Wednesday, May 30, 2007

$100 Stock Picking Challenge

We are having our second stock pick contest at - this one will be fore $100. Join now and submit your picks!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

NLUB Stock Pick for

May 25, 2007 is NLUB!

This one has been on our Radar for quite sometime. It was trading at 21 cents on September 2006. It recently hit an all-time low of .0007 on May 23rd. It has an extremely small float of 15 million shares, meaning it moves realy fast with small buying pressure. This is a real company, selling real products. Check out the website at

As of May 24th, it ended up 100% at .002. We think it has 50-100% potential in the next few days. Just a warning, it is very volatile, so be wary of the big spreads. Adn as we always recommend, take some profits. We are releasing this early so you can do your due diligence. Here are some of the news releases that have been released. There was a 3 for 1 r/s In january. This had an unbelievable 5 million float before then! We have also requested the symbol to be updated on stockcharts, so we don't have an updated chart right now. Good luck all! Last pick PMCL up 300%, where will NLUB be by next week?

Nitro Lube, Inc. Addresses Stock Price Drop

LANGLEY, British Columbia, Oct. 25, 2006 (PRIMEZONE) -- Jason Rite, President of Nitro Lube Inc. (Pink Sheets:NTLB), today stated, "The recent vicious selling attack on the company's common stock is a mystery and a great disappointment. Some of our shareholders have been demoralized by the sell-off from a sixty-five cent price level to six cents in a matter of a few weeks. We are investigating the possibility that our stock may have been 'shorted' by unscrupulous market makers."

Mr. Rite further stated, "I want to assure our loyal shareholders that the company is in good condition. Our products are the best and our customer base is growing daily. Management of Nitro Lube is determined to continue on its goal to bring quality products to its customers and value to its shareholders." Nitro Lube also conducted a webcast interview with The Green Baron Report that can still be heard through the webcast link at

About Nitro Lube, Inc.

Nitro Lube Canada, Inc. Grants Exclusive License to Sister Company

PALM DESERT, Calif., May 15, 2007 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- Jason Rite, President and CEO of Nitro Lube, Inc. (Pink Sheets:NLUB) and Nitro Lube Canada, Inc. announced from Nitro Lube USA's office in Palm Desert that Nitro Lube Canada, Inc. has granted Nitro Lube USA, Inc. an exclusive license to manufacture and sell Nitro Lube brand products (including PMF 2000) throughout the United States and Mexico. The licensing agreement also includes all rights, title and claim to the Nitro Lube name, copyrights and trademarks in those countries.

"Our shareholders will be pleased to know that this important step was completed in order to implement the company's marketing plan in the vast market south of Canada. We will soon announce the new management team for Nitro Lube USA and when its new website,, will be open for business," stated Mr. Rite.

About Nitro Lube, Inc.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

ZIXI - Strong Buy

Ok boys and girls. I called this one a month or two back at $1.83 and it went to $2.50.

Now we've fallen back. I would post a chart but I don't have the time. Basically we are oversold. I bought yesterday and hope to sell at $2 or more. The company is growing and I only see the last downturn as being temporary. Actually I hope it drops so I can add more at a cheaper price. But I really think $1.67 is the bottom and we could go higher than $2.50 this time.

I am 2x as good with stocks that actually have to report to the SEC. Just check out my last few picks. SMOD at $11.80, HNAB $1.54 CPHD at $7 .
Than do a search for a post I made about HSOA at If you don't have the time here it is
"Look at my posts above. Was I right or wrong? We hit $4.32 today. The shorts are soon going to be squirming in their pants, but this stock is so manipulated that it doesn't matter YET. Soon we head up. By May we are at $6. Quote this, look back at this comment.... but I am right $6 by May!"
I was off a little we are actually at almost $7. Another dead on hit.
So mark this post. ZIXI by June will be back in the mid $2's.

Friday, May 18, 2007

PMCL Up Over 200% - Forum Stock Pick

Our latest pick has proven to be our greatest. This is our second run with PMCL. The first time was a two day 135% gain. This time we could see much more than that. I think we have just scratched the surface.

