Monday, August 30, 2010

Tuesday Stocks To Watch - UWRL, BFHJ, SSWC, PRGJ

UWRL the volume is picking up, and the price has stabilized. The stock is poised to mount a nice rally from here and start its move toward my $.006 target.

BFHJ the buying interest waned into the afternoon and the bid suffered. I think this opens up a great opportunity for those looking to get into this stock. Patience can be a virtue and I think anyone getting in at these levels will be happy down the road. One day does not make or break the upward trend. There will be dips and rips with any stock. If you believe in the company, its management, business model, and share structure, than one step back will not affect the ultimate goal.

SSWC at $.0005 is great position to play the next move higher for the stock. With so much going good for this company, the stock has no choice but to reflect that. i think it sees $.001 - $.0015 with a week or two, making today's selling a great buying opportunity.

PRGJ the bid is starting to firm and volume is coming into this stock now. It is only a matter of time before the market better reflects the value of these shares. I think fair value is $.04 - $.05. At a Monday closing price of $.012 this amounts to a roughly 400% gain from here.

LBSR - Chart of The Day.... Again

LBSR up another ~20% today. Those $.0012 shares from a few months ago are looking very nice at $.14.

If you had purchased $1,200 worth of stock at that low those same shares today are worth $140,000.

That is what trading penny stocks is all about. Turning $1,200 into $140,000 in two months.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Monday's Stocks To Watch - UWRL, BFHJ, XYNH, DMGM

UWRL Friday's volume was the highest its been since early July, almost two months. There were a lot of buyers at $.0011 and $.0012 on Friday, and I think they will be very happy short term. As I have said previously, it is my opinion that this stock will trade to $.006 and beyond. I am not wrong often and I don't think I will be on this stock.

BFHJ I think this stock has great potential going forward. The stock closed at $.0015 yesterday and I expect it to trend higher from here. There are some great things going on and the stock also has a superb share structure. The stock trades quickly and I think at some point it will post a rapid ascent. It looks like investors are accumulating at these prices in anticipation of a nice rally in shares. That rally could get going this week.

XYNH closed down a few ticks on Friday. The stock is still consolidating after the recent surge higher. The stock is holding gains despite a lack of volume. This is great news and corresponds with my view of a move above $.003 and to $.01.

DMGM after surging several thousand percent, can this stock sustain this rally? I think so. It will be a volatile day tomorrow, and certainly an interesting one to watch.

DMGM - Will The Rally Continue Tomorrow?

Shareholders of DMGM are wondering exactly what their shares are going to open at tomorrow morning and close at tomorrow afternoon. After posting arguablly the most impressive buying session in recent memory, when it rallied from $.002 a share to $.225, shareholders are wondering if they made the right move holding over the weekend.

For those of you a little slow with the math, if you had purchased $1,000 of DMGM at $.002 they would have been worth over $110,000 at the high on Friday and are still worth over $75,000 right now. The big question now is what the stock will do tomorrow and throughout the week.

Will the stock open at $.20 or $.10? If Friday's trading action is any indication DMGM could open at $.30, or $.40. You never know. That is the fun and exciting part about penny stocks. You can truly make a fortune in a short period of time.

Back in the summer of 2007 SMXT went from $.005 a share to $.60+ literally overnight on news that hardly compares with DMGM. Also consider DMGM's small share count and the volume it received on Friday. There had to be market makers filling orders with shares not in their possession. Imagine selling shares you didn't have for $.05? Why not? The stock was already up 2000% it can't go any higher??? Or can it.

At $.15, Friday's closing price, those phantom shares are 300% in the whole. If the stock goes to $.30 that is a 600% loss. It can add up rather quickly and if the stock keeps heading higher with no sign of falling back shorters will be forced to cover their positions or risk losing a substantial amount of money.

When you short a stock or sell naked shares your loss is UNLIMITED. Your gain, however is limited. DMGM could hit $.50 and that market maker who sold 100,000 shares at $.05 thinking the stock had no chance of going higher is now $50,000 in the hole. With a small outstanding share count it might be literally impossible to buy back legitimate shares to cover that position without having a drastic upward movement on the stock. My point is that Monday, if DMGM continues it rally out of the gate, the stock could see an unbelievable short squeeze.

Either way it should be good for a trade or two on the dips and rips.

Friday, August 27, 2010

BFHJ - A Stock Waiting To Be Discovered

BFHJ, Beneficial Holdings, Inc., is a stock I have been watching for quite some time.  When you watch and study stocks, you get a feel for how they will trade and the potential they hold.  I've always felt strongly about BFHJ's potential.  Around this time last year I called for BFHJ to rise and it listened to me, posting a 400% gain.  I think BFHJ could so that and more this time around.

One reason why this stock is heading higher is the share structure.  There are only 353 million shares in the float, of which the majority are in investors hands and out of circulation. We've seen it with many stocks this year.  Once the float gets accumulated the stock moves higher on lighter volume.  This is already happening with this stock.  Investors are starting to grasp onto this stock and effectively taking shares out of circulation.  When demand comes this stock could see a substantial move higher.

