Sunday, December 30, 2007

Stocks To Watch Monday December 31st

Some traders might be looking to rest up for the new year, if you are not one of them here are a few penny stocks to keep your eyes on:

SGGC has had one red day since its run started weeks ago. Certainly worth a look.
COPI might be turning profitable? Do your own DD with this one but the potential for a run has already been proven, its just a matter of sustaining a run now.
GSNH might dip a little and could be a good entry for those looking for a reverse merger play in its infancy.

Happy New Year to All and Green trading!

How To Trade Pink Sheet Stocks

Choose a Broker
Prior to making a decision to purchase OTC securities we strongly advise you to read our Risk Warning. and Investor Protection Information
Why doesn't your online broker have real-time Pink Sheets quotes? Probably because their customers have not complained enough. Tell your online broker you want to see real-time Pink Sheets quotes on their web site now.
You must open an account with a brokerage firm (the entity that executes your buy and sell order) to buy Pink Sheets stocks. Investors cannot buy or sell securities directly through the Pink Sheets. While your brokerage firm account will allow you to trade Pink Sheets stocks, as well as those listed on NASDAQ, the New York Stock Exchange, and other venues, investors should clearly understand that trading practices for OTC securities are different from those of securities traded on exchanges. Your broker or the market maker they route your order to, may not provide you with limit order display or instantaneous executions in Pink Sheets stocks.
Unlike those listed on NASDAQ and New York Stock Exchange, Pink Sheets stocks are not required to meet listing standards. This means there is a wide range in the quality of issuers that are traded in the Pink Sheets, from major international conglomerates to very small companies struggling to survive. Investors must be aware that good information is simply is not available for many Pink Sheet traded companies and that there are unscrupulous individuals that will attempt to defraud investors through manipulative schemes in Pink Sheets stocks. While Pink Sheets cooperates fully with securities regulators and those regulators are continually working to combat fraud, it is not possible to eradicate fraud from the markets. Accordingly, you must be very careful in making a decision to invest in a Pink Sheets stock or any OTC Security.
Prior to making a decision to purchase OTC securities we strongly advise you to read our Risk Warning. and Investor Protection Information
There are three types of brokers: a full service broker, a discount broker, and an on-line broker. Full-service brokers offer advice with reports from their firm's research department as well as execute transactions for you. Discount brokers charge less per transaction but offer less investment advice. Online brokers are the least expensive way to trade your stocks; you use the internet for transactions and your own research.
Before you choose a broker, ensure that the firm will accept orders in Pink Sheets stocks. Not all brokers do!
Limit Order vs. Market Order to Know the Difference Between a Limit Order vs. Market Order
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To avoid buying or selling a stock at a price higher or lower than you intend, place a "limit order" rather than a "market order." A limit order is an order to buy or sell a security at a specific price. When you place a market order, you can't control the price at which your order will be filled.
Because the market price for your stock may go up or down considerably before your trade goes through, with a market order you may end up paying more for the stock than you intend, or selling at a price lower than you wish.
For more detailed information please read SEC publication Trade Execution: What Every Investor Should Know.
Always Research Your Proposed InvestmentYou should not make a decision about investing your money in a particular company solely on the basis of a "hot tip" or someone's advice. It is important that you make an informed decision based on your thorough research of the company's annual report and current financial statements. To learn how to invest wisely and avoid fraud visit Investor Information Section of the SEC website.
List of Online Brokers that Trade Pink Sheet Securitites
Below is a list of brokerages that trade Pink Sheets securities (please note, these are mostly discount and online brokerages):
E*Trade Financial
Charles Schwab
Brown & Company
Trading Direct

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Stocks To Watch Today LNGT GEGP SHCM MLXO

LNGT announced a contract valued at $480,000. Couple that news with yesterdays Cornell Capital news and LNGT looks ready to break through resistance at $.10. We alerted our members at to LNGT when it was trading at $.0025! It currently trades at $.09.

SHCM dropped after news was released concerning a share buyback and retirement. 4 million shares will be removed from the float. The stock should rebound nicely today in our opinion.

GEGP, a stock trading at $.0001, received significant volume yesterday. Today the released a PR so expect continued buys and a possible 100 - 300% run. As always don't risk more than you can afford to lose. GEGP had no bid, meaning you could not sell your shares, this could happen again so always lock in your profits.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

DLAV - How To Turn $100 into $2,000 in 5 Days

DLAV - dealer advance, until the last 5 trading days, was a thinly traded penny stock that had settled into a range of $.0005 - $.001. The last 5 trading days has seen a tremendous boost in DLAV's stock price, one that has many sitting on some tremendous gains. If you had bought $100 worth of DLAV stock at $.001 it would now be worth $2,000 as of yesterdays close of $.02.

Imagine that? It is truly mind boggling. Equally as mind boggling is trying to figure out why this stock had no interest for so long and now has over a million dollars traded in one day? Why are people buying this stock at $.02 when they could have bought it at $.0006 for weeks?

DLAV is another example of why we all play the penny stock market and why many people call positions in these companies "lotto tickets". DLAV shareholders who are holding from $.0006 - $.001 have indeed bought some lotto tickets. Congratulations.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Penny Stocks To Watch Today - CCWW, HMWM, PFUO, SHMM

CCWW some promising news last night for the shell stock. This one should head higher today. The tradeable float is significantly less than the 1+ billion shares outstanding.

WESTPORT, CT--(MARKET WIRE)--Nov 6, 2007 -- Cable & Co. Worldwide, Inc. ("Cable") (Other OTC:CCWW.PK - News) has reached an understanding to purchase Quantum Research Services, Inc., doing business as Aspen Media and Market Research, Ltd., a Colorado corporation ("Quantum"). www.aspenonnet.comADVERTISEMENTHeadquartered in Colorado, Quantum is in the business of providing market research services, including research field services; circulation - subscription renewal and acquisitions; sales lead qualification program and specialized services; relational database creation and list consolidation; and print-to-electronic file conversion. Quantum had sales of $5.4 Million with an adjusted EBITDA of $405,000 for the year ended June 30, 2007. The closing of the Acquisition remains subject to various conditions, and it is currently anticipated that the Acquisition will be consummated in or about January 2008. Additional news regarding Cable's business plan will be released later this week and over the course of the next several weeks.

HMWM trading at .0002 had no volume until the early afternoon and then was up 100% for the day on a great deal of buying. This could be a sub-penny stock to watch for the next week or so. Apparently the company is now registered under another name, we haven't had a chance to verify this information.

PFUO has garnered some momentum this week after bottoming out below $.002. This one could touch $.01 before the week is out.

SHMM has been trading sideways since it soared from $.0015 to $.012 over the span of a few days. We feel it is setting up for another run. Keep your eyes on it.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Stocks To Watch Monday November 5th - PXIT, PFUO, ITLV, DMGS, IMTD

A few stocks to watch today and the rest of the week:

IMTD is at the bottom. Acquisition announcements are expected soon. This stock will rally into the $.001's and $.002's when the press releases hit the news wire. This is a good time to accumulate.

