Friday, April 29, 2011

April 29th - Winners and Losers

Some of todays:

Winners: STDF +900% IHGP +206% VIGS +162%

Losers: FRTG -68% SDAD -59% CHVC - 54%
For the full list of winners and losers click here:

LEXG - Is there a circuit breaker for cashless, revenueless, assetless formerly $.12 stocks?

There are no circuit breakers for OTC and Pink Sheet stocks and LEXG crumbled even before today's financing news hit the wires. We've all heard of "selling the news" but how about "selling before the news", sort of like what Martha Stewart was doing a few years back. It all really makes sense if you add the March 22nd "buy before the news" $400k purchase of 3.4 million LEXG shares. If you've followed my commentary on this blog and Twitter concerning LEXG than you know what I am talking about.

I was the very first to find LEXG. I was likely the very first to pull it up on Level II this year before the rally started on March 22nd. You probably see that LEVEL II snapshot all over the internet with no credit to its source: ME. Here it is again from March 22nd:

The snapshot shows the 3.4 million share trades at $.12 the day before LEXG started its historic rally and now spectacular crash.

Don't get me wrong, this was a great trade up until today and congratulations to all of you who stuck it out through one of the most impressive rallies in recent memory.

Let LEXG be an example going forward for those of you new to penny stocks. Yes penny stocks can soar well beyond expectations and some imaginations, but they can also come crashing back down in a moments notice.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

TLAN - Starting To Make a Move

Just from looking at the chart TLAN has many things going for it. For one after many months of distribution, the Accum/Dist is turning for the better, which is a fabulous sign for this stock. Today we closed above the 200 day moving average of $.0036, which is a very bullish sign for TLAN. Finally we are right on the brink of a golden cross as the 50DMA is ready to cross the 200DMA, this is a buy trigger for many traders, which is another good thing this chart is showing.

Now lets not forget the non-chart positives for this stock. For one they posted a profit in 2010, a great achievement for this company which has yet to be reflected in the share price. While achieving profitability in 2010 the company also reduced liabilities and increased assets, a testament to the management of the company. Judging from the 2010 results 2011 should be an even better year. With TLAN's attractive share structure there is really no telling where this stock can go once investors start catching onto this growth story.

Recent news also bolsters the bullish perspective. The company announced they plan to cancel 100 million shares of common stock and also do away with all preferred stock in a bold move by management that exhibits the respect they have for their shareholders.

Today's press release shows that Talent International continues to grow at an impressive clip. This remains a stock to be watched in 2011 and beyond.

Based upon their financials, share structure, and growth prospects, I feel TLAN is vastly undervalued at its current prices. While I have felt this way for many months I think the market is finally catching on to what I have been saying all along. If that's the case TLAN could be in for a very nice rally from here.

Friday's Stocks To Watch - AWYI , APRM, VLCO, EXPH

continued its slow march higher today behind some decent news and remains a stock to watch going forward. We know this stock has the potential to post big gains in a short period of time. On any big move higher the target would be the high from the last run of $.0024. AWYI closed today at $.0014.

APRM the company posted financials to for the first time in almost a year. This is great news for shareholders and shows the company is gearing up for big things this year and beyond. The filings also show that the share structure remains unchanged with roughly 64 million outstanding and 100 million authorized. This is a great number for a sub-penny stock and means buyers of the stock are getting a nice chunk of the pie. It also means that any type of buying pressure should move the stock higher as the market is not saturated with shares. If they can come through with the launch of their ecommerce site, one they estimate will bring in almost $13 million in revenue, you will be wondering why you weren't taking a closer look at APRM now, before the stock moved.
VLCO this former alert of mine soared to new heights today. I have always liked the company but the stock has languished until recently. Volume and price have risen and this stock again should be on your watchlist. I don't think today was the last big move for this stock, rather it was the beginning of a deliberate move higher.

EXPH the last time I alerted this stock on my blog, it took a little while before it started to move higher. EXPH is once again taking its time which is not such a bad thing if you think about it. It allows those who wish to sell at these low prices the chance to sell, while giving those who want to take a chance on this stock a great opportunity to get in at an attractive price. I think its only a matter of time with EXPH.

LEXG - An 87 Bagger and Counting

Once again LEXG amazed and wowed the market. A little over a month ago this stock was dead to the world. It had a $5.7 million market cap. Then on March 22nd I brought it to my blog, noting the unusual volume, at $.12 and the rest is history. LEXG has now rallied 87 fold from that price, what many would call an 87 bagger. The stock, when I brought it to the blog, was an unknown with only two trades for the entire year, on March 22nd 5 trades and today LEXG had 13,946 trades. Once an unknown, now one of the most talked about stock in the market place and I brought it to you first before anyone else. That's what this blog is all about.

If you had invested $1,000 at the low on March 22nd, today your investment would be worth $87,000. And that was all done in the span of a little over a month.

The lucky duck who bought 3.4 million shares on March 22nd at $.12 for $400,000 is now sitting on over $34 MILLION! If anyone doubts the potential this market has look no further than LEXG.

LEXG is almost everything this market is about. Buying into something before the crowd, holding on for dear life, and selling before the bottom comes out, because the bottom will come out at some point.

