Thursday, September 30, 2010

BFHJ - I Am Raising My Targets

Back when BFHJ was trading for $.0008 - $.0012 a share I felt this stock has a good chance at seeing $.008 - $.01. After witnessing that late day buying frenzy the likes of which I have never seen before, you have to believe this stock is heading much higher from here. As I have said previously to my subscribers, BFHJ is still at the start, its in its infancy, and has a lot more room to grow.

The company has been adamant about not raising the authorized shares. The float is an attractive 400 million +, meaning the share structure is not going to provide any headwinds. Dilution has been non-existent since we lost one market maker to much higher ground ( my subscribers know who he/she is).

Momentum has been building for this stock. I have to say personally the online casino is a site to behold. How many sub-penny stocks do you know that can put together an online casino, one that is so professionally done you would think it was owned by the MGM Grand?

BFHJ at this stage should be trading over a penny. With its attractive share structure, properties, and numerous avenues of revenue production the Guru thinks BFHJ could trade to $.015 - $.025 in the short term.

IGSM - One Step Closer To A Breakout

With each day of accumulation IGSM draws nearer to a breakout. IGSM, for a 5th consecutive session posted a positive day. The action has been measured and healthy allowing room for profit takers as well as offering good prices for new comers to the stock. We have now traded almost 300 million shares the last 5 sessions, with a float of only 200 million. At some point something has to give.

If any of you wonder how some of these stocks post 1,000 - 3,000% gains, its from accumulation. A slow steady rise that involves buying and holding a stock. We are seeing that here with IGSM and I think the end result will be something spectacular.

The company is to become fully reporting shortly. They also have acquired numerous assets. The company
operates Digital Television Channels in Florida, also IGSM recently acquired a Television Library of Programs and offers a suite of E-Learning products as part of its Digital Services. At this time last year IGSM was a $.015 stock. If the stock continues to see buying pressure I could see it trading well over $.01 in the short term. This is an attractive stock with a great share structure. I think at today's prices you are looking at a 300-400% gain from here.

Chart of the Day - IGSM

This chart represents a stock under tremendous accumulation. At this stage I see the momentum and price gains continuing through next week.

BFHJ - The Guru Was The First To Call This Run

After an admittedly long summer, I continually postponed my next pick because of a lack of faith in the market. I just could not find something I believed in, a stock I felt could run 400 - 500% and make my subscribers and followers money. For those of you new to this blog, I have a knack for finding the stocks ready to run before the crowd. My very first pick late last year ran from $.003 to $.10 a share.

Early this year I had a pick go from $.0008 to $.036. Another go from no bid to $.0045. And yet another go from no bid to $.005. Mind you these stocks were not thinly traded after I called them. These stocks went on to trade over $100k on a regular basis. I continued to make some great picks and calls, until finally I decided to postpone my next pick. I searched, researched, and just could not get behind a stock for my next pick, until I came across BFHJ. The stock was trading at its bottom. It was being neglected by the trading public and had so much going for it.

This was my initial pick email to my subscribers:

Beneficial Holdings, Inc. BFHJ Bid .0005 Ask $.0006 Last $.0005

The company last issued news in early June. I suspect, with the stock bouncing along near all-time lows the company will become more active in the investment community, but of course I have no way of knowing whether or not this will happen. It is just a hunch.
They have been working on getting an overseas gambling/poker site up. They also have been trying to purchase gaming locations in the likes of Nicaragua. The company back in March forward split the shares in an attempt to garner more investor interest. This was a stock that was trading at over $.08 a share a little more than a year ago. Actually I wrote about it back then and made a 400% call. BFHJ 400% call post
I am hoping to make a similar call this time.

The stock pulled ahead and was a great trade, before falling back and hitting $.0006 again briefly. Up untill today I have covered BFHJ on my blog hoping others would see the value I see in the stock. I twittered it, sent it to my free subscribers, I did everything I could to let investors know about this stock.

As late as last week when this stock was trading under $.001 I was telling my readers the potential this stock has. Today we finally saw traders rushing to get into this stock before it reached $.01 and beyond.

Back in late August there was one site calling for a big run, today BFHJ is the hottest penny stock out there. So while you may see BFHJ tweets, email's, just know where it was picked first. With BFHJ closing at its high since I made it my pick, everyone is in the black, some to the tune of 1,000% and I couldn't be any happier.

