Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday's Stocks To Watch - ETLS, FRGY, HMIT, IVOI

ETLS add another nice close to what has been a very green week for ETLS shareholders.  I have a feeling the stock will squeak out another gain today.  There is a good chance the stock could see $.005 or better today on its way toward $.01.

FRGY is a stock to add to your watch list.  With over 100 million shares trading hands yesterday, the stock is sure to get some attention going forward.  The last time this stock ran it hit $.005 a share.  History does tend to repeat itself.

HMIT is not letting its shareholders down.  At this rate HMIT will be over $.004 by Monday. 

IVOI is setting up for another push higher.  This profitable triple zero stock has been left behind as investors run to find the next big gain.  I do think this stock will head back to $.001 at some point in the near future.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

THRR - Excuses, Excuses Excuses - And Please Do Not Call Us

Today THRR issued another press release that leaves you laughing. 

When a company issues a press release stating someone is willing to buy all the billion upon billions of shares outstanding for a 1,000%+ premium, you would think they would jump at the offer.  It has now been almost two months since this ridiculous offer has supposedly been made and yet NOTHING has happened.

In a press release this morning the company says they have a two week extension to complete the deal.  Why?  Because the CEO had the flu.  Since when does a bout of the flu affect the BRAIN?  That fact that this deal even requires thought on the company's end just validates the fact that this buy out offer is nothing but a scheme to inflate the price of THRR's stock.

When someone offers to buy something of yours for 1,000% more than its worth do you really need two months to think about it? 

Do a quick search on this blog for THRR and you will see my thoughts on this stock and this obviously bogus buy out.  The company is getting sick of the questions and calls as evidenced by today's press release.

What does the Guru think? Being Flu free my thoughts are clear, and I think in two weeks the company will release press stating the mysterious buyer will pull out of the deal or maybe you will never hear about the deal again.  Two weeks is plenty of time to come up with another excuse, so I wouldn't rule that out either.

Thresher Industries Updates Shareholders on Close of Sale PR Newswire    "Press Releases US - English "

HANFORD, Calif. , April 29 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Thresher Industries, Inc. (Pink Sheets: THRR) provided an update today regarding the sale of the Company.  Thresher has requested a two-week extension to complete the sale of the Company, which was delayed by CEO Tom Flessner 's recent bout with pneumonia.  The Company is pleased to report Mr. Flessner is now making a full recovery.

Tom Flessner , CEO of Thresher Industries, Inc. , stated, "Despite this small set-back, Thresher is back on track in full force to close the sale of our Company. We understand many of our shareholders have questions regarding the transaction, and would like to provide as much information to them as possible. To this end, we have requested that the name of buyer be disclosed. Should we receive permission to announce the name of our buyer, we will do so by issuing a press release to the public. We hope this can bring additional clarity to the value that our buyer brings to our Company and our shareholders."

"In the interim, our legal counsel has informed us that we are still in a 'quiet period' until a further disclosure agreement can be reached between Thresher and our buyer. Please be advised that our legal counsel, business associates and management team cannot answer any further questions related to this sale, nor should they be contacted in this regard. General questions non-related to the sale of the Company should be directed to Thresher at 559.585.3400 or via email at We appreciate your adherence to these procedures, and thank you for your continued patience," concluded Flessner.

About Thresher Industries, Inc.

Thresher Industries, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of low carbon footprint conventional and custom machined die castings made from 100% recycled aluminum and metal matrix composites. Based in Hanford, California , the Company operates an ISO 9000-compliant, "green" foundry that integrates bio-degradable technologies and processes to lower the economic and environmental costs of production. Thresher offers full engineering support, designing, and prototype development to a variety of industries including: agriculture, aerospace, defense, transportation, and automotive in the U.S. and Europe . For more information, visit

Statements contained in this news release, other than those identifying historical facts, constitute "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and the Safe Harbor provisions as contained in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Such forward-looking statements relating to the Company's future expectations, including but not limited to revenues and earnings, technology efficacy, strategies and plans, are subject to safe harbors protection. Actual Company results and performance may be materially different from any future results, performance, strategies, plans, or achievements that may be expressed or implied by any such forward-looking statements. The Company disclaims any obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements.


Thresher Industries, Inc.

Tel: 559.585.3400

SOURCE Thresher Industries, Inc.

Thursday's Watch List - ETLS, CIND, SSWC, HMIT

ETLS appears ready to embark on another trip over $.01 a share.  This time should be different and I would expect the stock to hold its gains.