Today LEXG traded over $120 million in stock. On Monday we had $37 million, Tuesday over $50 million, yesterday over $97 million and today over $120 million in trades. Simply amazing.

After an 87 fold rally, its time to be on the lookout for the next LEXG. It will come in some form or other, trust me and many stocks now will be compared to LEXG in some way.

In a little over a month LEXG has gone from a $5 million market cap company to almost a half a billion market cap. All this for a company that according to its latest filings has ZERO cash ZERO revenues and ZERO assets. Like I say all the time, nothing matters more in this market than money flow. As long as millions, and now over a hundred million, are flowing into this stock, it will continue to inflate in price. When the money flow stops it will pop.

Either way it was a great find, and I was the first one to find this stock, aside from the one's loading up at $.12. I will be on the lookout for others with the same potential in the future.

April 28th - Winners and Losers

Today's Losers Include: SPQS - 62% , IMAI -58%, CLRI - 53%
Today's Winners Include: TAEC +600%, CIST +175%, AITX +150%

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thursday's Stocks To Watch - KING, APRM, EXPH, GRBT

the stock fell recently to a 52 week low on modest volume. It appears to have bottomed and could be starting a new uptrend. The stock closed the session at $.0005 a share and recently traded in the high $.001's to $.002. I think thats a reasonable spot to focus on when/if KING rallies. The company is looking to get its oil production going and project being able to produce up to 70 barrels of oil a day. Based on today's oil price your looking at almost $20 million in annual revenue. Just something to think about for KING. Not only is it a bottom type play, it is also an oil play, and we all know the price of oil has done nothing but go up this year. If KING can get that type of production going, than current prices offer a tremendous discount to future prices.

APRM a great close today amid a late day flurry of buys. This stock had an amazing share structure for a sub-penny stock and great potential according to recently released revenue projections. The chart shows a stock working its way higher and I think that will continue. If you don't have APRM on your watch list now is as good a time as any to add it.

EXPH this $.0004 stock announced a rather large new client on their web site yesterday, Armstrong World Industries stock ticker AWI on the NYSE. They have a $2.6 billion market cap. This is on top of other already notable customers including Lowes. A recent press release states the company does not intend to reverse split the stock and they also have no plans for any dilution. EXPH traded over $.0025 last fall from current levels, and to $.04 in 2009 from triple zeros. While some might point out the company's overall bad history, it has provided two magnificent rallies for those who bought in near the bottom or even later on and rode it to the top. I think we are going to see a third rally here, as the company comments, including the increased revenue for the company, should help bolster the stock. There will always be losers in this market, to be a winner it takes buying and selling at the right time. I'm sure that's why you read this blog, and especially with these triple zero's I have a good nose for sniffing them out before they run.

GRBT another triple zero stock that could have some legs from here. Over $100k traded today and we should see more volume tomorrow. If it's of the buying variety then GRBT should post some nice gains. Either way add it to your watchlist for tomorrow.

Chart of The Day - LEXG

LEXG hit a high today of $7.89 and had over $97 million in volume. Yesterday the volume was over $50 million, the prior day $37 million. Assuming LEXG's outstanding shares are the same from its last filing, the current market cap stands at over $360 million. This was a $5.7 million market cap company last month.

The stock has now run over 7,000% from the $.12 price I brought to the blog on March 22nd.

The $408,000 front load trades, on the eve of the start of this huge rally, are now worth almost $26 MILLION. Yes you heard that right. $26 million.

On March 22nd, just before LEXG started its rally someone purchased 3.4 million shares for $.12. You can speculate all you want about that transaction, all we know is that it happened, and that whoever orchestrated that transaction must have known about the impending expansion of the LEXG bubble and loaded the proverbial boat.

So when, if ever, will the LEXG rally end?

If LEXG continues its current rise, it will surpass Exxon Mobile by market cap before Independence Day and become the largest company by market cap soon thereafter. That is a huge stretch, but you can see the type of rally we are dealing with here. Almost $100 million in trading volume, that is a huge number. To think this stock was DEAD, DORMANT, with only two trades for all of 2011 before March 22nd rolled around. It's nothing short of remarkable to see the stock trade now, compared to only a month ago.

What do I think?

I still think this stock is in for a 30-50% drop in the next few days and will trade back under $2 in short order. Although anyone betting on a pull-back has been steamrolled. LEXG up another 50% today on almost $100 million in money volume. The shorts will be right at some point, if LEXG keeps going higher the potential for a big drop will only grow.

For now let's enjoy the chart, the rally, and the fact the investors, traders, whoever took a penny stock of $.12 and bought it all the way to $7.85.

If there was any reason to doubt the potential gains this market has to offer, LEXG should put that all to rest.

I hope the fall from grace is soft and that the stock just slowly disappears. A violent fall, or an ugly end just won't befit what has to be the most memorable moves we've seen in quite some time. GWAY was a nice one, but did not see anything close to the money we are seeing here.

April 27th - Winners and Losers

Besides LEXG here are the other winners today:


Some of the losers:


For the rest and full stat sheet click this link

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wednesday's Stocks To Watch - DTRO, TLAN, APRM, LEXG

DTRO had a great trading session closing only a few ticks off its session high. This bears watching going forward and could make for a profitable trade from here. Lets see if the interest in this stock continues to expand tomorrow.

