Friday, October 26, 2007

GGGI - A shell players dream - from $.003 to $.14 in the blink of an eye

Shell stocks can be the most lucrative investment in the stock market. These stocks can soar 1,000's of percent in days, hours, or even minutes. You don't believe me? Well back in August TDWV opened the trading day at $.0012 and within a few minutes of trading broke through $.01. If that isn't exciting enough then picture that same stock that opened at $.0012 trading at $.068 a few hours later! We are talking thousands of percent gained in less than a full trading session. TDWV's run illustrates how lucrative shell stocks can be.

GGGI had a similar run the last two days. It went from $.003 on Thursday to a high of $14 on Friday OCtober 26th. It turns out GGGI is now the shell that will reverse merge with the company that was supposed to reverse merge with TDWV. Does that make any sense? What should make sense is the value shell stocks can have in your portfolio.

Shell stock investments take patience and know how. Some shell stocks lie dormant for a reason, while others are being actively sought for reverse mergers. I don't think too many people had GGGI on their shell stock radar. But after GGGI's run we could see appreciation in clean shells with a small amount of outstanding shares.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Stocks To Watch Thursday October 25th 2007 - IMTD, ITLV, SSWC, SWVC, FCCN, EYII

Our new pick IMTD is still under accumulation. Volume has been light and sporadic, but once acquisition news is announced look for the stock to rally like it has in the past.

EYII was our stock pick a few months ago - - and received significant volume today. The stock also rocketed to a high it has not seen in a few months.

SSWC is still under valued. Like EYII, IVOI, and IVOT we expect SSWC to have a significant run soon. We think it is only a matter of time. Volume has increased and buying pressure has resurfaced, the price should head higher shortly.

ITLV was trading at $.0006 on Tuesday and closed at $.001. On Wednesday the stock received tremendous volume and surged to $.002. If the volume continues further gains can be expected.

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IMTD - Our New Stock Pick

We announced IMTD to our premium members last week. It still looks promising at these prices.
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ImagiTrend, Inc. is a development-stage Company that specializes in developing and marketing pet products and consumer products. ImagiTrend currently owns interest in two companies: Eternal Gems, which has a unique process for creating durable and attractive pet memorial products; and The Hollywood Movie Machine, which has an exclusive license on technology to place individual customers in to film clips of movies, television shows, and other video footage. The Hollywood Movie Machine has also developed and licensed interactive home consumer entertainment products and software.

Outstanding Shares153,000,000 as of Aug 23, 2007
Authorized Shares490,000,000 as of Aug 23, 2007

This stock should head much higher once an acquisition is announced. Until then it trades under $.001, which considering the current share structure, is a very good price. The same holds true for IMTD as any of our other picks. Do your own DD before deciding to take a position. There is a chance this stock could fall even further before heading higher.
Trading strategy for IMTD
Look for an entry under $.001 and hold for acquisition news - then sell as the stock appreciates in value.
This is all hypothetical of course. There is no guarantee any acquisition news will ever be released. Like any Pink Sheet stock this one is a gamble, so don’t risk more than you can afford to lose.
As always we picked IMTD based on our own opinions and DD.

ImagiTrend, Inc. Enters Final Stage of Acquisition StrategyTuesday October 16, 2:49 pm ET
SARASOTA, Fla., Oct. 16, 2007 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- ImagiTrend, Inc. (Other OTC:IMTD.PK - News) is pleased to announce that the Company is in the final stages of performing its due diligence on several potential acquisition candidates. Over the last several months the Company has been targeting a number of companies in a variety of industries The overall goal of the Company is also to conduct an extensive evaluation of a number of potential partners as well. ImagiTrend has setup an acquisition strategy to acquire businesses fitting the Company’s vision for expanding into several key markets including energy conservation, medical, and specialty packaging areas. ImagiTrend previously announced the receipt of several letters of intent from well-established businesses, and is expecting to sign contracts in the near future.
``We are very close to finalizing agreements with strong companies in a variety of industries. We believe we have taken the correct steps to benefit our Company as well as our shareholders,’’ stated Russell Haraburda, President and CEO of ImagiTrend, Inc.
ImagiTrend, Inc. recently announced that Mr. Ted Yardley has been appointed as President of Eternal Gems, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of ImagiTrend. Mr. Yardley has spent the majority of his career in the mining business as the President and CEO of Doron Explorations, Wind River Resources and Swift Minerals, which are all publicly traded companies.

ImagiTrend Clarifies Current Capital StructureFriday August 31, 11:59 am ET
SARASOTA, Fla., Aug. 31, 2007 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- ImagiTrend, Inc. (Other OTC:IMTD.PK - News) announced today that the number of authorized shares is significantly lower than what is currently being displayed on The updated authorized share count, as of today, is 490 million shares. ImagiTrend, Inc. has also relocated the Company’s state of incorporation from Washington, D.C. to the state of Wyoming.
``It has come to my attention that there was a bit of misinformation regarding the capital structure of our Company floating around. We’ve received some concerned questions from investors, some of whom believed the number of authorized shares to be as high as 1.5 billion. I want to take this opportunity to clarify that our current capital structure is 490 million authorized shares and we are currently working with to correct the dated information,’’ stated Russell Haraburda, President and CEO of ImagiTrend, Inc.
ImagiTrend, Inc. recently announced that the Company has appointed Mr. Rajendra Prasad as the first member of its new Advisory Board. Mr. Prasad brings a decade of financial experience in investments and debt consolidation. He currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Diversified Portfolio Management, Inc., a management company that provides consultation and financial services through its affiliation with various partners.
The function of the new Advisory Board is to advise the Company on strategic planning and new product development. Mr. Prasad will also be assisting the Company in maximizing its profits and returns to stockholders. He will utilize his skills assisting in the strategic development of the other two companies under the ImagiTrend Inc. umbrella, which includes the Hollywood Movie Machine, Inc. and Eternal Gems.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Stocks To Watch Today - BLTA SSWC LNGT ISBL