CIND the very small share structure of this stock still makes it a very compelling trade going forward.  Interest seems to have peaked albiet it temporarlily, which is when you want to be buying a stock.  While everyone has their eyes on something else.

SSWC looks ready to break out of its $.0003 - $.0005 range.  A reverse merger would send SSWC up 1,000% or better from yesterday's closing price.

HMIT continues to impress.  If the stock does pull-back I think it would be a great opportunity to add, or start a position in this stock.  It looks like it wants to head higher from here.

ETLS - Going To Take Another Shot at $.01?

ETLS, after undertaking an impressive rally earlier this month, has pulled back significantly from its brief high of $.011.  The stock at one point this week was trading under $.002 a share and has since started heading higher posting three straight days of gains.

 The compelling part about this stock is that it has a low outstanding and authorized share count, one which is 33% accounted for  via a recent SEC ownership document.  The rest of the shares have been under accumulation for the last 6 months plus.  The recent run has been done on less volume than before which tells me a lot of the shares are being held for another shot at the 52 week high.

A run and break of $.011 could send ETLS to $.02 a share or better.  Obviously with the stock at $.0033 those numbers are still far away, but I do believe those are realistic targets for this stock considering its past history and the investor interest behind this issue.

I also think the run won't be as violent as the last one, meaning a healthier rise.  This would equate to gains that don't vanish the next day as we saw when ETLS hit $.011 several weeks ago.

Keep this stock on your watch list going forward.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

CWRN - Cannot Pay It's Bills - Default at Secratary of State

I keep wanting to type CWRM, not CWRN, as that was the ticker prior to the last reverse split. Seemingly this company has the money to issue press releases, but not enough money to keep their filings at the Nevada Secratary of State up to date. One recent press release touted a $11 + million headline number to try to draw the fish closer to the lures. It seems investors don't mind buying blindly when a quick look at the SOS would show the company is not current and a check of Pink Sheets shows a big stop sign. A default status at the SOS coupled with a big red stop sign at Pink Sheets is never a good sign for a sub-penny stock.

With 6 billion shares authorized to sell into the open market, there will be plenty of supply to throw out to the sheep.

This stock has gone from $260 to $.0027 the last few years. It is not one of the worst stocks out there, and it has shown signs of a bounce. You really want to be on your toes with CWRN and realize the overall trend is down and any bounce should be taken advantage of quickly.

Wednesday's Stocks To Watch - CIND, AMHI, HMIT, CWRN

CIND broke through $.10 at the open and took a couple of swings at $.12 before falling over 30%. I think the stock will regroup and take another swing at $.10+. With the low share count and possible merger news on the way, CIND could post an explosive move. Keep it on your radar.

AMHI this stock has been slowly edging higher. You can search this blog for what I have said about AMHI in the past. I think $.01 is within reach this week.

HMIT has an impressive session and looks to build on it tomorrow. I think $.002 should come quickly putting $.003 as the next logical target to watch.

CWRN ran up early in the day only to falter later on. I would not be a buyer of this stock on anything other than a quick news related pop.

Tuesday's Stocks To Watch - ETLS, CIND, BUNM, WTMK

ETLS is starting to head higher. We all know what can happen with this stock when it gets some momentum behind it. The last rally brought the stock to $.01, but proved to be short lived. Maybe this time around a steadier diet of buying will bring a gradual and more stable rise in the price per share. ETLS bears watching going forward.

CIND I expect this stock will hit and break $.10 early in today's session. From there it will get real interesting. Yesterday it held most of its gains into the close in a very impressive trading session. If today is anything like yesterday CIND could see $.15-$.20.

BUNM I do think this stock is on the cusp of a breakout. It has held the $.0002/$.0003 range for several days now. Keep it on your watchlist.

WTMK is quietly been heading higher... 5% here, 15% there. At some point it investors will take notice and the price per share will react accordingly. I do think $.01 is a possibility short term.

Monday, April 26, 2010

CIND - It's On

CIND mounted a deliberate and impressive push from Friday's close of $.017 to a high of $.09 before closing the session at $.08 up 370%.  There were over 5 million shares exchanged through the day, some of which where likely exchanged more than once. 

At this point, after 3 consecutive days of buying volume, most of the free trading shares are out of the market place. What does this mean?  It means the share supply has dried up and any type of buying pressure will send the stock even higher than we saw today.  Also the rally can get even more explosive.

