education and Advocacy is issuing this Investor Alert to warn investors of potential scams they may encounter at investment seminars that purport to teach investors trading strategies that will allow them quickly and easily to make money trading securities. In particular, SEC staff warns that fraud promoters may use misleading or untrue statements to lull investors into purchasing expensive products such as trading software or classes. Investors should be prepared to recognize and avoid some of the potential fraudulent conduct they may encounter at any investment seminar that purports to teach investors how to trade securities.

Signs of Trading Seminar Scams

Claims that trading strategies are “easy” or “simple.” Trading strategies are not “simple” or “easy.” Securities transactions occur in complex financial markets. Investors should be skeptical of anyone making those kind of claims.

Be mindful of “guaranteed” returns. Trading any type of securities carries some degree of risk, and the level of risk typically correlates with the return an investor can expect to receive. Low risk generally means low yields, and high yields typically involve higher risk. Fraud promoters often spend a lot of time trying to convince investors that extremely high returns are “guaranteed” or “can't miss.” Don't believe it. High returns represent potential rewards for investors who are willing and financially able to take big risks.

High-pressure sales tactics. Fraud promoters often use high-pressure sales tactics to get investors to buy their trading products and classes without thinking it through. They might claim there are only a few spots left or that getting in immediately will allow investors to see the greatest returns. Any reputable promoter of trading products or classes will let investors take their time to do research and will not pressure for an immediate decision.

Sounds too good to be true. Generally, if a strategy for trading securities sounds too good to be true, it probably is. No strategy for trading securities is fool-proof.

Ways to Avoid Trading Seminar Scams

Investigate before the seminar. Before attending any investment seminar on trading strategies, investors should research the people or company promoting the investment seminar as well as the trading products or classes being sold at the seminar to see if they have any history of complaints, fraud, or criminal activity. Investors can check-out speakers at seminars through the following resources:

  • For all speakers start by checking an internet search engine.
  • For speakers that are broker-dealers, use FINRA’s BrokerCheck website
  • For speakers that are an investment adviser, use the SEC’s Investment Adviser Public Disclosure website
  • For all speakers, also contact your state securities regulator. Investors can find the contact information for their state securities regulator at the North American Securities Administrators Association’s website

Ask questions. Investors should always ask questions regarding purported trading strategies. Some questions should include:

  • How much will it cost to learn the trading strategy? Investors should determine what up-front and continuing costs are associated with both learning and implementing the trading strategy.
  • What are the risks of this trading strategy? Any trading strategy has risks. Any presentation regarding how to trade securities should have a balanced discussion of benefits and risks. Investors should be wary of any trading strategy that has “no” risks.

Be skeptical of claims of past trading success. Some fraud promoters attempt to validate their trading strategies’ effectiveness by highlighting the past trading success of celebrities or “former students” that have used their trading strategies. Some promoters have these celebrities and “former students” appear at their investment seminars to talk about their past trading success. Fraud promoters also may provide false or misleading trading records to demonstrate these past trading successes. Investors should always be mindful of any claims regarding past trading success.
Past trading success is not an indication of future trading success. Furthermore, investors should independently verify whether the past trading success stories and records are accurate.

Recent SEC Cases Involving Trading Seminar Scams

Some recent examples of SEC cases that involve trading seminar scams include:

SEC v. Long Term-Short Term, Inc., d/b/a BetterTrades and Freddie Rick
The SEC filed a complaint against the defendants alleging that the company made false and misleading statements to induce investors into purchasing their trading products. BetterTrades sold products designed to teach investors how to trade options, including seminars, workshops and software that facilitates options trading. The complaint alleges that BetterTrades’ instructors claimed to be highly successful options traders that used BetterTrades’ trading strategies, when in fact these instructors’ wealth came from their sales of BetterTrades’ trading strategies and products. The SEC settled this matter.

