Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fridays Watchlist - TLAN, TRTH, CAAH, AAGH

TLAN quarterly filing was published today on OTC Markets. Assets and Liabilities down, revenue up and a small lost for the quarter. Overall, in my view, a great filing for a sub penny stock. TLAN has no convertible debt or preferred stock. The company has reduced its outstnading shares twice recently and the float is very attractive for a sub penny stock.

TRTH this shipping stock should impress at some point in the near term. The company has $60 million worth of new ships being produced for 2011/2012.

CAA and AAGH were the top sub $.10 gainers today. They should both garner continued interest tomorrow.

June 30th Penny Stock Winners and Losers

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OTC Markets Web Site Update - Includes Stock Screener

OTC Markets has just updated it web site again. I am really liking this one and it includes a Beta Version of a brand new stock screener. You can sort the stocks by price, type of stock, location, volume. This certainly will be a tool I utilize often.

If you can't find the screener here is a link to it:

Feds charge 3 CEOs with penny-stock fraud

Feds charge 3 CEOs with penny-stock fraud Associated Press, The   "AP Financial News"
WASHINGTON -- Three CEOs face civil and criminal charges of stock manipulation after regulators said they tried to bribe undercover FBI agents to buy shares of their companies so that the stock prices would rise.

The executives thought they were bribing a corrupt broker and representatives of a corrupt pension plan trustee, the Securities and Exchange Commission said Thursday.

The sting also netted a consultant and a marketer who created a website with false testimonials to make a stock more attractive, the SEC and the U.S. Attorney's office for the Southern District of Florida said.

The charges involve so-called penny stocks, which trade for less than a dollar. Their low value makes penny stocks vulnerable to price manipulation because a relatively small trade can change the share price significantly.

Among the allegations described Thursday:

_ Donald Klein , 40, of Frisco, Texas , president and CEO of KCM Holdings Inc. ; and Douglas Newton , 66, or Rancho Mirage, Calif. , CEO of Real American Brands Inc. , both tried to funnel and then conceal kickbacks to the supposed pension plan trustee in exchange for fund's purchasing millions of shares of their stocks, the SEC said. They also tried to bribe a broker to buy KCM stock for the broker's clients, the regulator said. Both the broker and the trustee actually were FBI agents.

_ Thomas Schroepfer , 54, of Las Vegas , president and CEO of SmokeFree Innotec Inc. paid kickbacks to the supposed trustee in exchange for the fund's buying shares of SmokeFree, the SEC said. SmokeFree stock promoter Charles Fuentes , 66, of Dana Point, Calif. , also was charged.

_ Brian Gibson , 63, of Coconut Creek, Fla. , created a website called to promote shares of Xtreme Motorsports International Inc. , the SEC said. He allegedly promoted the site by sending email blasts to potential investors and posting false testimonials about the success of the website's stock picks.

The sting was part of a securities and investment fraud initiative in South Florida announced last year by the SEC , FBI , U.S. Attorney and other state and local law-enforcement agencies. In October and December 2010 , the SEC filed civil charges against more than a dozen companies and penny-stock promoters for similar stock manipulation schemes. The U.S. Attorney's office has obtained 16 criminal convictions related to fraud involving penny stocks.

Investors were not harmed by the undercover operation, officials said.

A call to a phone number listed as Klein's was not answered. A man identifying himself as Newton answered the phone but ended the call quickly without commenting. Neither Fuentes nor Schroepfer could be located for comment Thursday afternoon. Gibson did not immediately respond to a phone message seeking comment.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

GGRI a 1,000% Bottom Call

Last week when the stock GGRI was unheard of, no one was talking about the stock except me. I had it featured on my blog as a bottom play at a time when there was very light volume and no interest. I also covered it in three nightly watchlists last week.

Obviously there is a big promotion going on, I had no idea it was coming, but I bet anyone who listened to my bottom call last week is very happy today. The stock was at $.014 - $.017 all last week and today hit a high of $.145. A $100 buy at $.014 last week could be sold at today's high for over $1,000. Congratulations to those of you who took a chance on this bottom play. Not all of them pan out and when they do its usually 50,100,200% not 1,000%+. High risk, high reward. Those of you in on GGRI when I brought it here have been handsomely rewarded. I have a knack for finding these 1,000% stocks before the crowd. I did it earlier this year with LEXG and countless times last year.

In 2010 I had 5,000% 4,000% 3,000% 2,000% and 1,000% calls, 2011 has been a little tougher, but it seems the summer is off to a good start. Once again congratulations to all profiting on this move and I've got my eyes open for the next big winner.

June 29th Momentum Scan

These are some stocks that came up in a scan based on technical criteria and nothing else. They would need to be further researched before making a trading decision.

Symbol  High    Low     Close   Volume  Name
ELTP 0.203 0.185 0.189 4219300 Elite Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
TSOI 0.135 0.12 0.135 220136 Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc.
TWDL 0.095 0.09 0.095 164369 Texas Wyoming Drilling, Inc.
DEGH 0.12 0.08 0.12 820142 Double Eagle Holdings, Ltd.
PCFG 0.034 0.032 0.034 2905419 Pacific Gold Corp.
MCUJ 0.031 0.025 0.031 275591 Medicure Inc.
VYEY 0.039 0.027 0.036 1135200 Victory Energy Corp.
CHYU 0.035 0.022 0.025 381412 China Youth Media, Inc.
EGSR 0.018 0.015 0.018 172900 Energas Resources Inc.
MEDT 0.005 0.003 0.005 29109236 Silverado Financial, Inc.
STMC 0.003 0.002 0.003 699905 Smart SMS Corp.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chart of the Day - POTG

Wednesday's Stocks To Watch -SKZW, PRRY, EXPH, IHCH

SKZW the last few days has seen increased volume and price for this stock. This is worth watching and possibly stepping in for a trade at some point.

PRRY the stock continues to hold this range, which to me, implies we are at a bottom. I think in the short term the stock will bounce nicely off this bottom.

EXPH this triple zero has maintained the $.0003/.0004 price for quite a while. This is a testament to the longs holding their stock and the company following through on its no dilution plans. This bodes well for a future move for this stock.

IHCH this sub $.10 stock has almost $500 million in annual revenue and earned $.08 in its latest filing. I think the stock deserves a much higher trading price per share.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Tuesdays Stocks To Watch - GGRI, TLAN, RNRG, CVSL

GGRI including some after hours trades GGRI had almost $2 million in trading volume today. I'd say that puts this stock on almost everyone's radar tomorrow. It should post a nice gap out of the gate and should make for some nice trading going forward. If all of my posts last week about this stock at $.014 weren't enough to get your attention perhaps today's 346% pop is. Add this stock to your watchlist.