Let's also assume that market makers were busy filling orders with shares they don't have.  A few times today these market makers were trying to scare some sells by pulling the bid $.02 lower on a very small sell.  Since you and I have no idea what the bid depth is, other than the lead bid for each market maker, it is very easy to try and scare investors out of their positions.  Each time this happened CIND bounced back.... and then some.  It was entertaining to watch, and there is a good chance tomorrow will be equally entertaining.  The market makers acquiesced late this afternoon and CIND had robust buying into the close.  I think this will continue right at the open tomorrow.

The $.10 mark should be an easy target at the start of trade and if the float is indeed gone and in tight hands, $.15 could come in short order.  Just picture the market maker who sold 200k shares naked at $.04 today for $8,000.  He will be looking at covering those same 200k shares for a cost of $30,000 tomorrow... and that is just one 200k sale.  CIND traded 5.2 million shares today, who really knows for sure how many of those shares are real and how many of those were fabricated from the wand of those magical market makers? That is how a short squeeze starts.  Just as a panic can start when a price starts to fall, that same panic can cause a price to fly well beyond reason as the risk for a huge loss grows with each upward tick of the stock. 

With a CEO buying back shares on the open market, a low outstanding share count, a merger in the cards, this shell stock, that was dormant for over 13 years, has come to life in a big way.  The momentum and the trend is to the upside.  I think CIND will post another strong session tomorrow and head to $.15 an hour after the open.

I don't envy those short or naked short this stock.  It will be a long restless night and a big gap higher before the open will be evidence of that.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Stocks To Watch Monday April 25th - CIND, BUNM, TNXI, SSWC

CIND this stock, and it's microscopic outstanding share count, should see some modest volume on Monday.  I suspect decent buying volume would give the stock a nice lift.  Also the shell, which has been dormant for 16 years, could be getting ready to announce news in the future.

BUNM has consolidated for its initial burst higher.  This week should start the move to $.0006, that I had mentioned previously. 

TNXI my buy and hold has once again reached a price that is just too hard to pass up.  Last quarter the company earned $.04 a share.  The stock closed trading on Friday at $.073 a share.  Factor out the $.04 over a full year and you get a company that is potentially trading at a 1/2 PE.  That is unheard of.

SSWC continues to trade in a tight range.  The stock came under some pressure early in the session on Friday only to finish strong and reinvigorate hopes of what could be a big move in the days and weeks ahead.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

CIND - When There Simply Isn't Enough Shares To Go Around

CIND has experienced some record volume the past two trading sessions.  This low share count stock was recently sold and the new CEO has been buying back shares on the open market, as evidenced by a recent form 4 filing.  The stock also has one of the lowest outstanding share counts that I have run across, for a stock that is trading below $.10-$.20 a share.  CIND closed Friday at $.017 a share.

CIND, China Industrial Group, Inc, offers an intriguing possibility at $.017, one that its other penny stock brethren can not offer.  With its ultra low outstanding share count, what if the CEO continued buying back shares on the open market?  What if investors continue to buy up the stock?  What if market makers continue to sell shares they don't have?  What if, at some point, there are simply not enough shares to go around?

Let's do a little math.  The total outstanding share count for CIND is 12,073,498.  Take away recent CEO holdings and insider purchases and the float drops to a maximum of 10,854,516.  The figure could be lower, but I just am going by what is publicly known.  On Thursday the stock traded 2,079,035 shares and on Friday the stock experienced a volume of 1,111,210 for a total two day volume of 3,190,245. At the current rate of share accumulation the entire outstanding share count, excluding known insider holdings, could be bought up in a matter of days.  Now that is amazing scenario.

I've received many e-mails from subscribers and readers telling me about these type of stocks.  Stocks where investors buy up the tradeable float and additional shares that market makers sold naked.  As the price continues to rise the market makers are unable to find real shares of stock to cover their naked short positions.  Ultimately they end up buying back these shares on the open market sending the price of the stock tremendously higher.

One such stock has been CDIV, which has returned in excess of 35,000% from its lows to its recent highs. 

I am not saying CIND will run 35,000%, but what I am saying is that the current market cap of the company is less than this shell is worth.  That in itself speaks of the undervaluation we are dealing with.

What if, at some point, there aren't enough shares of CIND to go around?  If investors continue to buy and hold shares of CIND knowing that the low 12 million outstanding share count provides them a bigger stake than their more portly brethren, the amount of shares in circulation will quickly disappear.  Ultimately the demand for the stock will overwhelm the supply and the stock price will react accordingly.

Let us not forget that this is also a recently activated shell stock, that lay dormant for over 13 years.  The SEC filings  are a good indication that this company is about to get active again.  That in itself would be something to bolster shares of this stock.  A timely press release coupled with a share supply that has been all but bought up, and you have the ingredients for a gigantic rally in shares.

