Friday, April 27, 2007

Penny Stocks Can Take Your Entire Investment - AXGJ MHUS

Even the casual investor knows that penny stocks are inherently risky. That risk increases as the price of the stock decreases. Most investors understand that they can lose money say 10, 20, or even 30%. But if you were to utilize stop and limit orders the potential for loss/or gain could drop dramatically. But that is a topic to be discussed another day.
For an investor in Axia Group ( AXGJ ) a 30% loss is a drop in the bucket. The stock has plummeted at an alarming rate with little or no bounce along the way. Just recently had a very rare up tick to $.0003 before falling hard. Today AXGJ dropped to the land of unwanted stocks. The bid disappeared. No one wants to buy this stock - not even for $.0001. There are plenty of investors looking to sell out at .0001, and I imagine anyone buying this stock is only getting more freshly printed shares of this literally diluted to death stock. What happened here? Who is to blame for misleading investors into buying this stock? Before I try to answer any of those questions take a look at another stock. MHUS aka aptly named Microholdings.
Can you believe people were buying this stock for $.04 and $.05 last November just like AXGJ? OK besides both of these stocks plummeting and having no one bidding for shares at $.0001 what else do they have in common?
They both have the same CEO. Someone should fire this guy... wait he's the CEO. His name and contact information for Microholdings ( MHUS) :Jeff Flannery, (619) 466-4701
Name and contact for AXGJ: Jeff Flannery(619)466.4928(619) 466.4701(619) 988.5869
Please try these numbers and email address. Contact any of the numbers or email addresses on the misleading PR's of these companies. You will not get a response. These two companies represent why they say you can lose all of your investment. This crook wants nothing more than your money and now he's got it. He's run both of these stocks into the ground through dilution. His basic strategy is to sell shares until no one wants to buy the stock anymore.
It is a lesson any penny stock investor learns. Unless you are buying for a momentum play, don't buy and hold any penny stock that you don't know 110%. Sure you could have made money in these companies. But if you didn't sell and still hold shares you likely are out of luck. Chalk it up as a lesson and move on.

Monday, April 23, 2007

ATLJ - Will we see pennies soon?

We've held ATLJ as our pick waiting for it to rise... and it has done just that. Just not as quickly as your average sub-penny stock.

We called ATLJ at $.0025 and today we've finally broken the $.004's which represented a big moral victory as far as breaking through resistance. With a new CUSIP and TA ATLJ's ticker symbol might as well be CASH, because that is likely what shareholders will have more of in the future.

A 64% gain with more gains on the horizon. We anticipate $.005's before weeks end, and if today's action is any indication, we are likely to surpass that number. Realistically we could see $.01 and beyond within a month.

With an estimated EPS of $.01 or more a share and the confirmed absence of dilution, this stock has a fair value of $.10 a share. That is if management follows through on its recent PR's. $.01 would be more than a double from these levels, which make for a great entry point.

As always do your own research and visit us at to discuss this blog and stocks that you enjoy watching.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

AXGJ - A Possible Double Or More

I posted in the AXGJ forum a few days ago that a $100 buy in AXGJ might be worth the gamble. Today volume surged past 1 billion shares, mostly on the buy side. I think we could see a nice little bounce here. Of course it is still a huge gamble. Increased volume and a 200% gain for today might be enough to put this stock on other people's radars. We've seen a couple .0001 x .0002 runs recently including BHUB, which went to .0075 and LSMJ which went to .0025 .
This stock had a huge run in November. I say gamble if you can, because that is all this stock is. Although the company has been putting out a consistent number of PR's, so they make it seem like they are progressing. But we all now that the decline of this stock is the direct result of dilution. If the dilution has stopped temporarily, that may be why the stock is starting to climb.
My crystal ball says this will be a multi-bagger. $.0004 - $.0005 is not out of the question tomorrow. Also as the volume and price increases so does the buzz and more eyes will be on this stock. If the company dilutes into this run we might not go anywhere, but my gut says we are going higher.
This stock is a huge gamble so any investment could result in an almost total loss. On the other hand if you have a few hundred dollars to lose than a gamble here might brighten your weekend.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Pennystock's Pick For The Coming Week: ATLJ

I picked ILGY and it zoomed ahead 160%. My Next Pick is ATLJ. Please do your own research. This is not a buy recommendation. I am not a registered analyst. I don't have a series 7 , series 12, and I don't like Maria Bartiromo. Unless somehow my wife allowed us a one night stand. Ok I am awake now.