TLAN this stock has held its current range and looks poised to break out. This is a profitable stock, with growing revenues, increasing assets and decreasing liabilities. The company recently announced a share reduction as well as the elimination of all preferred shares. To top it off the company has ZERO convertible debt. I think this is the most undervalued stock trading in the sub-penny area. That will change at some point. Right now I think current prices offer an tremendous risk/reward type trade.

APRM the stock looks poised to break $.01 in the near term. Shares appear to be in short supply and any type of buying volume should send the stock much higher from here. I don't think this stock has seen anything yet as far as price gains are concerned. With projected revenue of the ecommerce site coming in at close to $13 million you are looking at roughly $.20 a share, which means this $.005 stock should be trading in the pennies.

LEXG I think this stock is long overdue for a nice long red candle. These runs, while fascinating to watch, always seem to come to an end violently. LEXG took the stairs higher and will take the elevator back down, or even possibly a 75th floor window, when the buying lets up. Could I be wrong? Sure. But something is not right with this stock, and I am sure I am not alone in this assessment. Actually I know I am not alone in this, read here:

APRM - Chart Update

APRM showed today just how few shares are in the market for this stock. With very light volume the stock pushed through recent highs hitting $.0065. Only two market makers were offering less than $.0078 for most of the session.

The stock has a 100 million authorized count, with is a great number for a sub-penny stock and just one of the reasons why I think this stock sees $.01 and better in the short term.

The company recently announced potential revenues of $13 for the company once its ecommerce site is completed.

Some of you may recall BFHJ, a pick of mine from last summer at $.0005. We waited for that stock to get its online casino up and when it finally was online the stock soared better than 1,500%. Right now we are awaiting APRM's ecommerce site launch. News of this launch could send the stock significantly higher than current levels. Consider that the potential revenue figures amount to roughly $.20 per common share. In my view, that makes APRM a $.06 stock.

LEXG - Now Up Well Over 4,000% Since I Brought Here On March 22nd

I continue to bring LEXG to my blog, because I feel it remains a compelling story. This is a stock that had TWO trades for the entire 2011 year, before the 4 trades on March 22nd that were a prelude to this rally.

Today the stock exploded posting its largest percentage gain since that initial 400% front load move on March 22nd. It hit a high of $5.50 before closing at $5.02 or two cents above the penny stock threshold. Yes, I am, for the first time writing about a stock that is not per SEC guidelines, a penny stock. Although I think it will be again at some point soon, likely tomorrow.

LEXG's rally has been nothing short of breath taking. Apparently each day people are awaking with millions of dollars burning a hole in their pockets and instead of buying a mansion, real estate, a million Slurpees, a sports car, or something that has real tangible value (well maybe not the slurpee), they decide to pour it into a stock that represents a company, according to its most recent filings, with zero assets, zero revenues, and over $100k in liabilities.

LEXG's next SEC filing should show some assets as recent 8-k's reveal some acquisitions. These acquisitions require over $600k in cash just to start, with additional payments coming down the road, including share issuance. When these 8k's came in the first two months of 2011 the company had ZERO cash. I wonder how they planned on making those payments with ZERO cash in the bank at the time. Its quite obvious now isn't it?

Also note how there was no interest in the stock back then. If these were truly ground breaking acquisitions, don't you think the market would have caught on when those filings hit the wires?

My point is simple. Don't think this stock will go up forever. It will come back down, and could come crashing down. At some point the money will stop flowing into LEXG.

LEXG's market cap has gone from $5.7 million to $240 million in a little over a month. Has the company really changed that drastically over that time frame? How does a company with ZERO CASH on hand and ZERO REVENUES come up with the money to pay $600,000, just to start, for acquisitions? If you need the answer to that question you shouldn't be trading these stocks.

OTCmarkets has downgraded this stock to skull and cross bones. Normally a label reserved for the worst stocks out there, not a current SEC filer with over $50 million in daily volume.

Something is awry here, and I would tread carefully going forward. It's been quite a run thus far, when pigs get fat, they get slaughtered.

April 26th - Winners and Losers

Today's Losers - LGTT, KMAG, BBDA
Today's Winners - EXPH, BZCN, DTRO, HIRU

Click Here for A Full list of winners and losers

Monday, April 25, 2011

Chart of The Day - ATIG

Tuesdays Stocks To Watch - APRM, TECA, ATIG, BRZL

APRM at today's close only two market makers stood between $.005 and $.0078, showing just how few shares exist in the market for this stock.  A recent press release puts potential revenue numbers for APRM at close to $13 million, which would amount to almost $.20 per last reported outstanding shares.  The bottom line is that this stock is undervalued based on future revenue potential and currently reported share structure.  I think it could see a nice move higher in the short term.

TECA I told my subscribers this morning how it looked like the $.0002/$.0003 prices were being accumulated and that an attempt at $.0004 would show there were not many sellers of this stock.  Sure enough $.0004 came down quickly.  It only took 2 million to to take out the $.0005,  It was 1.5 million to see $.0007 and before you knew it the stock has hit $.0008.  This was early on in the session.  The stock pulled back a tick or two from there and then mounted a furious late session rally to close near the day high of $.0012.  People were buying up the float this morning and holding for higher prices and that bodes well for more gains tomorrow.  It all depends on exactly where those buyers are going to be willing to sell their stock.