I think CIND deserves some watching in the weeks ahead.  If the buying continues in earnest things could get very interesting.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Stocks To Watch Friday - SSWC, AMHI, MXXH, TYTN

is still holding its ground at $.0005 even as volume has dried up. I do think this stock has a big move higher in its future. After a healthy bout of consolidation that move could come in a swift fashion.

AMHI sold off on Thursday amid a lack of bid support. I do think the trend for this stock the next few weeks and months is higher. With the CEO talking merger, and having a $6 million tax loss carryford at his disposal, things could get interesting as material events are reported.
MXXH this stock awoke from its slumber and burst higher today. MXXH posted a run over $.005 a while back and looks poised to see that figure tomorrow. Add it to your watch list.

TYTN got backhoed late in the session. I do think a bounce is in the cards tomorrow. This is a volatile and tradeable stock at the moment, and one you may be able to capitalize on if you pick your entry and exit points. At least until it settles down.

Chart of the Day - ABTWQ

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thursdays Stocks To Watch - TYTN, AMHI, SSWC, BUNM

TYTN closed the Wednesday session strong right near the high of the day.  I think this stock could see $.01 on Thursday.

AMHI took a swing at session highs before settling a few ticks off the high.  This stock should be trading well over $.01 in anticipation of merger that may be coming shortly.  This is a stock to watch going forward.

SSWC fought back impressively to close even.  The trading action makes me belive we've found solid support for a move to the upside. We are still waiting for the potential news of a TPHM like merger to hit the wires.   That would vault SSWC 1,000%+ higher from Wednesday's close.

BUNM  I think a lot of the people that panicked and sold out at $.0001 and $.0002 the other day were buyers today at $.0003.  This stock impressed me today and makes me a believer that my short term $.0006 target will be hit.

BUNM - An Impressive Trading Session

BUNM posted a very impressive trading session.  We want to see a slow and steady move higher in this stock, and we might just be getting that.  The $.0003's were getting purchased at a steady rate on Wednesday, and if the rate of buying keeps up Thursday could see some $.0004's.  Remember that $.0004 short term Guru target has been hit.  The next target is $.0006.  I could see that happening by later in the day on Friday.

AMHI - A Merger Imminent?

A March 21st AMHI shareholder letter went largely unnoticed in the investment community.  One that implied a merger could be on the way, one that would add significantly more value to the stock, and provide a significant boost to shares.  Read that shareholder update here:

AMHI  has sat stagnant for well over a year, languishing in the $.001-$.003 range.  In the company's last quarterly filing they boasted assets of $9 million and annual revenues of over $6 million.  I think its safe to say those numbers aren't quite as high these days as back then but even if they are half of what they used to be, this stock should be trading well into the pennies.  The outstanding share count is somewhere close to 100 million and the authorized shares are 200 million.  Both very reasonable numbers for a stock that could trade well over $.01.

The shareholder update a month ago has really added some fuel to the fire.  So not only is this company undervalued on its own, they are also looking to merge with another company.  They have a big piece of cheese to lure some prospective companies in the form of a $6 million tax loss carry forward.  This is take verbatim from the update last month:

We have recently started looking for a strategic partner to merge with.  We have a tax loss carry forward of nearly 6 million dollars, which has real value.

That tax loss carry forward could turn into a nice lure, which will ultimately land the company a big fish.  A merger would certainly bolster shares immediately.  This is where we want to be, looking at these stocks before the merger actually hits the wires.

We know AMHI is looking for a merger, we know they have a big bone to lure a company to merge with, and we know they still have operations that at once time pulled in $6 million plus a year in revenue.  All these pieces add up to a stock that should be trading at much higher levels.  Add AMHI to your watch list.  It is going to be an interesting year for this stock.

TYTN - Revenues and Assets Growing, Liabilities and Costs Declining

TYTN's quarterly report was released last month with very little fanfare.  If you take a brief glance at it you can see this is a company that is growing, while at the same time reducing costs and debt, making this stock undervalued at its current price per share.

For those of you unfamiliar with TYTN, it was a shell stock until late last year (do a search for TYTN on this blog and you will find a few posts I did last year). Tytan International, Inc. was brought into the shell.  This company has been around for many years and is at the stage were it is starting to grow at an ever increasing pace.