Friday's Stocks To Watch - IGSM, BFHJ, EPGL, UWRL

IGSM the float continues to dry up and the stock price maintained its upward trend. Gains in 5 straight trading sessions. I expect that trend to continue. The only thing slowing down this stock is market makers selling shares they don't have. At some point they will realize their mistake.

BFHJ that was one of the strongest closes I have seen in quite some time. People are getting in with reckless abandon. They know that this stock has $.015 - $.02 written all over it short term. BFHJ, in my view, is a mini Las Vegas Sands, without having to hire all the staff to run the place. An online casino is a veritable gold mine.

EPGL late day news propelled the stock higher. I have little doubt that this $.0003 stock sees $.0005 then $.0007. The positive news flow is not being over looked by investors.

UWRL just like I stuck by BFHJ when it recently hit $.0006 I remain strongly behind UWRL. If I am right you are looking at a gain of at least 750% from today's close. I know most of you won't mind 200-300%, but I have the feeling UWRL will get its act together and make everyone very happy.

BFHJ - Beneficial Holdings Establishes In-House Marketing Company

Beneficial Holdings Establishes In-House Marketing Company

MANAGUA, NICARAGUA, Oct 01, 2010 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- Beneficial Holdings, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: BFHJ), announced today the formation of Beneficial Marketing, Inc., a Colorado corporation, that will act as the exclusive full service advertising agency that will market the by Beneficial brand casino worldwide, excluding the United States.

The Company has budgeted a significant amount of money to promote the highly anticipated launch of their by Beneficial website. The creation of an ad agency was taken to increase the bottom line revenues. The volume of advertising revenues that the Company expects to spend worldwide requires the Company to take advantage of all discounts and commissions afforded to advertising agencies.

As an industry standard, advertising agencies receive a 15% discount. Beneficial believes that, considering the monetary volume that they anticipate spending for the launch of by Beneficial, they should take advantage of any and all discounts and rebates that are available.

Beneficial Marketing, Inc. is already staffed by bilingual advertising representatives who will also assist with customer service.

Beneficial Marketing will also support the Company in approaching other land-based casino companies that do not presently have an online presence with proposals to form joint ventures. "There are many casinos throughout Central and South America that have a reputable brand for their online casinos that could become affiliates and distribute co-branded disks to their customers for lifetime residual commissions of 30 to 45%," Alex Papic, Vice President of Beneficial Holdings, Inc., said.


Beneficial Holdings, Inc. is an international casino investment and ownership-management holding company, specializing in acquiring undervalued gaming assets. The Company owns a hotel in Managua, a fully operational restaurant, bar, and casino also in Managua, and a slot parlor in Masaya, Nicaragua. The Company has agreements in place to build another hotel in El Crucero, Nicaragua, and is negotiating several Central American gaming projects.

This release does not constitute an offer of securities for sale. It contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. These statements involve risks and uncertainties that could cause results to differ. Statements are based on information available as of today and the company undertakes no obligation to update statements to reflect future occurrences.

Media Relations  Beneficial Marketing, Inc.   +505-8367-3333 Telephone    

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thursday's Stocks To Watch - IGSM, BFHJ, PCFG, ITCJ

IGSM I think we see $.003 - $.0035 tomorrow as the shares continue to get accumulated.  The fun really begins when the market makers realize there are no more real shares left to facilitate the market and some of the shares they have sold, to maintain an orderly market, are shares they don't possess.  I don't think we are quite at that stage yet, but if the volume persists we could get there quickly.

BFHJ overwhelming demand.  Last nights press release stated it perfectly.  The online casino as well as BFHJ stock is experiencing overwhelming demand.  After today's action I feel more confident than ever about my targets for BFHJ.  This stock is still is its early stages.

PCFG this stock has posted some great gains from early August.  I think it could see more into the weekend.  Add it to your watchlist if you haven't already.

ITCJ let's see if we can find the bottom for this stock.  I'm thinking $.0004 - $.0005 could be a lucrative entry.

MGQG - Another Reason Why Reverse Mergers Are The Most Lucrative Trade In The Penny Market

The chart speaks volumes as does the reverse merger press release on September 15th.