ATIG great money flow today.  ATIG's chart is today's chart of the day, and with good reason as 6 straight days of gains for this stock must have shareholders jumping for joy.  Will it last?  Will it fade?  Tune in tomorrow at the open.  If those big block buys continue we could see $.02 - $.025 tomorrow.

BRZL its nice to see this stock back over $.01 with big money volume.  I am curious to see how it reacts tomorrow as it sits right below its 50DMA.  A break and close above this $.0112 point would be very bullish for this stock.

LEXG - Now Up Well Over 3,000% at $4.02 Since I Covered On My Blog At $.12

I provided the very first commentary about LEXG on March 22nd.  Absolutely no one else was talking about it, or even knew the stock existed.  And for good reason.  Prior to March 22nd, LEXG for all intents and purposes was dead.  Since then the stock has soared and become one of the most popular penny stocks out there.  Actually the stock is less than a $1 away from losing its penny stock status.   I was the very first person to catch on to this stock, way before the crowd.

The chart is a site to behold and is exactly why people trade penny stocks.  The stock traded over $37 million today, more than Nestle traded, which was the runner up in money volume.  Simply amazing to put NESTLE, a $200+ billion market cap company in the same post as LEXG.  NESTLE, ticker NSRGY, has revenue of over $100 billion almost $20 billion cash on hand.  LEXG per its last filing has ZERO cash on hand.  Obviously that is likely to change as the chances of  selling into this run are beyond great, but I am just going by the latest filings.   Care to take a stab at the value of  LEXG's latest assets?  ZERO.  Yes  LEXG assets = $0.000.  and Liabilities of roughly $139k, with a market cap of $185 million, that's an equation that just doesn't seem to work.  0 + 0 - 135,000 = $185 MILLION?  I must be missing something.

Today LEXG traded over $37 million worth of stock.  What does this all tell you?  Money flow trumps everything in this market and the money has been flowing into LEXG in spectacular fashion.  The problem occurs when this money flow stops, or abates.  While everyone is buying hand over fist when the chart is going up, the downside could be quite nasty once the buying stops.

Just consider this stock the adult version of musical chairs.  Right now everyone is dancing, having a great time, and making a lot of money.  But once that music stops don't be the one without a chair.

Today LEXG closed at $4.04.  I think it has a good chance of heading back to $1.50 within the next week.  Just my very humble opinion.  I hope for everyone who is long this stock, it goes to $10-$20 or whatever the newsletters are telling you its supposed to go to.  I think the trading today you saw the first few cracks in the hull, with the stock opening much lower.  Sure it rebounded, but maybe it won't the next time.

Also OTCMarkets has LEXG as caveat emptor.  Very unusual for an SEC reporter to get that status changed considering they are current with their filing obligations. 

Just in case your wondering who is selling when/if the stock starts to fall, look no further than the March 22nd trades I brought to light, the very next day the stock took off and has yet to look back:

April 25th - Winners and Losers

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

APRM - Potential Revenue Numbers Could Make This a $.06 Stock

APRM last month released some impressive revenue projections that, in my view, would make APRM a $.06 or better stock if these numbers do indeed come to fruition.

First lets look at the chart:

APRM this stock has fallen from over $.06 late last year as investors await the launch of their commerce site. It's quite apparent that there is a lot of "air" between the current prices and the resistance from late last year and that with some reasonable investor interest this air could get filled up rather quickly. The impetus for this move would be the finalization of the proposed commerce site.

A recent press release puts the potential revenue of this commerce site at almost $13 million. Going by posted share numbers at Pink Sheets, this would amount to a revenue of roughly $.20 per common share. While I don't know the potential net income figure, I do feel that if these type of numbers come to fruition APRM will trade much higher than it currently does. I think a reasonable figure would be $.06 or better, just by judging from its trading history. Obviously this is my personal opinion and I am basing this on the launch of their new commerce site and the chart above. When/if the final projections are released, or we get any type of further details, it will likely be easier to place a price on this stock. Right now its up to the market to decide that price, and I think the market will start to recognize the potential of this company and send the price of the stock higher.

One of the main reasons I picked this stock is the share structure. The authorized shares are 100 million, the outstanding roughly 62 million and the float 58 million. That is a great share structure for a penny stock. Also the 100 million authorized means the risk for any additional dilution is small, which is good news for anyone looking to buy a stock and hold it for more than a day.

Right now that plan is still unfolding and the business should be up soon, although nothing in this market is guaranteed.

This is how I see this stock playing out. Some of you may recall BFHJ a pick of mine from last summer, the impetus for the move was the launch of the casino. It went from $.0005 to $.0022 when I picked it, then the stock lagged as people awaited the launch. It took a little time, but those that believed in me and my pick waited for the launch. When the casino finally launched it took the share price with it. It ultimately hit over $.007 a share. That was a well over 1,000% move that I called well in advance of that move. I see APRM doing a similar type rally if the business finally launches. I am, once again, calling a stock well in advance of its potential move.

