Friday, March 30, 2007

Stocks To Watch Monday - ILGY NMKT PHEI RSDS

ILGY International Energy Ltd.- We'll post a chart shortly on this one. It's 52 week low was hit recently. Much like PMCL last week the volume in the afternoon was strong and mostly buys. It started the day at .0004 and finished nicely at .0006 . This was the stock I was talking about watching this morning. This is our next 100% - 200% stock. The bid is at .0005 and the ask is as .0006 so the .0005's are still there, but we don't think they will be there for long. Check out this PR form the end of January.
CEO David Watson stated: "The oil fields being considered contain proven reserves of 140,000,000 barrels of which our Company is entitled to 70,000,000 barrels by virtue of our joint venture with the Kazakhstan government. At US$30 per barrel, this translates into US$2,100,000,000 in revenues for our Company, and on a discounted basis, this could add at least $1 to our share value."
It catapulted this stock to .005 . If that happened this week that would make this stock pick a ten bagger. Not to mention tensions with Iran are sending oil through the roof. The moons are aligning for a perfect storm. This stock is also on the naked short list, just like PMCL.
We are going to be a little more conservative here. We are looking for .001 by weeks end. Please do your DD
PHEI Phantom is a stock in trouble. Beware here. This is a gamble at best, but how many pink sheet stocks aren't some sort of gamble? The risk equals the reward and of course you don't make a lot of money if you don't take risks. If you can get in at less than .0012 then you might be in for a nice run. This stock is also manipulated and shorted to death. recently gave it a short squeeze trigger price of .032 - so if it somehow makes it there watch out for a massive squeeze. Of course we will all be happy if it makes .0032!
NMKT New Market is actaully a much more stable play. They have solid revenues and those revenues are growing. The stock moves slowly and methodically, so you won't be caught with a huge bid ask spread. You can buy and sell without affecting the share price.... which is nice. The stock has been gradually increasing in value over the last few months. So don't expect a huge profit right away from this one. But within a month look for it to test new high's, which would be a pretty 50% gain... if you can wait it out!
Lastly we still feel RSDS is going to run. It has been holding a small range the last few days. It will remain our stock pick, but also keep you eye on these 3 stocks. With a PR to fuel it ILGY might run and with oil prices rising who knows where it might stop.
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RSDS PMCL and a new stock pick

We started the week out with a bang. If you were lucky enough to get into PMCL then this was a great week for you. It rose from $.02 on Monday to a high of $.057 on Tuesday for a 135% gain. It dropped slightly on Wednesday and closed yesterday at $.049, making it seem like it wants to run some more. If you did buy hopefully you have taken some profits... maybe leave a little on the table in case it runs some more.
Our next stock pick has yet to rise. It has been holding steady in the .0008 - .0010 range. It is only a matter of time before RSDS takes off. For now enjoy the chance to enter this stock at the bottom. Of course there is no telling which way it is headed for sure, but if history is any indication RSDS will take off.
We've got another under the radar stock for next week. We'll post it this afternoon if the stock still looks good. Good luck and lets have a green friday!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

PMCL RSDS - Russell Industries

PMCL was our pick after the market close on Friday March 23rd. You could have bought in at .02 . On the 26th PMCL rode up and down leaving a door open for anyone willing to venture a bet that it was going to climb higher and higher.

PMCl close at .028 on Monday. We called it our pick again for Tuesday. On the 27th it rode higher again... this time stopping in the low .03's for a while, dropping off the weak players before blasting into the upper .04's.

Today PMCL tested a territory it is likely to test again... the .05's. You might have been smart selling at .057 - but it will likely go there again, although it might not linger around long enough for you to decide whether to enter or wait. PMCL will be an interesting play for the time being.

RSDS Russell Industries an interesting play. The company has been diluting at an alarming clip. But if the money they obtain through selling stock goes toward Uranium mines who can argue with them? Uranium prices are going through the roof. A New York Times article compared the Uranium rush to the gold rush of the 1800's! If that does not validate this companies philosophy I don't know what else would. We are talking about a nationally published newspaper here!

RSDS is nearing bottom. It is time to hit this one over the net. Ride it, jump on the train, back up the wagon, whatever you want to do. Sit on the sidelines if you want. We are going to blow right past you!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Our Pick Is Running Hard

Our pick for Monday PMCL ran up 33%. A very nice gain on some very nice volume.

On Friday we gave a run down of stocks to watch on Monday. RGNO ran early but was tripped up by mid-day. RSDS released some news and was up over 20% before falling back some. EXCS is definitely poised for a nice rally. It had a lot of volume toward close yesterday and I actually thought it was going to close at .04 or .039 - and right now support is at .041 so we are going to go up from here.

$.05 is not out the question for EXCS this week.

PMCL... well i don't think anyone truly knows where this one is headed. Not even those who have shorted this thing. All I know is that the chart is indicating a bottom and recent volume and buying action seems to support this.

