Monday, July 28, 2008

FFGO - Fortress Financial Group - A Remarkable Run

Last week we wrote about FFGO and the possibility that a stock, with a trillion shares authorized and over 35 billion shares outstanding, could actually run. At the time the stock had no bid and you could have bought a few hundred million shares if your heart desired.

Today FFGO has surged ahead from the .0001 to close at $.0006, an impressive rally for a stock that many had laughed at for having such a bloated share structure. Then again this is the sub-penny stock market and many rules just don't apply here.

Bloated share structure? No one seems to care as billions of shares are traded each week and the company keeps the press release spigot on. Also consider the 5+ filings with the SEC this month alone, which gives some validity to the slew of PR's.

This stock will be interesting to follow the coming days and possibly weeks. Is it just gaining momentum or was today the day it peaked? Either way it has been a remarkable run and surely has made some people very happy along the way. If only every other penny stock could do the same.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

FFGO - Fortress Financial Group - To Be Or Not To Be

FFGO has an astounding 5 trillion shares authorized and 33,295,377,817 shares outstanding. For those that are not good with all of those commas and numbers the outstanding shares are over 32 Billion! Truly a remarkable number. Even more remarkable is the amount of buying taking place for this stock. Almost a billion shares traded hands yesterday alone. Why would anyone want to buy a stock that has been clearly diluted to such etremes?

One reason is the steady release of news from the company as well as almost 2 billion shares being bought back by the company so far. The company has pledged, per its June 12th PR, to spend $5 million on share buybacks. If the $5 million is truly utilized to buyback company shares then the recent volume might just be warranted.

Then again with no market maker currently on the bid at $.0001 you would be hard pressed to find a buyer for you shares. But that could all change very soon.

FFGO is a speculative stock were you could lose your entire investment. Don't invest a penny more than you can afford to lose.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

CCMJ - Looks Poised For More Gains

CCMJ has bounced from the mid .000's into the spot light as the stock surged today on press from the company. The press release is pasted below.

Today's PR from the company stated that they expect $10-15 million in revenue over the next 24 months. Pretty impressive numbers for a stock trading well under $.01.

Also consider the reasonable share structure and the fact that the transfer agent is open to revealing information about this structure at any time. Many Pink Sheet companies tell their transfer agent to refer request to the company instead. CCMJ's "ungagged" transfer agent is a very good indication that CCMJ is not going to dilute their stock. With a low float and big revenue projections CCMJ just might break $.01 before the week is out.

BIRMINGHAM, MI -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 07/09/08 -- CruiseCam International, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: CCMJ) is pleased to announce that it has been awarded a critical and extremely valuable supply contract from Rentar Logic, Inc.Rentar Logic, Inc. is the only company in the world that combines the Rentar Fuel Catalyst (, a pre-combustion fuel technology with 26 domestic and international patents, and proprietary software to reduce fuel consumption and harmful emissions. Frank Reilly, President of Rentar Logic, Inc. , stated that "We are very impressed with the CruiseCam technology and will utilize their technologies to enhance our verification systems to provide another vital element in the certification procedure which will supply more comprehensive and valuable data for our customers."CruiseCam will manufacture and supply digital video components for Rentar Logic. CruiseCam&aposs technology will add to Rentar Logic&aposs current apparatus configuration by creating additional circuitry that will permit live streaming video to be delivered to fleet headquarters or any other location of their choice. "This is a part of CruiseCam&aposs corporate initiatives program that has been in development for some time and is now finally coming to fruition. This strategic alliance will further the goals of the company by creating a large product supply channel that will allow the company to realize a dynamic new revenue stream while advancing current core product objectives," stated Scott Watkins, CEO of CruiseCam International, Inc."The size of this contract is significant and given that conservative sales goals are reached, CruiseCam will realize revenue in excess of $10-15,000,000 in the next 24 months. Equally important is the opportunity to be part of what appears to be one of the most significant increased fuel mileage programs available today. Rentar Logic is clearly in a position to reduce fuel consumption in small to large trucking fleets," stated Mr. Watkins.The structure for CCMJ is 500 million authorized shares, 379 million issued and outstanding shares, with 229 Million restricted shares leaving a tradable float of approximately 150 million shares. CruiseCam has authorized its transfer agent -- Island Stock Transfer -- to confirm these figures for all those who inquire.Mr. Watkins also commented that "CCMJ has not, is not and will not participate in any form of toxic financing. Based on current contracts and additional potential revenue streams to the company, CCMJ is committed to maintaining this share structure with a view to increasing shareholder value and share price. Based on the exciting and continuing developments and relations the company is engaged in, CCMJ believes it is important to inform our shareholders of these developments via press releases on a weekly basis.About CruiseCam InternationalCruiseCam International, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: CCMJ), through its two operating subsidiaries, develops and markets integrated, "in-car" camera mount and recording systems for law enforcement, consumer, commercial and transportation applications, as well as for competition racing cars. The Company&aposs patented technology and industry-first "Cruisecam" offering have been developed since 1996, and are distributed nationwide. For more information, visit: Rentar Environmental SolutionsRentar Environmental Solutions, the world leader in pre-combustion fuel technology, holds 26 domestic and international patents on the Rentar Fuel Catalyst. The Rentar Fuel Catalyst has been extensively tested by numerous third party laboratories recognized by EPA, CARB (California Air Resources Board), foreign governments and prominent corporate entities. At present there are 10,000 Rentar Fuel Catalyst units deployed.When coupled with the Rentar Logic proprietary software application it provides an unparalleled fuel management tool. Rentar Logic is the only company that combines a proven fuel catalyst and proprietary verification software into one bundled product.SAFE HARBOR: Statements in this press release other than statements of historical fact, including statements regarding the company&aposs plans, beliefs and estimates as to projections are "forward-looking statements." Such statements are subject to certain risks and uncertainties, including factors listed from time to time in the company&aposs SEC filings, and actual results could differ materially from expected results. These forward-looking statements represent the Company&aposs judgment as of the date of this release. The Company does not undertake to update, revise or correct any forward-looking statements.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Stocks To Watch July 9th - SWVC, NCEY