DT Interpreting Completes Reverse Merger With Morgan Equities

PITTSBURGH, PA, Sep 15, 2010 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- Privately owned Deaf-Talk LLC dba DT Interpreting, the industry leader in on-demand video sign language interpreting, announced today that, pursuant to a stock exchange agreement, it has completed a reverse merger with Morgan Equities Group, Inc., a public company. Over ten-years old, DT Interpreting provides around the clock nationwide in-hospital interpreting services for the deaf. The newly merged company is named Deaf-Talk, Inc. and trades under the symbol (PINKSHEETS: MGQG). Deaf-Talk markets its services as DT Interpreting. "DT Interpreting is the largest, fastest-growing company in its field with almost 400 hospital installations concentrated in the eastern and southern United States," stated David Stauffer, executive vice president. "The company, which derives a large portion of its revenue from three-year contracts, now plans to market its services throughout the US southwest and entire western seaboard, with emphasis on California and Texas."
DT Interpreting President, Robert Fisher, added: "The company attributes its leading market position to the integration of solid technology with certified sign language interpreters, which makes the communication between health care professionals and the deaf easy and timely. This is particularly important in emergencies when a few short minutes could be the difference between life and death."
In addition to its video sign language interpreting, DT Interpreting also offers on-demand over-the-phone interpreting in more than 150 languages, full-scale document translation services and transcription into Braille.
More information about DT Interpreting can be found on the Company's website:
About DT Interpreting Founded in 1999 and now the industry leader, publicly-traded DT Interpreting is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA with sales and customer service offices in Connecticut, Ohio and North Carolina. The Company provides on-demand video sign language and over the phone language interpretation, as well as full-scale document translation and translations into Braille.
Safe Harbor Statement: This release contains forward-looking statements with respect to the results of operations and business of Deaf Talk, Inc. dba DT Interpreting, which involves risks and uncertainties. The Company's actual future results could materially differ from those discussed. The Company intends that such statements about the Company's future expectations, including future revenues and earnings, and all other forward-looking statements be subject to the "Safe Harbors" provision of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.

Press Contact
David Stauffer
DT Interpreting

IGSM - Getting Closer

The last 5 trading sessions IGSM has traded 1.5 times its float. Essentially the amount of shares in the market has changed hands 1 1/2 times during the past week of trading. Some of you may wonder why IGSM wasn't up 100% today instead of a +38% close. We've seen this before and this is why a low float stock can really soar when the accumulation comes to a head.

VCTY, another pick of mine from early last year, had 105 million authorized shares at the time. The stock traded 88 million shares the first day I made it my pick and closed up a little over 100%. The following day it traded almost 50 million shares and closed up 35%. In two days the stock traded 150 million shares, yet the authorized shares were only 105 million. The outstanding share count was likely even lower at the time.

The stock held its ground for a few more sessions trading between $.0025 and $.0015, but traders did not lose their patience. I noted several times on my blog about different reasons why the stock was not going up.( You can read about one of them here.
You can also do a search for VCTY on this blog to find more about the 3,000% run it had earlier this year.)

Investors kept accumulating shares and their patience paid off as VCTY went on to post another 1,000% gain from that secondary range.

My point is with a defined number of shares in the market accumulation of those shares will eventually send the stock significantly higher. If you look at IGSM's recent trading history and compare it to the share structure and 199 million share float, there are many similarities with VCTY. It is hard for traders to be patient with these penny stocks. This is the main reason why most of these stocks have a difficult time maintaining price levels. Market makers know exactly how to get people to sell including taking the bids out with exact precision. Maintaining pressure is the easiest way to win in this market.

Here is IGSM's chart after today's close. I'd like to put it next to the VCTY one posted above at some point in the near future and marvel at their similarity.

HLNT - Chart of the Day - Yet Again

Up another 11% on top of yesterday's 24% gain.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

IGSM - What Happens When The Float Disappears

For those of you new to penny stocks "the float" refers to the shares that are available for trade. This is the most important figure for a penny stock trader and one that is relied upon to make trading decisions. According to a trusted subscriber IGSM has 199 million shares in the float. Over the last 5 sessions IGSM has traded 230 million shares. Essentially the entire float has traded hands more than once over the span of a week. This is a pressure cooker that is about to blow its lid.