PXIT The last time PXIT started getting volume like this it went well north of $.004 - right now it is trading at $.0004 - so you can see the type of potential gain that may lie ahead. This might be a stock you throw a little spare change at if you like excitement - because once it starts moving higher it will move very quickly!

DMGS is our new stock pick that we announced on Friday. The company intends on giving a $.10 cash dividend to all shareholders of record on November 20th. At these prices its hard to argue against buying, as the $.10 cash dividend already constitutes a 40% gain on the stock as of Fridays close.

ITLV and PFUO are two other stocks that look ready to bounce. As always do your own DD before buying. Also don't view the above as anything other than our opinion. We are not investment advisers.

To discuss pennystocks and see our weekly picks head to our web site

ECFL - Do you remember what happened the last time?

Last Spring ECFL - ECarFly - had a similar, albiet, more spectacular run from $.003 to over .05. Most of the run was fueled bya number of press releases that were later removed from the Business Wire by ECFL. Thats right ECFL released PR's that had a significantly positive affect on their stock and then removed them later on. Lets hope that these recent ECFL PR's don't get removed like the last ones.

An article from MN1 back in MArch of this year on ECFL

By Bethany AndersonMN1 CorrespondentDALLAS (March 7, 2007) – After sending out a steady stream of press releases over the past 10 days, some have called into question just how accurate certain claims made by eCarfly’s CEO, Desmond Milligan are.Milligan has claimed in recent releases to have deals with GM and Ford Motor Company, as well as a merger in the works with Terra Fuels Technologies, in which he relies heavily on an alleged deal in the offing between Terra Fuels and Waste Management, Inc.With such a sprinkling of corporate luminaries purported to be doing business with the company, some began questioning the veracity of the claims, and Market News First began looking more closely at the company.A visit to the eCarfly (PK:ECFL) website revealed it was not working. A visit by MN1 to the company’s corporate address on Greenville Avenue in Dallas revealed that they moved out “overnight,” according to one witness, about three months ago.A check of phone numbers revealed that both numbers frequently provided by Milligan in press releases belong to a cell phone and an unlisted number in Plano, Texas, a Dallas suburb.According to an announcement released today, the merger between eCarfly and Terra Fuels is supposed to be finalized March 14, with a press release disseminated the next day to explain the specific terms of the merger.Also this morning, the eCarfly announced that after the merger, the company would continue Terra Fuel’s “existing business relations” with Waste Management. Calls and e-mails to both companies were not returned.After Waste Management vice president of corporate communications Lynn Brown was shown the press release via e-mail and asked about its accuracy, the questions surrounding eCarfly’s claims didn’t lessen.“At this point, I have exhausted possibilities within WM, and can find no evidence of an existing contract with this organization,” Brown said. “I can also confirm that I did not authorize Waste Management to be used in this release. Therefore, I cannot confirm its accuracy as you have requested.”On March 2, Milligan released a press release touting the company’s technology, and saying that this time a potential deal with GM was in the offing.“eCarfly, Inc. is pleased to announce that the Alternative Fuels Company (AFC), will be showcasing the Co-Fueling Engine Technology to GENERAL MOTORS,” the release said. “The scheduled signing of the Letter of Intent to merge (LOI) remains on course for this afternoon's board meeting. Verbal confirmations have been given to eCarFly's CEO, Desmond Milligan, that the LOI will se signed according to plan without any need for provisions or extensions.”When asked for comment by GM, a company spokesperson said that any press release regarding GM would come from GM, and would be available on its website. A search of releases on the GM website did not reveal any dealings with eCarfly.“We are unable to verify the accuracy of the eCarfly press release as the website carrying the release is not maintained nor endorsed by General Motors,” the spokesperson said.A similar claim was made about dealings with Ford Motor Company, but Ford officials had not finished investigating by press time.MN1 host Saul Albom contributed to this

Friday, October 26, 2007

GGGI - A shell players dream - from $.003 to $.14 in the blink of an eye

Shell stocks can be the most lucrative investment in the stock market. These stocks can soar 1,000's of percent in days, hours, or even minutes. You don't believe me? Well back in August TDWV opened the trading day at $.0012 and within a few minutes of trading broke through $.01. If that isn't exciting enough then picture that same stock that opened at $.0012 trading at $.068 a few hours later! We are talking thousands of percent gained in less than a full trading session. TDWV's run illustrates how lucrative shell stocks can be.

GGGI had a similar run the last two days. It went from $.003 on Thursday to a high of $14 on Friday OCtober 26th. It turns out GGGI is now the shell that will reverse merge with the company that was supposed to reverse merge with TDWV. Does that make any sense? What should make sense is the value shell stocks can have in your portfolio.

Shell stock investments take patience and know how. Some shell stocks lie dormant for a reason, while others are being actively sought for reverse mergers. I don't think too many people had GGGI on their shell stock radar. But after GGGI's run we could see appreciation in clean shells with a small amount of outstanding shares.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Stocks To Watch Thursday October 25th 2007 - IMTD, ITLV, SSWC, SWVC, FCCN, EYII

Our new pick IMTD is still under accumulation. Volume has been light and sporadic, but once acquisition news is announced look for the stock to rally like it has in the past.

EYII was our stock pick a few months ago - - and received significant volume today. The stock also rocketed to a high it has not seen in a few months.

SSWC is still under valued. Like EYII, IVOI, and IVOT we expect SSWC to have a significant run soon. We think it is only a matter of time. Volume has increased and buying pressure has resurfaced, the price should head higher shortly.

ITLV was trading at $.0006 on Tuesday and closed at $.001. On Wednesday the stock received tremendous volume and surged to $.002. If the volume continues further gains can be expected.

Once again check out for picks, discussion, and news.

IMTD - Our New Stock Pick

We announced IMTD to our premium members last week. It still looks promising at these prices.
Visit Http:// to discuss this pick and other penny stocks.

ImagiTrend, Inc. is a development-stage Company that specializes in developing and marketing pet products and consumer products. ImagiTrend currently owns interest in two companies: Eternal Gems, which has a unique process for creating durable and attractive pet memorial products; and The Hollywood Movie Machine, which has an exclusive license on technology to place individual customers in to film clips of movies, television shows, and other video footage. The Hollywood Movie Machine has also developed and licensed interactive home consumer entertainment products and software.

Outstanding Shares153,000,000 as of Aug 23, 2007
Authorized Shares490,000,000 as of Aug 23, 2007

This stock should head much higher once an acquisition is announced. Until then it trades under $.001, which considering the current share structure, is a very good price. The same holds true for IMTD as any of our other picks. Do your own DD before deciding to take a position. There is a chance this stock could fall even further before heading higher.
Trading strategy for IMTD
Look for an entry under $.001 and hold for acquisition news - then sell as the stock appreciates in value.
This is all hypothetical of course. There is no guarantee any acquisition news will ever be released. Like any Pink Sheet stock this one is a gamble, so don’t risk more than you can afford to lose.
As always we picked IMTD based on our own opinions and DD.

