Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday May 31st Penny Stock Winners and Losers

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MCET the stock to watch today, what an impressive rally. NEOM fell off a cliff, but was also a great trade last week. As you will learn, or already know, almost nothing in this market lasts for very long.

Friday, May 27, 2011

QING - Trading At An Amazing .70 P/E

Your average publicly traded shoe company trades at a p/e of 10-15, with some higher growth ones like DECK trading at a 22 p/e. QING after earning $.40 a share in 2010 currently trades at a p/e of .70. That means the stock is trading for less than what it currently earns. The only companies you will see trading for a p/e of .70 are bankrupt ones, and QING is thriving not bankrupt.

In the last reported quarter from January to March the company earned $.15 a share. Take that same EPS over the rest of the year and you get an annual EPS of $.60 a share this year, a 50% growth over last year. If you are a forward looking investor, like most intelligent investors, than that $.60 figure makes this stock even more undervalued than it currently is.

To put it into perspective, take a very conservative p/e of 10 and take QING's latest reported EPS for 2010 of $.40 anf you get a $4 stock. Look forward to the possible $.60 EPS for 2011 and you get a $6.00 stock.

QING is planning on opening another 170 stores in 2011, so factor in the growth there, as well as continued growth from existing stores and the p/e for QING should be in the 15-20 range. If you use a 15 and 20 p/e for last year $.40 EPS QING's stock should be trading at $6.00 - $9.00 a share. Use the projected $.60 EPS based on the last reported quarter and QING should be trading at $9.00 to $12.00 a share.

Funny thing is this stock did trade for $8.00 a share only a few months ago. Since that point the stock has sold off, and I don't think the sell-off has to do with the company financials, but more likely old shareholders and the sellers of the shell. I do not know what has gone on behind the scenes, but what I do know is that the financials for this company are impressive and with it's low outstanding shares I think the stock will start to trade higher when investors start seeing the value here.

The company has also started rewarding its shareholders with a dividend, which will be coming each quarter this year.

With penny stocks there are so many that slip through the cracks. You see a stock fall you figure it is good for a bounce, but you never figure to find such a great company hiding behind such an ugly chart... and that is what I think we have here with QING.

Based on the company's current and future earnings per share this stock has a long way to go in representing the true value of the company.

NEOM - An Amazing Two Sessions

Was I ever right last night when I said NEOM could make for a profitable trade. The stock soared almost 300% today closing right near the highs of the session.

The rest of my Friday watchlist also closed higher with RPPR, LBSR, and TLAN all closing firmly in the green, but it was NEOM who stole the show today.

The stock started the day strong, pulled back after hitting $.10 to roughly $.084 a share, and then it was on for the stock. It gained momentum as the day wore on and traded strong right into the close. This bodes well for continued gains at the open Tuesday, after the long holiday weekend.

The press release that ignited this rally is below.

NeoMedia's Barcode Lookup Patent Confirmed Again by US PTO ATLANTA, May 26, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- NeoMedia Technologies, Inc. (OTC BB: NEOM.OB), the global leader in mobile barcode scanning solutions, announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) has ruled in favor of NeoMedia in the second re-examination of its US Patent 6,199,048, 'System And Method For Automatic Access Of A Remote Computer Over A Network'. All 89 existing claims, as well as six newly added claims, of the Barcode Lookup Patent have been confirmed as being patentable by the PTO.
The PTO's decision, which marks the final chapter in a lengthy process following a successful first reexamination proceeding that ended in confirmation of the patent in 2009, provides tremendous opportunities for companies in the mobile marketing and advertising space, allowing them to quickly implement new applications and services.
"We are delighted the PTO has again confirmed the strength of the '048 patent in the face of another third-party challenge to its validity. This ruling allows us to realize the potential of our efforts and innovations, further strengthening our partnerships," said Laura Marriott, Chief Executive Officer of NeoMedia Technologies, Inc.
"We are extremely pleased that this patent has again withstood the extreme scrutiny of a Patent Office reexamination proceeding. Confirmation of a patent challenged by reexamination twice in four years in highly unusual, and we firmly believe this puts the issue of the validity of this patent to rest," said Tony Barkume of Barkume & Associates, P.C., patent counsel for NeoMedia.
Full details of the PTO ruling are detailed in the Notice of Intent to Issue Ex-Parte Reexamination Certificate (NIRC) issued by the examiner. To learn more about NeoMedia's product portfolio visit http://www.neom.com/.
About NeoMedia:
NeoMedia Technologies, Inc. is the global market leader in 2D mobile barcode technology and infrastructure solutions that enable the mobile barcode ecosystem world-wide. Its technology platform transforms mobile devices with cameras into barcode scanners, enabling a range of practical and engaging applications including consumer oriented advertising, mobile ticketing and couponing, and business-to-business commercial track and trace solutions.
NeoMedia's suite of products, services and extensive IP portfolio means it is the only provider able to offer customers a comprehensive end-to-end mobile code solution. NeoMedia's current customers include handset manufacturers, platform providers, brands and agencies looking to offer pioneering mobile barcode solutions to their customer base.
NeoMedia's product portfolio includes: mobile barcode management & infrastructure solutions, barcode reader solutions, Mobile Coupon & Affiliate Marketing, Mobile Ticketing & POS Integration and IP Licensing. Learn more at http://www.neom.com/ or visit us at one of the following online destinations:
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/neomedia-technologies
Twitter: http://twitter.com/neomediainc

May 27th Bottom Scan

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May 27th Penny Stock Winners and Losers


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Friday's Stocks To Watch - RPPR, NEOM, LBSR, TLAN

RPPR a great day for this stock as it closed just off the day's highs. Another positive trading session tomorrow should give the stock some tremendous momentum heading into the holiday weekend.

NEOM a big day for this stock. I would really like to see some follow through tomorrow. If it doesn't blast out of the gates a buy on the pull back could provide for a profitable trade.

LBSR this stock took off today. We know this one can run and it bears watching foing forward to see if today was just a one time thing or if this stock is stsarting to peroclate again.

TLAN the company recently, for the second time, reduced their outstnading shares. TLAN has zero covertible debt and no preferred shares. The company just reached profitability for 2010, and also increased assets and reduced liabilities. I think this stock is a gem at these prices, just my most humble opinion. The company is headed in the right direction and I think the share price will reflect that gonig forward.

RPPR- Update

RPPR, as I have said previously, I see this stock as having the potential to pull a TYTN type run, meaning this stock could very well head into the $.004's in the near future. Today on modest volume the stock hit a new recent high of $.0018 and looks to build upon those gains tomorrow.

It looks like the accum indicator on the chart wasn't lying and it appears that many of the shares that were traded earlier this year are in hands of investors who aren't willing to sell them at these prices.