On September 22nd IGSM came out with their first press release in almost a year. At the same time they posted financials at Pink Sheets. The company is starting to dot their I's and cross their T's, which has drawn investor interest. With only 600 million shares authorized and a publicly traded float of 199 million investors know just how big a slice of the IGSM pie they have with each purchase. If I had to guess this IGSM pie has one small piece in the corner and a bunch of crumbs. After that the pie is gone.

What I am trying to say is the float for IGSM is likely gone.

What happens when the entire float is gone? What if all the shares in circulation are being held by investors? Have any of you witnessed CDIV, EIGH, or other stocks where the tradeable shares are accumulated and held? These stocks were at IGSM's sub $.002 price before they started to rally. I even brought EIGH to my readers attention this time last year when EIGH was at $.0012. It hit a high of $.42 today!
A $120 investment in EIGH when I called it last year could have been sold for $42,000 today!

My point is that once these stocks get accumulated there is literally no telling how high they can go. The proverbial moon shot is not that far fetched.

IGSM is not just a low float accumulation play, it has a lot more going for it. The company is in the final stages of becoming fully reporting. Transparency is a big positive and should draw more investor interest.
The company has acquired a Television Library of Programs and IGSM also offers a suite of E-Learning products as part of its Digital Services.

I've seen this type of accumulation many times over the years and with each instance the stock roars higher as the demand meets a lack of supply. Could this be the next EIGH? The chance is there. The float and low share structure offer a great opportunity for investors.

Add IGSM to your watch list. This will be a stock to watch in the weeks and months ahead.

Chart of the Day - HLNT

Wednesday's Stocks To Watch - BFHJ, IGSM, UWRL, THES

BFHJ with the casino launch only days away, per tonights press release, look for investors to scramble to get in on the action tomorrow. I think we see the buying continue and the upward trend leading this stock higher.

IGSM this low float sub-penny stock should continue to draw interest tomorrow. Shares are becoming scarce and it shouldn't take much volume to life shares above $.003 and to $.005 or better in the short term.

UWRL this stock has bottomed. The selling has stopped and currently this stock is way undervalued considering the future potential. At $.0007 UWRL offers a great chance to get in before the crowd. No one is buying this stock now, but when the issue with Pink Sheets gets rectified everyone will be wishing they did.

THES it looks like the downward pressure has been lifted. At some point today, after the light bid hits tormented the bulls, the ask jumped 100% higher than the last trade. This stock is the subject of a reverse merger and if this news hits the wires this stock will head well above what it was trading for last week.

BFHJ - Casino Launch News Hits The Wires

Beneficial Holdings Announces Casino Launch Update

MANAGUA, NICARAGUA, Sep 29, 2010 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- Grupo Beneficial S.A., 97% owned by Beneficial Holdings, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: BFHJ), is pleased to announce that its by Beneficial gaming site is expected to be fully operational no later than early next week. Due to overwhelming demand, the Company has ordered their technicians to fast-track any remaining issues needing correction and to ready themselves for the launch.

Customers may always apply for an account and play free games with "fun money" at Upon the official launch, the Company will announce and send an e-mail to those who signed up for the free game account. Non-U.S. residents may play for real money if legal within their jurisdiction.

Grupo Beneficial encourages webmasters to become partners with the most exciting casino through the links at the bottom of the site. There is no fee to join. Webmasters can earn extremely generous revenues through a percentage of the profits. To sign up, visit

"Management expected by Beneficial to be ready months ago, however we needed to make sure everything was working correctly. The exciting news is that we've teamed up with other casinos to offer progressive jackpots exceeding $1,000,000 dollars. We also allow players to choose whether to download the by Beneficial software or to play web games," said Alex Papic, Vice President of Beneficial Holdings, Inc.

Papic advised that, "Beneficial Holdings and its subsidiaries continue to move forward with additional hotels and casino related land-based facilities. The Company will provide additional updates regarding those projects soon."

Monday, September 27, 2010

Wednesday's Stocks To Watch - BFHJ, HTLJ, THES, UWRL

BFHJ with roughly 400 million shares in circulation, recent trading volume indicates that the float is close to being secured.  The casino launch in just one of many positive developments for this company that the share price has yet to reflect.  That should change soon.