SEC v. Investools Inc., Michael J. Drew, and Eben D. Miller
The SEC filed a complaint against the defendants alleging that they made false and misleading statements to induce investors into purchasing their trading products. Investools sold instruction, software and personal coaching to investors who want to learn how trade options and other securities. The complaint alleges that two employees of Investools misleadingly portrayed themselves as expert investors who made their living trading securities in order to induce investors into believing they would also become successful traders if they purchased Investools trading products. The SEC settled this matter.

SEC v. Linda Woolf, David Gengler, Hands on Capital, Inc., and Lashaico, Inc.
The SEC filed a complaint against the defendants alleging that they used false statements to induce investors into believing they would make extraordinary profits trading securities if they purchased “Teach Me to Trade” (TMTT) packages of personal mentoring, software, and classes. The complaint alleges that TMTT conducted nationwide investor workshops that purported to teach investors the secrets to making money in the stock market. The complaint alleges that two of TMTT’s former employees made false and misleading statements in televised infomercials and investor workshops to convince investors they would make extraordinary profits trading securities if they purchased TMTT’s trading products and services.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

RXPC Continues Its Impressive Rally

Back in September near RXPC's lows I covered this stock on my blog and twitter as a potential bottom play. I noted at that time the possiblilty loomed for a move back over $.01. Today we saw that move with a sustained close over $.01. The stock is up over 300% since I brought it to my readers. Congratulations to those who took a chance on RXPC.

CVM - FInally Ready For That Bounce

MACD is starting to curl, we could see a quick pop from these levels. The stock has held the current $.27-$.29 range with $.27 being strong support. The next level of resistance is the $.40 level, or close to 50% higher than today's close.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Last Nights Bottom Scan - 12 Up 1 Down

Last Nights Bottom Scan continued a rather impressive run, already bringing a stock that moved well over 1,000% earlier this week. Last night it posted 12 stocks that closed higher and only one losing stock. That is impressive in any market, considering how the big boards closed down, to pick 13 penny stocks and have 12 close higher - it says something about the quality I try to bring to the blog.

Symbol  % Chg   Last    $ Volume        Company Name
MSMY 60.00% 0.008 $321,465.00 MC ENDVRS
XDSL 42.86% 0.005 $154,783.00 MPHASE TECHNOLOGIES
TUCA 38.89% 0.05 $5,822.00 TUCANA LITHIUM
SHMX 33.93% 0.0075 $211.00 SHAMIKA 2 GOLD
CAMS 28.57% 0.0009 $4,338.00 CAMBRIAN SYSTEMS
DKAM 22.22% 0.0022 $6,045.00 DRINKS AMERICA HOLDINGS
ICPA 14.29% 0.004 $234.00 IC PLACES
FLRE 14.29% 0.012 $69,782.00 FLAMERET
MBYL 11.11% 0.02 $1,508.00 MOBILE DATA
AVIX 8.70% 0.025 $787.00 AVIX TECHNOLOGIES
KATX 7.84% 0.0055 $1,626.00 KAT EXPLORATION
TKDN -28.57% 0.175 $93,231.00 TAKEDOWN ENTERTAINMENT

PMI - Continues to Produce Gains

PMI at today's high was up almost 200% since my alert at $.175. PMI provided quick gains as well as longer term gains. Congratulations to all the longs in this stock since I alerted it at its 52 week low.