TLAN the last filings from this company showed a profit, reduced liabilities, and greater assets. The company now has no convertible debt, no preferred stock, and recently reduced its outstnading shares. I am interest to see it latest financials on Otc Markets to see if the company is continuing on its positive trajectory.

RNRG and CVSL both had excellent money flow and gains today. Let's see if this can continue tomorrow. Either way buying the dip on both could make for a quick profitable trade.

June 27th penny Stock Winners And Losers

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GGRI - Before & After

Last week I had GGRI on my watch list Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I also had a post showing GGRI's chart and noting that a big move could be on the way. This is what GGRI's chart looked like last week when I featured it on my blog. Let's call this the BEFORE, as in I was alerting it before the masses:

A few of my comments last week on GGRI as well:

GGRI I had VTPI on my watchlist last night, the stock soared over almost 300% the last two days off its lows. I think GGRI could see a similar bounce, if it does indeed bounce and does not continue to go lower. It seems to have stabilized in the current $.014 $.017 area and I could see if posting a sharp rebound from here.

GGRI the chart is showing a stock that could be making strides toward turning higher. The MACD is curling nicely and the current $.014 - $.017 area looks like a some solid support/interest. The company aslo recently reduced its authorized shares down from 1 billion to 400 million.

GGRI the chart is one to watch for a potential bottom. The MACD is starting to curl and I could see this $.015 stock recovering at least 50-100% from here.

Here is what GGRI did today posting a 346% move. Congratulations to those of you who took a chance after reading my blog. Obviously there was a risk this stock could continue to fall, but without risks there would be no 346% gains in this market.

Let's call this chart the AFTER, as in AFTER the masses gallop into a stock:

I aim to find the stocks that are poised to rally before everyone else. Heck how many people knew of the stock ticker GGRI before today? No one knew of LEXG either before I featured it on my blog at $.10. GGRI is a perfect example of what I strive for on my blog, I saw the chart, the financials and filings, and utilized my own experience to come to the conclusion that GGRI would post a big move and I was right. Yes even a broken clock is right twice a day, but 346% in an hour.... well that's a "right" I'm patting myself on the back for and anyone willing to risk their capital had almost a week to get into this stock before its big move.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fridays Watchlist - TRTH, GGRI, BBDA, BFHJ


TRTH quarterly report is out today. The company posted a roughly $400 profit for the quarter. Revenue grew from $2.9 million to $3.9 million. With $60 million worth of ships under construction this company should continue to grow at a nice clip.

GGRI I had VTPI on my watchlist last night, the stock soared over almost 300% the last two days off its lows. I think GGRI could see a similar bounce, if it does indeed bounce and does not continue to go lower. It seems to have stabilized in the current $.014 $.017 area and I could see if posting a sharp rebound from here.

BBDA this was the hottest penny stock today, bursting higher on big news this morning. Could the stock hit new highs tomorrow? Should make for a nice trade regardless. If it busts out higher out of the gate ( the most likely scenario) I'd wait for a pull back before attempting a quick trade. If the stock somehow dips at the open (unlikely in my view) then buying that dip for a quick bounce type trade could be profitable.

BFHJ a filing out tonight about the company raising the authorized shares from 903 million to a little over 1.125 billion, for a total raise of about 225 million. Out of all the recent authorized share raises this one is by far the most modest and I think shows that the company actually cares about its shareholders. The reason for the authorized share increase, per the filing, is to take care of some debt and make some acquisitions. I have no problem with a share raise for those reasons. BFHJ remains a stock to watch at these prices.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Thursdays Stocks To Watch - VTPI, GGRI, SMEV, PELE

VTPI this stock could have made a bottom today as the stock hit $.0004 and rallied 50% from there to close at $.0006. The stock is down significantly and recently traded for better than $.004 a share. The stock could have a nice size bounce coming.

GGRI the chart is showing a stock that could be making strides toward turning higher. The MACD is curling nicely and the current $.014 - $.017 area looks like a some solid support/interest. The company aslo recently reduced its authorized shares down from 1 billion to 400 million.

SMEV we could be in the early stages of a nice rally for this stock. Keep a close eye on it going forward.

PELE a great trading session for this stock and this stock could continue to impress. Add it to your watchlist.

June 22nd Bottom Scan

Some stocks that came up with one of my bottom scans:

Symbol  Close   Volume  Name
DDSS 0.188 2974859 Labopharm, Inc.
GUNP 0.18 161875 Gunpowder Gold Corp.
XNRG 0.045 199172 Xun Energy Inc.
GSLO 0.041 965422 Go Solar USA Inc.
EHSI 0.04 423280 Emerging Healthcare Solutions, Inc.
JHTXQ 0.031 221058 Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Inc.
CLYW 0.03 232287 Calypso Wireless Inc
BLOAQ 0.027 10485179 Blockbuster, Inc.
UVSS 0.014 330000 Universal Systems Inc.
MSOA 0.006 9354671 My Social Income, Inc.
DRGZ 0.003 408831 Dynamic Response Group, Inc.
TADF 0.002 8372306 Tactical Air Defense Services, Inc.
THRA 0.001 12029226 Therma-Med Inc.
MRES 0.001 3764550 Neuro-Biotech Corp.
LLEG 0.001 36874264 Laidlaw Energy Group, Inc.
IRBL 0.001 231822 Inrob Tech, Ltd.

The scan just spits out stock tickers, these could be dead stocks, or vibrant growing companies. Further research needs to be done to determine that. I try and post this scan each night in the subscriber forum.

GGRI - Looking For A Bottom

GGRI could be turning here, worth watching as a bounce could bring it 50-100% higher from current levels.

June 22nd Winners and Losers

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wednesday's Stocks To Watch - PVSP, ALSC, TRTH, GGRI

PVSP some late day news helped spark a rally that could continue tomorrow. The stock has recently traded over $.10 and was as low as $.044 today.

ALSC last weeks $1.4 million trades could foreshadow something bigger is coming for the stock and its shareholders. In this market following the money is a great way to find profitable trades and in this case someone put a lot of money into ALSC.

TRTH absolutely great financials for a penny stock. They are also currently building $60 million in new shipping vessels which should equate to more growth for the company.