For tomorrow let's see if RPPR continues to gain momentum heading into the long holiday weekend.

May 26th Top Winning and Losing Penny Stocks

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thursdays Stocks To Watch - VPRS, VLCO, TAON, RPPR

VPRS buyers came into the stock today and sent shares higher.  I think this is still just a prelude to what happens down the road, when we get further clarification about the possible merger.  For now investors are taking adavantge of the opportunity and it is starting to show in the price per share.

VLCO is a stock I have alerted previously and it continues to post gains for traders and investors.  The stock broke out late in the session to close at its highs, and like I said in last nights update, once we get there we re-evaluate.  I told my subscribers in chat tonight that VLCO looks like it wants $.10 before the long holiday weekend.  Let's see if  I'm right.

TAON came up in one of my scans the other day.  I think it could post a decent bounce from current levels.  Keep a close eye on it as it could make for a nice trade.

RPPR the stock continues to show tremendous accumulation.  I think this stock could pull a TYTN type move in the near term.  Once again, lets see if I'm right.

Chart of the Day - TYTN

SNRS - You Can Sense The Desperation

Like a bunch of horny college guys at last call, SNRS is not hiding its desperation to attract buying pressure. If the company maintains its current rate of press releases I wouldn't be surprised if they "received an offer to buy out the company for $.003 a share". Wait a second! One year ago today that is exactly what happened. This is what I wrote about SNRS and the bogus buyout back then (click here to read about it) Of course the buyout never came to fruition. It was an obvious ploy to get people to buy their stock, and it worked. But now anyone with half a brain is staying far away from this awful stock.

Yesterday they announced a term sheet worth $300 million dollars and that drew exactly ZERO interest from investors who have obviously fallen for this trick for the last time.

Today SNRS, one minute before the market closed (what impeccable timing), announced a major announcement is coming tonight. Grab your popcorn! I am sure it will provide additional fodder for the blog.

It has been amazing how this company continues to issue and raise shares yet the bid is still there. The company has raised its authorized shares a mind boggling number of times and the current authorized share count is now 34 BILLION.

Click here to see the history of authorized share increases. Unbelievable.

In the last three months alone SNRS has raised its authorized shares 3 times from 20 billion then 25 billion and the current 34 billion figure. You can only assume the outstanding share count now rests over 25 billion and somewhere closer to 34 billion. Simply MIND BOGGLING. I have stocks to stay away from on the right side of my blog, I think SNRS deserves its own special place with an even bigger pile of turd cake. This stock will never move with this big share count.

If there is anything right about SNRS its the stock ticker as it shows the next likely step for this company and its unfortunate shareholders SNRS as in reverse split.

Sunrise Consulting Group, Inc. to Make a Major Announcement TonightMarketwire "Press Releases"
NEWPORT BEACH, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 05/25/11 --Sunrise Consulting Group, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: SNRS) announced today that the company is currently in negotiations with a company that holds a patent on a very unique piece of technology that could become the standard for millions of paying customers in the multi-billion dollar mobile phone industry.
The company plans to make an announcement tonight with more details that include the name of the company, its current product line, and its revolutionary patented technology.

Sunrise Consulting Group, Inc. Company Reviews Multi-Million Dollar Term Sheet NEWPORT BEACH, CA, May 24, 2011 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- Sunrise Consulting Group, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: SNRS) announced today that the company is currently reviewing a term sheet worth $300 million dollars that will span over the course of six years. This multi-million dollar agreement will be paramount in the company's quest to solidify its position as an industry leader in portable solar related products and other solar related products. The company is currently reviewing the term sheet and plans to disclose further details to its shareholders no later than Friday, May 27, 2011.

May 25th Top Penny Stock Winners and Losers

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wednesday's Stocks To Watch - LYJN, VLCO, BNPD, MITD

LYJN with such a great trading day and a close right near the highs, this stock should be closely watched tomorrow.  I think there is a good chance for further gains as this stock went from much lower prices, ~$.002, to $.175 just last year.  Could we see that type of rally again?  That's the best thing about this market... anything is possible.

VLCO this is a stock I alerted to my subscribers late last year at $.01.  Today it hit a high of $.062 before pulling back into the close.  I think we could see a run to today's highs again and then we re-evaluate from there.

BNPD a great trading session and the late last minute buying spree bodes well for tomorrow.  A break of the $.025 high from last month could bring $.03 and then $.04 quickly into focus.

MITD last trade $.03 had gigantic news released after hours.  The company announced an $86.5 million distribution agreement.  I think the stock could move 200-300% or more from today's close.


Can we be witnessing the beginning of another huge rally for LYJN shares? I know, today's 320% gain constitutes a huge rally, but consider that last year LYJN rose from even lower levels $.002 and soared to $.175.... today the stock only closed at $.032, a full 500% gain away from last years initial rally.

In this market history can repeat itself rather easily. When traders buy a stock they use past price movements to figure out future price movements. I think that is why we saw the late day buying frenzy. After the bull stampede after the press release, the stock pulled back, but then rallied hard to close almost at the high of the session. This bodes well for shares tomorrow and going forward.

Today's news is below. Having Wal-Mart selling your goods.... I think investors today showed what they think about that.

Lyric Nation Jewelry Collection Debuts at Walmart LOS ANGELES, CA, May 24, 2011 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- Lyric Jeans, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: LYJN) today announced that Lyric Culture is launching a jewelry collection under its Lyric Nation brand name. The collection, exclusive to Walmart, hits nearly 1500 stores in July 2011.
The line includes over 40 different styles in the assortment of necklaces, bracelets and key rings featuring inspirational and country music song lyrics such as "Jesus Take the Wheel/Carrie Underwood," "The Dance/Garth Brooks," "God of Wonders/Chris Tomlin," "My Wish/Rascal Flatts," "Heart of Worship/Matt Redman," "Live Like You Were Dying/Tim McGraw," "Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys/Willie Nelson," "Mighty to Save/Hillsongs," "American Honey" made famous by Lady Antebellum and many more. The retail price for the products ranges from to $4-7 USD.
"We are continuing to expand the range of music that drives the creative direction of our brands," said Hanna Rochelle, President of Lyric Culture. "Walmart is the ideal retailer to distribute the Lyric Nation line with inspirational and country music at its core," she continued.
About Lyric Culture Lyric Culture is a music inspired lifestyle brand driven by the song lyrics of legendary artists including The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Joan Jett, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Fleetwood Mac and many others. By securing licensing rights from virtually all the major music publishing companies, this fashion brand creates new revenue streams for songwriters who penned the lyrics into a range of apparel and lifestyle products. Follow Lyric Culture at www.facebook.com/lyricculture and www.twitter.com/lyricculture and http://www.lyricculture.com/

May 24th Winners and Losers


Monday, May 23, 2011

Chart of the Day - PVSP

Tuesdays Stocks To Watch - RPPR, BRZL, PRRY, SYTE

RPPR a late day flurry pushed the stock 67% higher.  I noted to my subscribers that the recent accumulation of this stock reminded me of TYTN before it ran to $.003+ recently. The accumualtion for RPPR has been great and the share price is starting to refelect that.  I would keep a close yee on this stock, as it could really break out from current levels.

