Monday, February 26, 2007

AXGJ EPGL Movement - Coming Soon

AXGJ is also poised for a move. It has been stagnant for the past week after a nice drop. We have been building a bottom for a while.

After a few weeks of stagnation EPGL is finally starting its ascent. It is about time.

Overall it will be an exciting week.
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Friday, February 23, 2007

Stock Picking Contest

Be the first one to own the bragging rights of being a top stock picker. will be holding a stock picking challenge for only three days. Penny stocks usually equate to volatility and this contest will focus on that. A three day pick em contest to see who can choose the stock with the highest percentage gain over a three day span.

This is a particularly tough challenge in that picking a day or two gain is easier than a three day gain. Of course we will also select the worst stock picker.

Realistically Penny Stocks offer the best chance at a triple digit gain. It is not like we are asking for blue chip stocks. Imagine if we were... the winner would have to pick a 5% gain to win.

I think we will see a pick with a triple digit 3 day gain. Pay close attention and of course join in. It is for fun. But if we get enough people we just might offer a prize to the winner! But being able to pick a stock with big gains might just be enough of a prize in itself.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

AXGJ - Finding The Bottom

Sometimes I scratch my head wondering if there ever is truly a bottom. My 11 month old daughter has found the bottom of the stairs and the bottom of her sippy cup, but for some reason I can not find the bottom of this stock. It has been trending downward for some time and most noticeably right after lunch... to make anyone holding this a little more nauseous.

But I say buy. Why? The laws of nature, the winds of change, what goes up must come down... I mean what comes down must go up - at least slightly - before going down. Is a r/s in the cards for this one? Maybe but before we all forget about this stock and move on to other slower downers I think we see a rebound here at least briefly. Don't go chasing what you can't catch. This one does not need chasing.

I think I've found my bottom here. AXGJ - Buy before we bounce and sell before we drop again. Happy trading.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Disclaimer - The Guru Is An Educator Not A Financial Advisor

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Trading Small Cap Stocks

One of the problems when trading small cap stocks is being able to get out when you want to sell. One surefire solution is never to trade low volume stocks in the first place. Make sure a stock above .10 averages 5 mil shares a day or more. Less than .10 make sure you have 10 mil a day or more!
When you are stuck in a thinly traded stock the spread will only get worse as time goes by, especially when volume dries up after a news release or a spike in volume. We are talking stocks with less than 100 mil market cap including micro caps. Sometimes you can't sell when you want to and you have your money locked up in a stock you no longer want to own.

Do you:
Dump at the bid... even though you stand to lose a significant sum from your entry point?
Hold Until another Spike... although a spike may never come?

In situations like this I watch the stock closely and make sure my ask is the lowest on LII. If someone is looking to get in make sure you are always the first on the ask. Will this always get you out of a position without losing a lot of money? Absolutely not. But you might be able to salvage some of your investment this way... and losing some money is not that bad.

For more advice and stock picks:

We might not always make 1000% trades (like Jimmybob) but we have fun and sometimes that can take the bite out of being stuck in a thinly traded stock.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Our Motto

Our forum is the foundation for the advice and stock picks we provide here.

We provide a free Penny Stock newsletter as well as advice and Penny Stock Picks. We are just like you... we want to make money in the stock market. Penny Stocks offer volatility that can be used to reap huge profits. Look at some of our recent stock picks.

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Our aim is to share our knowledge and intuition with others. We hope you will join us at Penny Stock forums with your own picks and knowledge. Together we can all profit!!

Check in frequently for posts from our forum moderaters and good luck trading.