GGRI the chart is one to watch for a potential bottom. The MACD is starting to curl and I could see this $.015 stock recovering at least 50-100% from here.

June 21st Winners and Losers

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

ALSC - Deja Vu?

Some readers may recall back in March when I pointed out the odd volume and money flow for LEXG, a stock at the time that was trading for $.10 a share. The stock was quiet for the year with only a few trades, and then suddenly there was big buying at $.10. I was the first to point out the stock, and it posted one of the more memorable runs we've seen in quite some time. The stock went on to trade for over $10 a share, yes not a 100% or 1,000% gain, but a 1,000% gain and you heard it here first. Could ALSC be the next LEXG type stock? There are certainly some similarities.

Let's look at the LEXG chart.

On Friday ALSC, just before noon, had some impressive money flow come into the stock with just 3 trades. Up until now ALSC appears to be a non-reporting shell stock, no revenue, and no investor interest. The company deregistered the stock back in 2008 and has been trading quietly until Friday when someone decided to put almost $1.5 million into the stock through 3 trades. For a stock that had only 5,600 shares trade the day before and zero trades on Wednesday, a 4,000,000 share purchase is sure to draw some attention, especially when you consider this is exactly how the LEXG rally started. One big difference is the money flow on the first day. LEXG had $408,000 in pre-arranged trades while ALSC had $1.4 million or more than 3 times as much money behind ALSC. I think that gives some credence to a big move ahead for ALSC.

Just think about it for a second, those 4,353,042 shares had to be some sort of pre-arranged transaction, just like the LEXG pre-rally purchase. Someone doesn't put $1.4 million of their own money into a penny stock without good intentions... at least that is my perception of these trades. Could it have been some sort of $1.4 million fat finger? Its possible, but highly unlikely. The bottom line is those shares need to be available to be purchased. For a stock that has never see more than a few hundred thousand shares traded in a single session and has an average daily volume of 60,000 shares having 4.3 million shares go through without a huge jump in price tells you that this had to have some pre-planned transaction.

Stranger things have happened in this market, but one thing is for sure, following the money flow is a great way to find profitable trades. When LEXG was just starting up those millions of dollars in pre-rally shares sure seemed like a big gamble for a stock that had ZERO interest, ZERO revenue and absolutely ZERO positive's. You could say the same thing about ALSC right now, ZERO assets (as far as we know) , no interest, the only thing this stock has going for it right now is that someone has put $1.4 million of their own money into this stock.

I was telling my subscribers in the chat room on Friday that this stock was a big/risk reward. LEXG was a huge risk all the way from $.10 to $10.68. Everyone, including myself, kept waiting for it to crater, but it didn't and made many a substantial profit. That's why people trade this market, trying to find the next big runner. You don't know what the future holds, but you can take past events and try to apply them to current situations. In this case we have stock with almost no volume suddenly getting over 4 million in three trades and $1.4 million in money volume. After LEXG we know that big money volume into a formerly quiet stock could mean big things are on the way. Could ALSC be the next LEXG?.... and I can say with 100% certainty that we will soon find out.

TRTH - An Undervalued Shipping Stock?

TRTH recently filed its latest annual report and its numbers are quite impressive.

According to this report they have close to $29 million in assets and over $11 million in shareholder equity.  The company had over $12 million in revenue and over $1 million in income from operations.  Revenue is growing at a 50% clip from 2009 and the growth should conitinue in the years ahead as the company adds new vessels to its shipping fleet.

The Company has committed and contracted for the construction of six vessels in Vietnam with a combined carrying capacity of 45,600 deadweight tons in the aggregate value of approximately $60 million (equivalent to VND1,170 billion), which are expected to be delivered between 2011 and 2012.

The annual report can be found here:

This stock has been flying under the radar for quite some time and deserves a look going forward. 

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fridays Watchlist - TYTN, PRRY, BFHJ, SFIO

TYTN a very good sign for shareholders to see this formerly triple zero stock hold its gains amid the recent 5 billion authorized share increase. If that won't kill this stock, then we could be looking at further gains in the future for this stock.

PRRY I think this stock is poised for a rally in the near term. If you don't have it on your watch list now is a good time to add it.

BFHJ could we be looking at the beginning of another summer rally? BFHJ soared from current levels to over $.007 a share almost a year ago. Recent impressive financials out of the company could help bolster investor sentiment going forward.

SFIO the chart looks like its ready to turn higher again tomorrow for SFIO. It posted a 10% gain today and I think another 10-20% gain tomorrow is not out of the question. It should make for a great trade tomorrow.

June 16th Penny Stock Winners and Losers

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Thursdays Stocks To Watch - GRPS, SFIO, GRDO, RYUN

GRPS nice volume today and I do think this stock has hit bottom. It has fallen from over $.02 a share over the last month and could see a sharp rebound from current prices.

SFIO some late day news, three minutes before the close, could help bolster the stock tomorrow. It should get a jolt right out of the gate.

GRDO an authorized share raise from 1.5 billion to 6 billion. We've seen this happen with two other stocks recently where the company decides to raise the authorized by factors of at least 3. It really makes you wonder what their true intentions are. A few million, or ten million shares, can be dealt with, but why would you invest in a stock where the company has just told you they plan to dump 4.5 million share into the market and effectively dilute your investment? Greed. That is the only word I can find for this type of action. I could be wrong and I have liked this stock in the past, but an authorized share raise of this magnitude changes my view on this stock permanently.

RYUN what a great rally. This stock has made many a nice profit and could continue to see a strong bid. Add it to your watchlist if its not already there.

June 15th Winners and Losers

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MSOA - Intra-Day Dump and Run

MSOA fell from over $.01 to $.0021 this morning roughly an hour after the open and has since mounted an impressive rally to back over $.011 a share for a quick 400%+ gain for those daring enough to scoop up shares on the dump.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wednesday's Stocks To Watch - QING, GRPS, TYTN, ILVL

QING today's closing price gave the stock a p/e of .29.   The financials show a stock that is growing revenue and eps.  If you take QING's latest quarterly $.15 eps and extrapolate that over the year you get $.60 a share.  Use a very conservative multiple of 10 and you get a $6.00 stock.

GRPS the stock appears to have bottomed today.  News out today as well as some filings could be the impetus for a rally in these shares.  Keep a close eye on it over the next few days for confirmation that a bottom was reached and a rally is underway.

