Friday, September 28, 2007

CBAY - Readying For The Next Run

Last Friday after the market close the new CEO released two Form 4's totalling over a billion shares of insider purchases. Could the same thing happen again after the close today?

In total the new CEO owns 1.9 billion shares of CBAY stock and a CEO buying back shares of his own stock is usually a great sign - especially for a stock trading at $.0001.

It will be curious to see what happens from here, but for now CBAY still has the makings of a huge sub-penny play for the fall.

"Insiders might sell their shares for any number of reasons, but they buy them for only one: they think the price will rise"- Peter Lynch

Sunday, September 23, 2007

CBAY - From Worthless To The Moon In The Blink Of The Eye

Last Week CBAY was going to be worthless come October 1st. Sure this was no big news to current CBAY "bagholders". CBAY had no bid. No one wanted to buy a shares of CBAY.

There was a seemingly harmless 8-K filed with the SEC exchanging CBAY assets for the total sum of $10 and leaving CBAY stock to expire on October 1st. But it all really made no sense. Why not reverse split the stock like every other Pink Sheet POS? Why stop CBAY from trading?

Over the course of the next week CBAY and its shareholders were turned literally upside down as the stock gained a renewed following and now has prospects of a positive appreciation in value. Why? The answer is quite simple.

The New CEO is buying up the float. He started small. A 37,000,000 buy filed with the SEC in Early September of 2007 that meant he owned 89.7% of CBAY. That should be the only purchase he needed to make. But it did not stop there.

He bought another 60,000,000 and another 100,000,000 for a total of 197,000,000 or $19,700 worth of stock. To some that is a significant validation that the CEO believes in the company. But the new CBay CEO did not stop there. After the market closed on Friday September 21st it was revealed through two more Form 4's that the CBAY CEO bought an additional 1,003,000,000 shares for a total of 1.2 billion CBAY shares at a cost of $120,000!!!

I will continue this article tomorrow.

CBAY is poised to take the penny world and lift it higher than ever before tomorrow.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


There are many stocks we are watching today that are either bouncing off recent lows or are gaining momentum.
NMKT looks about ready to head higher short term. Look for a good entry and be patient. This stock is usually good for 20-30%, so take your profits when/if they come
HSHL, LSGH are both momentum plays. Each rose significantly on Wednesday - so look for interest to continue throughout the day.
LNGT is right at its all time low. Someone is selling, and it does not appear to be retail because the selling is not for a profit. We thought the selling was over last week, and we appeared to be right, until the selling resumed yesterday. This stock will bounce again into $.004 - $.005 range, so be patient. When the selling stops the run will resume.

SHMM looks poised to surpass recent resistance at $.017. This stock could easily see $.02 so keep your eyes on it.

For more penny stock talk and picks head to

Our new stock pick is AVVWE - it has received little attention. now may be a good time to accumulate before the run!

AVVWE - Our Next Stock Pick

AVVWE - This could be a case of history repeating itself. The "E" on the end of AVVW simply means that it is an Excellent time to buy this stock. I'm just kidding (although I do think it is an excellent time to buy AVVWE) Actually the 'E' means that the company is late filing its annual documents with the SEC. This is not uncommon for OTCBB stocks, so it should not be something to worry too much about.
Here is some quick information. Check out their web site - It looks professional enough. My skin is in pretty good shape though, but it looks like some people do buy their products.
AVVWE — AVVAA World Health Care Products, Inc.
Box 4591710 Shuswap AveLumby, BC V0E 2G0 Canada
Phone: (250) 547-2048
Before I continue I want you to know that I do own 5 million shares of stock. I purchased the shares on the open market - some at $.0005 and $.0004. The company does not pay me - actually the company likely does not have a clue this site exists. I am picking AVVWE to run because it has in the past and it looks poised to do so again.
Why do I think it is ready to run? First look at the two charts below. The last two times the CMF has gone green the stock has appreciated in value over 100%. The CMF is about to go green again. The stock is also being accumulated. Why? Because the company is not diluting anymore. The selling is done!! It is impossible for the company to sell any more shares until they raise their authorized shares. A vote for that is up in October. No dilution = a buying opportunity in my opinion.

With the authorized shares at 750 million, there will be no further dilution until October. Another factor to consider is that the company only wants to increase the a/s and makes no mention of a reverse split.
This is a highly speculative stock. It could go to $.0001 or it could go to $.001. I'm leaning toward a 100 - 200% rise. But if the volume remains low the stock might not climb. I'm thinking that volume will return and the stock will rise much like it rose in July!
Please do not view my opinions here as investment advice. Do your own DD!

Monday, September 3, 2007

OTCBB stocks getting volume on Friday

Some high volume OTCBB stocks to take a look at from Friday.

Enjoy what is left of the weekend!