This is a quick snippet from the company overview:

Tytan Holdings, Inc. entered into a Letter of Intent in regards to acquisition of Tytan International, Inc.
which is a tractor company with exclusive manufacturing agreements in China. With the recent explosion of the Chinese Automobile
Industry, there has been a huge boom in Quality. Tytan will be there with a new Era of Products in 2010 that will meet or beat any
competitor's products, and at prices the Consumers can afford.
Tytan International, Inc. has been part of a plan that started in 2004. Mark Leonard the founder was the first pioneer of tractors from
China to the USA. He was responsible for developing such things as power steering, two stage clutches, live engine run hydraulic pumps,
hydraulic remotes and much more. Mark's trademarked name at the time was Rhino International Inc.
Rhino grew to the 150 dealers in a 4 year period, after it had completed its product improvements. Rhino was primarily known as
"function at a very good price". No other tractor factories were able to compete with Rhino's improvements under Mr. Leonard’s

Consider the global economic recovery you have been hearing about on the financial networks and newspapers and it is safe to assume this will affect Tytan in a very positive way.  Tytan is in a cyclical industry, one that benefits greatly in times of economic growth, and falters in times of contraction and recession.  It seems we are on the cusp of growth both here and abroad.  China, one of Tytan's areas of business, just posted amazing growth numbers for the last quarter.

Global Times China has dubbed TYTN's CEO the "Father of the Chinese Tractors" in a recent article.   That should give you a good idea of TYTN's foothold in China.

It gets better.  The company is expecting a 43% growth in revenue for 2010.  That is on top of already growing numbers in 2009.  This bodes well for future earnings reports.

The market is always looking ahead.  By the time TYTN's earnings have soared this stock will be fully valued.   The way to make money in these markets is to find the undervalued stock before the market does.

It's time to put TYTN on your watchlist, if it is not already there.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wednesday Stocks To Watch - SSWC, EMXC, BUNM, GEGP

SSWC looks ready for more gains after consolidating on Monday and Tuesday.  Merger news would send this stock 1,000%+ higher from Tuesdays close.

EMXC looks ripe for a rebound and just may take another swing at recent highs.  This stock is one to keep on your radar throughout 2010.

BUNM fell back today as investors moved on to the next $.0001 stock play.  I think investors are wrong to be selling this stock at this time.  The assets for and burnedmedia are growing with the explosion of the social media.

GEGP will be stock to watch tomorrow.  It just may finally get into the $.0003 area.  It just needs a very large amount of volume to do so.  With the popularity of these $.0001 stocks at its peak, GEGP just may get the volume it needs to move higher.

BUNM - Still Holding The Bid

Some late day salvo's threatened the BUNM bid today and... well.... it held.  That is good news.  The stock had solid support irregardless irrational investor sentiment.  I still find it odd that investors have sold out after just a few day burst.  This stock has much more room to go in the longer term as the site grows and the assets within BUNM grow in value. 

Maybe BUNM needed a few days working through the $.0001 to $.0002 range before heading higher.  The quick burst to $.0003/$.0004 may have been premature and the selling back down rattled an already nervous investor base.  It does take a brash investor to take advantage of a panicked seller.  Remember Citigroup was selling under $1 a share not long ago, many of the rental car companies were selling for pennies on the dollar when the financial crisis was at its peak.  Investors who recognized the value vs. the risk at that time, have made off with large gains since then... some in the 1,000%+ range.

My point is the risk takers can be rewarded with huge returns.  BUNM is an immensely risky stock, but the rewards, with continued growth, could be enormous down the road.  At $.0001/$.0002/$.0003 a share BUNM offers a good risk to reward chance, and the opportunity to get into the social media space micro-pennies on the dollar.

SSWC - Looks Poised To Post Gains From Here

SSWC, after an initial burst, has found solid footing in the $.0004 - $.0006 range.  The market makers on the ask side of the level II have moved their offers higher the past few days as shares have been accumulated in this range.  This leads me to believe the stock is ready for its next move higher.  When the market makers are asking for higher prices, buyers will have a tougher time finding cheaper shares.  Inevitably they will end up buying at the higher price.

Remember SSWC's brother and sister stocks both traded over $.0045 a share on merger news.  SSWC is a 1,000% + gain in the making if the same type of news hits the wires.

Keep SSWC on your radar.  The Guru is looking for another solid trading session tomorrow.

EMXC - Looks Ready For A Strong Rally

EMXC has sold off recently after a few attempts to break $.0081 failed.  Investors have since left the issue and the price per share has suffered.  I think this stock will start another attempt at recent highs in the coming days and weeks.  The company has issued numerous filings to get the transparent end of things in order.