HTLJ this $.25 stock brings in over $4 a share in revenue.  Assets per share is well over $1.  Why is this stock still trading under $1?  I think this is the most undervalued stock trading under $1 today.  This stock deserves to be trading at $2 - $3 a share and at some point I think it will be trading there.

THES this stock has pulled back and no is ready to head back to test recent highs.  The market makers capitalized on the slowing buying pressure to take the stock down.  nothing has changed as the reverse merger should bring significant value to the stock.

UWRL at some point UWRL will take off and never look back.  I think that day will come soon and those buying at these prices will be thanking me down the road.

BFHJ - Why I like BFHJ for $.008 - $.01 A Share

I have been writing about BFHJ for quite a while.  This is a stock that has so much going for it at this time.  Here are a few reason's why I like this stock to hit $.008 and better short term.

  1. The share structure is ideal.  With a float of 417 million, most of which have already traded, the shares are becoming tougher to acquire.  Quite simply demand is starting to outstrip supply.
  2. The casino should be officially launched in the short term.  Investors are buying into this before it hits the wires.
  3. The company is not just about an online casino.  They have hotels and other holdings that bring revenue and value into BFHJ.
  4. The company is translucent and continues to build shareholder value.
As I have been telling my subscribers.  BFHJ is on the cusp of greatness.  What you are witnessing is the beginning of something, not the end.

The chart is also showing a breakout.  I think BFHJ should clear $.003 tomorrow.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Stocks To Research This Weekend - PYBX, BFHJ, PRGJ, HTLJ, ICOA

PYBX for those of you who don't follow me on twitter, I tweeted PYBX at $.0003 a few weeks back. Here is what I said: bob_wilcox PYBX .0003 is a promising lotto play that should see a nice run at some point in the near future. I nailed it right on the head. PYBX hit a high of $.0022 today for an easy 700% gain.

BFHJ the casino is a very impressive representation of this company. Its firm release should add tremendous value to the stock. I think investors are trying to get in ahead of the official press release.

PRGJ another couple grand hit the ask today as the accumulation continues. Anyone that reads this blog knows I see this stock at $.04-.05. If the current buying trend keeps up I will be right in no more than two weeks.

ICOA I put this stock on watch not long ago. It has since soared several hundred percent, with no end to the gains in sight.

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BFHJ - The Rally Gains Strength

BFHJ looks to be the the early stages of a strong rally that could see shares hit $.006 - $.01. The company looks to have hit a home run with its brand new online casino.

This is what I had to say about BFHJ a few weeks back.

BFHJ is a stock to watch going forward. Shares are in high demand and with the modest share structure at some point they will be hard to come by.

Pink Sheets Releases New Web Site Format - I Don't Like It

I know change is good, but right now I don't like what Pink Sheets has done with their web site.

Maybe I will get used to it.  The company information page is more difficult to follow than before and more difficult to read.

What do you think about it?  Vote using the poll on the right.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Friday's Stocks To Watch - THES, BFHJ, ICBU, UWRL

THES pre-market bid stomping brought the stock down right out of the gate today. It didn't get much of a chance to breath as the stock couldn't muster much of a rally. The main problem is the lack of buying pressure. Market makers and shorts can scare longs into selling by hitting the bids. I think that is what happened today. Tomorrow THES starts the day out of over bought territory and looking to regain its footing into the weekend.
BFHJ the casino is just about ready, as evidenced by the web site. This is huge news for shareholders who have been waiting patiently. I think this could send this stock much higher from here. My previous targets are still valid. This is a stock to watch the next few weeks.
ICBU it was a battle today as the stock was able to post yet another solid close. This is a stock you need to add to your watchlist if you haven't already. Look for it to break through recent highs tomorrow.
UWRL finally UWRL. This stock briefly hit $.0006 before closing at $.0008 on a few small blocks. There is no doubt in my mind that this stock has bottomed. Support is strong and I look for UWRL to work its way higher from here.

BFHJ - On The Verge Of A Breakout As Casino Enters Final Stages

BFHJ finally broke through the resistance at $.001 and closed at the high of the day $.0012. I think this rally will continue because the company appears to be close to having their casino up and running.

