Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thursdays Stocks To Watch - GTSO, ALCL, CRWV, ALTO

GTSO this stock remains on watch for a quick reversal. It has been holding this range for the last three sessions and I feel the next move will be higher.

ALCL we should be looking for a possible bounce tomorrow after it fell over 40% today.

CRWV in the same leaking, life preserver less boat with ALCL, look for a point of entry for a rebound in price per share. I will try and tweet if I see and opportunity with both ALCL and CRWV.

ALTO this stock plummeted today after sustaining a slow, drawn out drop from over $.04. I like this stock for a quick reversal short term. With the stock hitting fresh lows today, this stock should have lit up the scans of other traders, meaning more interest is possible tomorrow.

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August 31st Bottom Scan

Symbol  Close   Volume  Name

LGFTY 0.42 2263344 Longtop Financial Technologies Ltd.
SURE 0.39 147156 Sonora Resources Corp.
TIV 0.215 745464 Tri-Valley Corp.
SNBP 0.155 324000 Sinobiopharma, Inc.
PUBM 0.06 542335 Public Media Works Inc.
TWDL 0.05 257000 Texas Wyoming Drilling, Inc.
LWLL 0.025 263360 Linkwell Corp.
RCLL 0.022 457440 RegenoCELL Therapeutics, Inc.
GNPG 0.018 188065 Green Planet Group, Inc.
WMNS 0.014 430000 Westmont Resources Inc.
RXPC 0.013 11040891 Radient Pharmaceuticals Corp.
XNRG 0.011 104900 Xun Energy Inc.
MYFT 0.01 568560 My Freightworld Tech Inc.
FOGC 0.002 1672824 Fortune Oil & Gas Inc.
ATTD 0.002 3750856 Attitude Drinks Inc.
IQMC 0.002 305000 IQ Micro Inc.
ALTO 0.001 44936160 Alto Group Holdings Inc.
CIRC 0.001 3695000 CirTran Corp.
BRZL 0.001 1416460 Brazos International Exploration Inc.
VSNI 0.001 635000 Viseon Inc.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

GTSO - Bottom Alert -

Today GTSO pulled back from yesterday's close of $.194 and ended the session at $.18. I still feel a very sharp rally is coming for this stock as it has fallen so dramatically. I do think this stock is at an important juncture. For three sessions its held up nicely with solid support as compared to recent periods. Today large blocks came on the ask at $.18 and each time buyers came in to purchase those shares. This leads me to believe buyers are coming back into this stock. If the selling abates, this stock could rally from here. Of course the selling could pick-up and GTSO could fall further. There is no telling for 100% sure what is going to happen.

What we do know is this stock is incredibly over sold. It has been in this condition for over a month.

GTSO per the company web site: GTSO offers you the ability to own your own piece of the precious metals sector without having to physically store the commodity.

With gold and silver continually catching a bid and hitting all-tiem highs this year, stocks that deal with these precious metals should be in demand now and into the future.

HPGS - Now I'm Free, Free Failing

HPGS was a great rebound four session's ago, but now finds itself at all time lows. The $.10 price would be the obvious line in the sand. If it breaks $.10 then the stock could see $.09 and then $.08. Market Maker NOBL seems hell bent on taking the stock down, and you would have to assume this is dilution. If NOBL loosens his grip around the neck of HPGS,, this stock could see a very nice rally from here. It is very much oversold and has been that way through the entire month of August.

Instead of continued sell-off I do like this stock short to medium term, and I think the stock will return to and surpass the bounce highs from last week. Obviously the selling could persist and the stock could continue its awful slide. That is the risk you take with these stocks.

PMI - Looking to Fill The Gap and Then Some?

PMI has yet to fall since I called the stock as a bottom play earlier last week. When I made the call I noted via twitter that the gap down from $.30 would be the first place to look as a price the stock will rebound too. I also noted the next price on a $.30 break would be $.80, another gap in the chart.

PMI sits only 2 cents away from $.30 after a very strong rally. This rally is taking place on increasingly lighter volume. Could this mean the sellers are waiting for higher prices to sell their shares? Could the recent buyers of PMI stock at and near 52 week lows be holding their shares for a longer term turn around in price? These are good questions and ones I think we will have answered within the next week.

Congratulations to those of you who profited and still stand to profit off PMI. Not all stocks bounce after such a precipitous fall, and the ones that do usually can not sustain much of a rally.

PMI was once a high flyer trading over $50 a share, dropped to $.20 during the credit crisis, and then rebounded to almost $8 a share. It has since fallen dramatically. If this PMI rally is a repeat of the 2008-2010 rally, then we could see PMI return above a $1 and rally hundreds of percent from current levels. History can repeat itself, and while I am not convinced it will occur here, we know in the penny stock market stranger things have happened.

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Today's Bottom Scan

Monday, August 29, 2011

Tuesdays Stocks To Watch - GTSO, HPGS, TNGL, SHMX, SPAH, PRMO

Gold stocks:
SHMX the chart is looking good for this stock and we could be looking at the start of a sustained price recovery.

TNGL I really like this stock, although the price sits at recent lows, I feel it deserves a much higher valuation.

SPAH trading near 52 week lows, I think this stock will impress going forward.

PRMO this $.0001 bidless stock remains the cheapest gold stock in the market. Take a look at their recent financials posted on OtcMarkets and you will see why I like this stock.

Bottom Plays:

GTSO the stock posted a hammer today on the daily chart. This could be the start of a reversal. Considering how far the stock has fallen a rebound could mean a big move up for this stock. Keep an eye on it.

HPGS this stock is still oversold and I think the next rally could be a sustainable one for at least the short term.

GTSO - Bottom Alert - Bullish Hammer Reversal?

GTSO is down from $5 a share to a close of $.194 today. The stock was over $1 last month, $2.00 the month before that, and looks primed for a reversal at some point. The stock has a 50 day moving average of $.55 and a 200 day moving average of $2.21. Those two averages show the depth of GTSO's drop and the potential the stock has should it decide to rebound.