Visit our web site at We are a small penny stock investing community. Our goal is to make money. We don't bash stocks we sell them. The stocks we like we buy and provide feedback along the way. Our memebers have no problem addressing even the simplest investment question. We work together to make money. ATLJ was a nice pick for the forum, up 80%. ILGY went up 160%. RSDS was up over 150%. EPGL rose 130%. We don't promote stocks. We don't get paid to make stock picks. We just enjoy researching potential stocks and let our members reap the rewards of our research. PMCL is just another validation of our success picking penny stocks.

Our site is free to join and your voice is welcome here.

PMCL - Update

Once RBCM left the ask yesterday morning it has been clear sailing for PMCL. The one thing I pick up from watching trading today is that most of the MM's on the ask are institutional. NITE, UBSS, HILL, SSGI - they all are scooping up sells which means, at least in my opinion, that they are covering their short positions.
The latest PMCL Press Release stated that the symbol change would occur in a matter of days. MM's are still likely covering for a profit. Remember the last run we picked here PMCL went from the low $.02's to the high $.05's. Still room for MM's to cover, which is why the stock is hovering in the low $.03's. Look for another run near the EOD.
I am not going to go out on a limb as far as how high PMCL will go. But we've already run over 200% so there might be a pull back. But I am thinking MM's will use the pull back to cover. This might run until RBCM stops it and right now RBCM is at $.10!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

PMCL - Our Next Stock Pick

The PMCL stock pick had been brewing for the last few days. Finally I private messaged Jimmybob this morning at 9AM:
I looked at chart and recent news. PMCL is primed to run again. I think we should make it our pick.
RBCM just up ticked off the first ask. Might let it run today.

His response was: Its done it before with news. It will come back down. I still think its being diluted... If RCBM is still on the ask, it will only move so far. Up to you, but i am stayiing out...
I got in first thing at $.0135 mind you it has closed at $.0115 the prior day. The stock proceeded to climb and I thought I had made the right move. I was debating whether or not to buy, so I just bought half of what I wanted to buy. Before too long the stock was beginning to sell off and we were back at $.0135. The lead MM on the ask was once again RBCM. Jimmybob was right. With RBCM on the ask gobbling up shares the stock was going no where. Then suddenly RBCM switched from the ask to the bid and the stock shot straight up to $.018! Jimmybob was able to get in at $.016 and I added to my position at $.0165.
All you need to see from the chart below is the recent support at these levels and the accum/dist which shows how the stock has been selling off for some time now until the last few days. PMCL was over sold.

My take current take is that we have just scratched the surface with PMCL. The most recent pr is the most promising concerning the cusip and ticker symbol change. It should happen any day now. We are still on the naked short list so they either have to cover now or in the very near future. I am very optimistic short term.
Please check back more PMCL updates to follow.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

