Sunday, June 29, 2008

Are Shell Stocks Going To Heat Up Again This Summer?

Throughout the summer last year shell stocks were quite popular and some enjoyed some incredible runs. You can search this blog for posts from last summer and find quite a few about shell stocks with enormous gains.

Shell stocks have always garnered the interest of penny stock investors because they do offer possibilities for huge gains. But like most penny stocks, they carry risks as well.

One thing to remember is that most shell stocks lie dormant until a company reverse merges into the shell. Recently many of these reverse mergers included a reverse split that has an adverse affect on current shareholders of the stock. Absent a reverse split a shell stocks offer the chance to get in a stock before a viable company merges into it.

Lets see if shell season is back which would help put a little glimmer on the usually slow summer months

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Stocks To Watch Thrusday June 26th - PINR, HTOG

PINR looks poised to break $.001 before the week ends. The stock had been under steady accumulation through out the week.

HTOG has enjoyed incredible money flow for a sub penny stock. Look for continued volume on Thursday and a move that will likely determine where this stock is headed the next few trading sessions.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Penny Stocks To Watch Wednesday June 25th - PMED, HTOG, IVCM

It seems this week has started off on the right foot for most sub-penny stock investors. BIHC and QMNM continued with amazing money volume of over $1,000,000 and over $7,000,000 respectively. Both stocks have surged 1,000's of % the last few days. With those stocks, among others, taking the lead a buying frenzy has lifted pennies out of their early summer dole drums and into the spotlight.

A few stocks to keep your eyes on for Wedndesday.

IVCM opened the day at $.0003 but didn't stay there very long. Reaching a high of $.0025 the stock was up 733% at one point. Could this be the start of a push toward a penny or more? Or will the stock head back to where it started. Wednesday could be a telling day.

PMED came under heavy accumulation Tuesday and is looking to break out of the triple zero's.

HTOG was another high money volume stock on Tuesday. This could be a another hundred percent or so before it slows down. Keep it on your watch list.

Stocks To Watch Today Tuesday June 24th - SKYF, QMNM, BIHC

BIHC surged over $.01 for the first time since last summer after two big up days. Today will be a good indicator of where the stock is headed the rest of the week. A continuation of the current trend could be a sign that this stock is heading to $.04 - $.06. If the stock slides then the run-up could be over.

QMNM has appreciated in value a mind numbing amount the last week. This is another stock where today will likely indicate its trend going forward.

SKYF is quietly gaining attention amid light buying pressure the last few days. The company filed with Pink Sheets in April but has yet to update investors with a press release since then. Recent volume could suggest that something is in the works. Keep SKYF on your watch list.

Monday, June 23, 2008

QMNM - When A Penny Stock Becomes a "Life Changer"

Trading sub-pennies is usually the easiest way to lose your entire investment. Some people might ask "Why do people even bother buying penny stocks" and usually there is no easy answer. Realistically the only ones making money on a consistent basis are the convertible debt holders and the companies themselves through the selling of shares to investors on the open market.

But for the hundreds of penny stocks that end up sucking away someones hard earned money there is one penny stock that could change your life. Last year DLAV, LNGT, and AWYI fit that profile. These stocks soared from $.000's into the pennies, scoring huge gains for those lucky enough to buy and hold when the going was tough.

This year has seen a couple big gainers including EESO and GRMU, but what has occurred the last three trading sessions with QMNM could truly change someones life.

QMNM traded as low as $.0008 last week and you could have easily purchased a million shares at .0013 for $1,300. Those 1 million shares would be worth $72,000 at today's close. Can you imagine turning $1,300 in $72,000 in less than a week and your not a professional sports player?

Such is the allure of penny stocks. For the 100 that ultimately take your hard earned money, there are a handful that make that money back ---- and then some. Its what keeps penny stock traders hunting for the next big run and the reason why we love trading pennies.

So the next time someone asks you why you trade penny stocks, tell them to check out the ticker QMNM and let them know that a $1,300 investment would have been worth $72,000 in less than a week. I'm sure that will garner their interest.

Monday June 23 Penny Stocks To Watch - PINR, LTDI

PINR fell to new lows early last week only to recover on Friday with renewed interest and a fresh press release. The stock looks ready to surpass highs made on Friday and could be a week long runner.

LTDI has been slowly gaining traction the last few weeks. The press release on Friday looks to have blown the door off the investment community as the stock surged ahead on heavy volume. This stock should continue to head higher as the week progresses. Keep your eyes on it.

Friday, June 20, 2008

LTDI - Honda Marine and Latitude - Could be a winning combination

LTDI issued a press release this morning, a copy of it is below, that could send this stock much higher in the near future. Look for this stock to get added attention this weekend and a possible run today into next week.