Another reason I like BFHJ is because the company is adding value to it's shares trhough acquisitions.  They already have three properties and casino's that can generate substantial revenue for it's shareholders and are ready to lauch an online casino.  This will be a huge boon for the company and it's shareholders.  The launch should bring significant interest into this stock.  The Company is presently negotiating 39 slot parlor locations throughout Nicaragua. This acquisition would generate revenue of $10,250,000 in addition to current revenues.

The value is there, there is no doubting that.  What hasn't been there is investor interest.  This stock has been neglected, I think that is going to change for good.  Volume has started to pick up and this stock could run back to prices it deserves to trade at.

The chart tells me that this stock wants to head back to $.008 and then $.012.  These are important price points and could come quickly when the buying pressure mounts.  The company recently began updating the web site.  One would have to assume there are good things coming for the company, which means the stock shoul

Some of you today may have noticed the erratic trading is shares.  The company, per recent press, is ready to address this.  This is straight from the company "The Company previously issued a 6 for 1 share dividend to create liquidity. While the stock is more liquid, the price has actually fallen and the stock continues to suffer from what appears to be day trading and short trading. According to daily reports released by FINRA, on some days, between 60 and 90 percent of the Company's share trading volume is a result of short selling. The Company is looking into methods to curtail this manipulation and to bring more transparency and value to the shareholders."    Short sellers can manipulate a penny stock by selling shares and artificially dragging the price of a stock down.   One way to combat these short sellers is to buy a stock and take it higher.  At some point they will be forced to cover and will add to the buying pressure.

I think BFHJ offers a great investment opportunity.  The stock at $.0015, is trading near recent lows, and could see a 400% or better gain from here.  The share structure is very attractive and the company is adamant about not raising the authorized share count.  This is good news going forward.  I called BFHJ for a 400% gain almost a year ago.  I am calling for that and then some.  A run to $.012 would amount to an 700%+ from today's close.   Don't say the Guru 

I suggest you add BFHJ to your watchlist.  This stock is ready to move higher in a big way.

The Penny Stock Market Is Starting To Re-Awaken

Since late April-Early May and all the way through this summer, penny stocks have been a tough buy.  The sellers have been out in force.  I have speculated that the lack of money flow coincided with the precipitous fall of the Euro, meaning dollar denominated penny stocks became more expensive for foreign investors.  Since early June the Euro has mounted a come back and we are seeing the money flow trickle back into the market.

Now the penny stock market is notoriously slow in the summer, but this summer seemed especially slow... until now.  It seems more stocks are catching a bid, and we are getting some significant gains being posted by many issues on a daily basis.

Big gains not only create cash, but also draw in more interested parties trying to get in on the next 7,000% gain.   One example today was DMGM.  The stock opened at $.003 a share and hit a high of $.225 before closing at $.14.  A $300 share purchase at the low could have been sold for $22,500 at the high.

A recent trend we've been seeing in this market is a term I have recently coined the "Dump and Run".  EMLL, SBRH, SREH, MSOA, just to name a few that have dumped their stock down to the low $.000's and seen thier stock rise as bottom fishers and momentum traders drive the share price higher.

Today ITCJ was the most recent "Dump and Run".  It was alerted in my premium subscriber chat room at $.001 and went on to hit $.007 with amazing money volume.  Obviously these "dump and run's" are not long term holds.  They are short term momentum trades that can make you a bundle of cash in a very short amount of time.

I think once we get in the middle of next week, the market will start to kick into gear.  This last half of 2010 should be very exciting.

DMGM - $300 into $20,000 in Four Hours

The lucky soul who purchased 100,000 shares of DMGM this morning for $300 could have sold those same shares just a little while ago for $.20 and locked in a nice $19,700 profit. The stock just hit a new high of $.225.

I'd say the penny stock market is getting back on its feet.

DMGM - Chart of The Month? Year?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Friday's Stocks To Watch - UWRL, XYNH, HHGI, EXPU

UWRL you can just feel this stock wanting to go higher. At this stage it needs an impetus, and right now investors are focusing on other issues. The best time to be buying a stock is when there are few eyes on it. I think everyone is waiting for the next merger confirmation and the skull and cross bones removal. By the time these material events hit the market the stock will be trading much higher than it is today. My point is that these prices offer a great opportunity.

XYNH today it closed at a great price on light volume. This means the stock is in strong hands that are not willing to sell for a low price. As I have said previously the potential for XYNH and its shareholders it immense. The price per share should reflect this.

HHGI this triple zero stock could see some positive price movement the next few sessions. This stock has undergone what I call a "dump and run". Well the dump part has come, but the run part is still waiting in the wings. For one this stock is current with pink sheets, has an attractive share structure, and has not seen any selling for a few weeks. It could be time for this $.0005 stock to take off in a big way. Add it to your watchlist.

EXPU remember when this stock was trading over $.15 a share and I called the top? Today EXPU sits at $.0037 a share and I am calling for at least a bounce. I think a push to $.01 or better could be in the making.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Thursday's Stocks To Watch - UWRL, XYNH, EMXC, PRGJ

UWRL had a quiet day, but I expect that to change over the next few weeks.  I see this stock trading 400% higher from current levels.  The recent action is a preamble to what lies ahead.  Don't say you weren't warned.