ImagiTrend, Inc. Enters Final Stage of Acquisition StrategyTuesday October 16, 2:49 pm ET
SARASOTA, Fla., Oct. 16, 2007 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- ImagiTrend, Inc. (Other OTC:IMTD.PK - News) is pleased to announce that the Company is in the final stages of performing its due diligence on several potential acquisition candidates. Over the last several months the Company has been targeting a number of companies in a variety of industries The overall goal of the Company is also to conduct an extensive evaluation of a number of potential partners as well. ImagiTrend has setup an acquisition strategy to acquire businesses fitting the Company’s vision for expanding into several key markets including energy conservation, medical, and specialty packaging areas. ImagiTrend previously announced the receipt of several letters of intent from well-established businesses, and is expecting to sign contracts in the near future.
``We are very close to finalizing agreements with strong companies in a variety of industries. We believe we have taken the correct steps to benefit our Company as well as our shareholders,’’ stated Russell Haraburda, President and CEO of ImagiTrend, Inc.
ImagiTrend, Inc. recently announced that Mr. Ted Yardley has been appointed as President of Eternal Gems, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of ImagiTrend. Mr. Yardley has spent the majority of his career in the mining business as the President and CEO of Doron Explorations, Wind River Resources and Swift Minerals, which are all publicly traded companies.

ImagiTrend Clarifies Current Capital StructureFriday August 31, 11:59 am ET
SARASOTA, Fla., Aug. 31, 2007 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- ImagiTrend, Inc. (Other OTC:IMTD.PK - News) announced today that the number of authorized shares is significantly lower than what is currently being displayed on The updated authorized share count, as of today, is 490 million shares. ImagiTrend, Inc. has also relocated the Company’s state of incorporation from Washington, D.C. to the state of Wyoming.
``It has come to my attention that there was a bit of misinformation regarding the capital structure of our Company floating around. We’ve received some concerned questions from investors, some of whom believed the number of authorized shares to be as high as 1.5 billion. I want to take this opportunity to clarify that our current capital structure is 490 million authorized shares and we are currently working with to correct the dated information,’’ stated Russell Haraburda, President and CEO of ImagiTrend, Inc.
ImagiTrend, Inc. recently announced that the Company has appointed Mr. Rajendra Prasad as the first member of its new Advisory Board. Mr. Prasad brings a decade of financial experience in investments and debt consolidation. He currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Diversified Portfolio Management, Inc., a management company that provides consultation and financial services through its affiliation with various partners.
The function of the new Advisory Board is to advise the Company on strategic planning and new product development. Mr. Prasad will also be assisting the Company in maximizing its profits and returns to stockholders. He will utilize his skills assisting in the strategic development of the other two companies under the ImagiTrend Inc. umbrella, which includes the Hollywood Movie Machine, Inc. and Eternal Gems.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Stocks To Watch Today - BLTA SSWC LNGT ISBL

ISBL has held its gains nicely after running from $.001 land to over a penny on Dr. Dre news. LNGT has fallen from its recent high of $.16, but that is to be expected after the stock has done a monumental run from $.0013 to $.16 in a short period of time. SSWC is our new pick and looks to be trading at the bottom.

SSWC Our New Stock Pick

SSWC - Speech Switch
SpeechSwitch Inc.750 Highway 34Matawan, NJ 07747United States - MapPhone: 732-441-7700Web Site:
SpeechSwitch, Inc. engages in the development, marketing, and licensing of automated speech attendant software, which runs on industry-standard hardware and performs speech recognition in North America. The company offers speech-enabled auto attendant, name dialer, and speech software developer's kit (SDK) products. Its products help to recognize what a person says, and through the use of natural language understanding, derive the meaning of what is said. SpeechSwitch's speech-enabled auto attendant product engages callers in a natural language dialog and transfer a caller to an extension for the party the caller is trying to reach. The company's name dialer product is an automatic phone dialing system that imports necessary contact information for dialing from various sources. It offers SDK for software application developers, which provides the ability to convert common command and control functions to speech commands. The SDK allows software developers to write applications that can treat a user's voice as an input device. This product can also be used to incorporate speech recognition into games, handheld devices, and even household appliances. The company offers a range of support services that enable its customers and channel partners to develop voice-driven applications that use the company's software. It serves businesses, organizations, and corporate departments that use telephones as a principal means of communications. SpeechSwitch markets, promotes, and sells its speech-enabled products through telephony reseller channels, as well as sells directly to end users. The company was incorporated 2004 and is based in Matawan, New Jersey.

Suggested Entry Points .0005 - .0009
Possible Run to $.0015 and above with continued volume

This another stock that looks to have bottomed out. It also has a very nice share structure.
Their last filing with the SEC said they had 103,001,991 of which 85,000,000 where in the float.
This looks like a possible double or more from these levels. Just waiting for the volume to come.

Recent News:
SpeechSwitch, Inc. Expands Partnership With ABC TelecomThursday June 28, 6:25 am ET
MATAWAN, NJ--(MARKET WIRE)--Jun 28, 2007 -- SpeechSwitch, Inc. (OTC BB:SSWC.OB - News), a leader in speech-recognition technology, announced today that ABC Telecom ("ABC") is expanding its partnership with SpeechSwitch for the deployment of a voice recognition solution. SpeechSwitch offers a turnkey Speech Enabled Auto Attendant. This system will now be offered as part of a private label business solution customized for the small business owner.
The Speech Enabled Auto Attendant (SEAA) integrates into numerous product lines by analog or digital programming. The system facilitates easier communication for employees, customers, business partners and suppliers. It places people at ease by allowing callers to use their most natural form of communication -- their own voice -- to reach a specific person or department. By speaking a name, a caller can be promptly transferred to the appropriate number. Callers have the option of bypassing touch-tone menus and spell-by-name directories and instead, use their natural voice to reach their intended party.
"By partnering with SpeechSwitch, Inc., ABC will be able to offer the Speech Enabled Auto Attendant integrated into our private label solution that is custom built for the smaller business owner. This will be another tool that will enhance our product line and give our sales team a competitive edge when competing in the small to mid-sized market place," said Andrew Burns, President of ABC Telecom.
The Speech Enabled Auto Attendant is a complete cost-effective solution that works with existing phone systems and voicemail packages. Every department and employee is accessible from one local or long-distance phone number. The SEAA capabilities ensure that all calls reach their intended destinations at all times.
"Today's competitive market place demands that businesses increase revenue while containing costs. Customers are using speech recognition to improve customer satisfaction and manage overhead. We are pleased to work with such a well respected and established firm as ABC Telecom," said Bruce Knef, CEO of SpeechSwitch, Inc.

As always do your own DD before thinking about taking a position. We do not get paid to promote these stocks. We only pick them because we think they are due for a rally. This is only our opinion, we are not investment advisors. Check out

Sunday, October 14, 2007

LNGT - What A Move

We selected LNGT as our Premium pick in early September before submitting it on the site on September 5th, 2007. We felt it was very undervalued. At that time a chart for LNGT was not available on stock charts so we used the chart from Pink Sheets instead. Sometimes it is difficult holding a stock that has a high volatility. LNGT went as high as $.0037 before falling to a low of $.0013. It was an uneasy few days for LNGT shareholders, but anyone who believed in the company, and that the stock was undervalued, held on and added. They were rewarded as the stock began a run back over a penny and to a high on October 12th of $.088.

visit our site

Who knows when the LNGT run will stop. Right now it stands as the Penny Stock Forums best pick ever. A 3,160% Gain. Ask your financial planner to beat that type of gain.