There is little doubt that the online casino will be an excellent revenue producer for the company. The casino preview looks nothing short of amazing and I think investors and gamblers alike will react positively when the final product is released.

The chart is shaping up and I expect the next point of resistance to be at $.0015. I think with the official release of the casino this stock could put in a nice rally with an initial target got $.003 before heading to possibly .0065 and $.01. What makes me very bullish on the stock is the modest share structure. The company has done an excellent job of updating the investment community when it changes and right now the float is only 417,447,846.

I think BFHJ is heading higher from here and will make an excellent trade going forward.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thursday's Stocks To Watch - EIGH, ATPT, PRGJ , GOIG

EIGH rose 13% today and is inching ever closer to the $.50 mark.  I think it will hit that round number before the week is through.

 ATPT I had this stock as one to watch this week when it was well under a penny. It has not dissapointed posting gains in the first three days of trade this week.  Tomorrow should see another positive for this stock that seems to want to hit $.05 before the week comes to an end.

PRGJ   volume and price are on the rise and this stock is really getting some momentum behind it.  As I have said in the past I think this is a $.04-$.05 stock just based on recent financials.

GOIG this stock hit a new recent low today of $.0044.  Still a 1,100% gain from my call late last year, but it also represents quite the fall from its 52 week highs.  I think a nice 50-100% rally is in order to relieve these over sold conditions.

Chart of the Day - ICBU

ICBU continued its ascent today.  After closing up 214%, ICBU closed today's session up 93%.  This remains a stock to be watched into the weekend.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wednesday's Stocks To Watch - EPGL, THES, UWRL, ICOA, SNEY

EPGL news released after the market closed should help propel this stock tomorrow.  I think there is a good chance it sees $.0004 and maybe $.0005.  From there we can continue working higher.

THES this stock is the target of a reverse merger and looks to build upon recent gains.  This is a stock to watch going forward.

UWRL patience will play a big roll with this stock.  I could sense investors losing patience with this stock today, and that weighed on the price.  I think UWRL sees $.006 at some point, which means those shares at $.0007/.0008 may be very rewarding.

ICOA the buying was coming quickly today for this stock.  I am interested to see if it keeps going tomorrow.  It is on watch.

SNEY it is knife catching time.

THES - An Explosive Reverse Merger

Late day trading for THES turned into a frenzy as market makers scrambled to fill orders amidst increased demand for the stock.  Why is demand increasing for THES?

THES, Thermal Energy Storage Inc, was recently reactivated at its Secretary of State.  Along with this reactivation came a new company address and a brand new CEO.  The company coming into THES is a Property Management company with experienced staff at the helm.  This is indicative of a reverse merger and in a nutshell means that THES is finally getting value back into the stock.  There is nothing better in the penny stock arena than having a stock that had zero value for 8 years finally get a company rolled into it.  Instantly the value of the stock increases, and in this case the increase could be 10 to 20 fold.

Wait it gets better...

THES was dormant for 8 years.  On its best day this stock traded 667,000 shares.  Today THES traded 6 million shares of stock.  Yesterday THES traded 3.1 million shares.  On Friday volume was at 3.5 million shares.  That is 13 million shares.  Where did these shares come from? 

I think market makers, whose main directive is helping to maintain an orderly market, have sold shares they simply do not have to keep up with the demand for the stock.  In doing so they anticipate being able to cover these shares when the stock price drops.  We all know what happened with CMGR when market makers tried the same tactic.  The stock went from $.003 to $.225!  These market makers will aid in the buying pressure as this stock heads higher.

Shorters also jump in when a stock has risen for no reason, at least they see no reason for the rise, and they short the stock with all of their firepower.  Unfortunately for them THES is rising for a reason and I think they have been caught off guard.  Margin calls can come quickly for a penny stock trader as a stock rises 100's of % in a violent fashion.

These are the ingredients for a short squeeze and this is exactly what I think started to occur late in the session today and should follow through right into tomorrow.

What is worse for the shorters and market makers is the limited supply of stock.  Remember this is a stock that over 10 years never traded more than 667k in one session.  If the demand continues shorters and market makers alike will be scrambling to cover.  This could create an explosive situation.