 XYNH another day where irrational selling brought the price down.  Some rational buying late in the session gave reason to believe this stock is now making its next move toward $.003 and beyond.  This appears to be the accumulation stage for the stock.  It will take less buying pressure to hit $.003 this time around.

EMXC this former pick of mine is gaining momentum and could return to prior levels.  There is a lot to like about this stock.  As the money flowed out of the market at the start of the summer EMXC suffered.  That money is flowing back in.

PRGJ this stock is trading well below its fair value.  I see PRGJ trading at $.03 - $.05 short term.  When you consider this stock closed today at $.012, you have a potential 300-500% gain on your hands.

LBSR - Chart of the Day - Yet Again

LBSR up 22% today. A $1200 investment in LBSR a little more than two months ago would be worth $120,000 today.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

EXPH - Getting Some Momentum Going

If you had listened to the Guru two months ago, today you would be sitting on a 400% gain. In a post I wrote at the start of June I noted how EXPH had hit a bottom and was going to rise from there.

The stock has now risen from that $.0004 alert price to $.0016 a share, with more gains likely on the horizon. The selling that had taken this stock down has been replaced by some consistent buying that could bring EXPH to $.0035 - $.005 short term. As I always say, history tends to repeat itslelf. A repeat of history would be $.03+ a share, but seeing how there are more shares in circulatin a more reasonable upside target is $.005.

EXTO -Plenty Of Upside Room Remains

After a stock drops over 90% the bounce from its lows can be violent and dramatic. EXTO is in the midst of that dramatic bounce, one that could see it hit $.0045 or more a share.

For those of you new to this blog here are a few recent posts I wrote about EXTO when the stock was at $.0005. I noted how a break above $.0008 would be a bullish signal. Today it closed to day at $.0015 with after hour prints of $.0016.

A substantial bounce lies ahead

Awaiting Breakout Confirmation

The question now is just how high this stock can go. With MSOA hitting $.0045 a share today, I suspect EXTO could see a similar short term result and that could come as early as tomorrow.

Wednesday Stocks To Watch - UWRL, EXTO, XYNH, PRGJ

I hit this one right on the head last night when I said "The bulls are ducking and waving their white flags, while the bears are trouncing on their fox holes. I tweeted UWRL at $.0011 today and I think this was a capitulation day. The stock should mount a violent rally from here." UWRL was hitting $.0011 this morning before the buyers swooped in and took this stock over 50% higher. I see this stock trading at $.006 and beyond short term. This is just the first course.

EXTO for those of you who follow this blog, you know how much I like EXTO. I brought this stock to your attention at $.0005. Today it closed at $.0015, with $.0016 trades going through after hours. EXTO could see $.002 and beyond tomorrow. The Guru, once again, brings you a winner.

XYNH after three impressive trading sessions, XYNH took a step back. As long as the support holds at .0014/.0015 the newly established upward trend is entact and XYNH will, this time, breach $.003. The prospects for this stock and company are enourmous.

PRGJ I see this $.016 stock trading around $.05 a share short term. I think this stock offers a great opportunity and will be gaining momentum soon.

JEDM - No More Telepathic Oneness With Other Jedi

Jedi Mind, stock ticker JEDM, develops software for thought-controlled technologies, allowing the user to interact with the computer and other machines through the power of the mind. Unfortunately this same technology can not control the mind of one George Lucas, creator of the Star Wars Movies.

Lucas is suing Jedi Mind for $5 million and has demanded they stop using the good Jedi name.

JEDM leaped like a Jedi last year to $.17 a share, but has since been unable to control the downward pressure on the stock. It trades at $.025 and could see lower prices without the Power of The Force supporting it.

LUCAS SUES 'JEDI' MIND CONTROL COMPANY Comtex News Network    "World Entertainment News Network "
Aug 24, 2010 (WENN via COMTEX) -- GEORGE LUCAS has filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against a technology company for allegedly hijacking a STAR WARS reference to market 'mind control' products.

Lawyers representing the sci-fi franchise's creator fired off a cease-and-desist letter to bosses at Jedi Mind Inc in May last year (09), demanding they stop using the name of Star Wars' famous mystical space age knights.

The head of the company, which makes futuristic computer headsets which use brain waves to run software applications, allegedly agreed to phase out the Jedi Mind trademarks but representatives for the movie giant's LucasFilm company claim the demand was not met, even after another legal letter several months later.

Lucas' attorneys have now filed a $5 million (AGBP3.3 million) trademark lawsuit against the firm, alleging the name will cause confusion in the marketplace and harm LucasFilm's business and reputation, according to the Hollywood Reporter .

The lawsuit claims ownership of "all characteristics associated with the Jedi knights not memorialised in a registered trademark, including Jedi robes, the lightsabre weapon, the power to levitate objects, a telepathic oneness with other Jedi and the universe, and the ability to shoot energy beams called 'force lightning' from the fingertips". (LR/HR/ZN)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Tuesday Stocks To Watch - UWRL, XYNH, PRGJ, CLDR

UWRL make it six straight down days for the stock. The bulls are ducking and waving their white flags, while the bears are trouncing on their fox holes. I tweeted UWRL at $.0011 today and I think this was a capitulation day. The stock should mount a violent rally from here.