GTSO is also involved in gold mining and with gold prices continuing to soar this could benefit the company going forward. You can read more about this at their website:

Other than being oversold, today's hammer formation could indicate a possible trend reversal is coming.

I took this image of a hammer formation from the website, notice what happens when a bullish hammer formation comes (link below)

From The Hammer is a bullish reversal pattern that forms after a decline. In addition to a potential trend reversal, hammers can mark bottoms or support levels. After a decline, hammers signal a bullish revival. The low of the long lower shadow implies that sellers drove prices lower during the session. However, the strong finish indicates that buyers regained their footing to end the session on a strong note. While this may seem enough to act on, hammers require further bullish confirmation. The low of the hammer shows that plenty of sellers remain. Further buying pressure, and preferably on expanding volume, is needed before acting. Such confirmation could come from a gap up or long white candlestick. Hammers are similar to selling climaxes, and heavy volume can serve to reinforce the validity of the reversal. (Click here for the link to this excerpt)

After such a dramatic drop in price I think GTSO will have a sharp rally at some point. Perhaps tomorrow we will get the bullish confirmation that stockcharts talks about above. Or perhaps the stock will continue its losing ways. Nothing in this market is guaranteed. But we do know that these stocks can rally sharply once their trend changes and getting in before that rally occurs can be a very profitable trade.

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August 29th Bottom Scan

Symbol  Close   Volume  Name

LGFTY 0.45 3027570 Longtop Financial Technologies Ltd.
GELYF 0.278 766894 Geely Holding Group Co.
AMOK 0.12 106950 Amarok Resources, Inc.
SDTHQ 0.1 340165 ShengdaTech, Inc.
ALRT 0.09 126030 ALR Technologies
PUBM 0.09 197925 Public Media Works Inc.
AKRK 0.08 147500 Asia Cork Inc.
RCLL 0.027 127938 RegenoCELL Therapeutics, Inc.
CPOW 0.025 781343 Clean Power Concepts Inc.
IDVC 0.024 361894 Infrastructure Developments Corp.
SNDZ 0.013 370463 Sunridge Intl, Inc.
MYFT 0.01 337000 My Freightworld Tech Inc.
LBGE 0.004 1041000 Laufer Bridge Enterprises, Inc.
FOGC 0.003 6574891 Fortune Oil & Gas Inc.
ATTD 0.003 344500 Attitude Drinks Inc.
MINE 0.002 2030195 Minerco Resources Inc.
CCAJ 0.002 295000 Coastal Capital Acquisition Corp.
ALTO 0.002 20199432 Alto Group Holdings Inc.
HLNT 0.001 10416400 Highline Technical Innovations, Inc.
URHN 0.001 109930 Uranium Hunter Corp.
BRZL 0.001 4019640 Brazos International Exploration Inc.
GVDI 0.001 5011288 Golden Valley Development, Inc

Thursday, August 25, 2011

SPQS - Closes At High Of The Session

SPQS was highlighted on my blog less than two weeks ago. It has since mounted an impressive rally. Congratulations to those in, or who have profited from SPQS. I stated back then that the stock had a good chance at hitting and breaking $.001. Today its at $.0014.

My blog post a on August 9th.

HPGS - Moving Off Its Lows

HPGS was in a tail spin, until recently when the stock seemed to be stabilizing in the $.125 area. I brought this to the attention of readers last night as well as my paid subscribers. Today the stock, as if on cue, soared going up over 80% before closing up 30%. Once again another great bottom call. I do think this is the start of a bigger rally.

Those of my subscribers, readers, twitter followers, who bought in on my alert congratulations. My goal has always been to find potentially big moves before they happen and I have done that here with HPGS.

Today's Bottom Scan and Winning and Losing Stocks

Bottom Scan
Winners and Losers

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

HPGS - A Bottom Alert

HPGS has dropped from $1.50 a share to $.125 a share over the course of two months. I think the stock is well over due for a bounce. Recently I called GGRI for a bounce, it went from $.014 to over $.20 a share. Yesterday I called for NXOI to rally 100-150%, it soared almost 400%. It may be luck, and admittedly I'm not perfect. But for the last few months, while the market has been in its summer doldrums I've been busy finding some amazing bottom trades and I think HPGS will follow in that trend.

Look at the above chart. Where would you feel better buying this stock at $1.50 back in June or $.125 right now? The risk of more losses is there, but considering the huge drop in price per share I think there is the potential for a big rally for HPGS in the short term. Whether that rally can be sustained is another question. We could be looking at a long term low for this stock right here. I think we will find out over the next few days.

Thursdays Stocks To Watch - PMI, DGIN, HPGS, TMHO

PMI first off congratulations to those of you in my chat room and twitter followers who were able to get in at $.168, $.1725, and $.1750. The stock actually dropped to $.1650 after I let my subscribers know in the chat room. PMI went on to a session high of $.23 and had many large blocks go through at $.24 afterhours. I think this stock has room to go to the upside with $.30 being the first point of interest.

DGIN the chart looks great for this stock and I think its poised to hit $.001 short term as the selling has abated and the new changes taking place should bring new interest into the stock.

HPGS I think this stock will post a sharp rally from current levels. This was a $1.50 stock in June and at $.125, in my opinion, there is a compelling risk/reward scenario. I've been spot on with these bottom plays recently. The risk is the stock continues to fall, the reward is a swift 100-150% type move for this highly oversold stock.

PRRY I've been behind this stock for quite a while now. Today PRRY closed at $.042 a share and looks poised to continue its move higher tomorrow. I always felt this stock was a great buy at its lows, and even now I believe there is profit potential from these prices.

Today's Bottom Scan and Winning and Losing Stocks

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PMI - Another Great Bottom Call

For my subscribers and twitter followers I was able to give you another great bottom trade. PMI was alerted to my subscribers at $.168 and tweeted at $.1725-.1750. The stock hit $.23 later in the session for an over 30% move. Congratulations to all who profited today and the best part is I think this rebound has more legs and this move is not a one day event. As I noted in twitter I think a move to $.30 short term could be in the cards.