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Friday, March 23, 2007

Stocks To Watch For Monday: RGNO RSDS EXCS PMCL

RGNO: Up significantly on Friday. Will this run more or drop back to levels seen on Wednesday?
RSDS: Hitting lows that usually bring about a nice pop. Last time it was at these levels it ran to .023+. That would be a nice 100%+ gain.
EXCS: Still a stock that is primed for a nice run. We might see .05 before the week is out.
PMCL: This is our stock pick for Monday. Buys came in toward the EOD that makes us believe this will run come Monday.

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Thursday, March 22, 2007


We have been following these stocks today: ETIM HISC DBYC CFCJ TWTR

ETIM was on 1010 wins news the other morning - The Andrew O 'Day release. This stock moves quick and for almost no reason. We felt it was going to correct itself a little more... say test the mid .003 range before heading higher. It tested high .003 range yesterday before a PR pushed it to the mid 004's. Tough to say but long term this is going much higher. Likely .02 - .03.

HISC has been on our radar for some time. .0005's was to be had recently but now it is moving back to its normal range. Wait for more news here.

DBYC a pure bounce play. Bouncing slightly form the pop a few days ago. Wait on the sidelines here too. You can get in at .0005 soon enough.

CFCJ is a PR away from a huge bounce. It moves 100% down and up at the flick of a switch. Stay away from this one for now.

TWTR always moves quickly like a penny stock should. A 26% gain is a sell. Don;t hold this one.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


IOGH - Has anyone been watching this one recently? It's moving quicker than Mike Tyson in his prime. With news today it looks like Buster Douglas might enter the picture soon.

PMCL - Such a swift drop might mean another dead cat bounce after thte last recent one. We might even reach the .02's again... at least temporarily. If you are in hold until the .02's then sell. I think we see the .02's again. If you are watching this stock, do just that.

RSDS - This is a very interesting play. It has reached a bottom of .0007 --> .0008 and rebounded nicely each time. The company, if you could call it that, is not into fluff pr's or anything that might artificially inflate the share price (if you can believe that). They have $1 million that they need and so far have only financed $376k of that or so. More dilution in the works here. Getting $625k at the .0001 is quite a task indeed. My opinion? This gets back up to .005 range before further dilution continues.

AXGJ - You would have thought yesterdays PR was somewhat good news. But for most it offered a last chance to get out of this chronic loser with any cabbage at all. I could build a better company out of a case of empty beer cans.

Friday, March 16, 2007


RSDS continues to fall on low volume. The spread favors those with patience. Traders who get nervous are likely to sell as the spread widens quickly. Also the bid drops on trades as small as $15.

Essentially if you buy RSDS you have to be patient. Don't be shaken out by MM games!

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Friday, March 9, 2007

EPGL RGNO WTVI CFCJ - Make Us Look Smart!

For some the weekend could not come soon enough. For us at
The weekend is only standing in our way! Seriously check out our forum, message boards, and stock picks. We've called all four of the stocks in the title.

Jimmybob called RGNO at .024 and rode it to .27 for a 1000%+ gain. He called it agin this morning at .02. Now his long running pick EPGL is showing some legs. Up over 100% today alone. This guy has some skills. According to him the stock is just starting its run. It is still not too late to get in! But that is his opinion. You can check out our site for more info and do your own research.

CFCJ is also rising, although more steadily. We like steady... at least I do. It keeps the blood pressure low. Although the problem with this stock is that it trades with low volume. So it might be tough to get out. We see this one returning to penny land. So stay on the sidelines and see if our pick is validated. Or throw a few pennies in their and maybe a cold Bas Ale awaits you down the road.

Let's hope this weekend does not stunt the growth of our stock picks. But if anything there is nothing better than going into the weekend a winner!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

ECFL - ECarFly - Pump - Run For The Hills - Dump

ECFL recently constructed an elaborate Pump and Dump scheme that surely netted buckets of money for those in the know... or those with money to gamble. We had this one figured out as a pump scheme the day before the slew of Pr's were released.

Forum member Jimmybob noted, hours before the PR's started, that ECFL was due for another pump. Sure enough a press release was issued.

The needle that popped the balloon occurred when ECFL pulled many of its recent Press Releases last night, likely as an attempt to save jail time by Desmond Pumper... the owner of ECFL whose current assets in ,addition to a late model Motorola cell-phone, now likely include some sort of getaway car, preferably an SUV that can hold all the bags of cash.

Heck Desmond might already be on some sunny Island. The only alternative fuel merging on his mind now is the gas he's got the next day from all the beer he's drinking. The stock tanked from a high of over .04 to a low of .009 today.

As always in OTC and Pink Sheets... buyer beware.

Friday, March 2, 2007


I urge you to check out our forum. We've had a constant commentary on this stock. Our resident stock picker Jimmybob actually picked this one to rise on the eve of its explosion.

no pump and dump from Jimmybob. Actually he bought on the rise and sold early. But he used his expertise to figure out when this one was primed for a pr... then suddenly a pr came out.

By the way - Check out their pr's. They are poorly written and at times sound like complete gibberish. I do enjoy watching the run, but don't have the stomach to partake in it.

The bottom line: The pump has taken place and now the dump is on order. I hope you did not hold into the weekend. This will close sub .02 on Monday and then sub .01 by Wednesday.

I own 0 shares and will never buy here but I hope you sold.

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