Friday, September 28, 2007

CBAY - Readying For The Next Run

Last Friday after the market close the new CEO released two Form 4's totalling over a billion shares of insider purchases. Could the same thing happen again after the close today?

In total the new CEO owns 1.9 billion shares of CBAY stock and a CEO buying back shares of his own stock is usually a great sign - especially for a stock trading at $.0001.

It will be curious to see what happens from here, but for now CBAY still has the makings of a huge sub-penny play for the fall.

"Insiders might sell their shares for any number of reasons, but they buy them for only one: they think the price will rise"- Peter Lynch

Sunday, September 23, 2007

CBAY - From Worthless To The Moon In The Blink Of The Eye

Last Week CBAY was going to be worthless come October 1st. Sure this was no big news to current CBAY "bagholders". CBAY had no bid. No one wanted to buy a shares of CBAY.

There was a seemingly harmless 8-K filed with the SEC exchanging CBAY assets for the total sum of $10 and leaving CBAY stock to expire on October 1st. But it all really made no sense. Why not reverse split the stock like every other Pink Sheet POS? Why stop CBAY from trading?

Over the course of the next week CBAY and its shareholders were turned literally upside down as the stock gained a renewed following and now has prospects of a positive appreciation in value. Why? The answer is quite simple.

The New CEO is buying up the float. He started small. A 37,000,000 buy filed with the SEC in Early September of 2007 that meant he owned 89.7% of CBAY. That should be the only purchase he needed to make. But it did not stop there.

He bought another 60,000,000 and another 100,000,000 for a total of 197,000,000 or $19,700 worth of stock. To some that is a significant validation that the CEO believes in the company. But the new CBay CEO did not stop there. After the market closed on Friday September 21st it was revealed through two more Form 4's that the CBAY CEO bought an additional 1,003,000,000 shares for a total of 1.2 billion CBAY shares at a cost of $120,000!!!

I will continue this article tomorrow.

CBAY is poised to take the penny world and lift it higher than ever before tomorrow.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


There are many stocks we are watching today that are either bouncing off recent lows or are gaining momentum.
NMKT looks about ready to head higher short term. Look for a good entry and be patient. This stock is usually good for 20-30%, so take your profits when/if they come
HSHL, LSGH are both momentum plays. Each rose significantly on Wednesday - so look for interest to continue throughout the day.
LNGT is right at its all time low. Someone is selling, and it does not appear to be retail because the selling is not for a profit. We thought the selling was over last week, and we appeared to be right, until the selling resumed yesterday. This stock will bounce again into $.004 - $.005 range, so be patient. When the selling stops the run will resume.

SHMM looks poised to surpass recent resistance at $.017. This stock could easily see $.02 so keep your eyes on it.

For more penny stock talk and picks head to

Our new stock pick is AVVWE - it has received little attention. now may be a good time to accumulate before the run!

AVVWE - Our Next Stock Pick

AVVWE - This could be a case of history repeating itself. The "E" on the end of AVVW simply means that it is an Excellent time to buy this stock. I'm just kidding (although I do think it is an excellent time to buy AVVWE) Actually the 'E' means that the company is late filing its annual documents with the SEC. This is not uncommon for OTCBB stocks, so it should not be something to worry too much about.
Here is some quick information. Check out their web site - It looks professional enough. My skin is in pretty good shape though, but it looks like some people do buy their products.
AVVWE — AVVAA World Health Care Products, Inc.
Box 4591710 Shuswap AveLumby, BC V0E 2G0 Canada
Phone: (250) 547-2048
Before I continue I want you to know that I do own 5 million shares of stock. I purchased the shares on the open market - some at $.0005 and $.0004. The company does not pay me - actually the company likely does not have a clue this site exists. I am picking AVVWE to run because it has in the past and it looks poised to do so again.
Why do I think it is ready to run? First look at the two charts below. The last two times the CMF has gone green the stock has appreciated in value over 100%. The CMF is about to go green again. The stock is also being accumulated. Why? Because the company is not diluting anymore. The selling is done!! It is impossible for the company to sell any more shares until they raise their authorized shares. A vote for that is up in October. No dilution = a buying opportunity in my opinion.

With the authorized shares at 750 million, there will be no further dilution until October. Another factor to consider is that the company only wants to increase the a/s and makes no mention of a reverse split.
This is a highly speculative stock. It could go to $.0001 or it could go to $.001. I'm leaning toward a 100 - 200% rise. But if the volume remains low the stock might not climb. I'm thinking that volume will return and the stock will rise much like it rose in July!
Please do not view my opinions here as investment advice. Do your own DD!

Monday, September 3, 2007

OTCBB stocks getting volume on Friday

Some high volume OTCBB stocks to take a look at from Friday.

Enjoy what is left of the weekend!