XYNH the potential for this stock is enormous. Investors have neglected to factor in the demand for their products, namely the Hydro X Assist. This is a revolutionary product. One that most thought the company had given up on. In their most recent press the company reveals that research is still being done! This is excellent news for shareholders and may mean the company is closer than anyone had thought to bringing this product to market. As I said in my post on Friday, what trucking company wouldn't want to reduce their fuel costs by 80%? The demand for the Hydro X Assist will be astonishing. XYNH's stock will clearly benefit from these developments. I could see this stock trading back toward its 2009 highs and beyond if this product ever hits the market. This stock is a pure reflection on why people trade penny stocks. Owning stock in that potential blockbuster, whether that be a new drug or a revolutionary product that changes the lives of people all over the globe, can make you instantly rich.

PRGJ another gain for the day and a close of $.016. The stock is inching closer to my $.03 short term target.

CLDR this stock mounted a late day run that featured a frenzy of buying almost exclusively at the ask. If it wasn't for the sound of the closing bell this stock could have hit $.0035 - $.004. I suspect that is what will happen tomorrow if the buying resumes.

DGMA - Chart of the Day

DGMA ended up closing at $.0136 but had hit $.038 earlier in the session. $500 worth of DGMA purchased at its low would have had a value of $38,000 early today. The equates to a making 76x's your money. You really have to love penny stocks.

XYNH - Could We Be Looking At Another Run To $.039 and Beyond?

Today XYNH was the subject of record buying volume. The stock surged well over 100% before closing the day at $.0022 up 83%. This stock is starting to get the attention it deserves and the price per share is beginning its climb.

As I said this past weekend, name one trucking company in the world that would not want to save 80% on their fuel costs. Conceivably this is exactly what XYNH can provide for every diesel engine in the world. The revenue possibilities for the Hydro X Assist are simply mind-boggling. While XYNH recently announced the acquisition of Simply Distribution, LLC, this was done, in my view, to provide revenue for research of their Hydro X Assist. What you are buying, when you purchase a share of XYNH, is a $.0022 ticket that could be sold down the road for $.25. I think that price is conservative if this company could market their technology to reduce diesel engine fuel costs by 80%. This is why I think the 52 week high of $.039 price for XYNH shares has a decent chance of being reached and breached in the weeks ahead.

The stock market is a forward looking mechanism. At this stage the market must feel progress is being made in the research. If the research continues to progress favorably and XYNH can start thinking about marketing this product, then XYNH will be the most talked about stock of the year, by a landslide. Share will soar higher than ever before.

Right now absent additional news in the short term, I think XYNH is fairly valued at $.0045 - $.006 a share. That factors in the possiblities concerning the Hydro X Assist, as well as the acquisition of Simply. If XYNH can bring the Hydro X Assist to market than $.25 - $.50 will be easy targets to be hit.

The bottom line is that XYNH offers a highly speculative trade that has the potential to reap several 1,000% percent down the road.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Monday's Stocks To Watch - UWRL, XYNH, PRGJ, APCX

UWRL those that were supporting the bid last week will feel very smart this week as this stock rebounds in a big way. Monday should see UWRL trading over $.0015 a share. It will build upon its gains from there.

XYNH the potential for this stock is enormous. Investors have neglected to factor in the demand for their products, namely the Hydro X Assist. This is a revolutionary product. One that most thought the company had given up on. In their most recent press the company reveals that research is still being done! This is excellent news for shareholders and may mean the company is closer than anyone had thought to bringing this product to market. As I said in my post on Friday, what trucking company wouldn't want to reduce their fuel costs by 80%? The demand for the Hydro X Assist will be astonishing. XYNH's stock will clearly benefit from these developments. I could see this stock trading back toward its 2009 highs and beyond if this product ever hits the market. This stock is a pure reflection on why people trade penny stocks. Owning stock in that potential blockbuster, whether that be a new drug or a revolutionary product that changes the lives of people all over the globe, can make you instantly rich.

PRGJ this stock is starting to make strides toward $.02 a share and beyond. I think $.05 - $.10 is a fair price for this stock right now. Depending on the next set of financials this stock could be valued even higher.

APCX you really have to like how this stock closed on Friday. Right at the top. The bulls are clearly in control and at this stage almost anything is possible. APCX could run straight up to $.0075 - $.01. This was a $.02 stock at the start of the month. Right now this is possibly the hottest stock out there and the bias is certainly to the upside. Until that changes APCX could be trading over $.01 in the short term.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Equityfeed - A Must Have For Any Penny Stock Trader

If you aren't using Equityfeed then you are losing money. Equityfeed is hands down the best information service for trading penny stocks. Streaming customizable news, charts, amazing level II. It is a must have for the active trader.

Give it a test run, you will be amazed.

PennyStockGuru Subscription Service - Explained

I get a few emails each week from people unsure about my subscription service. I also get people who subscribe and expect something much different then what they ultimately get.

I started my subscription service late last year as a way to alert investors about stocks I think are ready to post big gains before the crowd finds out about them. At that time I offered one pick every three weeks. That was it.