PMI 6 month chart showing today's big move, my intra-day calls, and my calls today in the chat room:


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wednesday's Stocks To Watch - DGIN, FCNR, CRPZ, TMHO

DGIN more news out today saw modest volume come into the stock. I think we are looking at a slow steady move higher from here. New CEO, New business, and as long as there is no new selling DGIN will be a stock to watch going forward.

FCNR assuming this stock doesn't get suspended by the SEC before the market opens tomorrow, it should be one to watch. While showing a 435% gain today, the low was really $.004 meaning it was less than a 100% gain for the session. That doesn't' mean it wasn't an impressive day. At one point when the stock was near its highs the bid was chock full of shares with at least two market makers showing 2 million share bids totaling over $28k. When the selling came these bids vanished without getting filled. The odd trading for this SOS default stock that hasn't filed with the SEC in over 2 years would have me concerned considering the recent bout of delinquent stock suspensions. If FCNR is still trading tomorrow, I think it could make for a nice buy the dip quick flip.

CRPZ strictly a bottom type play as the stock was down over 40%. Just looking for a bounce.

TMHO this stock hit new 52 week lows today and I think its readying itself for a big move higher. I had it on my twitter today at $.0033 and I think it has a good shot of getting back over $.01 at some point in the short term.

NXOI - Closes Up 391% on The Session

Just last night I had NXOI on my watch list and stated "I think NXOI will have a relief rally after its dramatic fall. The stock has held its current range meaning we could be seeing at least a temporary bottom. I wouldn't be surprised if this stock popped 100-150% in one session "

I was right and then some. NXOI surged higher out of the gate closing right at the high of the session. Congratulations to all who profited, or stand to profit on this stock.

When I say I think a stock will go up 100-150% in one session and instead it goes up 391%... I'll take that every day of the week.

August 23rd Bottom Scan

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Tuesdays Stocks To Watch - DGIN, QING, PRRY, NXOI

DGIN I still like this stock for a nice rebound in price. The company named a new CEO late on Friday and I think this news will bolster the stock.

QING this stock saw some volume today and investors could be looking at the company's most recent annual report showing a net income of $.40 a share. Using a conservative multiple of 10 this would give you a $4 stock.

PRRY was up over 65% today and closed the session up 34%. Its taken some time, but this stock is finally starting to impress and should be one to watch going forward.

NXOI some of you may recall many of my recent bottom calls, the best being GGRI at $.014 it hit $.20 a share. SIRG being another recent bottom call. I think NXOI will have a relief rally after its dramatic fall. The stock has held its current range meaning we could be seeing at least a temporary bottom. I wouldn't be surprised if this stock popped 100-150% in one session soon.

August 22nd bottom Scan

Symbol  Close   Volume  Name

TRID 0.432 267626 Trident Microsystems, Inc.
C/WT/A 0.43 315000 Citigroup Inc. Warrants
CVM 0.38 357740 Cel-Sci Corp.
HEV 0.35 1197156 Ener1, Inc.
PEIX 0.34 2005040 Pacific Ethanol, Inc.
TIV 0.315 2858744 Tri-Valley Corp.
TBBC 0.285 119605 The Brainy Brands Co., Inc.
GELYF 0.279 435043 Geely Holding Group Co.
CMGHF 0.27 139600 Chaoda Modern Agriculture Holdings Inc.
CFW 0.225 528474 Cano Petroleum, Inc.
PAYD 0.21 288211 Paid, Inc.
PMI 0.204 13427797 PMI Group, Inc.
GTSO 0.2 342170 Green Technology Solutions, Inc.
HPGS 0.17 122854 High Plains Gas, Inc.
SDTH 0.145 3218193 ShengdaTech, Inc.
CWBS 0.13 368544 Commonwealth Bankshares, Inc.
DUNR 0.097 318584 Dune Energy Inc.
INIS 0.09 193710 International Isotopes Inc.
VNTH 0.08 116500 Vantage Health Group
SKPN 0.04 164500 SkyShop Logistics Inc.
GLDN 0.03 110044 Gold Dynamics Corp.
TMHO 0.005 1290000 Talisman Holdings Inc.
FOGC 0.004 2633949 Fortune Oil & Gas Inc.
ATTD 0.004 2403595 Attitude Drinks Inc.
SHKZ 0.003 3392336 Shaka Shoes, Inc.
WEGI 0.003 200000 Windswept Environmental Systems Inc.
NIHK 0.001 405000 Video River Networks Inc.
GVDI 0.001 37660608 Golden Valley Development, Inc.
DIAAF 0.001 3715933 Diamant Art Corp.
UTRM 0.001 4121300 United Treatment Centers, Inc

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

DGIN - CEO Change Could Bolter Stock This Week

On Friday after the close DGIN announced a much needed change that could also change the trend of DGIN stock. Diversity Group International, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: DGIN.PK) (the "Company") today announced that CEO Kevin Bobryk has resigned as President, CEO and director of the Company and Kathleen Roberton has been appointed President, CEO and director of the Company.

Look at the tailspin DGIN has been under previous management. New management could bring a breath of fresh air.

DGIN was a $.30 stock in March, a $.075 stock in April and a $.03 stock in July. Currently the stock sits at $.0006 a share. New management could send this stock back in the right direction.

Diversity Group International, Inc. Today Announced a Change in Management.

MIAMI, Aug. 19, 2011 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Diversity Group International, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: DGIN.PK) (the "Company") today announced that CEO Kevin Bobryk has resigned as President, CEO and director of the Company and Kathleen Roberton has been appointed President, CEO and director of the Company. Ms. Roberton possesses a background in business management, sales, marketing, distribution, business development and branding.