PPEX - Strong Buy

I've been high on this stock since I bought in on a huge insider buy in April. How many OTCBB or Pink Sheet CEO's purchase half a million dollars worth of their own stock? Really!?!? How many of these companies aren't raking their shareholders over some hot coals? PPEX is a company with real prospects, real managment, and a real low float. It's current share price is low from naked shorting and a panic over the r/s,
Pipex Pharma is the result of a reverse merger last year and has plenty of drugs in the pipeline.
Back in April the CEO bought almost $500k worth of company stock on the market. A few weeks later the company has a reverse split to get the share price up for listing on the AMEX. The stock opened at $7.50 and has dropped down to $4.50. These prices are a steal. There are only 17 million shares outstanding, and much of those are tied up with the CEO and insiders. Here is an article I found about PPEX. As always do your own DD. This stock is not a short term flip but a long term hold.
Pipex Pharmaceuticals (PPXP) is a grad school professor’s dream.Founded by a venture capitalist, the company hunts at universities for promising drugs, locks them up in license agreements, and then funds their development to bring them to market.Earlier this week co-founder and chief executive Steve Kanzer plowed about a half million dollars into the stock at an average of around $2.06 per share.The timing is interesting, because the company is about to get approve for listing on the American Stock Exchange and move off the bulletin board.There’s no guarantee the stock will pop on this move – but it might. However, we’re not really traders here at Insiders Corner so what’s more important is the medium term. In that time frame, the transfer to the American Stock Exchange is also a big positive because it will mean more institutions can buy Pipex and more analysts can pick up coverage.Kanzer’s purchase this week is also interesting because as co-founder he already has a lot of exposure to the company. And the purchase can’t be read as an effort to juice the shares ahead of a financing deal since Pipex just raised $13.9 million late last year.With a projected cash burn rate of $6 million a year, that should carry it through to early stage profitability when its first drug gets launched in early 2008, says the company. Here’s a closer look.The big picturePipex likes to focus on diseases for which there aren’t very good treatments around -- like lung fibrosis and multiple sclerosis (MS). Pipex also develops drugs that are already in use in other parts of the world for decades – so their safety and risk profiles are well known.Both factors could help the company get faster approval of drugs by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), so they can bring them to market quicker. Here’s where Pipex might make progress.Too much copperThe company’s lead drug, Coprexa, could be on the market as early as the first quarter of 2008 as a treatment for a neurological disorder called Wilson’s Disease.Like many of the diseases that Coprexa may eventually treat, Wilson’s Disease is a disorder caused by elevated levels of “free copper” in the blood. “Free copper” is the toxic form of copper -- not to be confused with the essential form which is found tightly bound to proteins in the blood. The problem with free copper is that it readily crosses the blood-brain barrier, and the brain is highly sensitive to its toxic effects.In Wilson’s Disease, for example, free copper causes psychosis-like symptoms including loss of emotional control, temper tantrums, severe depression, suicidal thoughts, delusions, and hallucinations. Without treatment, this horrible disease usually kills its victims by 30. Phase III testing suggests Coprexa treats the disease by lowering the levels of free copper in blood. Pipex is now writing the new drug application for this use of Coprexa, and it may be on the market for this use in early 2008.There could be other applications down the road. For example, Coprexa may work against idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. This lung disease takes about 30,000 people a year -- or more than breast cancer and prostate cancer. There is no FDA approved therapy.Animal tests have shown that Coprexa inhibits lung fibrosis. Again, it works by reducing free copper in the blood, which is thought to play a role in lung fibrosis. Pipex has completed phase II testing for this use.Coprexa may also work against Alzheimer’s, another disease linked to excessive free copper in the blood. Pipex just got a $306,000 grant to study the use of Coperxa against this ailment.Multiple sclerosisAnother Pipex compound called Trimesta has been used in Europe to treat hot flashes for 40 years. Researchers think Trimesta, a form of estriol that can be taken orally, may also work against autoimmune diseases like MS.Here’s why. Women with autoimmune diseases like MS typically see their symptoms subside during pregnancy, especially in the third trimester. It could be because estriol levels rise in women during pregnancy. (Estriol immunizes the fetus against rejection by the mother.)Phase II studies by Pipex have shown that Trimesta reduces lesions associated with MS, a neurological disease in which the body loses the ability to transmit messages along nerve cells. This causes a loss of muscle control, paralysis, and even death. MS afflicts about 400,000 people in the U.S., and it weighs heavily on the health care system, costing more than $9 billion a year including lost wages. Pipex has another early-stage compound that may work against MS called Anti-CD4 802-2.A pain therapyAnother Pipex compound called Effirma may be effective against a pain disorder called Fibromyalgia. Effirma has been used in Europe to treat lower back pain since 1984. Pipex is in the process of planning phase II trials for use in the U.S.The bottom line : Pipex is a tiny $116 million market cap company that’s off the radar screen for many investors because it’s hidden on the bulletin board. That’s about to change as the company graduates to the American Stock Exchange. Pipex is also about to publish results on how Coprexa works against fibrosis, which could also serve as a catalyst. These factors may explain why the company’s CEO just plunked down a half a million dollars on the stock even though he’s already got plenty of exposure. I’d follow him into the stock right now with at least a two-year time horizon.