BRZL the stock has fallen dramatically.  I noted that a break of its $.009 support level would bring further downside to the stock.  With it sitting at $.0045, we are at a point where I think the stock makes an attractive trade.  If BRZL drops below $.004 then I think we see $.003 before more upside, if it holds current levels I think we could see a rebound to the $.006 - $.0075 area.

PRRY the stock is under accumulation and I could see it breaking out higher.  The company is on the turn-around and I expect the price to lead the charge.

SYTE in my view this is one of those stocks you buy and put away.  I think SYTE trades higher longer term as investors see this stock as not one of your typical penny stocks.

May 23rd Winners and Losers


Friday, May 20, 2011

Equityfeed - If You are Trading Penny Stocks You Need Equityfeed

Ever wonder how someone found that next big penny stock before you? Do you want to have all the tools of a successful penny stock trader?

If you aren't using Equityfeed then you are losing money. Equityfeed is hands down the best information service for trading penny stocks. Streaming customizable news, charts, amazing level II. It is a must have for the active trader.

Give it a test run, you will be amazed.

This stock has been on some run.  Not every stock in this market goes up quick and down quick.  Some just slowly grind higher.

Southern Home Medical Announces Letter of Intent to Merge With Washington, DC-Based Medical Group Marketwire   "Press Releases"
LYMAN, SC -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 05/20/11 -- Southern Home Medical Equipment, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: SHOM), a holding company providing healthcare services, staffing and durable medical equipment to medical institutions, announced today that it has signed a letter of intent to merge with a network of medical clinics based in the Washington, DC area.

"The healthcare industry is growing and changing as never before," says Jerry Overcash , Board Member of Southern Home Medical. "This has created tremendous opportunities to leverage our solutions within our geographical footprint to broaden our core business, increase market penetration and expand our revenue base."

The letter of intent provides for the parties to complete a formal due diligence process over the next several weeks. "We clearly see synergies associated with the merger of the companies and look forward to moving quickly to the next steps," commented Jeff Sarvis , President and CEO of Southern Home Medical. Additional details of the transaction will be released as they become available.

About Southern Home Medical Equipment, Inc . Southern Home Medical Equipment, Inc. is a holding company with a focus on servicing the needs of the U.S. healthcare industry. The Company has quality health care professionals to address national shortages in hospitals, rehab centers, nursing homes and other medical facilities. Personnel are available 24/7/365 and include: RN's, LPN's, CNA's, RT's, billing specialists, customer service specialists, delivery techs and marketing reps. The Company has contractual agreements with partner businesses located in Charleston , Columbia , Greenville , Florence and Lake Hartwell , of South Carolina ; Nashville, Tennessee ; Baltimore, Maryland ; Dunwoody, Georgia ; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania . Southern Home Medical is leveraging the success of these business models to expand sales opportunities in these areas of health, medical, staffing and durable medical equipment needs. For more information, visit www.southernhomemedical.com.

The statements in the press release that relate to the Company's expectations with regard to the future impact on the Company's results from acquisitions or actions in development are forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. The statements in this document may also contain "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. When used in this press release, the words "anticipate," "believe," "estimate," "may," "intend," "expect" and similar expressions identify such forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements are subject to risks, uncertainties, and other factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those contained in such statements. Such risks, uncertainties, and factors include, but are not limited to, future capital needs, changes, and delays in product development plans and schedules, or market acceptance.

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Contact: Henry Harrison IR Pro 2.0 407-682-2001 Email Contact www.irprpro.com www.healthcarestock.net

Source: Southern Home Medical Equipment Inc.

May 20th Winners and Losers


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fridays Watchlist - EXRG, BFHJ, GLER, INOL

EXRG this stock is starting to come off its bottom.  A quick look at the chart shows a stock that fell on very light volume, which means it won't take much buying pressure to regain some of the lost ground.  Keep a close eye on this stock going froward.  It could post a big move.

BFHJ anyone that has followed this blog the last 8 months is familiar with this stock.  We know it can and has run big and we could be in the midst of one of those big runs again.  The stock saw great buying volume today and looks ready to test and break $.003 tomorrow.  That would build solid momentum into the weekend.

GLER, and INOL two of the top gainers in the market today.  Both stocks closed well of their highs but offered traders nice liquidity and this should continue tomorrow.  For INOL $.0074 is the price we want to break and GLER $.0142.  A break of those price points will set these stocks up for further gains.

The Guru

This is a repost from a recent post:

The Guru

When I started writing my blog I would get emails asking how people could get the stocks I write about first, before I put them on the blog. That is why I started my paid subscription service. My paid subscribers get a chat room, my ear, and my picks/alerts first. My free subscribers (you) get them second. As we saw with GGII there is plenty of money to be made for my free subscribers as the stock did not rally until after I alerted it here to my free subscribers.

There is the chance a stock I alert/pick won't rally. While I have a great nose for finding big gain potential stocks, not everything in this market is cut and dry. I have zero control over anything other than what stocks I pick. My picks/alerts could reverse split, dilute, or go bankrupt. I have zero control over that. What I do have control over is the way I conduct myself and the picks/alerts I make. I try to find quality active stocks that have a great chance to run. I steer clear of dormant, dead stocks. Those Q stocks there is nothing good about them. Heck if they run, by all means make your profit, but know I don't endorse promotion of them other than a trading vehicle. 95% of Q stocks, in my book, are dead, worthless, and remain that way. Of course since the threat of dilution is basically zero they've become fabulous pump schemes for those who wish to create something out of nothing. Anyway....

I am not a paid promoter. I think that alone gives me and my subscribers an edge in this market. While I think paid promotion is the nature of the beast, we all know that with paid promotion comes the eventual avalanche of promoter shares hitting the market. With my picks and alerts, there is zero compensation. I make the picks based on share structure and possible future interest in the stock. I have been quite successful recently and in the past.

Those of you who don't know me long wouldn't know my picks from last year included 1,000 2,000 3,000 and 4,000% 5,000% gains.

I am not one of those sites that claims to have done it, I have and you can ask any of my past paid subscribers or search my blog. You see sites with 50, 100, 150% gains. you see any with a 100% verifiable track record as my own? One that does not get paid by companies to try and pump up the price of their stock? My track record is far and away better than any you will come across. Name any site that has even one 4,000 or 5,000% pick or alert.... ever! Its unheard of. But to have a 1,000 2,000 3,000 4,000 and 5,000 in the same year? I guess that's why I am called the Guru.