TYTN I noted the bullish pennant formation tonight which should resolve to the upside.  I felt great about TYTN for tomorrow, but then I came across some new filings.  My concern now is the recent authorized share raise from 1.5 billion to 6.5 billion.  That is anything but a modest raise and questionable considering how well the stock has been trading lately.  I had this stock on my watch list before its move from $.0007 to $.005.  It made for a great trade, and now its been holding up so well, consolidating at current levels.  To raise the authorized by over 3 fold... I am really lost for words.  FIVE BILLION?   Let's see what wins here, a bullish looking chart, or a greedy authorized share increase.  I can understand raising the authorized by 100 million, even 500 million.  To raise the authorized by 5 billion shares, that's a lot of tractors!  It boggles the mind and makes one question the motives of those behind this company.  Let's hope this works out for shareholders and the chart resolves higher.

ILVL  This stock surged late in the session.  It could have some follow through tomorrow.  Add it to your watchlist.

GRPS - Could Have Bottomed Today

GRPS has been in a slow steady tailspin for the last few months. Today the stock briefly hit $.0016, marking a fresh low for the year. The stock quickly bounced back and we could have seen the lows for this stock over the short term.

The company posted three filings today and also issued a press release, which I posted below.

Gold River Productions Inc. (GRPS-Pink Sheets) Discusses Progress of Its World Home and P.V. Solar Roof

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, Jun 14, 2011 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- John Ohlin, President and Chief Executive Officer of Gold River Productions (PINKSHEETS: GRPS) Inc., reported, "In recent weeks we have discussed the interest these innovative products have received from around the world.

"The investor should know that work on these projects has been ongoing. The work involves architects, engineers and/or builder/developers and requires a significant investment of time and capital to bring the project(s) to the point of being able to provide and appropriate bid. Subdivisions require significant planning and in many cases appropriate permitting along with adequate funding to bring them to fruition.

"Our Chief of Engineering has recently reached an agreement with a manufacturer of the latest technology in P.V. Solar Panels (flexible, thin film) to procure early samples of the product for scale model prototyping that will begin soon. Over the next few months we will be testing this latest technology and its incorporation into our panels.

"We will continue to keep the investing public informed on our progress as the development of the bidding process evolves. Along with interest from South America and the far east we are in discussions on potential projects in the Caribbean as well."

For complete information on the Company please go to our web site

Except for historical information contained herein, the statements in this release are forward-looking statements that are made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties that may cause the company's actual results in future periods to differ materially from forecasted results. Such risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to, market conditions, competitive factors, the ability to successfully complete additional financing and other risks.

Mr. John Ohlin

TYTN - Very Bullish - Pennant Formation

TYTN a very bullish chart formation could mean shares are ready for another big breakout to the upside.

Pennant (Bullish) Chart Pattern

A Pennant (Bullish) is considered a bullish signal, indicating that the current uptrend may continue.

A Pennant (Bullish) follows a steep, or nearly vertical rise in price, and consists of two converging trendlines that form a narrow, tapering flag shape. The Pennant shape generally appears as a horizontal shape, rather than one with a downtrend or uptrend. Apart from its shape, the Pennant is similar in all respects to the Flag. The Pennant is also similar to the Symmetrical Triangle or Wedge continuation patterns however; the Pennant is typically shorter in duration and flies horizontally.

Pennant Bullish Chart

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Tuesdays Stocks To Watch - UYMG, SYTE, SMVI, INTP, GBTR

UYMG the stock crumbled over 50% on Monday. News out after the bell could help shares rebound on Tuesday. UYMG received a purchase order from Pfizer a nice development for the company and its shareholders.

SYTE this is, in my view, an attractive stock at current prices. The company has embarked upon a 10 million share buy back, and still has almost 1.7 million left in that program, according to its last annual report. How many penny stocks do you know that follow through on their share buybacks? SYTE just might be it. The rest of SYTE's financials are good for a stock trading in the pennies. Keep this stock on your watchlist.

SMVI the last weeks authorized share raise was not something I envisioned when I recently covered the stock on my blog. As I noted after the increase, those 1 billion shares were going to be used for something. The selling on friday and today show exactly what they intend to do with those shares. Obviously it stinks. It does appear that those shares are being soaked up, and if that's the case I can't rule out another rally for SMVI. Also the launch date is fast approaching. Let's just be wary going forward with SMVI about dilution, and if somehow the share selling stops, this stock could perform.

INTP and GBTR were the top two sub $.10 gainers in the market on Monday. Both should be fun to watch on Tuesday to see if they can maintain their ascent.

June 13th Penny Stock Winners and Losers

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UYMG - Could Be Good For A Bounce On Tuesday - Deal With Pfizer

In the chat room today I told everyone that UYMG at $.0021, down 58% at that point on the session, could be a good spot for a rebound. The stock clawed back to hit $.0027 and closed the session at $.0023 down 54%. News out after the bell could be the imptetus for a rebound tomorrow. The company has struck a deal with Pfizer ticker PFE.

There was also a news release today by with a link for a write up on the stock which came before the market opened. According to their website they are being paid $12,500 for UYMG IR services. Just something to keep in mind. VFIN was on the ask into the early afternoon hammering the bid. When I brought stock up in the chat room there was another few million shares that went through at $.0021 and then a big 9.17 million share block before VFIN moved up. At the end of the session VFIN asking over $.005 a share. If UYMG does indeed bounce VFIN would be the market maker to watch.

Unity Management Group, MCC Closes Deal with Pfizer PR Newswire "Press Releases US - English"

EAST HANOVER, N.J. , June 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Unity Management Group, Inc. (OTC: UYMG) "UNITY" (or the "Company") (MCC) Metropolitan Computing Corporation is proud to announce it has received an initial $70,000.00 purchase order from Pfizer Pharmaceuticals (PFE), the world's largest research based pharmaceutical company. The contract is for complete instrumentation and calibration services to upgrade preexisting equipment with MCC's proprietary Advanced Instrumentation Monitor technology (AIM).

The MCC instrumentation monitoring system is engineered to integrate hardware and software into a complete data acquisition and analysis system. AIM is a state-of-the-art tool that facilitates research, process development, scale-up, and production of tablets and capsules. It is Windows NT based and provides continuous batch recordings and process optimization for all instrumented equipment. The system is modular and is contained in a mobile enclosure or laptop computer that can be moved between different types of instrumented equipment. Each system can be custom tailored to match customer specific needs.

"This initial order from a Fortune 100 company like Pfizer gives us tremendous confidence in our abilities in the marketplace," said Ron Berman President of Metropolitan Computing Corporation . "Furthermore, we believe this order opens doors to additional business from Pfizer, as well as other large pharmaceutical companies."