Monday, May 14, 2007


Today is the first day of the PennyStock Forums $50 Stock Pick Challenge. Being one of the Moderators on the board, I have to make sure I do not embarrass myself! My picks for the week are XTMS and WHKA. WHKA has formed a nice base around the .009 range the past week and looks to move higher from there... any news and this will be a nice double+ bagger. XTMS is a double bottom and bounces nicely at the level its at now(.001). Looking for this to be high teens to low 20's by end of the week. EFGO had great news about the ending of dilution, at .0005, it is a bargain. Not to mention they are going to release unaudited financials on Wednesday. Hope you were able to join our challenge. If not, check our forums for the next contest!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Penny Stock Forums Update

You can visit us at
Just this morning I have been receiving messages that the site is not functioning properly. If anyone encounters a problem please message me and try to be as specific as possible. That way I can get tot he bottom of it. I have a feeling it is the server, but I can not be sure. I have not had a problem accessing the site and appreciate any feedback that can be provided.
We are starting our first stock picking contest this Monday. It will run the whole week. Please read the rules: The contest is not just to win money, but for all of us to gauge the stock picking talent of our members. I think we are all here to make money. As you can see with our latest pick PKTO, it is not always easy picking penny stocks. I can tell you to buy SMOD as $11.80, which I did, and sell now at $14.75, which it was recently trading at, but I have more of a challenge telling you when is a good time to buy and sell penny stocks.
Our next stock pick is currently being researched. Once again we do not receive one 'penny' for our picks. The majority of the time we do not even own a position in the stock that we pick. With PKTO Jimmybob opened a position at $.0018 and $.0019 and sold for a loss.
Finally I am going to start a new section on the site titled "Pennystocks Positions". Basically I will post what stocks I currently hold, the price I purchased them at, and the price I hope to liquidate the position at. I will specifically include all buys and sells and the prices at which I bought and sold. I am very successful at picking small cap regulated stocks such as ZIXI, SMOD, MEMY - search the forums for when I purchased these stocks. I bought MEMY at $1.56. Look at my chart at that time The stock has settled down to $2.15 but has traded much higher than that. I can help you profit in the stock market, but the bottom line is you have to know when to sell. I will have the 'Pennystocks Positions' available only to registered users of the site.
Lets research those stock picks. We hope to have many entries to the contest and good luck!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


PKTO has fallen four straight trading days. We are looking to close in the green today and restart an upward trend.
SPNI was trading in the low $.002's last week and reached a high of $.0075 yesterday. It will go higher still over the next week.
WTVI is back to issuing daily PR's. It dropped to $.003 and then rocketed to $.012 over two days. It has now settled back into a slow decline. Keep an eye on this one because it will bounce again. The only problem is knowing when.
GBVS might head above $.30 soon. They released a PR pre-market -

"Beverage Network of Maryland services over 2000 retail accounts distributing a
portfolio of beverage brands including Arizona Ice Tea, Welch's Fruit Juices and
Fiji Water. Beverage Network of Maryland distributes Fiji water to more than 1200
accounts in the Baltimore-Washington DC market, which includes Baltimore,
Washington, DC, suburban Maryland and suburban Virginia. Beverage Network of
Maryland's sales of Fiji Water grew in excess of 35% in the first quarter 2007,
as compared to the same period in 2006."

NMKT is leveling off. We still like this stock for an easy 20% short term gain.

Finally ILGY is way over due for a PR. The last time ILGY was trading in the $.0004 - $.0005 range a PR lifted the stock over 150%!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Win $50 Making Stock Picks

We are giving away $50 to the best stock picker.

We will be giving away $50 to the member with the best stock picks for one week. The contest is free to enter, but you must register in order to play. The contest will start on Monday May 14th and run until the close on May 18th.
Rules as follows: Pick two stocks, from any exchange, trading for less than $5 a share and Post your picks before 9:30AM on May 14th. The member whose picks have the best combined gain is the winner.

Head over to our site to sign up:

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Our Next Stock Pick - PKTO - Pocketop International Inc. Stock Pick For May 2nd, 2007
Pocketop International Inc
Symbol: PKTO
Current Price: $.0021

Share Information Taken From IHUB IBOX

A/S 1 billionO/S 620 million (550 million restricted for 2 years)
Float 70 million
52 week high $.049
52 week low $.0006