October 18th Bottom Scan

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

TLAN - Stock Looks Ready To Turn

October 18th Bottom Scan

Symbol  Exchange        Close   Name
TKDN NASD 0.245 Takedown Entertainment Inc.
TEWI NASD 0.09 Titan Energy Worldwide, Inc.
TUCA PINK 0.036 Tucana Lithium Corp.
BLIAQ PINK 0.026 BB Liquidating Inc.
AVIX PINK 0.023 Avix Technologies Inc.
MBYL NASD 0.018 Mobile Data Corp.
FLRE PINK 0.01 Flameret, Inc.
SHMX NASD 0.006 Shamika 2 Gold Inc.
EIHC NASD 0.005 Environmental Infrastructure Holdings Corp.
KATX PINK 0.005 KAT Exploration Inc.
MSMY PINK 0.005 MC Endeavors Inc.
ICPA PINK 0.004 IC Places Inc.
XDSL NASD 0.004 Mphase Tech
DKAM NASD 0.002 Drinks Americas Holdings Ltd.
CBLRF PINK 0.001 Campbell Resources, Inc.
CAMS PINK 0.001 Cambrian Systems Inc.
NNBP PINK 0.001 Nanobac Pharmaceuticals Inc.

EKNG - On Last Nights Bottom Scan +600% On The Session After Being Up Over 1,000%

This stock was on my bottom scan last night. It did not disappoint.

Monday, October 17, 2011

TAEC - Up 2,500%

An impressive rally from $.0125 to $.35. Volume is strong lets see if this big rally has legs after such a huge move.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Chart of the Day - HYII

HYII has rallied from $.0002 to $.0045, for an over 2,000% move in the span of eight trading sessions.

Weekend Oversold Scan

A List of Oversold Stocks

Symbol Close Volume Name
PUDA 0.53 106002 Puda Coal Inc.
TNGN 0.432 410701 Tengion Inc.
BCON 0.394 292564 Beacon Power Corp.
CVM 0.278 2147006 Cel-Sci Corp.
ALZM 0.068 1036040 Allezoe Medical Holdings Inc.
YRCW 0.056 18170124 YRC Worldwide Inc.
HHWW 0.05 243507 Horiyoshi Worldwide Inc.
FLRE 0.035 723766 Flameret, Inc.
MJNA 0.021 1667528 Medical Marijuana Inc.
VVIT 0.02 166000 Vista International Technologies, Inc.
AVMC 0.015 237521 Avinci Media Corp.
SHMX 0.008 669000 Shamika 2 Gold Inc.
KATX 0.005 871898 KAT Exploration Inc.
ICPA 0.004 659396 IC Places Inc.
XDSL 0.004 6818373 Mphase Tech
PPWE 0.002 150000 Proper Power and Energy Inc.
BRHI 0.002 165071 Braintech, Inc.
EPGRQ 0.001 225000 Environmental Power Corp.
CAMS 0.001 60351756 Cambrian Systems Inc.
RCMH 0.001 330000 Reach Messaging Holdings Inc.

BFHJ - Brought To Readers at $.0001/.0002

BFHJ was been on a nice steady uptrend since I posted about the stock on October 4th at $.0001/.0002. The stock is up over 300% since then and looks poised to hit the 200DMA of $.0011.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Chat Room Open This Week For All Members

The subscriber chat room has been opened up for everyone to try. I've had the chat room dedicated to subscribers only for almost two years.

Stop in and say hi tomorrow, or even tonight. I usually come into the chat room after midnight each night and before the market opens. I am around during market hours as well.

Click Here to be taken to the chat room.

PASO - Sitting at $.0001/$.0002

I do think this stock has a sharp bounce coming the the short term. The stock has fallen on modest volume and I think the current price range offers a great chance at profiting should PASO rally from here. Triple zero stocks are high risk/ high reward. PASO could go bidless or it could go to $.0006-$.001 on a sharp rally. That is the fun about triple zero stocks and the potential for big returns. Keep PASO on close watch for a reversal.

CVM - Ready For A Bounce?

I think this stock has found support around the $.28-$.30 range and looks poised to post a bounce from here. I could see a 30-50% possible bounce up to $.40 - $.45 a share if it can get passed the resistance at $.38.

This is a liquid stock with over $100k in daily volume. It 52 week high is over $1.00.

Multikine® is the Company’s flagship immunotherapy and is in Phase III trials, so there is also the longer term possibility. They recently did a capital raise at $.30 a share, as will almost all young bio-techs capital is of the essence. Considering CVM has phase III trials ongoing the company is at least progressing and closer to some results than other younger bio-tech companies.