About Pfizer Pharmaceutical:

The largest pharmaceutical company in the world, the makers of Viagra, and many other important drugs vital to the health and well being of all people. Pfizer has the leading portfolio of products and medicines that support wellness and prevention, as well as treatment and cures for diseases across a broad range of therapeutic areas; and they have an industry-leading pipeline of promising new products that have the potential to challenge some of the most feared diseases of our time. Pfizer reported in excess of $16m their first quarter of 2011.

About Unity Management Group, Inc. : Unity Management Group , a health resource company, will continue to provide innovative physician practice management services that offer high value and significant return on investment for physicians practices and hospitals through its three subsidiary companies: United Healthcare Solutions Inc. , Unity Technologies Inc. , and United Business Services Inc.

The first subsidiary, Unity Business Services, is a full service management company offering solutions in practice management, billing, staffing, contracting, licensing, credentialing, and accounting. Unity Business Services also offers assistance in HIPAA compliance, marketing, and unique solutions for practice start-ups and new practices.

Unity Technologies Inc. is a complete software solutions company offering billing, electronic medical records, and electronic health records for physicians' offices and hospitals.

United Healthcare Solutions, a national company based in Nevada , is a healthcare company will be providing medical, vision and dental plans, as well as PPO and HMO networks.

For more information please go to our website which can be found at

Certain information discussed in this press release may constitute forward-looking statements within the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 and the federal securities laws. Although the Company believes that the expectations reflected in such forward-looking statements are based upon reasonable assumptions at the time made, it can give no assurance that its expectations will be achieved. Readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements are inherently subject to unpredictable and unanticipated risks, trends and uncertainties such as the Company's inability to accurately forecast its operating results; the Company's potential inability to achieve profitability or generate positive cash flow; the availability of financing; and other risks associated with the Company's business. The Company assumes no obligation to update or supplement forward-looking statements that become untrue because of subsequent events.

Unity Management Group, Inc. Investor Relations 855-413-0755

SOURCE Unity Management Group, Inc.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fridays Watchlist - TWDL, FWTC, VTPI, GRPS

TWDL was the top sub $.10 gainer today, soaring 100% from yesterday's close.  This stock was higher earlier in the session but pulled back into the close.  I think it could resume its surge tomorrow and could make for a porifitable trade.

FWTC  this triple zero stock hit new lows today and started to bounce off of them.  This should continue tomorrow and we could see a very sharp recovery.

VTPI and  GRPS both appear to have bottomed and I think they will turn higher in the short term.  Keep a close eye on them as either could break out from here.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Thursday's Stocks To Watch - TYTN , PRRY, QING, GRDO

TYTN I had this stock on my watchlist a few weeks ago at $.0007 and it has since soared to $.005 a share an over 600% move. Since then it looks to be consolidating and forming a bull flag. Also the chart shows a golden cross, a very bullish formation. Accumulation remains strong, and the stock could see a test and break of the recent highs in the near future. This stock remains one to watch.

PRRY recent news by the company has fallen on deaf ears. I think the news is positive and the company is really starting to turn the corner. This formerly $.80 stock now trades for $.02 a share. I think it could rebound smartly from here.

QING the stock boasts a p/e of .5, an amazing figure for a company that is growing and posted an EPS of $.40 last year. This past quarter the company earned $.15 a share which extrapolated over the year wold put QING's 2011 EPS at $.60. Using a conservative multiple the stock should be priced at $6.00 or better a share, not $.20.

GRDO the stock had a strong day today closing out near its highs. The stock sits right in between its 50 and 200 day averages. For GRDO $.0041 looks like the next upside target if these three days of consolidation end with a move higher. Let's see what tomorrow brings.

SMVI - Once Resistance Now Support

Yesterday's authorized share raise still had investors on their heels today as the stock fell to close at $.0003 a share. You can see what dilution, or the potential of dilution can do to a stock. That is one of the reasons this market can be so difficult to trade. SMVI, resides in the very hot Social media sector, and has a June 17th launch date coming. The share structure was an attractive 2 billion authorized and the stock was trending higher, before the authorized share raise brought the stock down yesterday and today. Dilution and rallies are like oil and vinegar.... although what we saw late yesterday and today could just be people selling and moving on. I think if the company can lay off selling stock SMVI still has a great chance at posting gains going forward.

What we will look for is a major drop in the accumulation, today we didn't see that, which leads me to believe this isn't company selling.... at least not yet. When you raise your authorized share by 1 billion, 50% of the current authorized, you have to think they have something planned for those shares. If the plan is to sell stock into the market then SMVI may have already seen its highs at $.0007. If the plan is to exchange those shares for interests in other Social Media sites or other to add value, then this stock could really impress going forward.

Right now support is $.0002, which was a month and a half resistance level and 50 day moving average, while resistance is back at $.0006. Let's see how this plays out going forward.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wednesday's Stocks To Watch - GARB, HRID, SMVI, IFRS

GARB and HRID were right up there with the top gainers today. GARB looked poised to touch $.01 early in the session before pulling back while HRID pushed higher all session and closed at its high of the day. Both could make for profitable trades tomorrow.

SMVI had an excellent morning and looked ready to take out the $.0007 in the early afternoon. It was that time when the authorized share increase was posted. The stock sold off, but mounted an impressive recovery and closed down only one tick. Looking at the chart, the accumulation is still there and this, in my view, bodes well for the stock. As long as there is more buying then selling this stock should continue to head higher. Along with the share change, the company posted its current share structure on OTC Markets. This is also a good sign and shows the commitment the company has to providing current information to its shareholders. While I never like to see a share increase, as long as we see accumulation and a rise in share price, we'll know the company is not diluting. Let's see if investors agree tomorrow.

IFRS was on my watch list yesterday, the stock continued to trade heavy in the morning before an early afternoon press release launched the stock almost 200% from its lows. It trended down to close at $.0093 after hitting $.0173. I think the stock has a good chance of getting back and staying over $.01 tomorrow and posting a nice gain for the day.

SEC Halts Trading In 17 'Penny Stocks'

By Jessica Holzer and Melodie Warner

WASHINGTON (Dow Jones)--The Securities and Exchange Commission halted trading in 17 microcap stocks it said had been hyped by Internet promoters despite a lack of reliable information publicly available about the companies.