In this market it is all about finding the next big stock before the rest of the market place. APRM has already let us know they expect roughly $13 million in revenue via the recent press release. Their cards are on the table and I think they've got a winning hand.

The business description for APRM is as follows:

American Pacific Rim Commerce Group, is an innovative, development stage Company marketing "Made in the USA" products and services manufactured by U.S. Small and Medium Size Businesses (SME) to consumers in Hong Kong and China through its proprietary ecommerce platform. The Company is a first mover in the space. American Pacific Rim Commerce Group provides transactional based solutions for Small and Medium sized U.S. business to promote, sell and communicate with willing buyers in Hong Kong and China. American Pacific Rim Commerce Group provides for its U.S. based SME clients real-time, promotion, sales, logistics and currency conversion in the form of modular e-strategies that will establish APRM's ecommerce backbone as the number one on-line marketplace for commerce between Chinese consumers and U.S. businesses. The Company is currently developing its branded ecommerce site mymyJ, which loosely translated in Chinese means "Buy& Sell Festival".

Sales Estimate Press Release:

American Pacific Rim Commerce Group Reissues Guidance on eCommerce Sales for Fiscal 2011

CITRA, Fla., March 10, 2011 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- American Pacific Rim Commerce Group (OTC: APRM.PK) (, building on Revenue Guidance issued on Monday, November 1, 2010, today announced reissuance of revenue guidance related to its proprietary ecommerce platform, the underlying methodologies, testing and key revenue drivers by product category.

The Company, in deciding to reissue such Guidance, does so, in conjunction with its engagement of International Monetary as its investment and strategic advisory firm to facilitate a structured financing or capital raise to further develop the Company's proprietary ecommerce platform.

In determining the product categories, the Company relied upon published research, internal studies and noted experts. The Company's e-commerce platform, called mymyJ is under development, and translates English to Mandarin and Cantonese dialects seamlessly, so Small and Medium U.S. (SME) manufactures and producers of goods products and services can cost effectively and efficiently communicate, market and sell their goods to willing buyers in China and Hong Kong.


Projected Ranking of Product Penetration as a Percentage of Sales: Fiscal 2011
Clothing-Women's 16.75% $2,123,739.20
Clothing-Men's 14.50% $1,838,460.80
Books & AV Products 8.25% $1,046,020.80
Cosmetics & Personal Care 8.00% $1,014,323.20
Digital Products (Camera, MP3/4, DVD, etc) 7.50% $950,928.00
Virtual Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Pre-paid Phone etc,) 7.25% $919,230.40
Housewares & Supplies 6.25% $792,440.00
Communication Products (Cell Phones, etc) 5.75% $729,044.80
Toys 4.75% $602,254.40
IT Products (computer, notebooks) 4.75% $602,254.40
Small Home Appliances 4.50% $570,556.80
Jewelry 3.75% $475,464.00
Food & Health Care Products 3.50% $443,766.40
Maternal & Infant products 2.00% $253,580.80
Large Home Appliances 0.50% $63,395.20
Other 2.00% $253,580.80
100.00% $12,679,040

April 20th - Winners and Losers

Chart of The Day - BNPD


BNPD soared on the news pasted below.  Congratulations to those who bought in before the moon shot.

Texas Oil and Minerals, Inc. Initiates Shareholder Purchase Agreement to Acquire BNPD

Texas Oil and Minerals moves forward to purchase controlling interest in Bionic Products, Inc. to develop oil and gas properties.

HOUSTON, April 19, 2011 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Bionic Products, Inc. (Pinksheets: BNPD) has sold its controlling interest in the public entity BNPD to Texas Oil and Minerals, Inc., an acquisitions and exploration company located in San Antonio and Houston, Texas. "Texas Oil & Minerals acquired BNPD through a restricted stock transaction and is applying to FINRA & CUSIP for a name change immediately. These steps will bring the company to another level in the oil and gas industry," said the new company president, Tom Gouger.
"Management Candidates are now being selected and appointed to the Board of Directors, each with credentials in the oil industry as well as advisory levels and experience to expand their resources immediately. This is a significant step and adds value to our shareholders as well as to create new opportunities for financing additional drilling prospects as well as to increase exploration and production," Gouger added.
Tom Gouger is a lifelong oilman with three generations of leadership in the industry. He has forged relationships and is considered one of the most knowledgeable executives in the industry with over 35 years of hands-on experience in drilling as well as leasing and oil exploration.
The domestic market is now under pressure as the steady flow of oil is uncertain from the Middle East. The company believes new exploration and increased production domestically is needed to bring more crude to market.
Safe Harbor Statement:
This release includes forward-looking statements intended to qualify for the safe harbor from liability established by the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These forward-looking statements generally can be identified by phrases such as INCL or its management "believes," "expects," "anticipates," "foresees," "forecasts," "estimates" or other words or phrases of similar import. Similarly, statements herein that describe the Company's business strategy, outlook, objectives, plans, intentions or goals also are forward-looking statements. All such forward-looking statements are subject to certain risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from those in forward-looking statements.
SOURCE Bionic Products, Inc.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

LEXG - Hits $3.03 Almost a 3,000% Move From When I Covered On My Blog March 22nd

LEXG continued its ascent hitting a high of $3.03 today. That lucky investor who scooped up $400k of LEXG shares at $.12 is now sitting on some $10 million of stock.