According to some of these filings the company book value is almost 10 times more than the stock is currently trading at.  What that tells you is, if EMXC went belly up tomorrow and had to liquidate its holdings/assets and the like, investors would stand to receive over $.03 a share.  Today EMXC closed at $.0047.  It is a head scratcher and one of the reasons why EMXC should see more upside in the coming days.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Stocks To Watch Tuesday - BUNM, SSWC, KGRI, ICTY

BUNM posted an impressive session on Monday hitting the Guru's first target of $.0004.  There are many shares to trade through and that is exactly what happened on Monday.  The stock should be ready to make a move at the .0004's and .0005's on Tuesday.  That would put the goal of $.0006 on tap for Wednesday.  BUNM's property gives the stock more value than investors are giving it credit for.  Absent any new shares hitting the market, which I do not see, BUNM could be trading well over $.001.  Keep it on your watchlist.

SSWC met some resistance today at $.0009.  If a merger is announced $.0009 will seem like quite a bargain.  The stock closed one tick higher from Friday's close and built a solid base for the week.  A close at $.0007-$.0008 would be welcome for shareholders, but remember the merger news for TPHM and BGNN put those stocks well over $.004 a share.  SSWC is a bargain at these prices should s merger come into the shell.

KGRI the Guru gave this stock as a bottom play to his subs and readers last week.  It does look to be coming to life after a strong showing on Monday.  I think a $.001 break would be very bullish for this stock.

ICTY  news today gave this stock a little burst before it fell into the close.  I'm interested to see what this stock does tomorrow.  It has broken out in the past, but it bears watching nonetheless.

ZIPZ - Added To The Guru's Worst Stocks

ZIPZ epitomizes the term "money pit".  Split adjusted this stock was trading at $160,000 a share only two years ago and now trades at $.0011.  A precipitous decline such as this can only be the result of greed, dilution, and a complete lack of regard for the shareholder.   I ask you to find something that that has declined from ~$160,000 to $.0011 in the last two years, anything at all.

Check out this money sucking chart.  Someone has been using ZIPZ as their personal ATM machine at the expense of shareholders.

Chart of The Day - EQLB

The stock bounced and closed up almost 200% today after a slow steady decline.  I'd expect some more gains early tomorrow.

Monday's Stocks To Watch - SSWC, BUNM, ETLS, WTMK

SSWC I think SSWC will run right out of the gate this morning. With the possibility of a merger on the horizon, and the fact that it's brother and sister stocks have both mounted big runs after their mergers. SSWC could see similar prices as TPHM and BGNN post merger. That would equate to SSWC trading at $.00455 - $.0055 from Friday's $.0005 close. Meaning a 1,000% gain could be in the cards.

BUNM this formerly bidless stock should catch quite a bid on Monday. The way these triple zero stocks have been running, the volume should come fast and furious.

ETLS had a promising day trying to regain some traction on Friday. I think this stock could be setting itself up for another nice run short term. It has sold off after hitting $.011, but the selling has been a little over done.

WTMK still looks ready for its breakout. The stock has stabilized in a narrow range. News of the merger being confirmed would vault this stock much higher from current levels.

Friday, April 16, 2010

BUNM - A Lotto Ticket With Staying Power

BUNM is the Guru's favorite lotto ticket stock.  If you don't know these stocks, then just do a quick browse on the top OTC volume lists.  You'll see SNRS, CWIR, MODC, just to name a few.  These are $.0001 stocks that can catch a bid in an instant and return 100's of percent in the matter of hours.

Today BUNM caught a bid and started to see some impressive action at $.0002 as the market closed.  If the market was open another hour I think the stock would have closed at $.0003 not $.0002.  BUNM's last run saw it hit $.0005 before it sold off and lost its bid.  One of these times BUNM will get a bid and never give it back and that may very well be now.  Why?

For one BUNM has Hypster (  Hypster is a social media platform that has been growing right along side Facebook. 

The site boasts millions upon millions of visits and 15 million + page views that must bring in a significant chunk of advertising revenue.  Factor that in with some of their other paid sites, and BUNM is sitting on a very impressive revenue stream.  One that is capitalizing on the recent social networking explosion.

It is for this reason I think this stock deserves a much higher price per share.  Is the investment community finally in agreement with me?  I think we will soon find out.

Irregardless of BUNM's assets and revenue streams every stock under $.0002 has been catching a bid as of late.  I suspect BUMN could run to $.0005 or better just based on momentum alone.  SNRS, a .0001 stock with a much larger share count and less prosperous financial disposition hit $.0004 on 2.6 billion shares on Thursday.  If BUNM were to see a 2.6 billion volume day the stock would most assuredly see $.0005 or better.

