Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Penny Stock Guru - Subscription

I have been asked numerous times what I gain from my insight and knowledge of penny stocks.  Aside from some small advertising revenue I have recieved nothing to date.  A few have suggested a subscription service to those willing to get my picks first and have access to my opinions.

I receive and respond to an amazing amount of email and questions.   I have realized my time is now worth a little money. 

This is what I am offering today:

  • A subscriber only chat room
  • Access to my best picks each month
  • One Stock Alert A Week
  • The ability to email me with questions about a stock
  • Access to a subscriber Only Forum To Discuss Penny Stocks and The Picks
  • I will send out at least one stock pick a month
  • I will respond promptly to any of your questions regarding a stock
  • I will still write for free on the blog - so please don't worry about that
  • The subscription is on a monthly basis and you can cancel at anytime
My ability to find stock poised for big gains, before those big gains happen, is something that many have made money off of.  My aim is to keep those winning picks coming.  HESG, CENV, GBJT, PGCR just to name a few.  PGCR CENV were 1000% gainers.  HESG is a 700% gainer.  The subscription service will get you the alerts on stocks poised to move before the crowd.

My Pick History

1st Pick Returned 3,333%+

2nd Pick Returned 266%

3rd Pick Returned 866%...

4th Pick Returned 250%...

5th Pick Returned over 3,000%

6th Pick Returned over 200%

7th Pick Returned over 300%

8th Pick Returned 1,000%

9th Pick Returned 2,200%

10th Pick Returned 210% So far

The email you use to sign up will be the email the alerts are sent to unless you would prefer a different address.

You can read more about the subscription here:


You can email me at pennystockgurus@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

My only concern is that since you're switching to a monetary system that you will follow the ranks of other sites that promote stocks based on how much you are offered to "pump" them, despite them being crap or scams.

Robert Wilcox said...

Lets face it most of them are "crap or scams" so the difficulty lies in when you buy them and when you sell them.

I haven't been compensated to "pump" any of the stocks I have written about. You can read the disclaimer below. If that were to change my subscribers and readers would be the first to know.

Anonymous said...

I made $5k on HESG so far... a small amount to subscribe to your site sounds like a good idea to me... least i can do in return. THANKS GURU!

Lex said...

If I click on "Subscribe" I see a rate of $24.99. What period of time is covered by that price?
Also, your blog entries often refer to "we" (as in, "we are calling for a double") or "our" (as in "our call..."). Does this mean you are part of a group generating ideas? If you are coming up with stock ideas yourself I would think you would refer to yourself in the singular.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guru, I've been following you for a while so I don't mind subscribing, but it seems like you almost have to become a subscriber to get useful information. Why even continue to give out free information on the blog, and on the other hand why pay for the information if you're going to post it on your blog anyway? What will be the difference between what is posted on your blog and the alerts you send out to your paid subscribers? Thanks alot Guru!

Lex said...

Disregard my question about subscription length -you clearly state it's per month.

Anonymous said...

Are YOU IMPATIANT? This was the best thing I ever did! You can get stock picks days before everyone else!!! Just copy and past the following link.


Steven Jack said...

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Steven Jack said...

Yes, by the newsletter a investor can eligible to get success.

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Deon Lee said...

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Anonymous said...

Gurus keep up the great work and I know the next pick will be huge.... Lets make some money.............

Anonymous said...

I'm going to subscribe. Should I wait until Jan 1? I don't want to have to pay for 2 days in Dec and then again for Jan.

Penny Stocks said...

Excellent tips.I read & enjoyed.

Anonymous said...

im in. Hope i get the same results as the first 3.

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enny stock newsletter said...

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Anonymous said...

Do you give a day or two notice before you release a pick?

Anonymous said...

I am a subscriber for past 2 months. I am curious to know the two stocks which returned 3333% and 3000% in last 2 months as you advertised on sidebar.

Anonymous said...

i dont think those are from the last month or two.. i think those are the best in the history of their picks, but i could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

2 picks over 3000% ~ one was VCTY the other was EEGI i believe ~

Mathew Hidden said...

Our goal with this penny stocks blog is to help our members understand both the risks and potentials of the penny stock market.

Egypt said...


I would like to know if I an subscribe and pay by credit card, I don't have pay pal ... pls respond asap

John said...

I am so happy & happy by viewing this awesome post.


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chasing said...

Thanks for this good work...


ا said...


Please reply to our queries. You replied here only once...on 18 November, 2009.

Do you accept credit cards for subscribing? Also, how many subscribers do you have at the moment?



hispeed said...

GNIN and FREE are the next penny stocks to hit $2.00 a share

hispeed said...

GNIN and FREE are the next penny stocks to hit $2.00 a share