Just looking at this chart you can see the demand for shares of THES.  In my view market makers have been matching this demand with phantom shares, essentially naked shorting the stock.  It is this type of action that leads to a short squeeze.

After 8 years THES has come alive again.  With limited shares in circulation, market makers selling shares that don't exist, and shorters trying to find the top of this stock, things could get very interesting in the days ahead.

If you haven't already add THES to your watch list.

Chart of the Day - ICBU

ICBU charged ahead 214% today.

EPGL - More News After Hours

The news flow for EPGL continues as another press release hits the wires after hours. The stock looks about ready to make its next move to $.0004 - $.0005.

EPGL Announces Presentation by Norman Marcus, MD, at the World Congress on Disabilities November 19, 2010

Marcus Will Present Studies on the Muscle Pain Detection Device, Coupled with His Comprehensive Treatment Program to Eliminate Long-Standing Disabling Pain

JOHNSTOWN, Pa., Sep 21, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- EP Global Communications, Inc. (EPGL), (the Company), (Pink Sheets:EPGL), (, the parent company of Exceptional Parent (EP) magazine, is pleased to announce that Dr. Norman Marcus, MD, will be making a live presentation on a new method to evaluate and frequently eliminate chronic pain at this year's World Congress on Disabilities (WCD) in Dallas, Texas, November 17-18, 2010.

Dr. Marcus will present studies of the instrument he co-invented with the Stevens Institute of Technology, the Muscle Pain Detection Device, coupled with his comprehensive treatment program to eliminate long-standing disabling pain. This presentation will give attendees, including healthcare professionals, the opportunity to interact with Dr. Marcus and understand how addressing muscles as a cause of chronic pain can lead to successful treatment in patients thought to be untreatable. Examples of patients with chronic back and neck pain and following failed spine surgery will be discussed.

"We encourage all civilian and military families as well as physicians and allied health care professionals and EPGL shareholders to attend this event in Dallas. Having suffered from chronic neck and back pain for over 13 years, and after being told that the only treatment that could help was a spinal fusion, I can attest personally to the tremendous relief this new intervention therapy provided to me," said Joe Valenzano, President and CEO of EPGL.

EPGL plans to broadcast via the web the entire presentation by Dr. Norman Marcus as well as several other clinical lectures delivered by world renowned physicians including: Pauline Filipek, MD (Autism); Steve Wolfe, MD, Patty McGoldrick and Saadi Ghatan, MD (Epilepsy Therapies including surgical interventions); Blanca Vasquez on Lennox Gastaux Syndrome; and several others dealing with rare genetic disorders brain blast injury and PTSD and others. The webcasts will reach military base hospitals, clinics, rehab facilities, families, physicians, allied healthcare professionals, caregivers and people with special needs around the world. Seminars broadcast by EP will be archived on the company's website and available for download for at least 90 days following the WCD.

About EP Global Communications, Inc.

EP Global Communications, Inc., parent company of Exceptional Parent (EP) magazine, is a 40-year-old, award-winning, multi-media publishing and communications company, providing timely and indispensable resources and information to families and professionals caring for the needs of children and adults with disabilities and special health care needs, including families in the U.S. Military.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Tuesday's Stocks To Watch - LLEG, EPGL, PFMS, EIGH

LLEG this stock continued its remarkable rally. Thus far, out of 13 September trading days, LLEG has closed down just one, and that was September 1st. LLEG has now gone 12 straight trading sessions without posting a loss. Let's see if it can keep the streak going tomorrow.

the ask at $.0003 is being offered by less market makers. I think the price will jump to $.0004 and then $.0005 within the next two trading days.

the stock has pulled back and could be ready to head higher. I think at $.0005/.0006 there is tremendous value in these shares.

after being up 45% on Monday, this stock could see a modest pull-back on Tuesday, and that could come intra-day. After the pull-back I think EIGH will see $.50 - $.60.

Chart of the Day - EIGH

Last week I wrote this about EIGH:

EIGH for those of you new to the blog I alerted EIGH at $.0012 in September of last year. Today the stock surged to a high of $.199 before closing at $.167. Its obvious that this stock is under tremendous buying pressure meaning $.30 - $.35 could come within the next few trading sessions.