OTC:BB Share Volume Leaders From $0.0001 – 0.01 that have traded minimum 1,000,000 shares Symbols Company Name Share Vol. ($) Vol. Last Net NEXA NEXA 182,815,738 $36,563 0.0002 0.0000USXP USXP 152,149,890 $60,859 0.0004 0.0000SLWF SLWF 95,987,058 $47,993 0.0005 0.0000MPWE MPWE 64,634,606 $6,463 0.0001 0.0000TYRIA TYRIA 63,821,477 $19,146 0.0003 0.0001RAVI RAVI 55,488,219 $5,548 0.0001 0.0000MGEN MGEN 52,329,055 $31,397 0.0006 0.0002BHWF BHWF 30,195,124 $45,292 0.0015 0.0002IVGR IVGR 26,698,000 $37,377 0.0014 -0.0003UCOI UCOI 24,487,609 $36,731 0.0015 0.0001FNIX FNIX 17,939,187 $16,145 0.0009 0.0001PXIT PXIT 17,355,000 $3,471 0.0002 0.0000AVVW AVVW 13,235,000 $6,617 0.0005 0.0001ONGO ONGO 13,087,701 $65,438 0.0050 0.0000CNCME CNCME 12,390,000 $1,239 0.0001 0.0000GSPG GSPG 11,438,330 $10,294 0.0009 0.0002GSEG GSEG 9,396,710 $6,577 0.0007 0.0000ADVC ADVC 7,179,560 $5,025 0.0007 0.0000BUGS BUGS 7,078,900 $53,091 0.0075 0.0010BANY BANY 6,815,500 $1,363 0.0002 0.0000From $0.01 – 1.00 that have traded minimum 10,000 shares Symbols Company Name Share Vol. ($) Vol. Last Net SWVC SWVC 55,211,396 $966,199 0.0175 0.0048PLRS PLRS 8,500,226 $432,661 0.0509 -0.0051AAGH AAGH 5,341,964 $737,191 0.1380 0.0000GSCT GSCT 4,586,042 $52,739 0.0115 -0.0005CYDF CYDF 4,572,862 $54,874 0.0120 -0.0020XKEME XKEME 3,811,072 $40,016 0.0105 0.0004MBIR MBIR 2,999,760 $107,991 0.0360 0.0000CLXN CLXN 2,971,569 $41,601 0.0140 0.0000SLGLF SLGLF 2,709,302 $189,651 0.0700 0.0020ONEV ONEV 1,758,739 $34,647 0.0197 -0.0003FSRT FSRT 1,735,734 $293,339 0.1690 0.0110EBOF EBOF 1,662,921 $134,696 0.0810 0.0160VTSI VTSI 1,542,675 $46,280 0.0300 0.0050TRDQ TRDQ 1,506,752 $28,628 0.0190 -0.0030VCSY VCSY 1,451,200 $27,572 0.0190 0.0000UVUM UVUM 1,379,012 $241,327 0.1750 0.0250EGLF EGLF 1,331,039 $199,655 0.1500 0.0110SGLS SGLS 1,261,223 $36,575 0.0290 0.0040SFLK SFLK 1,202,377 $100,999 0.0840 0.0090AANI AANI 1,193,151 $57,271 0.0480 -0.0020From $1.00 and Up that have traded minimum 10,000 shares Symbols Company Name Share Vol. ($) Vol. Last Net QSTG QSTG 3,087,500 $4,631,250 1.5000 0.2000NTRZ NTRZ 1,886,895 $2,943,556 1.5600 -0.1300WWAT WWAT 1,854,747 $3,245,807 1.7500 0.0100RMDX RMDX 1,725,075 $3,795,165 2.2000 0.0500CPTC CPTC 1,135,524 $1,930,390 1.7000 0.0300PURE PURE 645,195 $2,871,117 4.4500 0.1800EESH EESH 481,927 $838,553 1.7400 0.1800CGDF CGDF 469,135 $680,245 1.4500 -0.0300KDKN KDKN 432,665 $1,349,914 3.1200 0.2500SCEY SCEY 429,750 $489,915 1.1400 -0.0100ZLUE ZLUE 421,000 $842,000 2.0000 0.0030MNEAF MNEAF 402,179 $659,573 1.6400 0.2000SOENE SOENE 377,914 $438,380 1.1600 0.0600ERFW ERFW 373,735 $377,472 1.0100 0.1000HBDT HBDT 364,800 $736,896 2.0200 0.1200FXPE FXPE 363,513 $836,079 2.3000 0.0300ACUR ACUR 309,006 $352,266 1.1400 0.1400UGTH UGTH 297,061 $906,036 3.0500 0.1700MNCS MNCS 266,333 $298,292 1.1200 -0.0800AULO AULO 259,238 $259,238 1.0000 0.0700

Friday, August 24, 2007

ZECCO - When Free Trades Can Cost You Your Sanity

I decided a few weeks ago to give ZECCO a test drive. "ZECCO - The Free Trading Community". Why give it a try? ZECCO claims "Because it’s time to get wise about money." It sounds great! We've come a long way as far as trading commissions go. Free? Now this I have to see.

Actually the trades are only free if you stay within specific restraints.

"At the heart of our market-busting change lies our promise of zero dollar trade commissions. That’s right. The price war is over. You won. You can make up to 10 trades in any one day up to a total of 40 trades a month at no cost, and after that you only have to pay a paltry $3.50 per stock trade. Option trades only cost $3.50 plus $.60 a contract."

But the commission structure has its competitors beat. But as far as I am concerned that is the only thing that makes ZECCO attractive, the prices.

Site navigation is slow and tedious. I want everything on one page, ZECCO has everything scattered in slow loading tabs. I can not find my total equity balance until the next day. This is inexcusable.

The past few weeks using ZECCO have been fraught with anger, frustration, and pure disgust and ZECCO was kind enough to give this to me for free too!

First of all ZECCO has been experiencing technical problems. The other day I could not see my open orders. That is right! If I placed an order I had no clue if it was accepted, what its status was, and worst of all I could not cancel or edit it! That is completely unacceptable in my opinion. When you trade stocks every second counts, especially if you trade penny stocks. I had to call up ZECCO each time I wanted to cancel or change an order. I was amazed that they allowed this to happen. At that moment I lost all faith in ZECCO.

A few mornings later I tried to place a pre-market trade. The time was 9:15AM. In prior instances the order was always queued, but this time it was rejected. "Rejected" I said as I looked at the status. On the bottom of the rejected message it said "Line with ECN down"!!!! That to me meant I was not able to trade stocks at that time. The market was due to open in minutes and my ability to trade the stocks in my ZECCO account was non-existent! I needed some orders in first thing or I risked losing money. I was pulling my hair out. At 9:27AM the trade finally went through.

Finally I feel like my trades are being manipulated. My orders sporadically show up on the LEVEL II's. I think ZECCO thinks that I don't have access to LEVEL II's, or maybe they think I am plain dumb. They are wrong on both counts.

On numerous occasions I put an order in to sell. It does not show up on the ask, but according to the current level II's I would be the low ask. Eventually I see trades going through at my ask (still not visible on LII's and the current ask is higher than the trades going through), I click on executions and none of my shares were sold. With other brokerages I put an order to sell in below the bid my order would fill at the current bid and below. This does not happen with ZECCO.

Let me illustrate how ZECCO is stealing my money.

Example: I put an order in to sell ZIPL at $.11 The current bid is $.12 . After I submit the order I see sells going through at $.12 - many of them with numbers that add up to my sell order. I assume I have been filled and check my executions but I am not filled. The bid drops to $.11 and now my trade goes through. What do I think happened? ZECCO stole the difference between $.11 and $.12.

This is all from my experience. I trade penny stocks so maybe ZECCO is only for the bigger markets. As far as I am concerned if I have to pay to get trades executed properly I will. If I have to pay to get a trading system that does not frequently fail I will. If I have to pay to get great customer service I will. If I have to pay to get orders filled without getting shafted I will. ZECCO is free but I would not even use them if they paid ME per trade. Forget it. You can't make money if your broker is taking your profits.

On ZECCO's about us page they say that they have "a dedication to a minimalist business model that cuts out the fat like those big, expensive TV commercials and wall-to-wall online advertising" and they "give people what they want and they will return; impress them enough and they will tell their friends about us, too. "

I am not returning or telling my friends. You can look for those expensive commercials to come when football season hits Week 4.

It was one shell of a week in the penny stock market

If any of you decided to take this week off, then you missed some memorable runs in the penny stock market. Toward the middle of the week many shells were getting volume in the hopes of capturing some of the euphoria from the start of the week, most notably those that were associated with Joseph Muese and Belmont Partners.

It all began on Monday morning - right out of the gates TDWV began a 1000% run in less than 10 minutes time. It opened at $.001 and quickly shot straight to a penny. "What a great run" you must be thinking. If you had been lucky enough to grab some cheap shares you surely would have sold at $.01 after turning a 1000% profit... right? Hopefully you didn't because the fun was just starting. At 10:20AM, less than an hour after the market opened, TDWV surpassed $.02 for a 2000% gain for the day. Now isn't a 2000% profit good enough?