"I have been grateful and honored to lead the Company, and it is now time to hand over the reins to a new management team," said Mr. Bobryk. "Kathy's dynamic leadership style will be a huge asset to the Company."

"I am so excited about the possibilities for the Company," said Ms. Roberton. "I believe that we can take the Company to the next level as we build the Company."

Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

Statements in this press release relating to Diversity Group International, Inc.'s future plans, expectations, beliefs, intentions and prospects are "forward-looking statements" and are subject to material risks and uncertainties. When used in this press release, the words "will," "future," "expect," "look forward to," similar expressions and any other statements that are not historical facts are intended to identify those assertions as forward-looking statements. Any such statement may be influenced by a variety of factors, many of which are beyond the control of Diversity Group International, Inc. (the "Company") that could cause actual outcomes and results to be materially different from those projected, described, expressed or implied in this press release due to a number of risks and uncertainties. Accordingly, no assurances can be given that any of the events anticipated by the forward-looking statements will transpire or occur. All information set forth in this press release is current as of August 19, 2011. The Company undertakes no duty to update any statement in light of new information or future events unless required by law.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fridays' Stocks To Watch - SPAH, KRMC, TNGL, VLCO, PRMO

SPAH, TNGL, PRMO three gold stocks that should garner attention as gold prices continue their amazing ascent. Gold tonight just hit fresh all-time highs and this should embolden investors to get ahead of the gold stock curve. I think all gold stocks deserve a hard look in this environment.

KRMC the stock looks to be consolidating before it makes its next move. Volume was strong and buyers came in at $.0004. I think the $.001 price point is worth watching from here. I think a break of it would send this stock at least another 100% higher.

VLCO this stocks remains a great short term trade and a possible medium term buy. Right now the price action makes me think we've seen our lows, but it would be nice to get further confirmation tomorrow.

Chart of the Day - EXTO

Today's Winning and Losing Stock Picks

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August 18th Bottom Scan

Symbol  Close   Volume  Name
HEV     0.425   6881321 Ener1, Inc.
PEIX    0.36    6467336 Pacific Ethanol, Inc.
GTSO    0.26    489079  Green Technology Solutions, Inc.
IGC     0.2     114031  India Globalization Capital, Inc.
CWBS    0.179   119384  Commonwealth Bankshares, Inc.
DUNR    0.105   664941  Dune Energy Inc.
GSDC    0.097   203750  GoldSands Development Company
MDMN    0.06    7039706 Medinah Minerals,  Inc.
SUGO    0.006   3020383 Sungro Minerals Inc.
FOGC    0.005   2892266 Fortune Oil & Gas Inc.
ATTD    0.004   374743  Attitude Drinks Inc.
SHKZ    0.004   678400  Shaka Shoes, Inc.
GVDI    0.003   3563676 Golden Valley Development, Inc.
EWPI    0.003   155000  Emerging World Pharma, Inc.
ALTO    0.002   7176018 Alto Group Holdings Inc.
MMTE    0.001   20932368        Mammoth Energy Group, Inc.
DIAAF   0.001   5360000 Diamant Art Corp.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Thursdays Stocks To Watch - VLCO, PCFG, MASP, TNGL

VLCO and PCFG were both in last nights stocks to watch. I stated "I think any further dips in these stocks could be bought for quick trades with the intent of selling on the intra-day bounces. " If you follow me on twitter or were in my chat room this morning you would have seen me call both these stocks precisely at their lows after they dipped out of the gate. Each rallied from my calls providing the exact intra-day bounce I spoke of. I think both stocks will continue to make their way higher tomorrow.

MASP form 4 filings helped boost this stock today. I remain high on MASP and its future plans that have been highlighted in their recent SEC filings.

TNGL this gold stock is trading more than 50% off its highs. With gold trading near its all time highs I expect this stock trend higher from current levels.

SIRG Trades Up Over 200% Since My Bottom Call

SIRG has posted quite a move recently, and today was up over 200% from my bottom call a few weeks back. Congratulations to all that were able to capitalize on this move.

This is what the chart for SIRG looked like when I brought it to my readers:

This is what today's SIRG chart looks like:

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wednesday's Stocks To Watch -PWTC, ZMGD, NXOI, PCFG, VLCO

PWTC and ZMGD the top two sub $.10 gains on the session. Could they both follow up today's performance with more gains tomorrow? ZMGD the late day press gave it a bold move into the close while PWTC faded later in the session. I think both should see a quick jump out of the gates tomorrow.

NXOI still waiting for the $.012 stock to bounce. These bottom type plays can just keep falling, but more often then not they bounce. The stock has hung around current levels for a short while and could be forming a bottom for a move higher.

PCFG, VLCO both these stocks had big down days today with PCFG down 35% and VLCO down 39%. I think any further dips in these stocks could be bought for quick trades with the intent of selling on the intra-day bounces.

Click Here For Today's Winning and Losing Penny Stocks

Click Here For Today's Winning and Losing Penny Stocks

PWTC- Surges On Acquisition News

PWTC opened today at $.0004 and surged to a high of $.0022 on acquisition news which I have pasted below. The run-up to today's highs was quite impressive and buying PWTC when it was up 100,200, and even 300% would have netted you a profit had you sold before the late day swoon. I saw the news cross the wires and immediately tried to relay in the chat room. Within 19 seconds of the press release the stock was already seeing buying pressure. The penny stock market has some really quick trigger fingers.

Congratulations to all that profited from this stock today.

Power Technology Acquires Flipside USA &

CHICAGO, Aug 16, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Power Technology, Inc. (Pink Sheets: PWTC), announced today that the Company has acquired Flipside USA & This news comes just weeks after Kara Guire purchased a controlling interest in the Company.

"As the new Director and CEO, I would like to make it perfectly clear that new company management will have no ties to former management or directors. Battery technology is an exciting space where I have already developed great relationships and I see a very synergistic relationship with Flipside, Snakeboarding, and extreme sports alike. Our primary business will continue to include research and development of improved technology for batteries to be used in electric vehicles, hybrid powered vehicles, solar power systems, electric motorcycles, electric bicycles, electric wheelchairs, electric power management, uninterruptible power supply systems, automobiles, aircraft, marine, submarine craft, and every day practical applications." stated Kara Guire.