Be on the look out for volume on Monday.  If it comes fast and furious BUNM will rocket higher in a swift fashion.

SSWC - A Merger on The Horizon?

Trading penny stocks can be a trying endeavor.  In order to be successful you need to be able utilize different methods of research.  One method I use is to see what has happened in the past and use that information to see what will happen in the future.  For instance if you see a stock that has done many reverse splits in the past, you can assume they are going to do it in the future.  It can be just that simple.   Eventually it becomes an integral part of your researching arsenal and it is exactly how I stumbled upon SSWC.  With SSWC history is telling us that a merger is coming, one that will take the stock to $.0045 and even beyond.  Why?  Let me give you a brief history lesson.

IVOI has been spinning off its subsidiaries in the form of stock dividends.  These stocks include BGNN (IVOT),TPHM, and SWCC.  BGNN, within the last year, merged and became B Green Innovations.  TPHM, just a few months ago merged with Global Medical Equipment.  SWCC, on the other hand, has sat quietly and bidless awaiting it's turn at a merger.  The TPHM merger sent the stock up over 2000% and BGNN's merger has seen the stock gain well over 1,000%.  When SWCC gets its turn at a merger the stock should see significant gains.

Notice how all of these stocks have traded at $.0001-$.0002 a share, TPHM and BGNN rose 2,000% from those levels post merger running to $.0045 and $.0055 respectively.  History is telling us that merger news will send SSWC to at least those prices, if not more.

SSWC consolidated today after a big burst higher on Thursday with close to a billion shares traded.  The outstanding shares for SSWC is 1,159,096,193, now consider the last two days the stock traded 860 million and 360 million shares.  That is 1.2 billion shares, more than the entire outstanding share count.  I don't want to get into the implications of this anomaly, long time readers already know what I am getting at.  Continued buying volume, coupled with the historic trends of past mergers, will send this stock over $.001 short term.  After that level is broken I suspect $.002 could come in a rapid manner.

History is telling us SSWC will experience a sharp rally when a merger is announced.  It happened with its brother BGNN and sister TPHM.  Now its SSWC's turn.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Friday Watchlist - IVOI, KGRI, ETLS, HMIT

IVOI sold off after a failed attempt to break $.001.  With the company turning the corner financially, I think the trend is still up for this stock.  The next time IVOI takes a swing at $.001 it may very well take that price out and never look back.

KGRI closed up 50% in what may be the start of an explosive reversal.

ETLS it has been a rough week for ETLS shareholders.  After making new 52 week highs at $.011, the stock has sold off substantially.  The selling has abated and I think a nice move higher is in the cards.

HMIT continued its deliberate grind higher today.  This stock just keeps posting gains this week, and I don't see a reason why Friday won't be any different.

POWN - A Guru Buy and Hold at $.06 Hits New 52 Week High of $.82

Some of you may have chuckled when the Guru boldly predicted that POWN, then trading at $.06, would hit $1.25 a share.  Just last week with POWN coming off of recent lows I said:

POWN our Guru buy and hold has worked itself out of recent lows. The buyers on this last dip should make out once POWN takes another swing at its 52 week highs later on this month.

A week later POWN has surged ahead, and is that much closer to the Guru's $1.25 a share target.

Here was my chart back when I called for POWN to hit $1.25 a share:

Here is a chart of POWN after today's close:

If this keeps up POWN will be at $1.25 before months end.

SNRS - Up 200% on 2.93 Billion Share Day

In a market where everything with a pulse is catching a bid, long time lotto play SNRS emerged from its slumber and posted a 200% gain after closing the last 9 months without a bid.  The stock hit $.0004 before closing at $.0003.  This will be interesting to watch tomorrow.  With another few billion shares thrown at the ask, who is to say how high it will go.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thursday's Stocks To Watch - IVOI, KGRI, HMIT, WTMK

IVOI closed at the high of the day after an impressive trading session. This rally has more room to go and momentum seems to be picking up. I don't think a run to $.002 short term is out of the question.

KGRI this stock looks to have bottomed and could post an explosive move higher. I'd add this one to your watchlist and keep a close eye on the volume. Increased buying pressure should push this stock several hundred percent higher.

HMIT ended up another 40% building on previous gains. I could see this stock making a quick push for $.001 after the open. If that price is held then we could be looking at even more gains on Friday.

WTMK has held in a tight range the last several days looking to find some buyers for the eventual run to $.01. The confirmation of the merger, announced back in February could be the impetus for such a run, if the company has indeed finalized it. Keep this stock on your radar.