My first three picks were EEGI at $.003, it ultimately hit $.10 a share, AMHD at $.0002 it hit $.0011, and SVYR at $.003 it went to $.0265 a share. The service has since evolved into picks, alerts, forum alerts, a discussion forum, and updates about what I am going to post on the blog each night. Subscribers are getting a lot more than what they used to get for virtually the same price of $34.99 a month. Subscribers are getting 5-10 stocks a month most of which run anywhere from 50%- over 1,000%. I have had a 1,0 00% pick/alert in every month since I started the service. I am not going to post all the positive feedback I have received thus far,I do have happy subscribers. On the other hand I do get a few subscribers who are dissatisfied, and that is the reason I am explaining my service. I'd much rather you don't sign up then sign up and lose money. Because not matter how good my picks and alerts are you can lose money.

Here is what I don't provide. I don't provide daily stock picks. I may write about stocks in my 3-4 subscriber updates a week, and give my thoughts on them. But I do not provide stock alerts on a daily basis. I also don't provide investor awareness. Which means I do not get paid to pick a specific stock or company. Every pick/alert is done based on my own research and knowledge. I NEVER have been paid to make a pick or alert and I never will be. I do not want my subscribers chasing. If you want to pump my picks/alerts up by buying haphazardly on the ask, please do not sign up. While I have no problem helping out a new trader who doesn't understand how to buy a penny stock, I don't like reprimanding more seasoned traders who buy at the ask and then sell their shares at the bid, which can kill any stocks momentum.

My goal is to make all my subscribers money in a very difficult penny stock market. Will everyone make money? Unfortunately no. I can not make the trades for you. I can only lead you in the right direction.

In conclusion if you are looking for daily promoted stocks, you've come to the wrong place. If you've decided to subscribe because you think I can run a stock of yours higher, you've come to the wrong place. However if you need a place to learn and grow your trading, a place to learn from others, and have access to some unique stock picks/alerts, then the Guru subscription just may work for you. Just remember never to trade penny stocks with money you can't afford to lose. Don't tell me you signed up to pay you mortgage. I will cancel your subscription and send your money back. Only trade with money you can afford to lose.

I hope this clears things up a little.

Bob Wilcox

Stocks To Research This Weekend - UWRL, XYNH, PRHJ, HTLJ, PWTC

UWRL another day of modest selling on above average volume. Amazingly UWRL has closed down 8 of the last 11 sessions. Even more amazing is that I have not wavered in my bullish prospects for this stock. The last few days, in my book, have been amazing buying opportunities. At $.0012 this stock represents a fabulous bargain when you consider I see this stock at $.006 and better short term.

XYNH contrary to what many believe the company's Hydro X Assist technology is not dead. They are still doing research and development on this ground breaking technology, one that reduces a vehicles fuel consumption by 80%. The demand for a product such as this would be enormous. Would you turn down the chance to reduce your fuel expenses by 80%? My point is if this product hits the market XYNH's stock will soar like no other.

PRGJ the accumulation continues for this stock. Recent financials have put PRGJ back on the map and I could see this stock trading at $.03 - $.05 in the short term.

HTLJ the company is on pace to post over $100 million in revenue or over $4 a share. With $26 million in assets and the company on the cusp of profitability it is only a matter of time before this $.20 stock is trading well over $1 per share.

this stock bears watching as shares were in demand on Friday. It closed up 100% on the session and looks to score more gains next week.

XYNH - Another Strong Session Brings The Stock Another Step Closer To A Price Breakout

XYNH received increase volume today bringing the stock back to prices it hasn't seen since the start of 2010. It met some resistance as it hit the high of the day. After hitting the $.0016 mark for the second time market makers slapped the bid down, giving investors another shot at acquiring shares below $.0015 before this stock continues its upward trend next week.

The bid firmed as investors continued to buy up shares of the stock. There is no denying the accumulation going on. Market makers will be unable to slow this stock down when the buying picks up. I suspect that will happen next week as investors catch onto this stock and ride the momentum higher. As I noted yesterday, XYNH traded from these prices all the way to $.039 last year. Back then the volume for this stock was 75 million shares. Today XYNH traded 42 million shares. That tells me the float is tight allowing for a swift move higher as shares are taken out of circulation.

The stock is also right on the cusp of a golden cross as the 50 DMA is nearing the 200 DMA. This bullish technical indicator will bring more attention to the stock and confirm the breakout I see coming.

I like to say XYNH is coming back to life because the recent press indicates the company is still researching its Hydro X Assist Cell. Many had thought it was dead, but, as evidenced by recent press releases, it is not. For those of you not familiar with this technology it reduces a vehicles gas consumption by 80% or more! Currently tests are being done on diesel engines to see if the cell provides the same degree of effectiveness. Can you imagine the revenue potential for such a device? Previous tests proved astounding gas savings, but also had some kinks that needed to be straightened out. Acquiring Simply Distribution, LLC gives XYNH the revenue stream it needs to continue researching this ground breaking product and make the necessary changes to get it on the market.