OTC:BB Share Volume Leaders From $0.0001 – 0.01 that have traded minimum 1,000,000 shares Symbols Company Name Share Vol. ($) Vol. Last Net NEXA NEXA 182,815,738 $36,563 0.0002 0.0000USXP USXP 152,149,890 $60,859 0.0004 0.0000SLWF SLWF 95,987,058 $47,993 0.0005 0.0000MPWE MPWE 64,634,606 $6,463 0.0001 0.0000TYRIA TYRIA 63,821,477 $19,146 0.0003 0.0001RAVI RAVI 55,488,219 $5,548 0.0001 0.0000MGEN MGEN 52,329,055 $31,397 0.0006 0.0002BHWF BHWF 30,195,124 $45,292 0.0015 0.0002IVGR IVGR 26,698,000 $37,377 0.0014 -0.0003UCOI UCOI 24,487,609 $36,731 0.0015 0.0001FNIX FNIX 17,939,187 $16,145 0.0009 0.0001PXIT PXIT 17,355,000 $3,471 0.0002 0.0000AVVW AVVW 13,235,000 $6,617 0.0005 0.0001ONGO ONGO 13,087,701 $65,438 0.0050 0.0000CNCME CNCME 12,390,000 $1,239 0.0001 0.0000GSPG GSPG 11,438,330 $10,294 0.0009 0.0002GSEG GSEG 9,396,710 $6,577 0.0007 0.0000ADVC ADVC 7,179,560 $5,025 0.0007 0.0000BUGS BUGS 7,078,900 $53,091 0.0075 0.0010BANY BANY 6,815,500 $1,363 0.0002 0.0000From $0.01 – 1.00 that have traded minimum 10,000 shares Symbols Company Name Share Vol. ($) Vol. Last Net SWVC SWVC 55,211,396 $966,199 0.0175 0.0048PLRS PLRS 8,500,226 $432,661 0.0509 -0.0051AAGH AAGH 5,341,964 $737,191 0.1380 0.0000GSCT GSCT 4,586,042 $52,739 0.0115 -0.0005CYDF CYDF 4,572,862 $54,874 0.0120 -0.0020XKEME XKEME 3,811,072 $40,016 0.0105 0.0004MBIR MBIR 2,999,760 $107,991 0.0360 0.0000CLXN CLXN 2,971,569 $41,601 0.0140 0.0000SLGLF SLGLF 2,709,302 $189,651 0.0700 0.0020ONEV ONEV 1,758,739 $34,647 0.0197 -0.0003FSRT FSRT 1,735,734 $293,339 0.1690 0.0110EBOF EBOF 1,662,921 $134,696 0.0810 0.0160VTSI VTSI 1,542,675 $46,280 0.0300 0.0050TRDQ TRDQ 1,506,752 $28,628 0.0190 -0.0030VCSY VCSY 1,451,200 $27,572 0.0190 0.0000UVUM UVUM 1,379,012 $241,327 0.1750 0.0250EGLF EGLF 1,331,039 $199,655 0.1500 0.0110SGLS SGLS 1,261,223 $36,575 0.0290 0.0040SFLK SFLK 1,202,377 $100,999 0.0840 0.0090AANI AANI 1,193,151 $57,271 0.0480 -0.0020From $1.00 and Up that have traded minimum 10,000 shares Symbols Company Name Share Vol. ($) Vol. Last Net QSTG QSTG 3,087,500 $4,631,250 1.5000 0.2000NTRZ NTRZ 1,886,895 $2,943,556 1.5600 -0.1300WWAT WWAT 1,854,747 $3,245,807 1.7500 0.0100RMDX RMDX 1,725,075 $3,795,165 2.2000 0.0500CPTC CPTC 1,135,524 $1,930,390 1.7000 0.0300PURE PURE 645,195 $2,871,117 4.4500 0.1800EESH EESH 481,927 $838,553 1.7400 0.1800CGDF CGDF 469,135 $680,245 1.4500 -0.0300KDKN KDKN 432,665 $1,349,914 3.1200 0.2500SCEY SCEY 429,750 $489,915 1.1400 -0.0100ZLUE ZLUE 421,000 $842,000 2.0000 0.0030MNEAF MNEAF 402,179 $659,573 1.6400 0.2000SOENE SOENE 377,914 $438,380 1.1600 0.0600ERFW ERFW 373,735 $377,472 1.0100 0.1000HBDT HBDT 364,800 $736,896 2.0200 0.1200FXPE FXPE 363,513 $836,079 2.3000 0.0300ACUR ACUR 309,006 $352,266 1.1400 0.1400UGTH UGTH 297,061 $906,036 3.0500 0.1700MNCS MNCS 266,333 $298,292 1.1200 -0.0800AULO AULO 259,238 $259,238 1.0000 0.0700