KGRI - A PennyStockGurus Bottom Alert

KGRI touched a new 52 week low and closed at $.0004 a share. I think now is the time to start trying to catch this knife. The last time I posted a similar phrase was back at the end of December when I was talking about GOIG. What was the price of GOIG at that time? $.0004. GOIG then went on to mount a run to $.06 for a 15,000% gain from my bottom alert.

I am not putting KGRI on the same pedestal as GOIG, but I am saying that I have a good nose for these stocks. I can sense the capitulation and think that a sharp rally could follow over the next few days. At $.0004 a share, and considering this stock was trading well over $.01 last month, the risk for further decline is outweighed by the potential gain an explosive bounce would provide.

With today's closing price of $.0004, I think a quick bounce to $.0008 or better is in the cards. Considering this stock is trading like a F-117 Stealth Aircraft and eluding traders radars, a good burst of volume will likely set off the SAM's and Artillery Fire.

Below is the chart of KGRI. It has fallen for a year with nary a bounce. It is a risky stock, but one that could pay off with a several 100% gain.

IVOI - Posts Another Impressive Trading Day Closing at Session Highs

IVOI, the only profitable, transparent, triple zero stock trading today, looks poised to lose a zero on its PPS. Even at $.001-$.002 I am asking anyone to find me an SEC filer, yes 10-Q's and 10-K's, that posted a profit for 2009. It's ironic that other stocks out there trade at much higher levels than IVOI but have so much less going for it.

IVOI has significantly reduced their debt from over $7 million to $1.5 million in 2009. During the same period they reported a profit! For a triple zero stock this is quite a feat and is indicative of a company focused on increasing shareholder value.

The stock is just starting to get attention in the investment community and after the recent price action I would not be suprised to see IVOI really break out the next few days. The trading has been very healthy with investors buying up shares and holding for higher prices. It should continue its ascent at an ever increasing pace with continued buying and orderly trading.

IDCX - Chart of The Day

IDCX was recently purchased for $300,000. The stock has been trading up in hopes a viable company will come into the shell.

Item 1.01.
Entry into a Material Definitive Agreement
On April 5, 2010, iDcentrix, Inc. (the “Company”) entered into a Common Stock Purchase Agreement (the “Purchase Agreement”) by and among Tsoi Tik Man (the “Buyer”), Belmont Partners, LLC, a Virginia limited liability company (the “Seller”), and the Company. Pursuant to the terms of the Purchase Agreement, on April 5, 2010 (the “Closing Date”), the Buyer acquired from the Seller 36,688,800 shares (the “Purchased Stock”), or approximately 53.81%, of the issued and outstanding common stock of the Company. In consideration for the sale of the Purchased Stock, the Buyer paid the Seller $300,000 and the Company agreed to issue to the Seller shares of its common stock (the “Issued Stock”) such that the Seller will own 10% of the issued and outstanding capital stock of the Company after the closing of a merger transaction with an as of yet unidentified target corporation contemplated by the Purchase Agreement. Pursuant to the terms of the Purchase Agreement, the then current officer and director of the Company resigned on the Closing Date and the Buyer was named as the sole officer and director of the Company. Such resignation and appointment were effective as of the Closing Date with respect to the officer of the Company. The resignation of the current director and the naming of the Buyer as a director will take effect on the tenth day following the mailing by the Company of an information statement that complies with the requirements of Section 14f-1 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Joseph J. Meuse, the former President and Secretary and a current director of the Company, is a managing member of the Seller. A copy of the Purchase Agreement is included as Exhibit 10.1 to this Current Report on Form 8-K and is incorporated herein by reference. All references to the Purchase Agreement are qualified in their entirety by the text of such exhibit.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Subscribers - Check Your Email

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Stocks To Watch Wednesday - IVOI, HMIT, MUTM, PFMS

IVOI looks poised to test new recent highs tomorrow. It hit $.0006 today and could see $.0007 tomorrow. This is the lone profitable sun $.002 stock in the OTCBB now. I think it is way undervalued.

HMIT is under some impressive accumulation as of late. I think a burst to $.001 is in the cards short term. A longer term buying scenario could see this stock trading at $.0015 or better.

MUTM sold off a little today. I think this stock still has the wind at its back and will sail higher. It is a gamble, but grabbing a few shares at $.0002 will be a profitable move when this stock sees .0003 and .0004.

PFMS this stock should see a nice move tomorrow. It sold off slightly after the open but rebounded smartly. $.003 is the next target for PFMS.