Flipside USA & are two assets which will give the company a steady revenue stream while providing an outlet for product testing & market research on the next wave of extreme sports applications.

The Company's mission is twofold. First, to develop batteries that are smaller and lighter than conventional batteries which produce the same electrical capacity while having a higher specific energy density and efficiency. Second, to apply this technology to new and exciting applications while focusing on niche markets where competition will be minimal. Quicker recharge rates, cost effectiveness, and environmentally friendliness will be cornerstones to development.

The importance of electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles in the United States and abroad has increased tremendously in the past decade. Primarily due to concerns regarding air pollution, global climactic changes, ozone layer depletion, noise abatement, increasing prices of gasoline, and dependence on imported oil, more and more people are seeking cleaner more affordable alternatives.

Kara Guire, CEO stated: "We will continue development on these technologies through a new corporate structure which will allow us to capitalize on strategic partnerships which we have spent years building. We are very excited for the year to come as we will be further developing this technology while continuing to build and grow the Snakeboarding community worldwide with new and exciting products that will be sure to rock the industry for years to come."

About the Battery Industry

Batteries represent about $36 billion in revenues today and are expected to grow to more than $50 billion over the next five or so years, with rechargeable batteries leading the way. The growth will take place worldwide.

The hybrid vehicle battery, which accounts for 1.7% of the world's rechargeable market, is expected to grow to 4.2% of the market by 2013. This surge is based on conservative assumptions about hybrid car growth.

The ultracapacitor and fuel cell battery growth forecast may also be low, given potential technology/performance breakthroughs in the next few years. Dependent on the performance of their materials, they store and release more energy faster than conventional batteries, and they have an almost limitless cycle life.

Growth in renewable energy, like solar and wind power, will drive additional demand for storage capacity, especially with increased smart grid electricity deployment all over the world.

Very few storage technologies have actually reached the scalable commercial deployment phase. Several companies produce lithium-ion batteries, but utilities have only begun to experiment with them for balancing loads or storing power. General Electric recently jumped into the market for sodium batteries, computer-sized batteries that can store large amounts of power at wind farms.

About Snakeboarding

Snakeboarding, a sport started in 1989 with the invention of the Snakeboard by college students James Fisher, Oliver Macleod-Smith, and Simon King, who were looking to simulate and combine the sensations of surfing, snowboarding, skiing and skateboarding, has a colorful history and has attracted riders from all across the world. The key advantage of the Snakeboard is that riders can generate a forward motion, even uphill, from a standstill position without their feet ever touching the ground. The Snakeboard's steerability makes it easy to maneuver and fun to ride.

Within 5 years from being invented, the sport gained a considerable amount of popularity and the First Annual World Championship was held in Guernsey, an island off the coast of England. The sport continued to spread globally under the name "Snakeboard International" from 1994 through 1998 when the founders sold their patent.

After 1998, the sport continued to increase ridership and build their fan base worldwide while gaining events coverage on top networks including Fox Sports Net, ESPN, and MTV Sports.

In 2001, in an effort to capitalize on the growth of the sport, Kara formed Flipside USA and began buying boards in bulk and whatever other boards she could get her hands on to keep up with the growing demand, many times selling out of inventory on pre-orders. Since 1998 the sport has retained its hard core rider base and hosted Annual World Championships in various cities all around the world. However it has yet to have a company step in with a coordinated marketing effort and a thorough enough understanding of the logistics necessary to significantly ramp up production and grow their audience. There are only currently three manufacturers of boards, and the industry is ripe for an aggressive campaign.

For more information visit and

Safe Harbor: This release may contain forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Statements contained in this release that are not historical facts may be deemed to be forward-looking statements. Investors are cautioned that forward-looking statements are inherently uncertain. Actual performance and results may differ materially from that projected or suggested herein due to certain risks and uncertainties including, without limitation, ability to obtain financing and regulatory and shareholder approvals for anticipated actions.

SOURCE: Power Technology, Inc.

Power Technology, Inc. Kara Guire, (847) 796-0534
Copyright Business Wire 2011 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Tuesdays Stocks To Watch - KRMC, SPAH, MASP, PRMO, TLAN

KRMC the stock finally broke out today after over a month of sitting in a tight channel. Sellers were not to be found today and if this holds true tomorrow, KRMC could see its $.001 point of resistance broke and give a shot at its 50DMA of $.0013. From there the 200DMA sits at $.055. These triple zero stocks can go wild when resistance is broke. Let's see what happens tomorrow.

SPAH and PRMO both two triple zero stocks with their hands in the gold market. I think both could surprise to the upside as the year progresses.

MASP this stock closed higher today. I think it will surpass recent highs in the near term as the potential for this stock begins to ne realized.

TLAN they have reduced their outstnading shares twice, eliminated preferred stock and convertible debt, reported a profit in 2010 and continue to impress. I have a knack for finding the stocks before they rally, I think that will hold true for TLAN.

Chart of the Day - VLCO

I gave this stock to my subscribers at just over $.01 a share. Today it hits $.14. My picks/alerts may take time to develop and with VLCO you see exactly what I try to bring to my subscribers and readers.

I was 100% correct with VLCO to the tune of 1,400%. Congratulations. This is my post about VLCO a 25 yr old company looking to make it big and for those who listened to me you have made a big profit.

KRMC - Big Bounce Under Way

After a fall from over $.11 to recent lows. KRMC has a 52 week high of over $.24 a share. Today the stock took the first step in what could be an impressive rally. I see resistance on the chart at $.001 and then $.0013 which is the 50 day moving average. The 200 day moving average rests at over $.05 a share.

Today the stock saw impressive buying and very little selling, indicative of a stock that wants to trade higher. We could be looking at day one of a big bounce higher with KRMC.