CEL-SCI is dedicated to research and development directed at improving the treatment of cancer and other diseases by utilizing the immune system, the body's natural defense system. Its lead investigational therapy is Multikine (Leukocyte Interleukin, Injection), currently being studied in a pivotal global Phase III clinical trial. CEL-SCI is also developing (and investigating) an immunotherapy (LEAPS-H1N1-DC) as a possible treatment for H1N1 hospitalized patients and as a vaccine (CEL-2000) for Rheumatoid Arthritis (currently in preclinical testing) using its LEAPS technology platform. The investigational immunotherapy LEAPS-H1N1-DC treatment involves non-changing regions of H1N1 Pandemic Flu, Avian Flu (H5N1), and the Spanish Flu, as CEL-SCI scientists are very concerned about the possible emergence of a new more virulent hybrid virus through the combination of H1N1 and Avian Flu, or maybe Spanish Flu. The Company has operations in Vienna, Virginia, and in/near Baltimore, Maryland.

October 12th Bottom Scan

Symbol  Close   Volume  Name
LBAS 0.54 1289814 Location Based Technologies, Inc.
BCON 0.362 276845 Beacon Power Corp.
CVM 0.28 781183 Cel-Sci Corp.
TBBC 0.138 108965 The Brainy Brands Co., Inc.
ALZM 0.057 6112223 Allezoe Medical Holdings Inc.
EMPR 0.021 311051 Empire Petroleum Corp.
FUGI 0.015 193000 Fuego Entertainment, Inc.
FLRE 0.014 342366 Flameret, Inc.
NDAC 0.011 156400 New Dragon Asia Corp.
LGMH 0.011 109000 Light Media Holdings Inc.
GNCC 0.006 205860 Genco Corp.
RTGV 0.005 3424106 RTG Ventures Inc
MDCE 0.005 1366800 Medical Care Technologies Inc.
WNYN 0.004 105000 Warp 9 Inc.
WLSV 0.002 811410 World Logistics Services Inc.
COHO 0.001 12665824 Cooper Holding Corp.
SLPHQ 0.001 647400 SulphCo, Inc.
ALKN 0.001 355000 Alkane Inc.
CAMS 0.001 10845402 Cambrian Systems Inc.
DGLPQ 0.001 119667 DigitalPost Interactive Inc.
USGA 0.001 132500 US Global Nanospace, Inc.
ADAC 0.001 100580 Adama Technologies Corp.
ENKG 0.001 6095000 Energy King, Inc.

Friday, October 7, 2011

October 7th Bottom Scan/ Winners and Losers

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October 6th Bottom Scan Results

My bottom scan yesterday came through with some rather impressive results. These bottom scans are great for finding stocks that are oversold and poised for a bounce.

Symbol % Chg Last Volume Company Name
ONTC 127.27% 0.0025 6997833 ONTECO
MCLN 83.33% 0.0011 16630337 MEDCLEAN TECHNOLOGIES
SANT 50.00% 0.0075 848115 SANTEON GROUP
CSKH 40.00% 0.014 60000 CLEAR SKIES HOLDINGS
MDFI 37.50% 0.0011 52338828 MEDEFILE INTL
CAMS 30.77% 0.0017 987823 CAMBRIAN SYSTEMS
TADF 28.57% 0.0009 13724129 TACTICAL AIR DEFENSE
SHOM 13.64% 0.0025 1522907 SOUTHERN HOME MEDICL
DBRM 12.50% 0.045 48215 DAYBREAK OIL & GAS
SHMX 11.25% 0.0089 221572 SHAMIKA 2 GOLD
ENA 7.41% 0.29 167928 ENOVA SYSTEMS
CFW 3.46% 0.1257 99445 CANO PETROLEUM
YIPI 2.56% 0.4 19981 YIPPY
KATX 0.00% 0.0062 858200 KAT EXPLORATION
ENKG 0.00% 0.0007 3350000 ENERGY KING
CVM -4.13% 0.2876 538065 CEL-SCIENCE
OPMG -5.00% 0.019 3407279 OPTIONS MEDIA GROUP
TBBC -6.67% 0.14 24484 BRAINY BRANDS CO
GARB -11.11% 0.0008 5849398 GARB OIL & POWER CORP
GNCC -12.16% 0.0065 130700 GENCO
NRTLQ -13.04% 0.02 3370177 NORTEL NETWORKS
FLRE -16.00% 0.042 968287 FLAMERET INC COMMON
ALZM -16.69% 0.0704 1088690 ALLEZOE MEDICAL HOLDINGS