Throughout the rest of the trading day TDWV continued an impressive run reaching a high of $.068 or a gain of 6800%, before closing the day at .049 up 4900% (It closed today at $.02 up 2000% for the week). TDWV set the stage for one shell of a week. POYS, THDS, AZTC, FCRZ, SHAR, AINI, ITSW and many other shell stocks saw some pretty significant gains.

The only difficult part with the shell game is liquidity. The volume is usually thin, the support is non-existent, and the last one out is holding a bag that no one wants to hold. Many of the shells that were pumped now find themselves at a lowewr price than before., or with shareholders willing to part at all costs.

The ironic part is that shell stocks are your only true long term play in the penny stock market. There is no company to dilute - so the price usualy remains pretty stable. If you somehow ended up standing when the music stopped don't panic. Someday you might be able to sell your shell for a price 6000% more than you paid for it.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Stocks To Watch Monday August 20, 2007

PSVI is another stock pick that has performed well so far. It was up 100% on Friday before falling back to close at $.004. We think it could hit a penny sometime this week. It still looks oversold.

MCCI is also looking to head higher this week after rising 100% recently as our stock pick. The support at $.001 is strong, it is just a matter of holding gains.

Other stocks to watch IPHE, TLTK, MNEI, SEVI, and DVFA.

DVFA is the new Diversified Acquisitions resulting from a 1-1200 reverse split of TQWI. Most reverse mergers eventual involve a reverse split so I don't think this was a surprise for TQWI shareholders. But I am sure they would have rather had a press release first before the reverse split. It will be interesting to see where this trades the next few days, especially after everyone gets their adjusted shares.

Lets all have a green day and check for news, discussions, and stock picks.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

All you need is a few hundred dollars and a dream

We all trade penny stocks because they offer returns that are just not possible in the NYSE, NASDAQ, and AMEX. If you look everyday through the highest % gainers on the big board you would be hard pressed to find a stock that gained over 30%. Then again you would also be hard pressed to find a stock that fell over 30% as well. That is the thrill of trading penny stocks. You can make or lose a lot of money in a short period of time.

As I write this article SMXT is gapping up in the pre-market. The ask is at $.58 - to think at this time yesterday you could have purchased SMXT for $.005 - yes half a penny a share and now you cannot buy a share for less than $.58! Show me a stock on the NASDAQ that has run 10,900% in one day! If you were lucky enough to buy and hold SMXT at $.01 yesterday your investment would be worth over $50,000 right now! That is purely amazing and that is why we trade penny stocks.

SMXT will be on watch for the time being. Someone is very happy right now and I am sure a lot of people are kicking themselves for not buying when they had the chance. Either way it validates our love for penny stocks. One day you lose 50% the next day your stock goes up 10,900% and then continues to run the next day.

Stocks on watch today for


Monday, August 13, 2007


EPGL had a very nice day on Friday. It did sell off but managed to test the resistance at $.0017 before falling back. Certainly this is a good sign for EPGL. Look for continued volume throughout the week for EPGL.

MCCI is our new forum stock pick. The pick is based purely on a bottom bounce. Head to for the full write up.

We've called NMKT a few times in the past and have been pretty successful in predicting when it will run. This is another one of those times where NMKT is poised to bounce off a new low. This is a great time to accumulate.

MOVI could also head higher soon. Keep it on your radar.

SSWC has a very small share count. It is trading near its all - time low. Keep an eye on this one too. It could be good for a 50%+ run soon.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


It has been a fun week for the PennyStockForum. Our new Pick EYII was up 37% at one point on Wednesday and EPGL looks primed to finally run. Other picks we have our eyes on are SPVG which was up over 190% on Wednesday!!! It has a very small float and we think this has alot of room for higher ground! TQWI continues to have a tremendous amount of volume and will keep watching this one. Here is the updated chart on EPGL! Good luck all

Monday, July 30, 2007

Stocks To Watch Monday - RNVO BUNM EPGL NVMG

EPGL remains our pick at . The volume has quieted over the last few days and it looks like we have great support at $.0014. We think that it is not a question of "if" EPGL will run into the $.002's, it is only a matter of "when" and "when" could be as soon as today. The $.0014's will be looking cheap soon.

RNVO has sharply the last few trading days. We expect that trend to continue. Rumors of a merger are propelling this run. The buying pressure and volume has been tremendous.

BUNM looks poised to take off. Another $.0001 stock that could run 500 - 1000% before weeks end.

Good luck today. There are many other plays out there for today. These are the ones we think have the best chance to go higher today.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

PDVP - A Stunning Change Of Events McGinley out Astrom In

PDVP - A Stunning Change Of Events
28 July 07

If you do a search for PDVP on our brand new "search news articles" search bar toward the bottom of the site you'll be shown at least 8 articles related to this stock. Most of them are in the article archive as they are over a month old. I also know from many private messages I received a lot of our members have made some nice money from PDVP. We called their three most recent runs. We've talked to their CEO, did some DD and chart analysis on the stock and we usually were able to predict when PDVP was ready to run.
But that is about all you can predict when it comes to pink sheet stocks. Look at this press release that came almost 30 minutes after the bell on Friday:
Podium Venture Group, Inc. Comments on Recent Events
Podium Venture Group, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: PDVP) comments on recent events.
Effective immediately, President and Sole Director, Jim McGinley resigns from any and all capacity within Podium Venture Group, Inc. The interim President and Director of Podium Venture Group, Inc. will be Richard Astrom. Furthermore, with Mr. McGinley's departure from the company, the company has divested its control and/or interest in N'East Magazine, Corduroy Surf Company and Erino Clothing.
This press release contains certain forward-looking statements. All forward-looking statements in this press release are based on information available to the company as of the date hereof, and the company undertakes no obligation to update forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances occurring after the date of this press release.

Jim McGinley has resigned and Richard Astrom is now taking over. The company has also divested all their assets, meaning the company is nothing but a shell again. This might explain the recent drop in price. It also explains why my calls and emails to the company remained unanswered. The news is huge for anyone who owns PDVP and of interest to anyone who trades Pink Sheet stocks. What a change of events. How can a company be 'growing' one minute and then divest itself of all its assets the next minute? It is a total disregard for PDVP shareholders who bought stock in a company and now own shares in a virtually worthless shell!
I did talk to Jim McGinley back in June and one question I raised was about Astrom. He laughed when I asked him if the Astrom issue was a problem for the company. I got the feeling that he thought it was not going to be an issue. I guess he was wrong.
Rest assured this stock will tank on Monday and some people might be stuck with shares no one wants to buy.
How quickly things have changed. A little while back PDVP was slowly climbing to $.0017 and now we will likely see $.0001.
The moral of the PDVP story is that even the best DD can be for naught. The company appeared to be on solid ground. The CEO repeatedly said he was not going to raise the authorized shares. This all made PDVP an attractive buy considering the level it has been trading at. Now it is a stock no one will want to buy.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Stocks To Watch Wednesday July 25th 2007- EPGL BUNM GLLK MVBY MCCY

We keep EPGL as our main stock to watch today. If you look at the chart below each of EPGL's runs were preceded by a level trading period where ideally accumulation was taking place. The CMF is just about to go green officially signaling the buying that has been going on the last few days.