The mass-trading suspensions represent the SEC's first action to call attention to possible "penny stock" promotion schemes since it began a stepped-up effort last autumn to crack down on the proliferation of microcap-stock fraud.

The SEC said stock-touting websites, Twitter users and often anonymous individuals posting to message boards have swayed the investing decisions of the public, which often doesn't have adequate information about the securities.

Companies don't necessarily have to file periodic reports with the SEC for their shares to trade, particularly in the over-the-counter markets, where the stocks subject to Tuesday's trading halt were bought and sold. But rules require brokers, issuers and others to disseminate only accurate information about a company in connection with a securities sale or offering.

As an example, the SEC said one of the companies, Calypso Wireless Inc. (CLYW), hasn't filed periodic reports to the SEC since February 2008. The company's shares rose to an intra-day high of 17 cents on Sept. 24, the same day a stock-promoting website allegedly encouraged investors to continue buying the stock. The stock traded at 4 cents on Sept. 21.

In another example, several stock-promoting websites promoted Kore Nutrition Inc. (KORE) as a "winner" following the company's disclosures on Sept. 1 and 8, 2010, of new distribution agreements to market its energy drinks and the release of a company-funded research report that pegged the stock at $10.50. But the company's Sept. 30, 2010, quarterly report didn't mention the distribution agreements.

Calypso didn't immediately return a request for comment; Kore couldn't be reached.

"They may be called penny stocks, but victims of microcap fraud can suffer devastating losses," said Robert Khuzami, director of the SEC's division of enforcement.

Aside from Calypso Wireless and Kore Nutrition, the SEC halted trading in American Pacific Rim Commerce Group (APRM), Anywhere MD Inc. (ANWM), Cascadia Investments Inc. (CDIV), CytoGenix Inc. (CYGX), Emerging Healthcare Solutions Inc. (EHSI), Evolution Solar Corp. (EVSO), Global Resource Corp. (GBRC), Go Solar USA Inc. (GSLO), Laidlaw Energy Group Inc. (LLEG), Mind Technologies Inc. (MTEK), Montvale Technologies Inc. (IVVI), MSGI Security Solutions Inc. (MSGI), Prime Star Group Inc. (PSGI), Solar Park Initiatives Inc. (SOPV) and U.S. Oil & Gas Corp. (USOG).

Trading in the stocks will be frozen through Friday, June 17.

After the shares resume trading, brokers and other financial intermediaries will have a heightened obligation to ensure the publicly available information about the companies' operations and financial condition is accurate.

Last autumn, the SEC started a nationwide initiative aimed at targeting what are known as the gatekeepers in microcap fraud--brokers, lawyers, auditors, transfer agents and others that spread misleading information about companies--and bringing actions against them for multiple violations. The effort represents a shift from the SEC's previous strategy of going after microcap issuers one by one for single violations. The effort encompasses staff from all 11 regional SEC offices as well as numerous SEC divisions and offices aside from the enforcement division.

Microcap stocks are vulnerable to fraudulent schemes because it is often easy for a bad actor to gain control over a large portion of the shares, hype the company to investors based on misleading information and then dump the stock.

While many microcap companies are legitimate startups, a large portion are suspected of being complicit in such schemes or, at the very least, unwilling to correct false or outdated information being used by others to stir up interest in the stock, SEC officials said.

-By Jessica Holzer, Dow Jones Newswires; 202-862-9228;

-By Melodie Warner, Dow Jones Newswires; 212-416-2283;

SEC Halts Trading of 17 Penny Stocks

SEC halts trading of 17 penny stocks

The August 2010 report on a Nevada company called Kore Nutrition Inc. resembled any of countless research reports issued by Wall Street analysts assessing the outlook for company stocks.

Written by Cohen Independent Research Group Inc., it was filled with charts and tables of financial data supporting a conclusion that Kore Nutrition “offers an attractive investment for investors seeking growth from exposure to the fast-growing energy drink market.”

The report said the stock was trading at 61 cents at the time, and it presented a “Cohen Price Target” of $10.50.

The fine-print disclaimers more than 40 pages into the document added some caveats: The company had paid $11,500 for the report, which “should be viewed as a commercial advertisement and is not intended to be used for investment advice.”

On Tuesday, the Securities and Exchange Commission temporarily suspended trading in shares of Kore Nutrition and 16 other penny stocks, saying that a lack of current or accurate information about the companies seemed to leave investors vulnerable to hype and ma­nipu­la­tion.

The danger, SEC officials said, is that stock promoters could drive unsustainable spikes in share prices, and investors who buy on hype can be left holding the bag.

Penny stocks can be especially susceptible to such spikes because they may be thinly traded, a small number of investors may control a large proportion of the shares, and there may be relatively few sources of independent information about them, SEC officials said.

Regulators have long been concerned about penny stocks. The 17 suspensions Tuesday were part of the agency’s latest focus on the subject, involving a new “Microcap Fraud Working Group,” the agency said.

In a statement, SEC enforcement director Robert Khuzami said the group is scrutinizing promoters, lawyers, auditors, brokers and “other ‘gatekeepers’ who flourish in the shadows of this less-than-transparent market.”

Cohen Independent Research Group was not accused of doing anything wrong, and it was not named in the SEC’s actions Tuesday.

In a news release describing penny stock promotions, the SEC said Kore Nutrition’s share price began to spike on Aug. 31, 2010, after the release of “a company-paid research report setting a target price of $10.50.”

SEC officials said the agency was referring to the Aug. 19, 2010, Cohen report.

D. Paul Cohen, head of the firm that bears his name and of the affiliated Grass Roots Research and Distribution Inc. (GRRD), said in an interview that his organization neither knows about nor participates in any illegal activities.

“All of our reports are commercial advertisements, and they’re disclaimed as such,” he said.

The fine print said GRRD may be paid in stock, and that it might “significantly depress” the company’s share price when it sells the stock.

A profile on Cohen’s Web site says that as of late 2009, 80 percent of all stocks the company researched rose to their highest price within 30 days of being touted in a report.

A Kore Nutrition executive did not return a call seeking comment.

The trading suspensions last at least 10 days. Stocks traded outside exchanges in the “over-the-counter” market do not resume trading until a broker has determined that the companies have reasonably current financial statements, according to the SEC.

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Tuesdays Stocks To Watch - IFRS, DTTO, SMVI, TLAN

IFRS I think this stock is a great buy at these levels. The stock looked poised to break $.01 when market maker VFIN decided it was a perfect time to completely maul the bid. The stock crumbled to a low of $.0055, at the time in my chat room I was telling my subscribers that I thought the stock would rebound. Let's see if I'm right. I think IFRS will make for a great trade tomorrow and throughout the week.