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The HEAT Is On

Today HEAT surged over 24% in what looks like the start of a multi-day bounce. With the 50DMA sitting close to $1 and the 200 DMA over $2.50, this stock has a lot of room to run on any rally.

The stock remains incredibly oversold. Obviously the selling could resume and the stock could fall to fresh lows. That is the risk. The potential reward is the stock rallies hard and hits $1 - $1.25 a share or almost 100% from current levels.

BFHJ - Up 300% Today

I noted on my blog last night BFHJ news. Today the stock responded with a 300% gain. I think the chart shows a stock that could post more gains in the short term. This stock should impress and be added to your watch list if its not already.

October 5th Bottom Scan / Winners and Losers

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

BFHJ - Provides Business Update

At current $.0001/.0002 prices this stock could be one to watch going forward.

Beneficial Holdings Inc. Provides Update on Current Business Operations

Press Release Source: Beneficial Holdings Inc. On Wednesday October 5, 2011, 12:00 am EDT

MANAGUA, NICARAGUA--(Marketwire -10/05/11)- Beneficial Holdings Inc. (Pinksheets: BFHJ.PK - News), which manages the and by Beneficial live dealer casinos and sportsbooks, a hotel, and gaming parlors in Nicaragua, today announced a general overview of its business operations.

Hotel Beneficial received acceptance from the Nicaraguan Government's Central Registry of Providers allowing all Governmental agencies to stay at the hotel during the course of official Government business. The hotel also executed contracts with adding to its already online presence with agencies such as and The Company is in the process of updating its reservation site at

The Company's Masaya building received a provisional gaming license from the Nicaraguan National Police for slots and video poker machines.

The Company's Tropical Vereda Casino & Bar acquired an expanded gaming license allowing it to double the number of gaming machines it previously had. The expansion was approved by both the Nicaraguan National Police and the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism. Additionally, the liquor license was expanded to allow longer hours of operation. The Company recently installed a state of the art high tech inventory control system along with a high tech video monitoring system at the location.

The Company continues to add additional affiliates for its online gaming operations thus increasing revenues and traffic to our and franchises. Unfortunately, our gaming offerings are presently only for non-United States residents.

The Company continues to review expansion opportunities that are presented to it.


Beneficial Holdings, Inc. is an international casino investment holding company, specializing in acquiring undervalued gaming assets. The Company owns a hotel in Managua, a fully operational restaurant, bar, and casino also in Managua, and a slot parlor in Masaya, Nicaragua. The Company has agreements in place to build another hotel in El Crucero, Nicaragua, and is negotiating several Central American gaming projects.

This release does not constitute an offer of securities for sale. It contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. These statements involve risks and uncertainties that could cause results to differ. Statements are based on information available as of today and the company undertakes no obligation to update statements to reflect

Chart of the Day - ANDI

Today's Bottom Scan and Winning and Losing Stocks

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Monday, October 3, 2011

Tuesdays Stocks To Watch - HEAT, PASO, AERN, AEMD

HEAT this stock rests at 52 week lows. I think it has a 35-50% or better bounce coming in the short term, as prices have stabilized and bottom looks to have held.