BUNM remains on our radar as a great lotto play. The stock has a low float and has been relatively ignored by the recent run in the sub penny market. It will only be a matter of time before BUNM breaks through the resistance at $.0002 / $.0003. The stock could potentially be trading over $.001 in the coming weeks.
GLLK hit rock bottom yesterday before bargain hunters swooped in for the kill. This might be a stock to watch for the next few days. If the company keeps printing shares - stay away. But any news release should boost this stock 50% or more.
MVBY continues to astound. Remember the stock is being promoted so it will drop soon, but how soon? HMIT, RCAU - remember them? They were also flying high for a while. Don't expect MVBY to hit $10.
Always set your entry and exit points. It is never bad to sell for a profit, even if the stock goes up another 100%.
Lets have a green day today!

Monday, July 23, 2007

The Start of Another Green Week - EPGL PDVP NMKT BNPD MVBY SEWC

Lets all hope for another nice week trading penny stocks. We had a couple stocks run last week and we can expect some of the same next week.

It will only be a matter of time before EPGL lifts off on big volume. The stock has a very small float and is due for a bounce.

PDVP was profiled on our site on Friday at $.0007 and went on to close at $.001.

There is plenty of legs left in PDVP's run. With a CEO confirming that the authorized shares will remain at 500 million the only thing that should increase is the demand for the stock and if the supply is going to remain constant the price should rise substantially.

We wrote a quick bottom note about NMKT a few weeks ago at $.29 and it bounced over 30%. It has now slowly sold off. This would be a good time to accumulate NMKT for the next run.

MVBY continues to shine. Another PR is out today. A few other stocks to keep an eye on are BNPD, SEWC, TQWI, and WNSH.

Good luck and lets all have a green day.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Stocks To Watch Friday July 20th 2007 - EPGL MPWE DBYC GEGP MVBY

First off a stock to avoid today is MPWE - they just filed for a reverse split of 1-1000 or 1-2000. Reverse splits are usually not good news. This holds true for MPWE. We called MPWE's 325% run a few weeks back and they could have filed for a r/s then too and we were fortunate they did not. With pennies sometimes it is better to be lucky than good. In this case the 1-1000 or 1-2000 r/s will severely reduce the liquidity of the stock.

EPGL still is poised to run. It has built up support since we selected it to run a few days back. Forum moderator Jimmybob ( has called this stock on numerous occasions. A 130% run he called a while back happened on a Friday. Look for some action from EPGL today.

DBYC is an old pick of ours. The .0002 .0003 level is a great spot to pick up some shares for the next rally. They posted news of another profitable quarter recently and in response the stock has remained stagnant. All it will take is a little attention from investors to get DBYC rolling higher.

GEGP had over $1,000,000 traded in it yesterday. Not bad for a stock that had no bid at the start of the week. Its tough to say where this one will head. The float is supposedly a little over 200 million, but that does not align with the recent volume, unless someone is buying and selling .0002's to make it appear that there are more shares in the market. One can never be so sure of anything that goes on when trading these .0001 .0002 stocks. So be careful here and never chase.

Elvis Stock has been covering MVBY on since July 3rd on his Bottom Shaking corner. The price at that time was $.89 and now it has moved up to $1.37 a share for a very impressive gain. This stock continues to increase in value. Just remember to take profits along the way.

Lets all have a green Friday and a great weekend.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


GEGP is getting the buzz TQWI got a few days ago. The .0001's disappeared on Tuesday on over 600 million shares. The $.0002's were hit with reckless abandon yesterday. Numerous rumors surround this stock. We'll have to wait to see if any of them come to fruition. For now an entry at $.0002 could net you a serious gain, but you never can be sure with these .0001 x .0002 stocks so be careful.

EPGL is our pick again and it started off up over 7% on respectable volume. This should have a nice run ahead of it and moves on very little volume. Expect another decent gain for EPGL today.

CNCM and INXR have both dropped near recent lows and could be headed for a rebound. TYRIA also looks ready for a comeback after selling off on a July 16th s-8 filing.

Lets all have a green day.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


July 17th 2007 Stocks To Watch:
TQWI could be poised for a huge run out of the no bid territory and into another LSMJ, PXIT, WNSH. The buzzz seems to be building here and with the recent run in sub-pennies TQWI looks poised to test $.001 or above.
CNCM is still our stock pick. It recovered yesterday and is still up over 16% since we picked it on Friday. This looks to be another slow building pick. So don't expect it to blow over night.
MVBY is Elvisstocks's "Little Baby" and has performed well since being placed on his Bottom Shakers Corner. Look for more updates from Elvis.
Finally thanks for coming to penny stock forums. Ideally I would love to see more posts in the forum, but if you just come to read what we say that is fine. I hope we all have a green day!!

Monday, July 16, 2007


There are plenty of stocks to watch today. We posted only 3 at our site, but there are many penny plays today that could make you money. WNSH had been in the penny stock grave for some time. Only a few weeks ago there were 4 market makers practically giving away shares at $.0001. If you owned a position in WNSH you could not give it away as there was no bid. That all changed on July 5th. Over 600 million shares traded that day and now WNSH is poised to be the penny play of the summer. Certainly this will be a stock to watch for some time. Give it a look.

TYRIA is setting up nicely for another shot at $.001. The last few days have seen some selling, but at the same time a support level at $.0005/$.0006 has been established. Look for a nice week for TYRIA and the .0005 .0006 area makes for an excellent entry point.

CNCM is our current stock pick. It has the potential to pull a multi bagger in the span of a day. We don't expect that but rather a modest 100% gain before the week is out. Set your exit and entry strategies here. CNCM looks like it has bottomed.

Go to to discuss your favorite penny stocks. Also we provide free penny stock picks, news, and articles.

Friday, July 13, 2007

CNCM - Our Next Pick

I still think TYRIA is ready to move, it is only a matter of time. But I also don't want to stop posting potential money making picks while we wait for that move. Hence I am releasing our next stock pick which is another OTCBB stock with up to date filings. Please read through them and post anything that concerns or excites you as well as post things you don't understand.
I've been in and out of CNCM a few times since it blew up late May. The stock flew from a low of $.0003 to above $.003! So this stock can move.
If you compare the September 2006 filing to their most recent in May their o/s is virtually the same:
Shares Outstanding6:
State the number of shares outstanding of each of the issuer's classes of common equity, as of the latest practicable date: 641,907,436 shares of common stock were outstanding as of May 15, 2007.
Their o/s is the same yet their revenues were up almost 200%.
That would indicate the company is not diluting. So why is this stock trading at such low levels? Apparently I am not the only one asking this question. Check out this link: CNCM has shares that have yet to be delivered and are likely naked shorted shares. That could be one reason for the increased volume, which could also cause a very sweet short squeeze. These shares have to be accounted for soon meaning the MM's have to buy back those shares. This could increase buying pressure over the next few days.