August 15th Winners and Losers

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

August 14th Bottom Scan

Symbol  Close   Volume  Name

PMBS 0.191 118340 PuraMed BioScience, Inc.
FEEC 0.175 722280 Far East Energy Corp.
GSDC 0.096 279630 GoldSands Development Company
RCLL 0.05 544359 RegenoCELL Therapeutics, Inc.
FASC 0.02 107150 First American Scientific Corp.
GSPT 0.016 2114858 Golden Spirit Enterprises Ltd.
NXOI 0.014 1842400 Next 1 Interactive, Inc.
RAMO 0.007 113300 Ramoil Management Ltd.
SUGO 0.006 1032711 Sungro Minerals Inc.
JHTXQ 0.006 809763 Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Inc.
ATTD 0.006 291900 Attitude Drinks Inc.
FOGC 0.006 2607653 Fortune Oil & Gas Inc.
EWPI 0.005 381310 Emerging World Pharma, Inc.
FNSCQ 0.005 106981 First National Bancshares, Inc.
ALTO 0.002 13761406 Alto Group Holdings Inc.
DIAAF 0.001 7425200 Diamant Art Corp.
IFXY 0.001 4909259 INFRAX Systems Inc.
ALGF 0.001 268000 Algae Farm (USA), Inc.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

VLCO - A Sweet Move

Anyone that's followed this blog knows I've been high on VLCO since late last year when I alerted it to my subscribers and readers at $.01-$.013. Today the stock hit $.11, a full 1,000% from my initial call late last year. Let's not forget my recent posts on VLCO as well. Just last month I noted the move to $.052 and speculated that is could be the part of a much bigger move. Congratulations to all of you who profited from this stock and stand to profit if stock stock continues its winning ways.

VLCO a few weeks back at a high of $.053:

VLCO today hit $.11:

August 11th Winners and Losers

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August 11th Bottom Scan

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Chart of the Day - RXPC

RXPC is a stock I wrote about recently as one to watch for a potential reversal as well as one that has been on my bottom scan. Today that reversal came to fruition to the tune of an 89% gain for the stock. Congratulations to all that profited on this stock and its big move today.



Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thursdays Stocks To Watch - TNGL, SPAH, TLAN, MMTC

TNGL its all about gold as the precious metal surged to new highs. TNGL is another gold stock that bears watching going forward. The company reported a $1.6 million profit in its latest quarter and increases assets by over 4 fold. With gold hitting new highs this stock could be one to watch going forward.

SPAH this triple zero gold stock could get some attention as well with gold hitting the $1,800 mark today. If this stock is not on your watch list, now would be a good time to add it.

TLAN this stock remains, in my view, undervalued, and based upon recent actions by the company, I think the price per share should head higher. They reduced their outstanding shares twice within the last few months. The company eliminated all convertible debt and did away with its preferred stock. They also posted a profit last year and improved their balance sheet this past quarter. This is a stock to watch going forward.

MMTC a great chart for this stock. It traded off its highs today, but I think it will come back tomorrow. A break of today's highs could send it to $.02 and better. Keep a close eye on it tomorrow.

Chart of the Day - AMEL

This stock was on my bottom scans earlier this week and has done better than 50% move since hitting $.228 a share today.

August 10th Momentum Scan

Symbol  Close   Volume  Name

AGTT 0.095 134300 Angstrom Technologies, Inc.
PPBV 0.001 300000 Purple Beverage Co., Inc.
PRGJ 0.003 1460600 PRG Group, Inc.
SFRX 0.014 277600 Seafarer Exploration Corp.
UCHC 0.098 135100 Uni Core Holdings Corp.

August 10th Winning and Losing Penny Stocks

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August 10th Bottom Scan

Symbol Close Volume Name
FEEC 0.195 364245 Far East Energy Corp.
GSDC 0.13 192450 GoldSands Development Company
LIEG 0.114 424070 Li3 Energy Inc.
KBLB 0.082 910278 Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc.
SCRA 0.07 1883250 SecureAlert, Inc.
KIWB 0.043 488850 Inc.
RXPC 0.039 1710985 Radient Pharmaceuticals Corp.
EDIG 0.032 205575 e.Digital Corp.
NXWI 0.02 238976 Nexaira Wireless Inc.
UITA 0.011 425140 Utilicraft Aerospace Industries Inc.
FTEG 0.009 1048803 For The Earth Corp.
CPTCQ 0.007 4067532 Composite Technology Corp.
APRO 0.007 119022 Allegiant Professional Business Services, Inc.
JHTXQ 0.007 1519161 Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Inc.
SUGO 0.006 1352000 Sungro Minerals Inc.
FOGC 0.006 3941680 Fortune Oil & Gas Inc.
EVCA 0.004 4528509 Evcarco Inc.
ALTO 0.003 6540918 Alto Group Holdings Inc.
PLROQ 0.002 348000 Platinum Research Organization, Inc.
GRYE 0.002 110000 GreenGold Ray Energies, Inc.
EXPU 0.001 2187500 Expert Group, Inc.

Server is Down

My host is down and when they get back online the site will come back as well. There is nothing I can do on my end other than wait. Sorry for this inconvenience.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

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Click Here For Today's Winning and Losing Stocks

SPQS - Starting To Run After The Dump

After a dramatic fall to low triple digits, SPQS has started a slow steady rise.  News out today after the bell could push SPQS back over $.001 and beyond.  I think its worth adding to your watchlist.