This chart was supposed to be more of a joke than anything else. Lets face it, this stock has tanked over the long run. Back in February it was at $.002 and ran to $.016. Now that is some serious cash. In March they issued this PR:
Asia Telecom Ltd. (Other OTC:ATLJ.PK - News) (Frankfurt:HZK.F - News) would like to announce that the Company has applied for a new CUSIP number and will be seeking a symbol change. The Company has ordered the NOBO list as the company seeks to help shareholders find answers to naked short selling.
Vice President Mike Palmer stated: "This is one more attempt made by our Company to reflect the desire to preserve share value for our shareholders."
The company, like many others, feels thay have been a 'victim' of short sellers. But the difference will be if they actually get the new symbol and CUSIP. Covering will have to take place and we could see a very nice run.
Another recent PR confirmed share structure as well as earnings: The Company's share structure is as follows:
Authorized Shares: 500,000,000
Outstanding Shares: 325,112,508
Vice President Mike Palmer stated: "We felt it necessary to advise our shareholders once again that the information available concerning our share structure is true and accurate. Having said this, we are anticipating that our current and upcoming projects will result in earnings of $0.01 per share or better."
So they expect earnings of $.01 a share or better? That is stellar news. Why does this stock keep falling? A conservative multiple of 10 gives you a stock that is worth $.10 a share or, as the company stated, better. ATLJ was trading at $.026 a share at the end of February. Here we are two months later with a share price in the low to mid $.002's.
I do see a rebound coming. This company is also good at keeping their shareholders informed.
The next company update regarding the new CUSIP will move this stock considerably. But even without a PR I see a modest $.004 by next week, and if we get another shareholder update or any positive PR we could go even higher. I am not going to write about 100%+ gains for this stock like I did for ILGY. I do see a 50% sometime next week. So if a 50% gain isn't enough for you I apologize. But lets get real, it is tough picking 100%+ stocks all the time. I have to get a break every now and then.
My pick of ATLJ is my opinion only. Do your own DD. I felt ILGY had hit bottom. It took a little over a week before it gained 160%. I don't see ATLJ blowing up right away either. Feel this one out. The spread is high. Sometimes the bid and ask are right next to each other, other times someone is trying to steal your money. The MM"s will lure you in to buying at a much higher price than you have to. If you want to buy this stock put in a price you are willing to spend and hold that spot.
Most of all sell as the stock appreciates in value. No sense buying stock if you don't sell!
Finally..... go ATLJ!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

The last few trading days: ILGY RSDS BHUB LSMJ EPGL

The last few trading days have been very exciting for this site ( I hope some of you were able to make some green off our recent stock picks.
I picked ILGY on March 30th and patiently waited. I looked at the charts, did some research, and had a feeling in my gut that it was going to rise. On Friday i posted an article with my charts saying ILGY and its impending 100%+ gain saying that "I felt this way a few weeks ago when I called PMCL's run. ILGY is in the same boat."
ILGY reached a 160% gain on Tuesday. Hopefully you were able to sell. I still think it has legs. But don't be too greedy either.
RSDS was Jimmybob's pick. We were reluctant to remove it as a forum pick after two weeks or so. It had yet to move in either direction and we both thought the next move was up. RSDS reached a high of $.0024 recently. You could have purchased on numerous occasions, while RSDS was our stock pick, at $.0008! Now that is a tidy 200% profit!
We removed RSDS because Jimmybob felt EPGL was ready to run. EPGL has yet to release its financials and Jimmybob thought that once they were released the stock would climb significantly. EPGL gained 80% yesterday before falling back to even on low volume. We still have EPGL as our pick because we think it will run much harder than yesterday. Just waiting to see the financials.
Today will be another interesting day. Will EPGL go back up? How about BHUB and LSMJ? There are rumors that BHUB will be halted. Will RSDS move higher? There are a lot of questions and by the end of the day we might still have more questions than answers. But that is what makes penny stocks so fun.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

IGLY International Energy, Ltd. Announces Merger

Don't ask me how I did it. But I did. I called this run. check out our site
I called ILGY for a 100% gain and it even out did me. We are going to $.005 and beyond.


It has been a while but our picks have finally begun to shine. ILGY is still just ready to pop. Buys took out the ask at $.0006 and now those of you who were able to buy at $.0005 can get out at $.0006 if you like. I think we see over $.001 by the end of the week.
RSDS also came through. We can't figure out this one, except we know dilution is what is paying for these mine acquisitions. So you have 2 to 3 times as many shares on the market in exchange for urnaium mines that are increasing in value. It is tough to figure the market value of this stock. If you can sell for a profit, do it, but also know this stock could run to $.01 in a heartbeat. It also runs better on day #2. Just a warning. I always say sell when you've made money. But I've also held a 200% gain until I lost money. So you live and you learn.
I think today's action validates the work we do here. We don't get paid to provide stock pick opinions. We do the research and tell all our members what we think. And usually what we think is dead on.
ILGY is going to double. That is my opinion. Our new pick EPGL is going to do better than double. Just our opinion here also. Please do your research before you buy. And if you have any questions or need help feel free to post it in the forum!