Here is a chart of CNCM:

Before I continue visit our site to discuss CNCM, TYRIA, and any Penny Stock at

The last three days has seen a significant volume increase. Today CNCM touched $.0009 before falling back to $.0006. It looks as though a bottom has formed. With increasing volume it is only a matter of time before the price heads back north.
A few other things of note. Insiders own at least 200 million of the outstanding shares. Actually if you go to Yahoo Finance they list the float as 87 million shares. I have not gone through all the filings and Yahoo is usually accurate. Could you imagine an 87 million share float trading at these levels? Although the recent volume would indicate that maybe something else is going on here.
Could someone be shorting this stock or manipulating its share price? The company does owe over $1 million and recently cancelled a filing that would have helped to pay that debt off. Regardless of debt or short selling I think for our purposes this stock is over sold. Also the volume is there and rising on a daily basis.
Instead of starting with this speech I will end with it. I do not get paid to pick these stocks. I do not own a position in this stock, although I do have an order in for 6 million shares at $.0006. It has yet to be filled. I, like anyone looking to invest in this stock, should be patient. I am also reserving funds for averaging down if need be. I think this stock is poised for another rally.
I will not set a specific price target with this stock. I only say to do your own DD. I am not telling you to buy this stock, only that it is a short term promising buy... whatever that means! Don't buy any more than you can afford to lose. Set an entry and exit strategy as well.
Like TRYIA I will post updates as they warrant. Lets have a green Friday and a great weekend.
Recent PR:
Connected Media & Sign Content License AgreementWednesday June 27, 1:51 pm ET
MIAMI, June 27 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Connected Media Technologies, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: CNCM.OB - News), and it's NewsProNet subsidiary, one of the nations leading content providers to major broadcasters, digital and mobile platforms, today announced that it has entered into a content license agreement with El Nuevo Dia Interactive/, the leading newspaper in Puerto Rico. Effective June 15th '07, the Puerto Rico and US Hispanic market internet users on will have access to high quality video content, from in-depth investigations to lifestyle trends, health alerts, consumer news, as well as the top stories in technology, automotive, entertainment and much more.
Mr. Jorge Escasena, VP of Sales stated, "NewsProNet creates targeted, actionable stories that attract and retain key audiences and keep them coming back for more. No project is beyond our experience or capabilities." NewsProNet not only delivers the highest quality production values but unique distribution relationships that include local broadcasters reaching 70% of the US households and online destinations.
Mr. Izzy Gonzalez, President of Connected Media added, "We are extremely exited about our new relationship with El Nuevo Dia and; as the leading "Content on Demand" provider to broadcast, internet and mobile platforms and a library of over 5000 stories we continue to deliver fresh, new and award winning content with a national network of proven production talent and Emmy award winning producers to some of today's largest global media companies.
About and El Nuevo Dia
Launched in 1997, became the first interactive version for a newspaper offered to internet users in Puerto Rico. 7 out of 10 internet users go to for local news. More importantly, it is the first and only Spanish language internet portal to launch - Internet Protocol Television - where internet users can find videos on special segments such as Health, Technology, Fashion, and Entertainment.
El Nuevo Dia is the newspaper with the largest circulation in Puerto Rico, with a daily circulation of 205,000 copies and 240,000 on Sundays, with 1.2 million readers. It is the main source of advertising for the Puerto Rican consumer as confirmed by the readership studies conducted by the prestigious research company Clark, Martire & Bartolomeo.
About Connected Media Technologies, Inc.
Connected Media Technologies, Inc. is a sales and marketing focused digital media solutions company that offers a broad spectrum of services and solutions across current and emerging media platforms, including print, television, radio, Internet, CD, DVD and portable devices such as mobile phones and PDAs. The Company holds exclusive licenses to US Patent #6,101,534, "Interactive, Remote, Computer Interface System", and US Patent #6,952,697, "A Media Validation System" and to a number of additional patent applications pending with the USPTO. NMI, a Puerto Rico-based full-service marketing communications agency, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Connected Media. Founded in 1997, NMI provides complete marketing and communications initiatives to blue-chip corporate clients such as Royal Caribbean, Lucent Technologies, Avaya, RJR/Nabisco and Argent. Additional information about Connected Media is available on the Company's web site at
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Connected Media Technologies, Inc., together with its subsidiaries, operates as a digital media and content provider in the United States and internationally. Its services include consulting, advertising, media selection and placement, sales promotion, direct marketing, collateral development, television production and placement, radio production and placement, point-of-sale displays, trade shows, barter programs, Internet site development, and patented technology solutions. The company offers digital services across various media platforms, including print, television, radio, Internet, CD, and DVD, as well as mobile devices, such as mobile phones and personal digital assistants. Connected Media also produces and owns a content library of broadcast news stories. In addition, it provides news stories and other content for digital platforms, including the Internet, IPTV, and mobile devices. Further, the company creates patented interactive training applications and digital media solutions for various clients. Connected Media Technologies offers these services and solutions to companies, government agencies, advertising agencies, and advertisers, as well as to content owners. The company was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Miami, Florida.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Stocks To Watch Today: TYRIA, PDVP, MPWE, INXR, GSCR, GBDX

This will be TYRIA's second full trading day as our stock pick . After a brief burst in the morning the stock sold off a little as traders took some profits and closed even for the day. At its high yesterday TYRIA was up 80% since we picked it last week. Positive signs include - increased volume, numerous buys in the 7 -8 -9 range, as well as pre-market activity today indicating the 7's will be gone before too long.

MPWE looks to rebound today. Big volume yesterday. PDVP has risen every day since last week and looks to continue that today. INXR has surged over 200% over the past few weeks. The launch of their new trading software is in less than a week. The also had some news today. GSCR filed an 8-k reducing its shares by around 300 million.

Good luck and have a green day.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Stocks To Watch Today - TYRIA GSCR INGR INXR

TYRIA will get its first full day of trading after we selected it on Friday to gain significantly from its close on Thursday of $.0005. The only thing holding this stock back is some volume. Early trading on Monday should indicate where this stock will head.

GSCR has been a huge dissapointment until Friday. It surged up 50% at times and closed at $.007. This is a great chance for those who lost money on its recent drop to get back in.
INXR is a nice stock to be in for the time being. I doubt it drops below $.0005 and realistically it could go much higher than that.
Some other stocks to keep your eyes on today include: GLLK, ETIM, FCCN, and TMTA

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Stocks to watch today: NMKT PDVP MVBY WNSH

PDVP should continue running today after a day off yesterday. The chart keeps looking better with each day that passes.

NMKT has declined to the point of becoming an excellent bottom play. Do you own DD here and you'll find that this company does have some value.

MVBY is being picked to run by Elvis Stock - check out his Bottom Shakers corner at our site MVBY is also being promoted - check out the usual sites such as . Anyone that's played these promoted stocks knows that there is actually money to be made. You just have to know when to fold.

Our last stock to watch is WNSH - Winsted Holdings. A lot of chatter on the boards about its web site being under development. At last check there were $.0001's left to buy so this could be a huge lotto play for a few days, if not more. Of course with these $.0001 plays you never know.

Good luck today and lets all make some green.