I alerted EKWX at no bid and three market makers asking $.0001. It hit $.005 a share three days later. That's a 5,000% move.

I picked SSWC a bidless $.0001 stock last year and it ran to $.0044. Thats an over 4,000% move.

I picked VCTY at $.0008 and it hit $.036 a share. That's an over 3,000% move.

I picked BFHJ at $.0004 a share last summer. It hit $.0076 for an almost 2,000% move.

I alerted AWYI this past fall at no bid and 4 market makers offering $.0001 the stock rose to over $.0022 a share for a 2,000%+ gain.

The list goes on as there were others...

These are verifiable picks. Search my blog. These are stocks I felt strongly about, picked/alerted to my subscribers and wrote about on my blog for ALL to see. The picks I made were at these exact prices. I did not post these picks after that had already run. In each case EVERYONE had a chance to make money, my paid subscribers, my free subscribers and the readers of my blog. Those who listened made big money, those who didn't watched in awe. I continue to bring the same quality picks/alerts to my readers and subscribers today.

Almost EVERY site you come across, or person who claims to have success, will front run their picks. When you see a newsletter, or supposed stock picker release their picks check the history and in almost every case you will see the stock has risen even before it was released. That means you are buying an an already inflated stock. I, instead, make my picks/alerts at the bottom. Not after they have already started to run.

The past couple weeks I have alerted a few great money makers. GGII at no bid and an ask of $.0001 hit $.0005 for a 400% gain. INIX at $.0002 hit $.0012 for a 600% gain.

To elaborate further I am not like your average penny stock site. I stick behind my picks and alerts. I have one pick a month for a reason. Anyone can throw 5 stocks to a fan each day and see what sticks. Eventually you will get one that runs. I, on the other hand, don't just throw tickers out there. I do research, I analyze stocks, and I make great solid picks for my subscribers and readers. My goal is for everyone to make money, not just my paid subscribers. I also call out the bad stocks as well as the good. In this market there is plenty of bad, and not everyone is ready to let you know about it.

On Thursday my subscribers received my brand new pick. I expect a nice rally out of this stock over the coming days and weeks. I will send it out to you early next week, that's how it works. It's a quality stock with a great share structure. If my past track record is any indication my latest pick will post nice gains in the near term.

Penny stock sites are a dime a dozen. You have countless newsletters, supposed experts, who want you to sign up for their amazing picks. Before you do see how their picks have done in the past. You can stack up a hundred of those sites and none of them have the track record that I do. It doesn't take much talent to throw a ticker or two out there a day. They all pop and run at some point. To be able to pick stocks that have sustainable and profitable rallies, its not easy to do, but I've been able to do just that.

I don't advertise, word of mouth is what has slowly grown my site and service. At this stage my subscription rate remains much lower than it should be and I will address that in the near future. More importantly I derive joy out of seeing people make money and its been a joyful couple of years. If my track record is any indication then we are looking at some more very profitable years for the readers and subscribers of the penny stock guru.

May 19th Winners and Losers


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Thursday's Stocks To Watch -GDHI, SYTE, MMTE, PVSP

GDHI a merger was announced a half an hour after the open and the stock surged 66%. We've seen this stock run big from these levels before, the question is will it happen again? $.0005, today's closing price, is the high for the year for GDHI and a break above it will bring it up against $.0006, its 200 day moving average. I think if GDHI breaks above $.0006 tomorrow trader will hop on the momentum and the stock could rally significantly higher. If the stock fails to break $.0005 and $.0006 tomorrow, I think the odds for further gains would diminish.

SYTE this is a stock I alerted to my subscribers at $.006 this morning. It closed right at session highs of $.0298 a share. Further gains could be in store for this stock. For one they have an ongoing share buyback program of 10 million shares. The company has been actively buying back stock for over 3 years now. Secondly the company has been utilizing its excess capital to not only purchase its own stock, but to invest in distressed properties. From today's press release ""A significant amount of our intangible assets are becoming fully amortized resulting in lower operating costs and higher net profits in our technology business. In addition, we have continued investing our surplus cash flows in real estate and anticipate this leading market will soon bear the fruit of our efforts.". SYTE should be added to your watchlist if it hasn't already.

MMTE a press release helped push the stock up 60% today. I think we could see the rally continue tomorrow.
PVSP a great mid-day move helped close the stock up 36% today. I think PVSP could make for a profitable trade tomorrow.

May 18th Winners and Losers


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Investing in OTC Securities

There is a wide range in the quality of issuers whose securities are traded Over the Counter (OTC) - from major international conglomerates to very small, highly speculative companies. Therefore, investors should conduct thorough research prior to making an investment decision. A good starting point for research is the OTC market tier structure – which quickly indicates the level and timeliness of information available for OTC companies.

The OTC Tier System

All OTC securities are assigned a market tier based on their reporting method (SEC Reporting, Alternative Reporting Standard) and disclosure category – Current, Limited or No Information. Securities listed on OTCQX, the highest tier of the OTC market, are required to have Current disclosure and meet minimum financial qualifications. Securities in OTCQB tier must be SEC, Bank or Insurance reporting and must be Current in their disclosure.

Securities in the OTC Pink (also known as Pink Sheets) market tier are further divided, based on the amount and timeliness of their financial disclosure, into three categories:
  • Current Information - Reporting companies that submit filings to regulators with powers of review and that make the filings publicly available or non-reporting companies that make current information publicly available on the OTC Disclosure and News Service pursuant to OTC Markets Guidelines for Providing Adequate Current Information.
  • Limited Information – Companies that have limited financial information not older than six months available on the OTC Disclosure and News Service or have made a filing on the SEC's EDGAR system in the previous six months.
  • No Information - Companies that are not able or willing to provide disclosure to the public markets - either to a regulator, an exchange or OTC Markets.
Companies that are deemed to have a public interest concern associated with them due to stock promotion, disruptive corporate actions, legal proceedings are classified by OTC Markets as Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware).
Please see the OTC market tier section for more information.

Investing in OTC Securities

To trade OTC securities you must open an account with a brokerage firm that deals in OTC securities. Investors cannot buy or sell securities directly through OTC Markets Group. A condensed list of such brokerage firms include:
Investors should clearly understand that trading practices for OTC securities are different from those of securities traded on exchanges. Your broker-dealer or the broker-dealer they route your order to, may not provide you with limit order display or instantaneous executions in OTC securities.
Investors in OTC securities should thoroughly understand the difference between a Market and Limit Order:
  • Market Order – a market order does not have a set price and is therefore executed immediately at the current ‘market’ price. Markets, especially OTC markets, can be highly volatile and therefore the price of execution may differ dramatically from the price at time of order entry. Those who use market orders are more concerned about the speed of the execution as opposed to the price.
  • Limit Order – a limit order does have a set price and therefore may only be executed at the set price; however, a limit order may never get executed because the market may move away from the set price. Those who use limit orders risk not having a order executed.
OTC Markets cooperates fully with securities regulators and those regulators are continually working to combat fraud; however, it is not possible to eradicate fraud from the markets. Accordingly, you must be very cautious when making a decision to invest in an OTC security.