The demand for such a fuel saving device would literally be mind boggling. My point is that this $.0012 stock could easily turn into a $.05 - $.10 stock if this device even gets close to the market place. Even if the device was approved for just diesel engines, you are looking at tremendous potential. Name one trucking company that would pass up the chance to save 80% on their fuel costs. Buying penny stocks involves speculating about potential, and the potential for XYNH is enormous.

With the revenue stream from Simply Distribution, XYNH can now focus its energies on bringing this product and others to market through research and development.
The management of XYNH has done a great job adapting to fit the needs of the business which will restore shareholder value and should lead to a rise in share price. "Xynergy Holding's has diversified from a simple R&D company for alternative fuels, to a more revenue driven, international commerce minded company, that will increase company assets and build shareholder equity."

In connection with its acquisition of Simply, the Company has retained an auditing firm and securities counsel to file a registration statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission and to become fully reporting.To that end, the Company is currently being audited and hopes to file with the SEC within the upcoming weeks.

Mr. Ley commented, "Retaining counsel and auditors is the first step in the Company becoming a fully reporting company." Mr. Ley continued, "We are pleased to have begun this process, which we believe will enhance shareholders' value."

I expect the attention to grow for this stock as they file to become fully reporting and investors accumulate shares in anticipation of an increase in the price per share. If you have not added XYNH to your watch list, I suggest you do so. This will be a stock to watch for quite some time.

APCX - Chart of the Day

While LBSR did post another 30% gain I have already featured them twice this week. Regardless you'd be hard pressed finding a hotter stock than APCX. I had it on my watch list yesterday and said it could see $.002 - $.0025 today for a 75-100% gain. I was quite off as the stock surpassed my target by 100% closing the session right at its highs of $.0039.

LBSR - Hitting New High's $.104 a share

LBSR is up another 25% half-way through today's session.  That $1,200 investment two months ago is now worth over $100,000.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

ECPL - Sometimes I Hate Being Right

As I noted in tonights XYNH post, history tends to repeat itself.  For a perfect example of this we need to look no further than ECPL, a stock I called the top for last week, much to the chagrin of many traders.  ECPL cratered to $.0003 today, do not say the Guru did not warn you.  Avid readers of my blog hopefully played this stock for a big gain and moved on, knowing that anyone holding this stock too long would be holding onto a huge loss.

GURU warns ECPL'ers

Friday's Stocks To Watch - UWRL, XYNH, PRGJ, HTLJ, APCX

UWRL fell a few more point today on it highest volume day in over a month.  I think the buyers will swoop in tomorrow and the stock will close a few points in the black for the first time this week.  Absent new company development this stock may consolidate for another few days.  I still hold my $.006 short term target which makes current prices a great opportunity.

XYNH this stock had a very impressive session today.  It truly is coming back to life.  The buying action was palpable as investors were ready and willing to buy their position on the ask rather than the bid.  I suspect shares will be tougher to come by in tomorrow's session.  Consequently XYNH could see a nice rise during the session.

PRGJ this stock is a triple waiting to happen.  The company released financials and share information to Pink Sheets a month ago.  The numbers, in my view, make  PRGJ a $.05 - $.10 stock.  It may take some time, but the market has a keen sense of value.

HTLJ undoubtedly the most undervalued stock out there right now.

APCX this stock is rallying after under going a process that seems to be gaining popularity.  I have coined the phrase "Dump and Run" to describe the act of dumping a stock down to low triple digits and then running it.  It seems penny stock traders are drawn to the low price and help with the run once the dumping is done.  We've seen it work before and APCX is just another example.  I could see APCX hitting $.002 - $.0025 before any type of selling resumes, which means more gains are in the cards for shareholders.

XYNH - Is History Repeating Itself?

With penny stocks history tends to repeat itself.  Why?  Because traders know what each stock is capable of.  Has it run before?  Than it has a good chance of running again.  Has it reverse split a few times before?  Than there is a good chance it will reverse split again.  If you follow the market long enough and study these stocks closely you can find consistencies, trends, and other helpful signs that can help you turn a profit, which is precisely why I think XYNH will provide a significant profit down the road.

A little over a year ago this stock ran from today's prices, $.0011, to $.035+, posting a 3,000% gain for shareholders.  Anyone that can read a chart knows this stock has the capability to mount a fantastic rally.  What is going to propel this rally?

The recent press releases indicate XYNH is serious about bringing value back for its shareholders.  They are in the process of becoming more transparent, as well as acquiring the revenue stream they need to support their business plan.

Specifically "Xynergy Holding's has diversified from a simple R&D company for alternative fuels, to a more revenue driven, international commerce minded company, that will increase company assets and build shareholder equity.".

Today's trading action, in my view, indicates investors are starting to take a keen interest in this stock.  Volume was up, and the stock closed at the high of the day.  While I usually like to set targets so you can get an idea of where a stock could head, I'll let me chart above do the talking.  The potential is there for XYNH,  A 3,000%+ gain has happened before, could history repeat itself?

LBSR - Chart of the Day - Yet Again

LBSR when I stated that this stock could see $.07nd5 a beyond yesterday, in my chart of the day segment, I wasn't joking around. LBSR shares rose 33% to $.079 which is on top of yesterday's 21% gain.