SportsQuest, Inc. To Reduce Authorized Share Structure Business Wire   "Press Releases - English" THOMASVILLE, Ga. --(BUSINESS WIRE)-- SportsQuest, Inc. , (Pink Sheets: SPQS) announced today that it has received shareholder consent and board of director approval to amend its Articles of Incorporation to decrease its number of authorized shares by 1 billion. Article IV of the Companys Articles of Incorporation will be amended to decrease the number of authorized shares from 5,000,000 to 4,000,000 shares. We are committed to driving the company forward and delivering shareholder value. We believe it is in the best interest of our shareholders to decrease the number of authorized shares at this time, stated Jeffrey Burns , CEO of SportsQuest, Inc. Safe Harbor: This release may contain forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Statements contained in this release that are not historical facts may be deemed to be forward-looking statements. Investors are cautioned that forward-looking statements are inherently uncertain. Actual performance and results may differ materially from that projected or suggested herein due to certain risks and uncertainties including, without limitation, ability to obtain financing and regulatory and shareholder approvals for anticipated actions. SportsQuest, Inc. Jeffrey Burns , 229-469-1068 Source: SportsQuest, Inc.

August 9th Bottom Scan

Symbol  Close   Volume  Name
AMEL    0.15    173028  Amerilithium Corp.
DUNR    0.14    301240  Dune Energy Inc.
LIEG    0.127   502268  Li3 Energy Inc.
SOPK    0.12    221800  SouthPeak Interactive Corp.
RMGX    0.094   271206  DPOLLUTION International Inc.
BNX     0.09    278800, Inc.
SCRA    0.07    286940  SecureAlert, Inc.
BCCI    0.063   135652  Baristas Coffee Co. Inc.
RXPC    0.04    1396825 Radient Pharmaceuticals Corp.
GSPT    0.03    115475  Golden Spirit Enterprises Ltd.
NXOI    0.016   447550  Next 1 Interactive, Inc.
CCTC    0.013   1180810 Clean Coal Technologies, Inc.
GNBA    0.011   152466  Groen Brothers Aviation, Inc.
CPTCQ   0.01    2721047 Composite Technology Corp.
FDMF    0.01    356300  Freedom Energy Holdings, Inc.
FTEG    0.009   2578401 For The Earth Corp.
SUGO    0.007   300940  Sungro Minerals Inc.
JHTXQ   0.007   2195070 Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Inc.
MWIP    0.006   417650  MediSwipe, Inc.
OTOW    0.006   1826411 O2 Secure Wireless Inc.
CDIV    0.006   277700  Cascadia Investments Inc.
SAEI    0.005   340134  Supatcha Resources, Inc.
EVCA    0.004   6511018 Evcarco Inc.
ALTO    0.003   3707905 Alto Group Holdings Inc.
PNGB    0.003   100200  Panglobal Brands, Inc.
MDFI    0.002   4066150 Medefile Intl Inc.
VSYM    0.002   372790  View Systems
NSMG    0.002   503381  National Storm Management Inc

Monday, August 8, 2011

Tuesday's Stocks To Watch - VPRS, SPAH, PRMO, MASP

VPRS this stock remains one to watch going forward.  Still awaiting confirmation of a reverse merger, recent SEC documents confirm the sale of this fully reporting shell.  The new CEO is also the ceo of a Biotech company which appears to be the company merging into the VPRS shell.  In 2011 alone the company projects over $45 million in revenue and over $10 million in net profits.

SPAH gold continues to soar and this gold stock should remain well bid.  I think this stock could break out as gold prices go parabolic.

PRMO this $.0001, no bid stock, remains the cheapest gold stock in the entire stock market.  Recent financials also show no dilution over the last 3 years as outstanding shares have remained constant.  Assets, per the recent financial report are nearing $20 million.  Liabilities of $6.6 million and net income of $2.6 million. With gold continuing its dramatic ascent, gold stocks should impress going forward.  For those looking for a high risk trade on gold (currently with PRMO there is no bid meaning if you buy the stock you can't sell it), PRMO could be your stock. 

MASP the company is looking to raise $2 million to support their ambitious business plan.  This shouls keep MASP well bid going forward.

August 8th Bottom Scan

Over 40 to choose from:

Symbol  Close   Volume  Name
GOLDF   0.171   145698  Pele Mountain Resources Inc.
ACTC    0.157   11469124        Advanced Cell Technology Inc
AMEL    0.148   489082  Amerilithium Corp.
CTSO    0.135   977791  CytoSorbents Corp.
DUNR    0.135   335467  Dune Energy Inc.
NTRZ    0.13    393708  Nutracea, Inc.
WLGC    0.13    428722  WordLogic Corp
CAMH    0.121   295890  Cambridge Heart, Inc.
AAAA    0.11    126623  AAA Public Adjusting Group, Inc.
BONU    0.105   158618  BioNeutral Group Inc.
GNOLF   0.1     843550  Genoil Inc.
RMGX    0.1     941347  DPOLLUTION International Inc.
MDMN    0.07    9903993 Medinah Minerals,  Inc.
BCCI    0.067   491865  Baristas Coffee Co. Inc.
IDCX    0.045   238407  North China Horticulture Inc.
TLGN    0.045   666157  Totally Green, Inc.
AREM    0.042   108750  American Rare Earths and Materials Corp.
RXPC    0.04    2476416 Radient Pharmaceuticals Corp.
VDSC    0.04    108450  ALAS International Holdings, Inc.
TRAB    0.037   165297  TheraBiogen Inc.
SRFDF   0.035   7564171 Starfield Resources Inc.
GSPT    0.03    145700  Golden Spirit Enterprises Ltd.
BGPIQ   0.016   675248  Borders Group Inc.
NXOI    0.014   1090558 Next 1 Interactive, Inc.
TDCP    0.014   5440354 3DIcon Corp.
FDMF    0.012   101000  Freedom Energy Holdings, Inc.
FTEG    0.01    2494214 For The Earth Corp.
VIGS    0.009   141000  Vision Global Solutions Inc.
ROYE    0.009   108100  Royal Energy Resources, Inc.
SUGO    0.007   851915  Sungro Minerals Inc.
JHTXQ   0.006   4953859 Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Inc.
MWIP    0.006   1101332 MediSwipe, Inc.
OTOW    0.006   4020068 O2 Secure Wireless Inc.
EVCA    0.005   1666853 Evcarco Inc.
HRAL    0.005   525000  Hear AtLast Holdings Inc.
VSYM    0.004   1394000 View Systems
ALTO    0.003   8408150 Alto Group Holdings Inc.
INGNQ   0.002   106100  Introgen Therapeutics, Inc.
SVSE    0.002   270228  Silver Star Energy Inc.
IFXY    0.001   770411  INFRAX Systems Inc.
DRGV    0.001   2046300 Dragon Capital Group, Inc.
EXBX    0.001   300167  Exobox Technologies Corp.