Why should I invest the time to learn about the U.S. OTC market?

“Why should I invest the time to learn about the U.S. OTC market?”
The answer is simple – because companies with securities on the OTC market represent a broad and diverse group, with different levels of financial strength, disclosure availability, and management quality. They span all major sectors and industries and are characterized by market capitalization levels ranging from micro-cap start-ups to large-cap multi-national companies.
Companies such as Roche (RHHBY), adidas (ADDYY), Air France-KLM (AFLYY), Benetton (BNGPY), Computer Services (CSVI) and Deutsche Telekom (DTEGY) choose the OTC market and the OTCQX® premium market tier to make their securities available to U.S. investors.
Investor-focused companies may use either the OTCQX requirements, SEC Reporting or OTC Markets Alternative Reporting Standard to provide transparency to individual investors and the professional investment community. These services increase the flow of information, raise the profile of OTC companies, improve price discovery, and increase trading and liquidity in the OTC market.

May 17th Winners and Losers


Monday, May 16, 2011

Tuesdays Stocks To Watch - PRRY, APRM, SAVW, TYTN

PRRY I think this stock is poised for a nice rally over the coming days and weeks.  A recent press release has, in my view, put a floor under the stock.  Currently trading under $.02 this stock was trading at $.75 this time last year.  If it can recover just 10% of its losses the stock will be trading close to $.10 a share.

APRM the company is now current with pink sheets.  After submitting its first filings in almost a year, the company looks to be preparing for something and judging from its latest press release it could be an ecommerce site projected to bring in roughly $13 million in revenue this year.  If/when news of that hits the wires shares should see an immediate boost.

SAVW this stock was talked about in the pennystockguru chat room Sunday Night.  Today the buyers came out in force sending the stock up 130%.  I think we could see a test of $.01 tomorrow if the buying remains fast and furious.

TYTN this stock remains on my watchlist for a fourth straight day.  The prior three times the stock has seen some great gains.  I think we could see a push to $.005 tomorrow for TYTN before it pulls back.  Those of you in from when I first has it on my watchlist last week are sitting on some nice gains.  Congratulations.

Chart of the Day - TYTN

TYTN a stock I have had on my watch list prior to the last three trading sessions starting at $.0007.  My initial post stated a break of $.001 would bring $.0015 and then $.002 into focus.  Today the stock hit $.0044 before closing at $.0039.  Congratulations on the big gains.

TLAN - Announces Additional Share Reductions

Press out today by TLAN illustrates the value management continues to bring to its shareholders.  The company just in the last few months as eliminated all convertible debt, all preferred shares, and reduced their outstanding shares on two separate occasions.

After coming through on its 100 million shares reduction the company today announced a reduction of outstanding shares by another 38 million.

All this from a company that has grown its assets, reduced its liabilities, and posted a profit in its latest annual report.  This is why I feel this stock is poised for an impressive breakout to the upside.  Until that breakout happens, these shares, in my view, trade at a significant discount to their fair value.

Hire International Confirms April Share Reduction and Announces Additional Share Cancellations

AUSTIN, TX, May 16, 2011 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- Hire International, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: TLAN) announced today that it has confirmed the cancellation of 100,000,000 (One Hundred Million) restricted common control shares, and the cancellation of all of its preferred stock in exchange for $4.00 and the issuance 2,750,000 common restricted shares to a non-affiliate shareholder. The initial share cancellation resulted in the reduction of 97,250,000 common shares and 10,000,000 preferred shares. In addition to the cancellation of these shares, the Company has announced an additional cancellation of 38,000,000 shares held by non-affiliate shareholders for total consideration of $2.00. These shares were originally part of a debt conversion whereby the original converting shareholders had agreed to fund the Company with operating loans of $400,000, of which only $17,000 was funded. In a settlement with the some of these shareholders, the Company has accepted the cancellation of these shares in exchange for the cancellation of their obligation to advance monies to the Company. The Company expects that all shares will be tendered to the Company's transfer agent and cancelled within a few weeks.
Safe Harbor Statements under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: The material contained in this press release may include statements that are not historical facts and are considered "forward-looking" statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These forward-looking statements reflect Hire International's current views about future events, financial performances, and project development. These "forward-looking" statements are identified by the use of terms and phrases such as "will," "believe," "expect," "plan," "anticipate," and similar expressions identifying forward-looking statements. Investors should not rely on forward-looking statements because they are subject to a variety of risks, uncertainties, and other factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from Hire International's expectation. These factors are elaborated upon and other factors may be disclosed from time to time in Hire International's past filings with www.otcmarkets.com and available on its website. Hire International expressly does not undertake any duty to update forward-looking statements.


Mr. Jeremy Stobie
Email Contact 

SOURCE: Hire International, Inc.

May 16th Winners and Losers


Sunday, May 15, 2011


TTGL, HPNN, BOCL, RFMK, TCLN all of these stocks were the high flyers on friday.  BOXL took in over $600k in trades and I am curious to see if this will continue tomorrow.  HPNN was this just momentum moving it or part of a longer term move?  RFMK we've seen this stock run and fall before, will it have something more sustained?

BCCI, PSPW, TYTN these are stocks I think have some staying power.  BCCI just an amazing move off its lows.  PSPW from pennies to dollars, that's why you are here.  TYTN a stock I noted in triple zero's needed to break $.001 to get its wings, and right not the stock is flying.

Monday should be a great trading session as we saw tremendous money flow on Friday.

Friday, May 13, 2011

PRRY - Ready To Make A Move off Its Bottom?

PRRY traded at $.75 a share almost a year ago and has since fallen to $.01 a share, which is the stocks 52 week low. Since hitting that low the stock has consolidated between $.01 and $.04 a share and closed Friday at $.0245.

The chart above shows a stock that has fallen almost everyday for the last year. I think that is about to change.

I feel this stock is well over due for a counter trend rally and I think it could see $.10 or better if investor interest comes back into this stock. I think the April $.01 price is as low as you will see for this stock in the near and long term. Recent comments from the CEO released in late April tell shareholders why the stock has fallen and what they are doing to get the share price moving in the right direction going forward. This put a floor under the stock, and should point the stock in the right direction going forward.