Pocketop International Inc. Goes PublicThursday March 8, 9:00 am ET
Pocketop International Inc. Is Set to Enter the Computer Accessories Market
DOVER, DE--(MARKET WIRE)--Mar 8, 2007 -- Pocketop International Inc. (Other OTC:PKTO.PK - News) today announced that the Company has reverse-merged with a listed company and has commenced trading on the US OTC (Pink Sheet) market under the symbol PKTO. The company has expanded its product line from a single offering to over 50 different and individual items. Whether you need the best folding keyboard, the ability to sync and charge your new Smartphone or PDA via your computer or simply charge one of the hundreds of devices separately Pocketop Corp. has it all. Type it, sync it, connect it or charge it, pick one or pick them all, they will all fit comfortably in your pocket; that's why we are called Pocketop.
"We are excited about the opportunity before us," commented Nino Caldarola, President and Chief Executive, Pocketop International Inc. "With the phenomenal growth of PDAs and Smartphones, there is an ever increasing need for compatible compact mobile accessories which is Pocketop's forte. Increasing use of PDAs and Smartphones sets the stage for dynamic growth in the computer accessory industry. If you want WiFi, Bluetooth, programmable keys, increased productivity and a cool leading edge product that is truly a work of art, check us out, you just have not seen anything yet," stated Nino Caldarola.

Pocketop Corp. Is Debt Free With Assets Only!Monday March 12, 3:30 pm ET
Pocketop Corp. Explains Balance Sheet
DOVER, DE--(MARKET WIRE)--Mar 12, 2007 -- Pocketop Corp. (Other OTC:PKTO.PK - News) today clarified its Balance Sheet to counter any speculation by its new shareholders. The company explained that although millions have been spent on development and sales to date the secured creditors and Cyberhand Technologies International Inc. have agreed to create a new debt free entity that would start with only assets on the balance sheet and no debt whatsoever. Tangible assets in hardware, inventory, designs, patents, trademarks and parts totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars and the investment credit for the millions more that was spent were simply placed in the new company. The new Pocketop Corp. will have all it needs to produce new products on time and on budget regardless of the complexity and feature set. It has also been agreed that Cyberhand Technologies International Inc. will provide its existing design files at no charge and to use its design studios and software group at a preferred rate unmatchable in the industry to speed production.
"We have no debt, plenty of assets and millions already spent to help us," commented Nino Caldarola, President and Chief Executive, Pocketop Corp. "No debt, assets, superior designs ready to go, proven manufacturing expertise on tap and a team ready to go with little overhead to worry about. We are going to be a hard to beat technology provider with a price point unmatched in the industry. If you thought we were hard to beat in the past, come and try our new products and enjoy what a debt free working environment brings to the market. We will be delivering the world's best products at the industry's best price and offering service no one can even hope to touch," stated Nino Caldarola.

Pocketop Corp. Proceeds to Fulfill Apparel One USA LOIMonday March 19, 9:30 am ET
Pocketop Corp. Gets Ready to Produce the New PP-1000 in Quantity to Fill the One Million Unit LOI Worth Over $8,000,000 USD
DOVER, DE--(MARKET WIRE)--Mar 19, 2007 -- Pocketop Corp. (Other OTC:PKTO.PK - News) today announced that the Company had received a custom LOI from Apparel One for One Million units of a custom manufacture of its new PP-1000 cell and PDA charger. The PP-1000 is the high quality entry-level charger designed for the retail and high volume market. The Pocketop Chargers consist of a full line of both disposable and rechargeable units that will recharge almost any cell phone, MOP3, PDA or Smartphone on the market today. Consistent with its mission to provide only the best product available, all of the chargers will be brushed or polished aluminum with a military grade clear or tinted lens and all versions have a minimum of four power indicators instead of the traditional one. The included power source will be lithium ion and the rechargeable should last for years of constant use. Included in the packaging will be connectors for all of the major phone manufacturers and any not included can be ordered through the web site. Pocketop will also be opening pathways for commercial sales and booking standard distribution through all established retail channels. Once again, all of the chargers fit comfortably in your pocket. That's why we are called Pocketop.
"We are now ready to start the launch of this new product," commented Nino Caldarola, President and Chief Executive, Pocketop Corp. "Once again, we will help address the phenomenal growth of PDAs and Smart phones. There is an ever increasing need for compatible compact mobile accessories which is Pocketop's forte. Increasing use of PDA's and Smart phones sets the stage for dynamic growth in the computer accessory industry. If you want portable pocket power, now, later whenever, wherever, at your fingertips for your Cell Phone, PDA, MP3 and Smartphone that people will stop you and ask you where you got it, then we are it. Charge it quick anywhere and increase your productivity with a cool, leading edge product that is truly a work of art. Check us out, you just have not seen anything yet," stated Nino Caldarola.