This company had ZERO revenues, ZERO assets, ZERO cash, as of their last SEC filing. Sounds like something that should garner over $21 million in volume (cue the sarcastic laugh please) . As I said previously this week, all good things must come to an end.

When everyone starts heading for the LEXG exits, don't be the one left turning the lights off. We've seen this happen countless times with stocks that seem impervious to any type of downside. LEXG will get holes in it just like the others and this $3 stock will turn south.

If I was looking to short a penny stock right now, LEXG would be it. Call me crazy, down the road you'll probably be calling me right.

Wednesday's Stocks To Watch - APRM, INIX, GGII, MDFI

APRM this stock has a great share structure and released revenue projections of almost $13 million for 2011. Based on the latest pink sheets share information this amounts to almost $.20 a share in revenue for this year alone. At $.0048, this stock, in my view, has the potential to break out in a big way over the coming days and weeks. This was a stock that traded over $.06 as recently as late last year.

INIX its nice to see this stock hold this area at $.0008/$.0009. Remember this was a $.0002/$.0003 stock before I alerted to my subscribers. The stock hit a recent high of $.0012 before pulling back and looks poised to surpass that $.0012 figure after this consolidation period is over.

GGII has seen its volume and interest dwindle the last few days. The good thing is the bid at $.0002 has held, but the buyers need to re-surface to get this stock heading back in the right direction. With the holiday shortened week quickly coming to a close, there is no better time than tomorrow to get this stock back to $.0005 and better. Lets see what happens.

MDFI down over 40% today, this stock could see a robust type bounce tomorrow at some point, whether it be right out of the gate or later on in the session. For you day traders out there this stock should provide numerous trading opportunities tomorrow.

Wednesdays - Bottom Plays - BFAR BYRG

I have two very nice bottom plays for Wednesday: BYRG and BFAR. BFAR a stock I brought you this past weekend is just starting to move off its bottom. BYRG has fallen dramatically and looks ready for a rebound tomorrow. Both BFAR and BYRG could provide excellent profit opportunities heading into the holiday weekend.

April 19th - Winners and Losers


Monday, April 18, 2011

Tuesdays Stocks To Watch - TLAN, BYRG, INIX, SMHS

TLAN the company issued great news for its shareholders this morning.  Essentially there will be only one class of stock going forward, as the preferred stock will be done away with.  Also the company is retiring 100 million shares of stock or over 15% of the outstanding shares.  Shareholders will have a bigger stake in the company going forward.  TLAN remains, in my view, in a class all by itself in the Pink Sheet market.

BYRG this stock fell over 70% today.  I think its worth watching for a bounce tomorrow.  Sure it could drop more, but it could also rally hard to $.02 or better.  One method to playing a potential bounce is to make an entry using only half the funds you initially wanted to.  Then using the rest if the stock falls further.  While I don't advocate averaging down it does make sense in some instances.

INIX the stock looks ready for a another move higher here.  I am thinking $.002 or better this time around.

SMHS this $.0033 stock is also looking to make a move higher off its recent bottom.  This was a stock that was trading at over $.035 a share to start the year.  A reasonable bounce target is $.007.

VOXR - What Goes Up... Must Come Down

It wasn't long ago that I had VOXR featured as the chart of the day.  Today it sits at $.02 a share down from its lofty $.70 price of not long ago.

VOXR represents one of the unwritten rules of penny stocks - what goes up must come down. 

All good things must come to an end.  In VOXR case those riding the wave higher to $.70 had the chair pulled out from under neath them and came down very hard.

My chart from when I featured VOXR on the blog, and today's VOXR chart.  Ouch.

Chart of the Day - MDFI

TLAN - Reduces Tradeable Shares In The Market and Preferred

A pre-market press release from TLAN shows why this stock continues to remain undervalued as management is committed to improving share holder value through both growth and now a smaller share structure.

Hire International Announces Share Reduction and Increased Voting Control for Shareholders Marketwire   "Press Releases"
AUSTIN, TX -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 04/18/11 -- Hire International, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: TLAN) announced today that its Board of Directors has accepted a plan to cancel 100,000,000 (One Hundred Million) restricted common control shares currently owned by the Company's Officers and Directors. In addition to the cancellation of these shares, the Company's preferred stock holders have also accepted a plan to cancel or convert all preferred stock, which has a voting preference of 100:1, to restricted common stock with no voting preference. The Company expects that all shares will be tendered to the Company's transfer agent and cancelled within a few weeks.

"Our Board and Officers are committed to making the Company more transparent and provide more control to our shareholders. The conversion of all preferred shares will result in a one shareholder one vote capital structure," says Jeremy Stobie , the Company's CEO. Stobie adds, "The common shares being tendered for cancellation, which are coming from the Officers of the Company, are being cancelled for total consideration of two dollars . We believe that the reduction in dilution and the increased voting power created by the elimination of the preferred shares enables a more well-rounded corporate governance approach for our Company and a benefit to our Shareholders."