Here is an excerpt from the April 21st CEO comments:

The Company understands that many have been waiting a long time for news. We were not able to publish any news on advice of counsel up to this point. It became obvious to management that investment capital could not be raised due to the recent drop in share pricing and that PetroLuxus sales production had to be established before continued investment could be made. Planet's management had no desire to further dilute our shareholders at such low share pricing and believes through sales of our PetroLuxus products the Company's stock price will turn around. Therefore, we are now totally focused on the sale of PetroLuxus products. We expect the sales of PetroLuxus products to continue to increase through the upcoming quarters, thereby establishing a firm financial foundation for the company to work from. Once this base has been established, we will begin selectively resuming other operations, but with a better understanding of the issues to give us an improved chance for success. Regardless of our current state of affairs, our management and employees are committed to the success of your company. Once again the Company realizes the success we seek is mutual with our shareholders and will not be possible without the vision of investors and support of shareholders like you. We will remain focused on attaining our marketing goals for PetroLuxus for the remainder of 2011, as we feel it will be our best year for revenue generation ever.

The bottom line going forward is the company does not plan on diluting shareholders and they are making progress in terms of renewing forward momentum within the company, which should translate to gains for the stock going forward. PRRY is a stock to watch and I believe it will rebound smartly from here.

Charts of The Day - WNWG, TYTN

TYTN was on my watchlist for both Thursday and Friday. On Thursday I noted a break of $.001 would send the stock to $.0015 and yesterday I noted that the stock had a good chance of seeing $.002 or better short term. It closed at $.0022 today.

WNWG is a stock I talked about in my forum and noted that it would likely break out yesterday or Monday, it broke out right on cue yesterday and is still going strong. (link to forum comments)

May 13th Winners and Losers

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

TLAN - Company Comes Through For Shareholders With 100 Million Share Reduction

In this market you will see press releases claiming a company plans to reduce shares, but very rarely do you actually see the company come through on that promise.  That is what makes TLAN stand out and why I think this stock deserves to trade at a much higher price per share than it currently does.

A few weeks ago TLAN issued a press release stating they plan to reduce their outstanding shares by 100 million.  Yesterday that share reduction was revealed with updated  numbers at OTCMarkets.

The company posted a profit last year, reduced liabilities, increased assets, and has ZERO convertible debt.  They also recently did away with all preferred shares meaning each share you buy is truly your stake in the company.  With the outstnading shares being reduced, your piece of the pie continues to grow.  As I have stated previously I think TLAN is a stock to watch for 2011 as the company grows and continues to come through for its shareholders.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thursdays Stocks To Watch - PRRY, APRM, TLAN, TYTN

PRRY this stock looks like a great bottom type play.  The company recently announced some news that could mark the turning point after a drop from over $.75 a share last year to current levels.  I think PRRY will post a nice rally from here and deserves being added to your watchlist.

APRM with 6 fresh filings at OTC markets after an almost one year hiatus, I think the company is ready to get its ecommerce site up and running.  This is a site they project to pull in almost $13 million in revenue in its first year.  Considering APRM's very small share structure, this is great news for shareholders.  APRM has 58 million share float, 62 million shares outstanding and 100 million shares authorized.  This share structure has not changed in over a year.  At current levels I think APRM offers a great opportunity.

TYTN  I've covered this stock in the past, and it appears it is getting attention again.  I've always felt this stock has potential to rally.  The stock needs to break through $.001 to really get going.  A break of that figure brings $.0014 into focus.  Keep a close eye on this one the next few days.

TLAN they have updated their share structure today on OTCMarkets.com.  They have followed through on their April press release to reduce the outstanding shares, which speaks about the management running this company.  They have recently reduced the outstanding shares, the float, eliminated all preferred stock, and have zero convertible debt.  I think investors are finally starting to catch onto this stock, and I think it won't be trading down here much longer.  Those of you who follow this blog know how I feel and how I've felt about this stock for quite some time.  I think TLAN's best days lie ahead and with all the positive strides the company has made for its shareholders the stock will continue to react positively.

May 11th Winners and Losers


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wednesday's Stocks To Watch - CBAID, EXPH, BRZL, VPRS

CBAID just as the Guru had said many months ago, CBAI did a reverse split on May 9th. It was a 100-1 reverse split. Today the stock surged 135% on over $160,000 in volume. In most cases retail traders don't get their freshly split shares days or weeks later, so they won't get to sell into this rally. The loyal shareholder gets shafted by CBAI yet again. I think CBAID will be back below a penny at some point this year, so anyone that can short a $.40 stock, I say go for it.

EXPH this triple zero stock will get hot at some point in the near future. At $.0002/$.0003 you are looking at a great chance to make 50-100-150% short term, in my view.

BRZL still holding above $.009, this stock is showing some great accumulation at current prices and I would not be surprised to see the stock breakout higher in the next day or two.

VPRS as we await additional filings or news, the stock traded lower today. If this reverse merger is indeed coming to fruition, I feel shares should and will be valued much higher than current prices.

FINRA Rule 6460, Display of Customer Limit Orders, Effective May 9th

The new rule, effective yesterday, is great for penny stocks. Before this rule market makers would only show 5,000 shares on the bid and ask while traders would have no idea how many shares were available to either buy or sell. It may sound a bit drastic, but a few years from now traders will wonder how they managed to trade without seeing the true share information, much like people today wonder how they ever got around years ago without their cell phones.

The benefits of this rule weren't any clearer than today with FBCD, when market maker ETMM showed 880,000 shares on the bid at $.051. A trader would feel much more comfortable buying a stock when he/she knows that there is over $40,000 worth of demand at a specific price. Its really pretty simple. A strong bid will garner strong buying, a weak bid will likely trigger selling. Those 5,000 block buys to bolster the bid won't last anymore as traders can now see right through them. There is now a true depth to the level II.

This type of transparency is great for penny stocks. It really works both ways as a thin offer could lead to buyers, while a light bid could lead to selling. Either way it allows the market to find the price for a stock without having to wonder how many shares are available for sale or purchase.

FINRA Rule 6460, Display of Customer Limit Orders, Effective Today

May 09, 2011

OTC Markets News Service

FINRA Rule 6460, Display of Customer Limit Orders, Effective Today

May 9, 2011 – NEW YORK – FINRA Rule 6460, Display of Customer Limit Orders, became effective today. This marks the first time that mandatory limit order display, originally implemented for exchange-listed stocks in 1997, will be extended to the OTC marketplace. The limit order display rule requires OTC market makers to display the price and size of any customer limit order that improves the price or size of their own published quote.

Prior to this change, many OTC market makers displayed the best price of customer limit orders as a result of the strong competition between broker-dealers. The limit order display rule will likely not lead to drastic changes in quote prices, although it will affect published quote sizes, since many firms previously displayed quote sizes only up to the minimum quote size tier.