PASO I think this stock moves out of triple zero's at some point in the near future. Currently trading at $.0003 the company released some positive financials recently.

AERN and AEMD these two stocks saw big moves on Monday, backed by nice money flow. I think both deserve to be watched tomorrow as they could make for great scalp type trades throughout the session.

HEAT - Bottom Alert

I think HEAT has found a bottom here and looks poised to post a rally from current levels. The stock sits right at its 52 week low and has fallen from over $8.00 a share to the current $.65 price.

The stock could see a nice rally just based upon the current chart. The 50 DMA sits at $1 and the 200 DMA is at $2.71. A lot of room to go higher should HEAT rally from here. This stock deserves watching going forward. The potential for 50-100%+ gains is there, in my opinion.

Chart of the Day - DGIN

October 3rd Bottom Scan

Symbol  Exchange        Close   Volume  Name
QMM AMEX 0.79 164955 Quaterra Resources Inc.
APP AMEX 0.76 249227 American Apparel Inc.
URG AMEX 0.76 602560 Ur-Energy Inc.
PRGN NYSE 0.76 507224 Paragon Shipping Inc.
TAT AMEX 0.74 786037 Transatlantic Petroleum Ltd.
BAC/WT/B NYSE 0.73 282428 Bank of America Corp.
DYNT NASD 0.71 132069 Dynatronics Corp.
CBAK NASD 0.688 306186 China BAK Battery, Inc.
BAJFF PINK 0.682 131700 Baja Mining Corp.
XING NASD 0.67 228673 Qiao Xing Universal Resources, Inc.
ISCO NASD 0.66 395136 International Stem Cell Corp
HEAT NASD 0.65 104896 SmartHeat Inc.
LMRXF PINK 0.64 101500 Laramide Resources Ltd.
MVIS NASD 0.62 1178915 Microvision, Inc.
AOB NYSE 0.57 236795 American Oriental Bioengineering Inc.
BIOD NASD 0.56 467203 Biodel Inc.
MCZ AMEX 0.56 648806 Mad Catz Interactive, Inc.
NTWK NASD 0.56 178607 NetSol Technologies, Inc.
URRE NASD 0.559 1606574 Uranium Resources Inc.
DCHAF PINK 0.556 162388 Dacha Strategic Metals Inc.
JSDA NASD 0.551 228280 Jones Soda Co.
BSPM NASD 0.547 247229 Biostar Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
AEN AMEX 0.5 126566 Adeona Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
INO AMEX 0.5 622963 Inovio Biomedical Corp.
CCGY PINK 0.48 106860 China Clean Energy Inc.
BCON NASD 0.444 397492 Beacon Power Corp.
AIBYY PINK 0.44 572157 Allied Irish Banks Plc
HPOL NASD 0.44 198316 Harris Interactive, Inc.
CPSL NASD 0.431 194890 China Precision Steel Inc
DEXO NYSE 0.42 709916 Dex One Corp.
ECPN NASD 0.42 279464 El Capitan Precious Metals Inc.
HTM AMEX 0.41 343689 U.S. Geothermal, Inc.
FEED NASD 0.4 1328872 AgFeed Industries, Inc.
CYCC NASD 0.39 510946 Cyclacel Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
CNAM AMEX 0.38 123483 China Armco Metals, Inc.
WLCDF PINK 0.38 165770 Western Lithium USA Corp.
SGGH PINK 0.37 116500 Signature Group Holdings Inc.
SDCJF PINK 0.367 170630 Sundance Energy Australia Ltd.
GBE NYSE 0.36 343364 Grubb & Ellis Co.