NCEY showed steady PPS growth until Tuesday when it plummeted 56% on above average volume. Look for this stock to bounce early in the trading session on Wednesday and possibly reestablish the upward movement it had seen recently.

SWVC is on bottom watch. This stock should have one or two moves left in the tank before the reverse split comes.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Stocks To Watch - Tuesday July 8th - AOGN, FRTL, AKYI

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Stocks on watch for Tuesday include: AOGN, FRTL, AKYI

FRTL - If a breakout from sub-penny to $.017 wasn't enough, FRTL had an amazing trading session on Monday closing at the high of the day $.11. The stock has surged some 10,000%+ since the reverse merger update on Pink Sheets. The stock fought off a mild sell-off early in the session to recover lost ground and then some as the market closed. Momentum continues to build and a ceiling has yet to be established as the buying volume clearly outnumbers anyone willing to sell.

As long as the demand continues to over power the supply this stock could see tremendous upside.

AOGN -This oil play has steadily appreciated in value the last few trading days. This stock could see another 50%+ gains before the week is out. Keep it on your radar.

AKYI is another stock seeing some nice money volume. The stock was up 46% today amidst some steady buying pressure. 25.1 million shares traded hands - well above an average day for AKYI. With pennies usually following the volume and the price are good methods to making a few dollars. AKYI had both going for it on Monday. Expect more of the same on Tuesday.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Stocks To Watch Monday July 7th 2008- GLCC, FRTL

GLCC is looking to buck a recent down trend. After the initial surge in late May the chart looks primed for a bounce, but just not as high as the previous bounce. This week will be a telling week for GLCC. A bounce has been good for some nice gains here, so it is certainly a stock to keep on your radar going forward.

FRTL continues to be a stock to watch here at For those of you who didn't experience any fireworks this Fourth of July Weekend, FRTL might provide just that this week as its reverse merger with Envit Capital moves closer to consummation. For now the price of FRTL will all depend on what investors feel FRTLs current value is with Envit Capital moving into the empty shell. FRTL is a stock to keep on your watch list for the foreseeable future.

Have a green Monday.

Friday, July 4, 2008

FRTL continues to appreciate in value

We alerted our premium members earlier this past week about FRTL at a price well below a penny. On Thursday the stock surged to new highs closing at $.029 a share.

The stock has encountered some serious accumulation, which has yet to let up. There is no telling where this stock will end up if this buying continues. This reverse merger could very well go down in the record books as one of the most lucrative shell plays of all time. All indications point to more impressive gains for FRTL. Keep your eye on this one, it will be one to watch going forward.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Stocks To Watch Wednesday July 2nd - HTOG, UVSE

HTOG continues to trade with enormous volume. The stock has risen almost 1000% at todays high of $.018 and finished strong overall on over 300 million shares changing hands. An incredible money volume day for any penny stock.

UVSE is on bottom and volume watch. Today UVSE saw record volume and a modest increase in its share price. The line is drawn in the sand here. It will either bounce big or the flame will slowly die out. Keep it on your radar Wednesday morning.

FRTL shell closes up 1250%

On Sunday we wrote about the possibility of renewed interest in shell stocks.

The very next day shell stock FRTL, which had closed at .0008 on Friday, had a very impressive rally and at one point was up well over 2,000% before settling at .011 and a +1,250% close.

What made FRTL move on heavy buying volume? The stock looks to be getting ready to reverse merger with a company in the financial industry - Envit Capital.

A 15-12G was filed with the SEC on Friday, and has been slowly posting new information about this company under the ticker FRTL.

The share structure of FRTL is also appealing as the authorized shares are 40 million and the current outstanding shares, updated on June 27th 20008, are 30.6 million.

A cloud that hangs over many shells, outstanding debt, has been resolved in 2006 as the previous company, FORTEL, had its chapter 7 bankruptcy closed. The shell should be clean now, and that is always something to look for in a shell stock. Outstanding debt could dilute current shareholders stake in the new company after the reverse merger.

FRTL will be interesting to watch going forward. With many reverse mergers a dreaded reverse can occur, but with the low share count this might not be an issue here.

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