LSMJ LeaseSmart - Who Knows Where It Headed?

LSMJ ran yesterday morning and ran hard. 350 million shares brought the stock up 100% - another 78 million shares brought the stock up 150% and who knows what will be the next price hit.
It had trades pre-market and by market open $.0002 was gone. A little while later $.0003 was gone and before 10:15 the stock was trading at $.0007! Many have compared this stock to BHUB. Essentially people think there are way too many shares out there.
Do the math: By 10:30 AM a mere hour after the market opened 623 million shares have traded! According to Pink Sheets there are only a little more than 12k outstanding. How does 12k equate to 623 million in trades? Someting has gone awry with this stock. Those looking to capitalize have purchased shares hoping that someone will have to buy back all these possible unauthorized shares.

This stock is a lottery ticket, but the odds are slightly better. You might not win a million, but who knows what is going to happen. If you gought in yesterday than you are already up.

LeaseSmart has been compared to BHUB and look how BHUB has performed. I think a gamble here is worth the risk, but that is just my opinion. Even without a position it is going to be fun watching how this stock pans out.

Monday, April 9, 2007

An Interesting Start To The Week - ONGO BHUB ILGY

It will be an interesting Monday. For one thing there seems to be a lot of news out there.
ONGO has another PR out about paying off its debt. I believe the last debt payoff PR was back in February and it lifted the stock nicely... at least temporarily. I got in this stock on Friday at .026 looking for a bounce. We might get it today.
BHUB has been all the talk for a while now. It will be interesting to see how this one runs today.
BANY also has some news out today. Here is a small sampling :
Banyan's Diagnostic Subsidiaries Continue to Grow
LOS ANGELES, Apr 09, 2007 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Banyan Corporation (BANY),
franchisors of nationally branded Chiropractic USA clinics, and owner of Premier
Medical Group ("Premier") and Virtual Medical Systems, Inc. ("VMS"), announced
that the diagnostics segment of our business during the two month period of
January and February 2007, when compared with same period revenue in 2006, showed
a strong 5% increase or over 30% on an annualized basis.
Anything positive will lift BANY at least for a day.
There are many stocks that I'll be watching today. It should be fun. Discuss these stocks and anything Penny Stock related at:

Friday, April 6, 2007


If you look to last Friday's article: you will see that none of our picks performed as planned. They all stayed pretty much even for the week. So if you followed our article you would have made nothing, but also would have lost nothing, save for broker fees.
With Penny Stock sometimes you are lucky just to break even. The SEC wouldn't warn about trading stocks under $5 if penny stocks weren't risky. Realistically they are a gamble, but the house doesn't always have the advantage. This is becoming an article that I will write another time. For now I'll briefly focus on the week that was and the upcoming week.
I don't know if anyone watched WGLT this week. It tanked and just when you thought it had dropped enough, it tanked some more. WTVI dropped to lows it hasn't seen in a while. BANY continued to slide after temporarily rebounding last week. ETIM reached new recent high's surging from the .004 last to .0075 - a nice gain from when Jimmybob covered the company a few weeks ago. RSDS traded in a fairly similar range all week. It was up a little in the a.m. and down a little in the afternoon. ILGY basically held its ground and did not move as expected. PMCL fell back to the low $.03's and then rebounded late yesterday to the high $.04's for a pretty gain! All in all it was a quiet week, save for those that held BHUB. The stock moved quicker than Shakira's hips and could have been a 500% or more gain recently, even if you were not lucky enough to have purchased at .0002. I think BHUB represents what we all what when we trade Penny Stocks: Excitement, Anxiety, and ultimately a heck of a lot more money in our brokerage accounts.
The coming week should provide more opportunities to make money. I truly believe ILGY will make us some money this week. A company update is close at hand, and that alone would propel the stock. If you have watched recent trading activity it has yet to drop below $.0005. To me that is now our bottom. No one is selling below that price, which means we can only go up from here. This is my crystal ball: The company issues a PR either Monday or Tuesday and the stock is trading above .001 by the end of the week. Even without PR I have a good feeling we are heading higher because oil prices are heading higher. Of course do your own research and feel free to chime in about ILGY:
Some stocks that to look out for this week include: ONGO and ATLJ. I will write why I think these two stocks are ready to rise in another article later this weekend. Happy Easter.