DTTO up 1,900% today on a deregistration filing, the company's first activity in almost four years. I did some searching and I think I found the company that is going to do a reverse merger with DTTO. I am not 100% certain so I am not going to post it until I can confirm 100%. We've seen how crazy these merger plays can get and I wouldn't rule out additional gains for this stock tomorrow.

SMVI an excellent trading session for this stock. Read more about it here: With Social Media Venture residing in the very hot Social Media sector this stock could quite some bid for quite a while. A break of $.0006 tomorrow brings the next two price points of $.0011 and $.0022 into focus. I think the rally for SMVI is still in its very early stages and it will surprise many in the coming days.

TLAN the chart continues to look great for this stock. Accumulation is up, and we are within a day or two of getting a coveted golden cross, a very bullish technical sign. I will have an updated chart for you tomorrow. TLAN in my opinion, will be a very hot stock at some point this year and these quiet times offer a great chance to get in before the crowd. Today this $.003 stock had only one market maker below $.005. Shareholders have been accumulating and holding for the long term with this stock. The company recently reduced its outstanding shares TWICE, did away with all preferred stock, has no convertible debt..... and they also posted a profit last year while reducing liabilities and increasing assets. Need I saw more?

SMVI - The Accumulation Continues

The accumulation for SMVI is quite a sight to behold. You could see it today in the trading. The buys far outnumbered the sells and each healthy pull-back was bought. Its starting to become evident that investors are holding their shares for higher prices. With each step higher today we saw less and less supply of shares on the offer. If this trend continues the stock should maintain its steady ascent.

The $.0006 price is one I noted in my Friday night update on the blog. If SMVI can clear this figure tomorrow, than we can put the 200 day moving average into focus as the next logical point. The 200 day moving average is currently $.00011. A break of that price would make the 2011 high of $.0022 the next price to focus on.

These triple zero stocks can get a mind of their own. With SMVI being in the very hot Social Media sector, I could see interest continue to grow which would make the potential for gains impossible to gauge. Just look at LEXG, a stock I posted on my blog about at $.12. Who would have ever thought that stock would trade for over $10 a share less than a month later? That's the great part about these stocks. The can surprise you to the upside in a big way.

With SMVI we could be witnessing the beginning of an impressive rally. The accumulation on the chart is telling me people are buying and the selling is light, the share structure is attractive, the company is planning a big launch on June 17th, and the company resides in the hottest sectors out there. Social Media Ventures [SMVI] should continue to impress going forward.

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Friday, June 3, 2011

SMVI - Social Media Stock Looking To Work It's Way Out Of The Triple Digits

SMVI could be on the cusp of a big breakout to the upside. Why? For one the stock has fallen from its 2011 high of $.0024 on only modest volume. I think it will take the same modest volume to get this stock back up to where it belongs. The stock resides in the now very hot social media sector. Those not willing to spend $75 for LinkedIn, or lucky enough to own Facebook before it trades publicly, are looking for the next hot social media stock. While obviosuly SMVI is no where near the big social media names, the association can be made and that in itself could bring buyers into SMVI.... and from the looks of the chart these buyers could already be making themselves felt.

For the last few weeks the accumulation for SMVI has been consistently rising. We saw this with RPPR a few weeks ago at $.0005-$.0007 and the stock has gone on to hit $.0025 from a more than 300% move. If we get a similar type move short term, that would put SMVI at $.0006-$.0007 a share and within shot of the $.0012 200 DMA. With the attractive share structure, if SMVI does indeed start to move higher, there is a chance we could see and surpass the 2011 high of $.0024.

The company is launching one of its sites on June 17th, which could be another impetus for the stock going forward.

The best part about these triple zero stocks is that there is no telling just how high they can go. We've seen $.0001 stocks go to $.005 in the span of days. That is the allure of this market, the chance to catch that stock before everyone else and ride it for a big move higher. SMVI could be that stock. If you haven't already done so, I think SMVI should be added to your watchlist going forward.

The most recent news for SMVI is below:

Social Media Ventures' Announces New Marketing Agreement and Product Giveaway with Bon Mange, Inc.

JERICHO, N.Y., May 25, 2011 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Social Media Ventures, Inc. (Pink Sheets: SMVI) is pleased to announce that it has entered into a marketing agreement with Bon Mange, Inc. to promote the Sorbay Pet Oral Care Mist product on its popular pet social networking site,

As a way to help promote Bon Mange's Sorbay Pet Oral Care Mist and attract new members to, the companies have announced that they will be giving away a year's supply of Sorbay Pet Oral Care Mist to six lucky, random members of Each month, for the next six months, PetsPlaces will announce a new winner. Interested consumers can enter by visiting and registering as a member (registration is free). will also begin to offer this product for purchase through its new daily deal site, www.PetInThe.Net.

To spread the word about its site, plans on doing several more giveaways throughout the year that include a range of pet products - all with the goal of getting more and more consumers involved.

"We are proud to partner with Bon Mange as part of our inaugural pet product promotional program. Sorbay Pet Oral Care Mist will set a high standard of value, safety and affordability for products to be chosen for future promotions," stated Robert W. Thayer, CEO of SMVI.

R. Scott Chaykin, President of Bon Mange, stated, "We are pleased to become part of the PetsPlaces community and to bring our product to a network of people who care about their pets."

Sorbay Pet Oral Care Mist removes tartar from dogs and cats teeth and eliminates bad breath. The patented technology cleans the mouth by eliminating food residues. This helps make the pet's mouth less hospitable for the buildup of the bacteria responsible for bad breath, gingivitis, and tartar buildup. The technology was originally aimed at the same problems in humans (SorbayMTC Lozenges) and later adapted for pet use (Sorbay Pet Oral Care Mist)

About Social Media Ventures, Inc.

Social Media Ventures (SMVI) is an online media venture company, creating and acquiring niche social networking websites as well as revenue generating web sites. SMVI will integrate an online advertising program that focuses on attracting advertisers to its core demographics for each social networking site. Currently SMVI operates two social networking sites including

About Bon Mange, Inc.:

The founders of BonMange, Inc. have been in the technology business since the late 1980s. Time and care have been expended to develop safe and effective products in response to expressed consumer needs. The Company is committed to a "path for success" based on individual consumers finding its products both meet their needs and are reasonably priced. Some exciting new products are already taking shape in Bon Mange, Inc's. creative R&D pipeline.