If you had purchased $1,200 of LBSR stock at its low two months ago you would be sitting on $79,000 today. That is why penny stocks draw such interest. While the majority of these stocks will suck every last nickel out of your pocket, a chosen few will generate astonishing profits. And to think, all you need to do is have the guts to buy and money to burn.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Guru's Picks and Profiles Are Compensation Free. I Am Not A Promoter!

I just want to make this clear. I have never been paid to promote a stock/company, and I never will. All of my picks, analysis, alerts, and posts are crafted utilizing my own knowledge and experience. Although I have been approached by company's to profile their stocks for a fee, I have declined them. I have never been compensated to write on this blog, aside from advertising revenue.

If I feel a company merits the exposure I provide then I will cover them within my blog, for free.

I do not think there are sites covering the penny stock market that can say the same thing. My posts are unbiased and honest. I call out the scams and I point you toward the big gains, as evidenced by my last stock pick which soared over 3,000% from $.0008 to $.0265.

Thank you for reading and I hope what I write helps you navigate a very dangerous, but potentially prosperous, penny stock market.

Chart of the Day - LBSR

LBSR is once again the chart of the day because the stock has defied gravity to rise near its recent highs. This is a bullish sign and could mean LBSR is headed toward $.075 and greater tomorrow.

Thursday's Stocks To Watch - UWRL, XYNH, PRGJ, HTLJ

UWRL don't let today's action fool you, this stock is heading higher. The news issued today was known to most investors, but highlighted the demand for UWRL and its services. UWRL's better days lie ahead, and with the value coming into the stock the price per share will have no choice but to rise.

XYNH this stock is coming back to life. Two recent press released have gone virtually unnoticed by the investing public. The time to be getting into a triple zero stock like XYNH, is before everyone else finds out about it. That time is now.

PRGJ was on my watchlist last night as I stated that the $.006 asking price was a remarkable bargain. It seems traders listened as they sent the stock up 83% closing it at $.011. I think this was just one step in the move to $.05 and higher.

HTLJ the money volume is coming into this stock. I believe this stock will post a 500-1,000% gain over the next 6 months. There is no way this stock should be trading at $.20 and current prices could qualify as the bargain of a lifetime.

XYNH - Coming Back To Life

XYNH has seen its shares slide for a little over 12 months as the company entered a quite period of issuing little news or company updates. Investors have treated this company silence as a sign that XYNH was going belly-up and have sold their positions. Unfortunately for them XYNH is not only alive and well, they are taking important steps to increase shareholder value.

For anyone that does not know XYNH and what they are trying to do, visit their web site at : . On it there is a pretty impressive demo of the technology they are trying to utilize in the market place. In order to maintain current levels of research and development the company has gone ahead a procured Simply Distribution, LLC as a means to fund current company expenses, and grow revenue. This was a smart move, as it gives the company much needed capital and time.

The company has also
retained an auditing firm and securities counsel to file a registration statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission and to become fully reporting. To that end, the Company is currently being audited and hopes to file with the SEC within the upcoming weeks. Good things are going on for XYNH and its shareholders.

XYNH hit $.035 before slowly trickling down to sub $.001. It closed today at $.0006, which I think is quite the bargain considering all this stock has going for it. I think XYNH will see $.002 and better as the news and company updates come in.

Investors have neglected to take notice of this stock, but I think that will change at some point. There is no better place to be positioned for a big move higher than at the bottom. XYNH right now, in my view, is at the bottom. It has no where to go but up and the recent news is the impetus for that move. Factor in future events and this stock could be trading 400-500% higher than today's close.

XYNH is a stock to add to your watch list if you haven't already. The company has come back to life and I expect the stock to follow in a big way.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Wednesday's Stocks To Watch - UWRL,HTLJ, EXTO, PRGJ

UWRL today the stock saw some decent buying after an early drop. Shares remain in demand and this stock is heading higher as it rests markedly above significant support levels

HTLJ the money volume is starting to flow into this highly undervalued stock. Almost $4 a share in annual revenue, $1 per share in assets, a company buy back, don't say the Guru didn't tell you about this one before it ran.

EXTO the buying pressure continued for a thirds session. If we break and hold above $.0008 tomorrow, I think EXTO could see $.0013 - $.002 short term. This stock has a lot of ground to recover after it dropped from over $.01.

PRGJ this is another stock that investors have left behind. It should be trading at least at $.05 - $.10 a share yet rests under $.01. I think the $.006 price represents a fabulous bargain.

EXTO - Awaiting Breakout Confirmation

EXTO continues to make impressive progress toward mounting a significant rally. The stock plummeted from $.01 and now is working its way higher, closing today at the important figure of $.0008. A break and hold of this price could lead to a substantial gain in shares.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Tuesday Stocks To Watch - UWRL, SSWC, HTLJ, EXTO

UWRL today's trading action while not overly impressive, relieved some over bought conditions, which will help this stock have a clean and healthy rally. The buying at the open was strong and firm, and I think we can see this follow through into tomorrow and beyond.

SSWC the stock closed up today and looks poised to break the recent $.0021 high.