GGCRF PINK 0.358 703559 Silvermex Resources Inc.
TKDN NASD 0.35 460853 Takedown Entertainment Inc.
CXZ AMEX 0.349 173430 Crosshair Exploration And Mining Corp.
STHJF PINK 0.32 124700 Strathmore Minerals Corp.
PPRTF PINK 0.295 112852 Passport Potash Inc.
BWEN NASD 0.285 1193659 Broadwind Energy, Inc.
PEIX NASD 0.27 1214800 Pacific Ethanol, Inc.
GRHU NASD 0.25 175876 GreenHouse Holdings, Inc.
CLLZF PINK 0.23 428054 Connacher Oil And Gas Ltd.
FMCC NASD 0.227 2921176 Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.
FNMA NASD 0.223 3833529 Federal National Mortgage
AAGC NASD 0.205 765609 All American Gold Corp.
GELYF PINK 0.205 377161 Geely Holding Group Co.
ECIT NASD 0.2 149765 Ecoland International, Inc.
GGR AMEX 0.18 241414 Geo Global Resources
GSX AMEX 0.18 805998 Gasco Energy, Inc.
BIOF NASD 0.178 128793 BioFuel Energy Corp.
TBBC NASD 0.17 201290 The Brainy Brands Co., Inc.
DLKM NASD 0.155 175700 Douglas Lake Minerals Inc.
QREDF PINK 0.141 129350 Quantum Rare Earth Developments Corp.
CFW AMEX 0.14 203246 Cano Petroleum, Inc.
TIV AMEX 0.14 798074 Tri-Valley Corp.
ACTC NASD 0.133 9815291 Advanced Cell Technology Inc
LTUM NASD 0.131 153694 Lithium Corp.
ALTX NASD 0.13 226586 Altex Industries
ALZM NASD 0.088 3226722 Allezoe Medical Holdings Inc.
NGLPF NASD 0.085 693113 Nevada Geothermal Power Inc.
BERX PINK 0.082 179200 Bering Exploration Inc.
AMOK NASD 0.065 127164 Amarok Resources, Inc.
AVIX PINK 0.047 406684 Avix Technologies Inc.
SEHI PINK 0.042 148000 Stadium Entertainment Holdings, Inc.
SNGX NASD 0.042 823160 Soligenix, Inc.
YRCW NASD 0.037 56913616 YRC Worldwide Inc.
BCCI PINK 0.033 275930 Baristas Coffee Co. Inc.
MJNA PINK 0.03 370040 Medical Marijuana Inc.
MGUY PINK 0.025 200000 Mogul Energy International Inc.
NRTLQ PINK 0.025 335621 Nortel Networks Corp. Holding
CBAI NASD 0.023 2562516 Cord Blood America Inc
OPMG PINK 0.023 2638035 Options Media Group Holdings, Inc.
TOMZ PINK 0.016 325590 TOMI Environmental Solutions Inc.
XPRT PINK 0.011 533374 LECG Corp.
GNCC PINK 0.01 448671 Genco Corp.
EZEN PINK 0.007 312271 Ezenia! Inc.
MCET NASD 0.005 1843819 MultiCell Technologies, Inc.
NSCT PINK 0.004 115250 National Scientific Corp.
OGNG NASD 0.004 1206000 Organa Gardens International Inc.
RXPC PINK 0.002 19714766 Radient Pharmaceuticals Corp.
PSWR PINK 0.002 125000 Prism Software Corp
GSPT NASD 0.002 570000 Golden Spirit Enterprises Ltd.
SLPHQ PINK 0.002 398559 SulphCo, Inc.
EVCA NASD 0.002 622000 Evcarco Inc.
ONTC PINK 0.002 2694400 Onteco Corp.
VIZS PINK 0.002 161102 VizStar, Inc.
GNTA NASD 0.001 14209524 Genta Inc.
SCYA PINK 0.001 200000 Security Asset Capital Corp.
CPTCQ PINK 0.001 574936 Composite Technology Corp.
MCLN NASD 0.001 4542391 MedClean Technologies, Inc.
MDFI PINK 0.001 28683122 Medefile Intl Inc.
TADF PINK 0.001 19517620 Tactical Air Defense Services, Inc.
USGA PINK 0.001 120000 US Global Nanospace, Inc.