Safe Harbor Statements under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: The material contained in this press release may include statements that are not historical facts and are considered "forward-looking" statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These forward-looking statements reflect Hire International's current views about future events, financial performances, and project development. These "forward-looking" statements are identified by the use of terms and phrases such as "will," "believe," "expect," "plan," "anticipate," and similar expressions identifying forward-looking statements. Investors should not rely on forward-looking statements because they are subject to a variety of risks, uncertainties, and other factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from Hire International's expectation. These factors are elaborated upon and other factors may be disclosed from time to time in Hire International's past filings with and available on its website. Hire International expressly does not undertake any duty to update forward-looking statements.

Contact: Mr. Jeremy Stobie Email Contact

Source: Hire International, Inc.

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Guru

When I started writing my blog I would get emails asking how people could get the stocks I write about first, before I put them on the blog. That is why I started my paid subscription service. My paid subscribers get a chat room, my ear, and my picks/alerts first. My free subscribers (you) get them second. As we saw with GGII there is plenty of money to be made for my free subscribers as the stock did not rally until after I alerted it here to my free subscribers.

There is the chance a stock I alert/pick won't rally. While I have a great nose for finding big gain potential stocks, not everything in this market is cut and dry. I have zero control over anything other than what stocks I pick. My picks/alerts could reverse split, dilute, or go bankrupt. I have zero control over that. What I do have control over is the way I conduct myself and the picks/alerts I make. I try to find quality active stocks that have a great chance to run. I steer clear of dormant, dead stocks. Those Q stocks there is nothing good about them. Heck if they run, by all means make your profit, but know I don't endorse promotion of them other than a trading vehicle. 95% of Q stocks, in my book, are dead, worthless, and remain that way. Of course since the threat of dilution is basically zero they've become fabulous pump schemes for those who wish to create something out of nothing. Anyway....

I am not a paid promoter. I think that alone gives me and my subscribers an edge in this market. While I think paid promotion is the nature of the beast, we all know that with paid promotion comes the eventual avalanche of promoter shares hitting the market. With my picks and alerts, there is zero compensation. I make the picks based on share structure and possible future interest in the stock. I have been quite successful recently and in the past.

Those of you who don't know me long wouldn't know my picks from last year included 1,000 2,000 3,000 and 4,000% 5,000% gains.

I am not one of those sites that claims to have done it, I have and you can ask any of my past paid subscribers or search my blog. You see sites with 50, 100, 150% gains. you see any with a 100% verifiable track record as my own? One that does not get paid by companies to try and pump up the price of their stock? My track record is far and away better than any you will come across. Name any site that has even one 4,000 or 5,000% pick or alert.... ever! Its unheard of. But to have a 1,000 2,000 3,000 4,000 and 5,000 in the same year? I guess that's why I am called the Guru.

I alerted EKWX at no bid and three market makers asking $.0001. It hit $.005 a share three days later. That's a 5,000% move.

I picked SSWC a bidless $.0001 stock last year and it ran to $.0044. Thats an over 4,000% move.

I picked VCTY at $.0008 and it hit $.036 a share. That's an over 3,000% move.

I picked BFHJ at $.0004 a share last summer. It hit $.0076 for an almost 2,000% move.

I alerted AWYI this past fall at no bid and 4 market makers offering $.0001 the stock rose to over $.0022 a share for a 2,000%+ gain.

The list goes on as there were others...

These are verifiable picks. Search my blog. These are stocks I felt strongly about, picked/alerted to my subscribers and wrote about on my blog for ALL to see. The picks I made were at these exact prices. I did not post these picks after that had already run. In each case EVERYONE had a chance to make money, my paid subscribers, my free subscribers and the readers of my blog. Those who listened made big money, those who didn't watched in awe. I continue to bring the same quality picks/alerts to my readers and subscribers today.

Almost EVERY site you come across, or person who claims to have success, will front run their picks. When you see a newsletter, or supposed stock picker release their picks check the history and in almost every case you will see the stock has risen even before it was released. That means you are buying an an already inflated stock. I, instead, make my picks/alerts at the bottom. Not after they have already started to run.

The past couple weeks I have alerted a few great money makers. GGII at no bid and an ask of $.0001 hit $.0005 for a 400% gain. INIX at $.0002 hit $.0012 for a 600% gain.

To elaborate further I am not like your average penny stock site. I stick behind my picks and alerts. I have one pick a month for a reason. Anyone can throw 5 stocks to a fan each day and see what sticks. Eventually you will get one that runs. I, on the other hand, don't just throw tickers out there. I do research, I analyze stocks, and I make great solid picks for my subscribers and readers. My goal is for everyone to make money, not just my paid subscribers. I also call out the bad stocks as well as the good. In this market there is plenty of bad, and not everyone is ready to let you know about it.

On Thursday my subscribers received my brand new pick. I expect a nice rally out of this stock over the coming days and weeks. I will send it out to you early next week, that's how it works. It's a quality stock with a great share structure. If my past track record is any indication my latest pick will post nice gains in the near term.

Penny stock sites are a dime a dozen. You have countless newsletters, supposed experts, who want you to sign up for their amazing picks. Before you do see how their picks have done in the past. You can stack up a hundred of those sites and none of them have the track record that I do. It doesn't take much talent to throw a ticker or two out there a day. They all pop and run at some point. To be able to pick stocks that have sustainable and profitable rallies, its not easy to do, but I've been able to do just that.