Pocketop International Inc. Introduces New Solar Charger
DOVER, DE--(MARKET WIRE)--Apr 5, 2007 -- Pocketop International Inc. (Other OTC:PKTO.PK - News) today announced that the Company has completed preliminary testing on its new solar charger for the cell phone and PDA market. The solar charger will allow Pocketop's customers to charge their devices anywhere that there is even minimal sun or artificial light conditions. Should conditions arise that are not ideal for charging, the solar charger acts as a solar battery and will charge the depleted cell phones, Smartphones or PDAs or even their new 7000 Series folding keyboards as effectively as the company's battery powered line. You will be able to check your stored charge level and rate anywhere with the new smart indicator and it will use Pocketop's overcharge device circuit protection to eliminate any possibility of ever damaging any of the units that it is charging. For those that always have to have the latest and greatest, or are simply glad to see a renewable charger on the market, the company will be field testing a limited number of beta units in June of this year. Interested parties will be able to sign up through the web site's new beta testers section on the support page at which will be completed by month end. Please note that there will be a contract for evaluation to agree to before you get the units. Type it, sync it, connect it or charge it, pick one or pick them all, they will all fit comfortably in your pocket. That's why we are called Pocketop.

"This is a product whose time has come," commented Nino Caldarola, President and Chief Executive, Pocketop International Inc. "No more throwing endless batteries in the trash and polluting the landfills. You will never have a cell phone dead when you need it, never again worry whether that battery in the drawer works or whether you have to rush to the store to get a new one. This will put money back in your pocket as you use this charger over and over, and of course it will have Pocketop quality and look cool as well," stated Nino Caldarola.

This is a real company with real and innovative products. They have no debt and are introducing new products this year. One of their PR’s (March 19th) says they have an order for $8 million worth of solar chargers. This company is the result of a recent reverse merger. Share information has yet to be updated on Pink Sheets. I have sent the company an e-mail to get further information. If the float of 70 million is correct than we have a tight float– which is amazing! Short term this stock is a momentum play. But this stock also looks to be a long term play. Many of our picks on are short term flips. Look at PMCL and ILGY. We are looking for a nice steady run.

This is only our opinion. Please research and investigate this stock if you plan on taking a position.

Finally: This stock moves quick. There are sometimes big spreads. When trading I always set an entry price. Usually someone will be willing to sell. Don’t be suckered into buying at the ask.

I also suggest you look at Pocketops very professional website -

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

DBYC - An Interesting Play

When something seems to good to be true, it usually is. This might be the case with Disability Access Corporation (DAC) Symbol DBYC. The company's recent PR addressed numerous shareholder questions. One of the first answers struck a chord with me:
"Based on contracts in hand, and the expanded services and efforts of the enterprise we fully expect DAC to generate a strong positive cash flow and show a profit by year end, barring unforeseen events.Based on contracts in hand, and the expanded services and efforts of the enterprise we fully expect DAC to generate a strong positive cash flow and show a profit by year end, barring unforeseen events."
I see "strong positive cash flow" and "profit by year end" as two very encouraging statements. But lets remember this is a pink sheet stock and I am always cautious when it comes to rosy PR's. Strong positive cash flow could mean the company is going to have revenue far exceeding its expenses which would be good. Or it could mean they are going to dilute the crap out of the stock to raise cash - hence the word 'strong' in the positive cash flow. So cash flow could be misleading, but a profit is a profit. Then we have the 'barring unforeseen events'. I'll leave that up to you to decipher.
At the current price this stock seems very attractive. It rose almost 100% today on no news and heavy volume. I expect the uptrend to continue but I am also wary - as a profitable stock would not be trading for $.0003. Also the recent PR's were of a positive tone and failed to prevent the sell-off.
I bought a small position at $.0003 and will let it ride. Hopefully I can sell it and produce some strong positive cash flow!
For more interesting stock discussion visit:

NMKT - Excellent Entry Point

We've talked about NMKT before so we'll keep it simple. This is a great entry point for a 10% plus gain. Also recent positive PR's have yet to push the stock past recent highs, maybe due to their accounting error that was addressed in an open letter to shareholders. You can't argue with transparency and mistakes do happen.
Within a week NMKT should be back in the mid $.40's.