Limit order display is the most recent in a series of new rules in the OTC marketplace that have long applied only to the listed markets. These new rules, most of which became effective during the first half of 2011, govern locked and crossed markets, allow access fees to be included in published quotes, and restrict sub-penny quoting.

To learn more about FINRA's limit order display policies, visit FINRA's website here: www.finra.org/web/groups/industry/@ip/@reg/@notice/documents/notices/p122114.pdf.

To learn more about the 2011 FINRA changes affecting the OTC marketplace, please view OTC Markets Group’s Compliance Alert: FINRA Rule Changes.

May 10th Winners and Losers


Today's Winners: HCEI +215%, GMXS +180%, ALCD +140%
Today's Losers: PRTK -83%, ARTD -72%, WMEG -68%

TLAN - Chart Update

TLAN continued its methodical push higher today.

Investors seem to be slowly catching onto this stock:

TLAN has a great share structure, no convertible debt, no preferred shares, has recently reduced outstanding shares, and reported a profit last year. 

Chart of The Day - BCCI

Wouldn't you have liked to be in this stock at $.01  share at the start of the Month?

Monday, May 9, 2011

Tuesdays Stocks To Watch - VPRS, SFIO, BRZL, APRM

VPRS closed at $.08 today on over $250,000 in money volume. Last week an 8k hit the wires in which it appears a reverse merger is in progress. The new CEO is the CEO of privately held MediPharm Biotech Pharmaceuticals. In a recent research piece the company is projecting impressive revenue and profit figures: $45.1 million revenue and $13.8 million net profit in 2011, $92.8 million revenue and $36.1 million net profit in 2012, and $143.3 million revenue and $52.1 million net profit in 2013. These reverse merger type stocks can really get hot and post some amazing gains, which makes VPRS a stock to watch going forward.

SFIO the stock popped higher today and had over 1/2 million in dollar volume. Today's gains are on top of Friday's gains and confirms SFIO is not a one hit wonder. The question is how many days can this stock continue to run for? I think there is a good chance for more gains tomorrow as the stock closed above its 200 DMA.

BRZL as long as this stock stays above $.009 I feel the bullish scenario, a move to $.015 -$.02 short term, is still on the table.

APRM recent filings by the company, after an almost one year hiatus, show that the company is trying to get current before the new ecommerce site is launched. I see no reason for these filings unless APRM was preparing itself for a new chapter in its history. With investor interest low, the stock sits well below what I feel the stock will hit if the company comes through for its shareholders. With its attractive float and share count i think APRM will trading into the pennies when the commerce web site gets launched.

May 9th Winners and Losers


Todays Winners: GBTR +525%, IPZI +212% , CKEI +200%
Todays Losers: QSND - 76%, ONTC - 60%, SWHN -47%

Friday, May 6, 2011

VPRS - Reverse Merger With MediPharm Biotech Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd?

There is almost nothing more breathtaking in this penny stock market then watching a reverse merger type stock run farther and higher than anyone's most wildest expectations.  One only has to go back to earlier this year when GWAY ran from $.01 to over $5.00 in the span of three trading days, to see the type of gains that these reverse mergers can provide.

If you recall the day GWAY's run first started, as I do, GWAY issued an 8-k before the market opened. Until the press release hit the wires, later on in the day, GWAY only traded up a few ticks from $.01 to $.03 a share as most traders ddn't bother to look at the 8k, or thought it was no big deal.  Boy were they ever wrong.   When the press release about the merger hit the wires GWAY exploded on a run that investors dream about.  Up until the press release it seems only a few people had fully digested the 8k filing, which is what I see happening right now with VPRS.  (Below is a chart of the GWAY reverse merger run.)

Yesterday VPRS issued an 8k, a change of CEO and ownership.  Essentially, judging from the 8k, the shell was purchased for 35 million shares of stock, at what price we do not know.  What we do know is that the new CEO is also the CEO of MediPharm Biotech Pharmaceuticals and they expect to post significant revenues in the years ahead.  I could be wrong, but putting two and two together here is not that difficult.  Per a recent company profile MediPharm Biotech Pharmaceuticals  is a private company.  VPRS is a debt free SEC reporting shell stock with over $100k in cash on hand.  It appears MediPharm Biotech Pharmaceuticals  is reverse merging into VPRS and bringing value into the shell.  This value is already starting to be reflected in the share price.

Here is the good stuff:

MediPharm plans to invest in Radiation-Protective Fa-cilities (RPFs) in 150 China Tier 3 hospitals, with each hospital requiring investment of $75,000 for a total of $11.3 million. Vivatuxin® is expected to generate $45.1 million revenue and $13.8 million net profit in 2011, $92.8 million revenue and $36.1 million net profit in 2012, and $143.3 million revenue and $52.1 million net profit in 2013.


Through a strategic marketing collaboration study with the Ministry of Health of China currently covering 101 hospitals, the company has agreements to supply 20,000 doses of Vivatuxin®, priced at $3,000 each, used for the treatment of advanced lung cancer patients, who have previously failed at least one course of chemotherapy, and is negotiating collaboration with additional 50 hospitals.

These are some pretty impressive numbers and are found here (click to get taken to the document).

These numbers were put together less than a year ago, and now we find this company going public.  This has not been pr'd yet and if this news does get pr'd... well we saw what happened when the pr for GWAy came out.  Right now anyone that hasn't read the 8K has no idea what is going on with VPRS.  I think the reverse merger is certainly what is happening here and could propel the stock to much higher levels.  With the current share structure and financial projections, VPRS is a stock that could really surprise going forward.

These reverse merger stocks are some of the most explosive out there.  Right now we have little to go by other than some recent financial projections.   A lawsuit that comes up when you search the company and CTL was resolved favorably in 2009, so that is not an issue.

Speculating on just how big this could be is the fun part.  We've seen stocks like GWAY and TMSH run far beyond our wildest expectations.  Could VPRS post a similar type move?  Absolutely.  We've already seen this year that anything is possible.  Right now we have some nice information to nibble on which has peaked our interest.  Judging from the revenue projections MediPharm Biotech Pharmaceuticals Co. should bring tremendous value into VPRS and this stock should be added to your watchlist going forward.

TLAN - Chart Update

TLAN hit $.0042 and closed the session at $.0041 on nice buying volume.  The stock looks poised to break out as it held above its 200 DMA, a very bullish sign.

May 6th Winners and Losers


Today's Winners: TCLL +190%, FGBF +166%, VPRS 114%

Today's Losers : ADLS -68%, PPLB -46%, SIPC -40%

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thursday's Stocks To Watch -BRZL, KING, ICBT, EXTO

BRZL should make for a potentially profitable trade tomorrow, read more here

KING the company's plans would bring roughly $20 million in annual revenue, which means KING shares are undervalued at current prices. I don't expect the stock to trade at these levels much longer.