Latitude Industries, Inc. Enters Into Negotiation Talks With Honda MarineMarket Wire "US Press Releases "
MIAMI, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 06/20/08 -- Latitude Industries, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: LTDI), manufacturer of offshore high performance sport and center console quality-made boats, announced today that it has been approached by Honda Marine and they have formally entered into negotiation talks.
Honda Marine is the pioneer in four-stroke engine technology, setting a new benchmark for fuel efficiency, quiet operation, and low emissions. Honda's outboards share the same unparalleled durability, quality, and reliability of its legendary automobiles. With models ranging from 2 to 225 horsepower, Honda Marine's full line of current production models meets rigorous California Air Resources Board (CARB) 3-Star standards, ensuring their availability and regulatory compliance in all 50 states.
The National Marine Manufacturer's Association has awarded Honda Marine "Best in Customer Satisfaction" for the last four years in a row. Honda outboard engines deliver the power, fuel efficiency and reliability that enhances any boating experience.
"We are delighted to begin talks with Honda Marine. We believe our cutting edge, rock solid and, as recently mentioned by Hot Boat Magazine, 'stealthy boats' will blend together nicely with Honda to provide today's boating market with fully-rigged boat and motor packages," stated Orlando Hernandez, COO of Latitude Industries, Inc.
About Latitude Industries
Latitude Industries is a manufacturer of high-quality, offshore powerboats. The company's boats fuse innovative design with advanced lightweight composite materials that resist rot and decay and retain buoyancy under all conditions. Hand-laid fiberglass hulls offer the best of old world craftsmanship and new world technology. In addition, the company enhances the safety of its boats by using the latest lamination technology, creating a sturdy and durable hull that can handle the toughest sea conditions. Latitude Industries employs craftsmen with decades of industry experience at its headquarters in South Florida, the sport fishing capital of the world. For more information about Latitude Industries, Inc., visit
For more information about Latitude Industries, Inc. or to Sign In for our bi-weekly corporate letter and boating tips visit
Forward-Looking Statements
This release contains forward-looking statements, including, without limitation, statements concerning our business and possible or assumed future results of operations. Our actual results could differ materially from those anticipated in the forward-looking statements for many reasons including: our ability to continue as a going concern, adverse economic changes affecting markets we serve; competition in our markets and industry segments; our timing and the profitability of entering new markets; greater than expected costs, customer acceptance of our products or difficulties related to our integration of the businesses we may acquire; and other risks and uncertainties as may be detailed from time to time in our public announcements and SEC filings. Although we believe the expectations reflected in the forward-looking statements are reasonable, they relate only to events as of the date on which the statements are made, and our future results, levels of activity, performance or achievements may not meet these expectations. We do not intend to update any of the forward-looking statements after the date of this document to conform these statements to actual results or to changes in our expectations, except as required by law. INFORMATION:
For more information about the company, please feel free to send an email
Latitude Industries, Inc.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Stocks To Watch - Monday June 16th - LTDI, MGLG, PINR

LTDI appears ready for another run. Volume is up, and the price is trading in a higher range. The stock looks ready to break current Resistance at $.001.

MGLG is an energy stock play. The stock is down big and looks more than ready to surge higher this week. With energy prices a concern for all, energy stocks will likewise receive some added attention going forward. MGLG could be a solid energy play.

PINR is on bottom watch. The stock recently hit a new 52 week low. With some buying interest this could go a 100%+ from its current levels.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

SIVC - ascends from $.0001 to $.0105 over 6 Months

It is not everyday you see a penny stock bounce from its lowest possible price back over a penny. SIVC closed at $.0001 a share in late December 07. Most investors must have assumed the stock was prepared for a reverse split and then a resumption of dilution that would bring the stock down once more.

Investors could not have been farther from the truth. In a run reminiscent of a big board stock, SIVC has gradually risen from $.0001 in 2007 to $.0105 in 2008. What a difference a year makes. It is runs like these that makes penny stocks worth the risk for some. For the 95% of the penny stocks that go down rarely do they rebound in such dramatic and deliberate fashion.

For those who purchased shares and held, for once they are being rewarded. This usually is not the case for a stock that once traded in the triple zero range. The question remains how much more potential is there for upside? As the stock has risen in price, so has attention for the stock, and consequently money flow has slowly increased as well. There truly is no telling how high this stock could trade. In theory as long as the money flow is there the price should continue to rise.

But then again once a $.0001 stock always a $.0001 stock.

Monday, June 2, 2008

MMTE on close watch this week

MMTE has been issuing a steady diet of press and consequently has received interest from the investment community. A recent company letter indicates that MMTE is reducing its authroized shares from a bloated 5.5 billion to a more manageable 1.5 billion shares.

This is a start in the right direction. The outstanding share figure is in the 1.2 billion share range so the room for additional dilution is capped short term.

MMTE looks like a stock that will gain momentum as the week progresses. Keep your eyes on it. Here is a copy of todays press release.

Mammoth Energy Group, Inc. Working Towards PS StatusMarket Wire "US Press Releases "
WINSTON-SALEM, NC -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 06/02/08 -- Mammoth Energy Group, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: MMTE) has started working diligently to obtain a PS Status on Pink Sheets. President and CEO, Joe Overcash, is working very closely with M and M Investor Relations to obtain all the necessary information to achieve the PS Status. Joe Overcash has started working on the financials of Mammoth to get them up to date. He is collecting all current information about Mammoth for the disclosure statement and both he and M and M Investor Relations are working with an attorney to have the legal opinion letter prepared.
"We at Mammoth Energy are working very hard to obtain the PS Status and become fully reporting," stated President and CEO Joe Overcash.
About Mammoth Energy Group, Inc.
We are focused on developing shallow gas and/or oil projects in northeastern Oklahoma due to the low risk, blanket characteristics in the area that make it possible to drill and produce a well nearly every time. We have continuing revenue from our Rogers County, OK project and with the Noble property hopes to develop its strategy with wells that can be drilled quickly and be positioned to grow consistently each month as new wells are brought on-line.
More information is available at the company's website at
Cautionary note This report contains forward looking statements, particularly those regarding cash flow, capital expenditures and investment plans. Resource estimates, unless specifically noted, are considered speculative. By their nature, forward-looking statements involve risk and uncertainties because they relate to events and depend on factors that will or may occur in the future. Actual results may vary depending upon exploration activities, industry production, commodity demand and pricing, currency exchange rates, and, but not limited to, general economic factors. Cautionary Note to US investors: The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission specifically prohibits the use of certain terms, such as "reserves" unless such figures are based upon actual production or formation tests and can be shown to be economically and legally producible under existing economic and operating conditions. Contacts
North America
Mammoth Energy Group, Inc.
Investor Relations Contact:
Investor Relations
Dominic Martinez