ISBL has held its gains nicely after running from $.001 land to over a penny on Dr. Dre news. LNGT has fallen from its recent high of $.16, but that is to be expected after the stock has done a monumental run from $.0013 to $.16 in a short period of time. SSWC is our new pick and looks to be trading at the bottom.

SSWC Our New Stock Pick

SSWC - Speech Switch
SpeechSwitch Inc.750 Highway 34Matawan, NJ 07747United States - MapPhone: 732-441-7700Web Site:
SpeechSwitch, Inc. engages in the development, marketing, and licensing of automated speech attendant software, which runs on industry-standard hardware and performs speech recognition in North America. The company offers speech-enabled auto attendant, name dialer, and speech software developer's kit (SDK) products. Its products help to recognize what a person says, and through the use of natural language understanding, derive the meaning of what is said. SpeechSwitch's speech-enabled auto attendant product engages callers in a natural language dialog and transfer a caller to an extension for the party the caller is trying to reach. The company's name dialer product is an automatic phone dialing system that imports necessary contact information for dialing from various sources. It offers SDK for software application developers, which provides the ability to convert common command and control functions to speech commands. The SDK allows software developers to write applications that can treat a user's voice as an input device. This product can also be used to incorporate speech recognition into games, handheld devices, and even household appliances. The company offers a range of support services that enable its customers and channel partners to develop voice-driven applications that use the company's software. It serves businesses, organizations, and corporate departments that use telephones as a principal means of communications. SpeechSwitch markets, promotes, and sells its speech-enabled products through telephony reseller channels, as well as sells directly to end users. The company was incorporated 2004 and is based in Matawan, New Jersey.

Suggested Entry Points .0005 - .0009
Possible Run to $.0015 and above with continued volume

This another stock that looks to have bottomed out. It also has a very nice share structure.
Their last filing with the SEC said they had 103,001,991 of which 85,000,000 where in the float.
This looks like a possible double or more from these levels. Just waiting for the volume to come.

Recent News:
SpeechSwitch, Inc. Expands Partnership With ABC TelecomThursday June 28, 6:25 am ET
MATAWAN, NJ--(MARKET WIRE)--Jun 28, 2007 -- SpeechSwitch, Inc. (OTC BB:SSWC.OB - News), a leader in speech-recognition technology, announced today that ABC Telecom ("ABC") is expanding its partnership with SpeechSwitch for the deployment of a voice recognition solution. SpeechSwitch offers a turnkey Speech Enabled Auto Attendant. This system will now be offered as part of a private label business solution customized for the small business owner.
The Speech Enabled Auto Attendant (SEAA) integrates into numerous product lines by analog or digital programming. The system facilitates easier communication for employees, customers, business partners and suppliers. It places people at ease by allowing callers to use their most natural form of communication -- their own voice -- to reach a specific person or department. By speaking a name, a caller can be promptly transferred to the appropriate number. Callers have the option of bypassing touch-tone menus and spell-by-name directories and instead, use their natural voice to reach their intended party.
"By partnering with SpeechSwitch, Inc., ABC will be able to offer the Speech Enabled Auto Attendant integrated into our private label solution that is custom built for the smaller business owner. This will be another tool that will enhance our product line and give our sales team a competitive edge when competing in the small to mid-sized market place," said Andrew Burns, President of ABC Telecom.
The Speech Enabled Auto Attendant is a complete cost-effective solution that works with existing phone systems and voicemail packages. Every department and employee is accessible from one local or long-distance phone number. The SEAA capabilities ensure that all calls reach their intended destinations at all times.
"Today's competitive market place demands that businesses increase revenue while containing costs. Customers are using speech recognition to improve customer satisfaction and manage overhead. We are pleased to work with such a well respected and established firm as ABC Telecom," said Bruce Knef, CEO of SpeechSwitch, Inc.

As always do your own DD before thinking about taking a position. We do not get paid to promote these stocks. We only pick them because we think they are due for a rally. This is only our opinion, we are not investment advisors. Check out

Sunday, October 14, 2007

LNGT - What A Move

We selected LNGT as our Premium pick in early September before submitting it on the site on September 5th, 2007. We felt it was very undervalued. At that time a chart for LNGT was not available on stock charts so we used the chart from Pink Sheets instead. Sometimes it is difficult holding a stock that has a high volatility. LNGT went as high as $.0037 before falling to a low of $.0013. It was an uneasy few days for LNGT shareholders, but anyone who believed in the company, and that the stock was undervalued, held on and added. They were rewarded as the stock began a run back over a penny and to a high on October 12th of $.088.

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Who knows when the LNGT run will stop. Right now it stands as the Penny Stock Forums best pick ever. A 3,160% Gain. Ask your financial planner to beat that type of gain.