ICBT closed right near the high of the day, with a day of impressive buying pressure. Holding onto a 300% gain can be tough to do in this market, but we've seen stocks run even higher the second day of a rally. ICBT deserves watching tomorrow, which should determine if today's big move was a one day event or the start of multi-day rally.

EXTO huge volume for the stock toda, it came back strong to close up 5%. Tomorrow a vital day for this stock and if it gets going out of the gate I think it has a very good chance at testing and breaking today's highs.

BRZL - Could Make For An Interesting Trade Tomorrow

BRZL closed down again today finishing the session art $.0104. Looking at the chart, BRZL sits right on the bottom of its trend line, a break below $.01 tomorrow would set up BRZL for further declines. Also note the 50DMA is $.009 and a break through that figure could also trigger more losses.

What I would look for tomorrow is the stock holding above $.01. If I were to trade BRZL tomorrow and beyond, I'd want to be trading it over $.01 and to possibly new recent highs. The trend is still up and I think there is a very good chance BRZL posts gains tomorrow for investors. I think the stock could see $.015 - $.02 before weeks end if support holds at $.01.

May 4th Winners and Losers

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Today's Winners: ICBT +250% PURO +200% AGOE +148.75%

TOday's Losers: PREA -65% MGON -59% OHAQ -55%

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wednesday's Stocks To Watch - TLAN, APRM, THMRQ, EXPH

TLAN accumulation of this stock, according to the charts, is underway as investors have started to realize the inherent value in these shares.  I think its only a matter of time before TLAN's share price is more reflective of a company that is profitable, reducing liabilities, increasing assets, and growing shareholder value.

APRM this stock continues to impress.  With projected revenues approaching $13 million shareholders are looking at over $.20 a share in potential revenue.  At $.0049 this stock ,in my view, presents a great investment opportunity.

THMRQ a recent lawsuit has helped draw traders into this stock.  The money volume shows tremendous demand and I would not be surprised if this stock broke out again tomorrow.

EXPH every stock will have its share of investors that have lost money.  It is almost inevitable in the penny stock market that people will sell for a loss and be unhappy with a stock.  Many investors/traders bought EXPH at $.03, $.02, $.01 a share and have since sold for a big loss.  EXPH, right now, looks to be turning the corner, with a new CEO at the helm.  The losers in this stock will try to dissuade anyone from buying EXPH again.  It is only natural.  With EXPH I firmly believe that another mans loss is another mans gain.  In this case those that sold for a loss down here, are rewarding those with the fore site to see the impending rally in this stock by selling them cheap shares.  I think EPXH sees $.001 and better short term.  If you think those that sold for a loss are crying now, just wait until EXPH really starts to move.

TLAN - Under Significant Accumulation

TLAN after all the positive news, including posting their first annual profit, is showing signs of significant share accumulation.  I expect the share price to begin its ascent back to recent highs of $.0058 - $.006 before ultimately breaking and surpassing $.01. 

I have already outlined the many reasons why I like this stock in previous blog posts.  At $.0032 this stock, in my view, offers a tremendous opportunity to profit in the short term.

May 3rd Winners and Losers


Todays Winners: THMRQ +200%, EHSK +150%, AVMC +130%

Todays Losers:  TECA -75%, AGOE -64%, KRMC -58%

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Tuesdays Stocks To Watch - EXPH, AVEW, TLAN, BRZL

EXPH news out today confirmed why i am high on this stock for a big move in the short term. The company has no further plans for dilution. Also the company just boosted revenue by over 300%. For a $.0003 stock, I think the risk/reward offers a great opportunity.

AVEW the stock sold off early then rebounded and rallied strong into the close. This mometum should carry over to tomorrow. The chart looks ready for an upward move, lets see if traders agree.

TLAN any selling today was met with solid buying interest. The chart and LEVEL II are looking very good for TLAN. This company recently reported an annual profit while reducing liabilites, increasing assets, reducing outstanding shares and eliminating preferred shares. I know that is a lot to chew on, but to sum it up, I believe TLAN is a bargain at these prices.

BRZL is in the midst of a very strong rally. Currently the stock rests comfortably above its 50dma, and looks to continue upward tomorrow. BRZL should be a great stock to trade throughout the week.

Chart of The Day - OTGI

EXPH - Revenue Up 345% - No Further Dilution of Stock

Today EXPH released great news which should allay any doubts about this company and its stock going forward. They are growing revenues, they do not plan any share recapitalization, and there is no dilution going forward. The chart is showing some impressive accumulation and I don't think it will be long before EXPH is trading much higher form here.

As we all know these triple zero stocks can get quite explosive once they start to move. While there is no guarantee that EXPH will move, it could even fall from here, I feel that the risk of any pullback is small when compared to the potential rally in shares.

In order to make money in these markets you need to be risking your capital. With that risk comes the chance of a big reward. The fact that the company stated no further dilution, in my view, reduces the risk for EXPH when compared to other penny stocks. The threat of dilution is gone, and that in itself should help bolster shares. Factor in growing revenues and visible share accumulation on the chart, and EXPH could post a nice rally from here. Add it to your watch list.

Expo Holdings, Inc. Announces April Sales Up Over 365% Business Wire "Press Releases - English"
NORTH WILKESBORO, N.C. --(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Expo Holdings, Inc. (Pink Sheets: EXPH - News), completed approximately $170,000 in sales during April 2011 compared to approximately $36,400 in April 2010 .

Sales for the month of April 2011 were approximately $170,000 compared to approximately $36,400 in April 2010 . This figure does not include approximately $75,000 in deposits received in April 2011 (for projects in process) as deposits are booked as a liabilities until the orders are completed and the billing process is completed. The company typically requests a 10% (or more) deposit for orders over $10,000 in size.

The company has completed approximately $590,000 in sales during the first four months of 2011 compared to approximately $216,000 in sales for the same time period last year.

The company continues to expect sales volatility for the balance of the year.

The company currently employs approximately 37 with 11 part-time members as part of this total.

The company has raised funds via its stock in early 2011 as well as during 2010. The company anticipates no additional stock issuances now or in the foreseeable future and has no plans or considerations for a reverse stock split.

As always, shareholders are invited to visit our facility and view products in production. Contact us at 336-667-8765 to visit.

This release includes forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 27E of the Securities Act of 1934. Statements contained in this release that are not historical facts may be deemed to be forward-looking statements. Investors are cautioned that forward-looking statements are inherently uncertain. Actual performance and results may differ materially from that projected or suggested herein due to certain risks and uncertainties including, without limitation, ability to obtain financing and regulatory and shareholder approvals for anticipated actions. If you invest, you may lose some or all of your investment.

Expo Holdings, Inc. J.D. Brown , 336-667-8765
Source: Expo Holdings, Inc.