HTLJ financials were released to day further verifying that this is undoubtedly the most undervalued stock in the market right now, bar none.

EXTO had some impressive action on the ask today. If this continues this stock could see a 200-400% rally from these levels.

Chart of the Day -QSGIQ

The chart is showing more gains short term for this stock.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Monday's Stocks To Watch - UWRL, HTLJ, EXTO, LBSR

UWRL I think this stock could appreciate 100-200% this week alone, as momentum and interest grows. The future prospects for this stock are great as value continues to be added through mergers. This has yet to be fully reflected in its share price. When that happens UWRL could be trading well over $.01 a share.

HTLJ should be releasing their next quarterly report this week. I am curious to see both their financial results and how investors react to them. This is clearly the most under valued OTCBB stock in the marketplace right now. That will change soon.

EXTO this stock bears watching going forward as it works its way off its recent lows. I could see this stock posting s 200-300% gain this week if the buying volume picks up.

LBSR this stock just won't stop. It will be interesting to see just how high this one goes. Could it see $.10 - $.20 a share? At this stage I would say absolutely.

Friday, August 13, 2010

UWRL - On The Cusp of a Major Breakout

Gains of 100-200% in one day do not fit the description of UWRL. This is a stock that deliberately trades in one direction or the other, plodding along to close a few ticks higher or lower. Today the stock broke through its 50 and 200 day moving averages with conviction. It won't be looking back at those price points for quite some time. This once slow moving stock could see its gains accelerate in the days and weeks to come.

UWRL is on the cusp of a major breakout as share supply fails to meet demand. How do I know that? Anyone watching URWL level II today would have noticed many market makers not just moving up on the ask, but moving up 10,000% on the ask. CSTI, a market maker who has been serving up shares on the ask for several weeks is now at $.25 a share. Shorting a stock that keeps uncooperatively moving higher must get frustrating at some point. CSTI seems to have given up in that regard.

AUTO, another market maker on the ask consistently, has moved to $2.00 a share. VFIN, VERT, and even HDSN are well of the current ask, meaning they have very little shares to sell, and what little shares they do have to sell, they are being priced well off the current market price.

The chart shows a stock that is trending higher on lighter volume. There is clearly less shares in circulation than when the initial run began over a month ago. Investors are holding onto their shares, and I can't blame them. This stock has all the makings of a memorable one. A stock many will be compared to down the road.

With the market makers currently painting a rosy picture for share appreciation, and a company focused on keeping shareholders informed, UWRL should be able to build on recent gains and break a key resistance point of $.003 this week.

If recent trading is any indication it will take very little volume to get this stock to $.003 and beyond. UWRL is my favorite stock in this market right now.

CTYX - To Perform Reverse Split , Shares to Be Reduced By a 50-1 Ratio

Effective August 23rd shareholders of CTYX will find their share holdings reduced by a ratio of 50-1. As I noted to my subscribers CTYX was a great stock because of its share structure. If that were to change so would my view of CTYX. Ironically CTYX was getting some great upward movement up until mid-day today when it crumbled on the reverse split news.

As I state in my disclaimer, you will lose money trading penny stocks. These stocks are the most risky investments out there and anyone trading them has lost money at one point or another. Of course with that risk comes the potential for enormous gains, which I have been able to bring to my readers and subscribers.

While I can find stocks that post 2000-3000% gains or more, I can not control the actions of a company. I find it absurd that CTYX, just as it was getting investor attention, would suddenly decide it needed to screw each and every one of its shareholders over. This is precisely why these stocks can turn on a dime in either direction. Expect the unexpected.

The bottom line: if you can not afford to lose money trading penny stocks, then please do not follow my blog and unsubscribe yourself from my mailing list. Anyone expecting to post a profitable trade every single time with penny stocks is just fooling themselves. Anyone reading my blog thinking that every single stock I post about is going to go up is also fooling themselves. Inevitably I will blog about a stock that goes down. For every few stocks I pick that goes up 500%, 1000%, 2000%, I will have one that disappoints. I am not perfect and can not control company actions or whether investors buy or sell a stock.

Reverse splits, dilution, 50-75% losses, are all the nature of the beast. No one ever said making 2,000% on your investment was going to be easy.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Friday's Stocks To Watch - UWRL, CTYX, EXTO, FFGO

UWRL could we be witnessing the start of a bold move higher?  The first step in UWRL heading to $.006 and beyond would be breaking and holding above $.003.  Considering how quickly this stock recovered off its recent lows, I do not think there are many shares left in circulation.  The stage has been set for an unforgettable rally.

CTYX this stock just wants to head higher.  The volume today was impressive and the stock closed up.  I could see CTYX over $.001 by the close of trade tomorrow.  Next week, if the buying continues CTYX will be a $.0015 - $.002 stock.  Yes a bold prediction, but one that I think will come to life.

EXTO this stock is poised for a rebound after such a precipitous drop last month.  The bounce off the lows should bring a 100-200% to shareholders of the stock.

FFGO more buying today and you would have to believe the float is getting accumulated.  At some point there will be no sellers left at $.0002 and the stock will uptick.  After a break of $.0002 this stock should move higher with less effort.