Forward-looking statements:

This press release contains certain forward-looking statements, which are made pursuant to the "Safe Harbor" provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Statements of future goals or expectations, containing words such as "expect," "believe," "should," "anticipate," "intend," "plan," "may," "will" Or similar expressions reflecting something other than historical fact are intended to identify forward-looking statements, but are not the exclusive means of identifying such statements. These forward-looking statements involve a number of risks, uncertainties and assumptions that are difficult to predict and that could cause actual results to differ materially from those currently anticipated. Factors that could cause or contribute to such differences include, but are not limited to, the successful completion of acquisitions and the integration of such businesses with those of the Company, competition, technological changes, the ability to obtain financing and other factors. The Company undertakes no obligations to revise or update any forward-looking statements in order to reflect events or circumstances that may arise after the date of this press release.

Contact:Social Media Ventures, Email: ir@socialmv.comTele: (516) 204-4843

SOURCE Social Media Ventures, Inc.

Stocks To Research This Weekend - VPRS, QING, SMVI

VPRS the stock surged higher today out of the gate hitting $.093 on impressive buying. It settled down, but its becoming evident that investors are starting to catch onto this reverse merger stock. Take a look at the recent 8k filing showing new ownership and CEO. This stock has the potential to trade much higher in the future as the market begins to factor in these developments.

QING trading at a p/e of .50 this stock is being priced for bankruptcy, considering the company is growing at a 50% clip I think the market is way off on this one and this stock offers a tremendous bargain at current levels. Using last years eps this stock should be trading at $4.00 or better a share. That doesn't include the growth we are already seeing this year as the company posted earnings of $.15 per share for the latest quarter.

SMVI this stock could start to heat up the next few weeks. The chart shows a stock that is looking to rally with $.0006 as the next logical price point. After that the 200 DMA comes in at $.0012 and the 2011 high of $.0024 would be next.

June 3rd Winners and Losers

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fridays Watchlist - QING, STHG, APRM, TAON, GRPS, VTPI

QING now trades at a .50 p/e. In 2010 QING earned $.40 a share, today the stock closed at $.20 a share. In the most recent quarter QING earned $.15 a share, putting it on pace to earn at least $.60 this year. Using a conservative p/e multiple of 10, QING should be trading for at least $6.00 a share. There is no denying the value in these shares according to the company financials and growth. the company is planning to open over a hundred new stores this year. At some point investors will catch onto this stock and I don't think it will be trading at such an obscene discount. you've been warned.

STHG it pains me to put this stock on my watch list, but since most of these stocks are just trading vehicles for all of you, STHG could make a decent trade at some point. What has me scratching my head is that the stock did over 600 million in volume today yet there are less than 800 million authorized. To see the outstanding shares get traded 1x or 1.5x is possible but unlikely, to see the entire authorized trade is even more unlikely. Something is awry here and I am curious to see if the authorized do increase the next few days after the fact. If not then you would have to think some naked shorting has taken place, which could be the kindling for a relief rally. Either way this stock could make for a very quick trade, other than that I would not touch this stock.

APRM the company recently got current with OTC Markets and has projected revenues for its yet to be released commerce site at almost $13 million. I think when this news hits the wires APRM will trade much higher than current levels. Factor in the low outstanding share count and float and APRM has some great potential going forward.

Bottom plays: TAON, GRPS, VTPI all three either forming a bottom or hit bottom today and look ready for a rebound. I really like VTPI here at $.0009/$.001 and think it could do a 100-300% type run from here. I might be a little early with this call, but in the end I think it will be very profitable.

Chart of the Day - HLXH

This chart is showing a stock that could breakout over the coming days. It is right near its previous high, a break of that $.06 mark would put $.10 clearly into focus. I think it bears watching going forward.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Thursdays Stocks To Watch - WAMUQ, QING, GRDO, VPRS

WAMUQ As far as I understand this play, people buying WAMUQ are betting that JPM was wrong in taking Washington Mutual and its assets from them. The assumption is that shareholders of WAMUQ would stand to make out if JPM is proven wrong in its handling of the WAMU takeover. Only a few weeks ago this was at $.04 and today hit a high of $.23, a nice huge return for anyone that was in from the start of the recent run. I think this stock will remain in play for a while.

QING boasts a p/e of .61. Your typical, profitable company usually has a p/e of at least 10, which means QING should be trading at $4.00+ and not $.24. If you factor in the recent quarterly eps of $.15 then this stock should really be trading at $6.00 or $9.00. I think its only a matter of time before the market comes upon this glaring undervaluation.

GRDO with its share structure currently maxed out, this stock should rebound smartly from recent lows. I think the stock should continue to impress in the near term.

VPRS the stock is quietly climbing higher as we await further details about the possible reverse merger taking place. A recent 8k filing shows the shell was bought and the new CEO being the CEO of a privately held Chinese medical company. The drug they are marketing would, according to a recent document, provide substantial income and revenue: Vivatuxin® is expected to generate $45.1 million revenue and $13.8 million net profit in 2011, $92.8 million revenue and $36.1 million net profit in 2012, and $143.3 million revenue and $52.1 million net profit in 2013.

June 1st Winning and Losing Penny Stocks

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Wednesday's Stocks To Watch - QING, MCET, VAEV, GRPS, TAON

QING as of yesterday's close QING's p/e stands at .62. Simply an amazing p/e for any stock and a number you will be hard pressed to find for any stock in any market. That p/e is based upon QING's 2010 eps of $.40. This past quarter QING posted a $.15 eps which would equate to a $.60 annual eps which would be a 50% improvement from last year. Just doing a simple multiple of 10, you get QING as a $6.00 stock which means the stock would have to move 2,400% higher from its current $.249 price tag just to meat a very conservative valuation.

MCET mounted an amazing rally yesterday after issuing some pre-market news concerning a stem cell patent they were issued. Could yesterday be the start of a multi-day rally or was it just a one hit wonder? While NEOM closed its first and second days near its highs, I think MCET not closing near its highs might signal that future gains are not in the cards, but we shall see,

VAEV an 8k outlining a licensing agreement was released late in the day yesterday. The stock saw a boost in price and volume that should continue today as investors digested the news over night.

GRPS and TAON are two stocks trading near their lows and should be watched closely for a potential move off of them. A great way to make money in this market is buying stocks when no one wants them and right now GRPS and TAON appear to be unwanted stocks. Keep an eye on them.