I could not have been any more right. EIGH closed today at $.42. The stock is up some 800% the last 3 weeks.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Stocks To Research This Weekend - MGQG, LLEG, BANID, ATPT, SBRH

Here are a few stock tickers that could see some upside next week:


EPGL - Stock Surges On Record Volume

Investors were scrambling to pick up shares of EPGL today sending the stock higher and helping it post a record volume day. The news released after the close of trade yesterday was the reason for the demand for EPGL stock and I think this will continue for quite a while.

This is a stock that ran last year at precisely the same time and at the same price to $.0024 a share. With the company addressing their debt issues, the rally this time could have more staying power.

EP Global Communications, Inc. Opens Health Sciences Division for Marketing of Biotechnology Products and Services Worldwide

Company Taps into Network of Resources in Medicine and Science to Address Market Worth Approximately $85 Billion Annually

JOHNSTOWN, Pa., Sep 16, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- EP Global Communications, Inc. (EPGL), (the Company), (Pink Sheets: EPGL), (, the parent company of Exceptional Parent (EP) magazine, is pleased to announce that the new EP Health Sciences Division of the company is operational. The EP Health Sciences Division is utilizing the substantial network of resources that EPGL has established in both the fields of medicine and science over 40 years of existence.

"We are working with Dr. Norman Marcus and his innovative therapy coupled with the Muscle Pain Detection Device which has had significant beneficial results for many patients dealing with significant back pain. This intervention therapy addresses a market which has been estimated to be $85 billion in size and Dr. Marcus' approach can help potentially millions of people experience relief from chronic pain for the first time," said Joe Valenzano, the CEO of EPGL. This marks a significant expanded direction for EPGL. Valenzano went on further to say that, "Dr. Marcus treated my condition, diagnosed as compressed or bulging discs in C-2 through C-7, with his intervention therapy and the MPDD and I am completely pain free today - after living with constant pain for over thirteen years."

Dr. Marcus will be speaking on pain and pain management at the upcoming World Congress on Disabilities ( in Dallas, Texas, November 18-19, 2010.

"Our goal is to help increase awareness of the MPDD and Dr. Marcus' Therapy to the institutions that need it the most urgently due to the vast numbers of potential patients afflicted with pain," Valenzano explained. "Our goal is to have this embraced by the medical community over the next several years via expanded knowledge, awareness and education."

EPGL is also continuing work on developing a Resource Guide for the Nutraceutical Community, working collaboratively with Stephan DeFelice, MD. "We hope to have this product available in early 2011," said Valenzano. The product itself will increase education and awareness and highlight the many issues faced by those utilizing Nutraceuticals in combination with Rx Medications and when such use may not be in the patient's best interests.

About EP Global Communications, Inc.

EP Global Communications, Inc., parent company of Exceptional Parent (EP) magazine, is a 40-year-old, award-winning, multi-media publishing and communications company, providing timely and indispensable resources and information to families and professionals caring for the needs of children and adults with disabilities and special health care needs, including families in the U.S. Military.

Safe Harbor Statement

Certain matters discussed in this press release are "forward-looking statements" intended to qualify for the safe harbors from liability established by the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. In particular, the Company's statements regarding trends in the marketplace and potential future results are examples of such forward-looking statements. The forward-looking statements include risks and uncertainties, including, but not limited to, the timing of projects due to the variability in size, scope and duration of projects, estimates made by management with respect to the Company's critical accounting policies, regulatory delays, clinical study results which lead to reductions or cancellations of projects, and other factors, including general economic conditions and regulatory developments, not within the Company's control. The forward-looking statements are made only as of the date of this press release and the Company undertakes no obligation to publicly update such forward-looking statements to reflect subsequent events or circumstances.

SOURCE: EP Global Communications, Inc.

Chart of the Day - LLEG

This stock is moving in anticipation of some possible big news next week.

CONCORD — Decision time is coming soon for Laidlaw Berlin BioPower’s application to construct and operate a 70-megawatt biomass plant on the former mill site. The N.H. Site Evaluation Committee will begin deliberations on the application on Monday, Sept. 20. Committee Chair Tom Barack said the committee is prepared to deliberate as long as it takes, although technically a decision is due by Sept. 23.