Today's Winners and Losers

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Chart of The Day - BIEL

This stock performed well today, closing up 20% on one of the worst down days the stock market has seen.  Congratulations to BIEL longs and shareholders.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Click Here For Today's Winning and Losing Penny Stocks

Click Here For Today's Winning and Losing Penny Stocks

August 5th Bottom Scan

Symbol Close Volume Name
CTSO 0.16 1158703 CytoSorbents Corp.
DUNR 0.155 444551 Dune Energy Inc.
AAAA 0.13 106528 AAA Public Adjusting Group, Inc.
GSDC 0.13 367239 GoldSands Development Company
GPXM 0.103 320092 Golden Phoenix Minerals
MDMN 0.087 2171839 Medinah Minerals, Inc.
LBYE 0.08 119307 Liberty Energy Corp.
SCRA 0.072 601639 SecureAlert, Inc.
IBTGF 0.066 237400 Intl Barrier Technology Inc.
RXPC 0.042 3386718 Radient Pharmaceuticals Corp.
NXOI 0.021 4676486 Next 1 Interactive, Inc.
BGPIQ 0.015 1206080 Borders Group Inc.
MTRE 0.012 1097026 Market & Research Corp.
FTEG 0.01 7182385 For The Earth Corp.
SUGO 0.009 1169000 Sungro Minerals Inc.
OTOW 0.006 5687488 O2 Secure Wireless Inc.
EVCA 0.006 454647 Evcarco Inc.
HRTE 0.005 1847397 Here Enterprises, Inc.
SSYO 0.003 135000 Sensor Systems Solutions, Inc.
VSYM 0.003 501000 View Systems
ALTO 0.003 9796955 Alto Group Holdings Inc.
SIRG 0.003 1408047 Sierra Resource Group, Inc.
IFXY 0.001 2541320 INFRAX Systems Inc.
DPBE 0.001 24658444 Deep Blue Marine, Inc.
CPRKQ 0.001 755166 Copper King Mining Corp.
LHPT 0.001 13288940 Lighthouse Petroleum Inc.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August 3rd Bottom Scan

Symbol  Close   Volume  Name
DUNR 0.19 383445 Dune Energy Inc.
GNOLF 0.122 480300 Genoil Inc.
ALRT 0.115 141850 ALR Technologies
MDAV 0.083 132050 Davi Luxury Brand Group, Inc.
GAMR 0.079 1528202 Great American Resources Inc.
CDCH 0.065 426869 Cerro Dorado Inc
NXOI 0.03 434954 Next 1 Interactive, Inc.
CPTCQ 0.02 2010085 Composite Technology Corp.
SUGO 0.009 1438400 Sungro Minerals Inc.
MWIP 0.007 5114590 MediSwipe, Inc.
WLSV 0.005 522700 World Logistics Services Inc.
IFUS 0.003 500000 Impact Fusion International Inc.
SIRG 0.003 18657222 Sierra Resource Group, Inc.
CPRKQ 0.001 670000 Copper King Mining Corp.
ALGF 0.001 240889 Algae Farm (USA), Inc.
EXBX 0.001 384112 Exobox Technologies Corp.
EXPU 0.001 19352126 Expert Group, Inc.
ZVUE 0.001 755201 ZVUE Corp.

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Click Here For Today's Winning and Losing Penny Stocks

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wednesday's Stocks To Watch - ADCS, DRYN, NXOI, IHCH

ADCS news out today is pasted below. This stock looks to be revitalized and bears watching going forward. These triple zero stocks offer the potential for some amazing returns. The risk is that the stock goes back to no bid and you can not sell your stock. If you are willing to take that risk I think ADCS has a chance at becoming a profitable trade going forward.

DRYN the stock was upgraded a notch at OTCMarkets today. It traded recently as high as $.75 a share, and I think the stock is well over due for a bounce, since it slid from those levels.

NXOI I don't think today's gain is a one day event. We could be looking at the start of a nice rally in shares of NXOI.

IHCH this stock has already mounted a nice two day rally. The chart looks like there is more in the way of gains coming. The financials for IHCH are pretty amazing for a stock trading at these levels.

Advanced Content Services, Inc. Updates Nevada Corporate Filings Toward Actionable Plan in Q3 2011

FORT WAYNE, Ind., Aug 02, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Advanced Content Services, Inc (Pink Sheets: ADCS) announces today that it has updated all necessary filings to fulfill good standing requirements in the State of Nevada. The company will work to file all necessary information to OTCIQ to fulfill requirements on OTC Markets to qualify for Current Information Reporting Tier at which point it will move forward aggressively as a holdings company to include and a handful of select business opportunities that its Board of Directors feel will be strong components of a lucrative portfolio for the company and its shareholders alike.

In line with its overall branding strategy and market appeal, the company has also changed its name from Advanced Content Services, Inc. to MBN Holdings, Inc. with the State of Nevada. Filings to FINRA for name change and ticker symbol change to follow.

Safe Harbor: This release may contain forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Statements contained in this release that are not historical facts may be deemed to be forward-looking statements. Investors are cautioned that forward-looking statements are inherently uncertain. Actual performance and results may differ materially from that projected or suggested herein due to certain risks and uncertainties including, without limitation, ability to obtain financing and regulatory and shareholder approvals for anticipated actions.

SOURCE: Advanced Content Services, Inc

Advanced Content Services, Inc. Shaun Kohlmeier Phone: 860-484-3727