I don't advertise, word of mouth is what has slowly grown my site and service. At this stage my subscription rate remains much lower than it should be and I will address that in the near future. More importantly I derive joy out of seeing people make money and its been a joyful couple of years. If my track record is any indication then we are looking at some more very profitable years for the readers and subscribers of the penny stock guru.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.

Chinese Reverse Mergers: Should You Be Concerned with Them?

Chinese Reverse Mergers: Should You Be Concerned with Them?

By George Leong Apr 11, 2011, 10:38 AM Author's Website

It has been a brutal few weeks for some of the smaller Chinese stocks, especially those that listed on the U.S. exchanges via the reverse merger route.

Should you be concerned? Yes. But should you immediately go out and dump your small-cap Chinese stocks? No.

The reverse merger scene, which has been in the shadow of IPOs, is beginning to become headline news. The sad part is that many good and legit Chinese stocks are getting hammered.

While I’m sure some of you own these stocks, I do not advise a fire sale. Hang tight; yet, at the same time, make sure you look deeper into the matter and see if there are any lawsuits or allegations against the company you own.

When you trade micro-cap stocks or small-cap stocks, there is added risk; but when you trade small Chinese stocks, there is even more risk given the Chinese environment and regulations.

The onslaught on Chinese stocks via reverse takeovers continues, as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission announced that it would investigate all of these companies. Over 150 Chinese reverse-merger companies have set up shop in the U.S. since 2007.

The most common allegations include misrepresentation in the financial statements and wrongdoings in business dealings. Some are warranted, such as with pollution solutions company RINO International Corporation (RINO.PK), which was delisted by the NASDAQ to the world of Pink Sheets. Not a good situation here; RINO at $1.75 is way down from its 52-week high of $20.68.

As I had mentioned recently, there are numerous Chinese companies facing delisting.

We are seeing the halting of reports, CFOs resigning, and new auditors coming in. The trustworthiness of small Chinese stocks is negative at this point.

I’m not saying all of these Chinese reverse mergers should be the subject of investigation, but since this strategy is the easiest method of listing on domestic exchanges, I’m not surprised to hear of the wrongdoings in this area.

I have covered many of these stocks based on what I believe were factual results and information. You cannot always differentiate the good information from bad. When a sole short seller attacks a company, you have to take a step back and wonder.

The way I see it is that you should be careful here. There are some suspicious companies, but I feel that the majority of Chinese companies are legit, even those that formed via reverse mergers.

While there are problem companies, many of these Chinese stocks are unfairly being dumped upon. I suggest you take the opportunity to buy on weakness, unless there are numerous allegations against the company, especially from reputable sources.

BFAR - Looking To Rally Next Week

BFAR was on my watch list last night and today saw a nice rally. Early this afternoon the stock was up over 50% and it looks poised to continue its momentum into next week. The farther the fall the higher the potential bounce. BFAR's 200 day moving average is $2.80, today the stock closed at $.18. In my view there is plenty of room to bounce.

April 15th - Winners and Losers

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Friday's Stocks To Watch - TLAN, LGBS, BFAR, KATX

TLAN the stock was up 4 ticks today on modest buying volume. This could be start of the next rally, the one I feel will push this stock past the early January highs of $.0058. Also to note, this company posted a profit last year, while reducing liabilities and increasing assets, not bad for a $.0028. Even better its sites securityjobzone is seeing more job listing posted this month than previous months, with the likes of Northrop Grumman, GE, Amazin and PNC Bank utilizing Hire Internationals sites. This bodes well for the future of this company and its continued growth prospects.

LGBS a wild but fun ride for this stock, that closed right near its high of the session. Let's see if the stock takes another shot at $.0022 tomorrow and breaks through its 50DMA. That would put $.003 and better on the table heading into the weekend.

BFAR and KATX BFAR at $.14 and KATX at $.0112 are both great potential bottom plays going forward. Take a look at each of their charts. BFAR I think could see $.20 and better. KATX a break back above $.02. Just my thoughts.

TLAN - Chart Update

The stock closed up 23% today on modest buying volume. Let's see if this chart starts looking better in the days and weeks ahead.

April 14th - Winners and Losers

April 14th- Mid-day Winners

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Thursdays Stocks To Watch - GGII, ADSV, TLAN

GGII an excellent trading day for this stock. the money volume indicates investors are starting to catch onto this stock. When I first alerted it to my subscribers and members it had only $35k in money volume. Today it traded close to $150k in money volume. If the buying continues this stock could easily see $.001 or better by weeks end. These triple zero stocks can get quite explosive, and GGII could pull an impressive move from current levels.

TLAN I remain firmly behind this stock. Recent financials show TLAN posting a profit for the year, while reducing liabilities and increasing assets. This stock currently trades for $.0022 and I have little doubt it rallies to well beyond recent highs at some point. Those accumulating at these levels, in my view, will be sitting on some sizable profits down the road.

ADSV a penny stock guru first, I will post the chart of this stock on my watchlist. It is something to behold. All that matters in this market is money flow and ADSV has that going for it in a big way. I could see this chart testing $.01 tomorrow if traders continue to pile in. This chart tells the story much better than I can: