Thursday, February 28, 2008

Stocks To Watch Friday Feb 29th, 2008 - VRED, MNDP, CIRT, HCPC, BUNM, BKMP

VRED has had an amazing run thus far from sub $.01 to $.042. The only question left is how high will VRED go?

CIRT hit a new 52 week low at .0023 today. The stock is extremely oversold and undervalued. Volume has dried up meaning the sellers are either gone or waiting for higher prices which means CIRT goes higher from here.

HCPC with another billion plus in volume today. The stock looks poised to head higher into the weekend with a close of $.0005 well within reach.

BUNM received light volume and still remains much under the radar as a $.0001 stock. A run to $.0004 - .0006 could be coming here, but it is going to take time.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Stocks To Watch Thursday - CIRT, MNDP, BUNM, HCPC

The volume on HCPC this morning brought back memories of .0001 old. Last Spring BigHub (BHUB) and its little brother Leasemart (LSMJ) soared from .0001 just like HCPC looks poised to do. The difference is BHUB and LSMJ were shell stocks and were not actively updating their investors. BHUB rose from $.0001 to a high over $.007. LSMJ broke through the low $.002's but couldnt sustain the momentum like its big brother. HCPC could be the next big .0001 runner that we will all be talking about next year. It has the attention of investors, a strong business plan, and a possible share repurchse program that will only increase shareholder value.

The PR HCPC investors are waiting for is that share buyback announcement. Also the company has arranged $400 million in financing! If that deal closes we could see even more money and momentum come into the stock. For now HCPC shareholders are dreaming of huge price per share gains. A break of $.001 by Friday would be a substantial move. Thats what I called yesterday and I hold to it today after a close of $.0003 on over 1 billion shares traded. A 1,000% gain in less than a week, arent penny stocks great?

CIRT is on bottom watch for Thursday. This stock has fallen dramatically on reasonably low volume the last few weeks. With any buying pressure this stock could easily head back over $.01. Also take into consideration that dilution does not appear to be an issue as the outstanding shares of 133 million has not changed since December. The selling has likely been impatient shareholders. The play is that the selling has gone too far. We'll see if we are right. The company's web site is here

I wrote this yesterday about BUNM "Their main site just surpassed the 250,000 member mark as I type. This is a very big milestone that will likely be pr'd. " Sure enough a news release came out this morning about the huge milestone. Like i said previously this is a growing company that keeps adding web sites to its portfolio. Its lead web site is growing in leaps and bounds. The story here is compelling for a stock that closed the day at $.0001. We'll see if more people find interest in this stock over the coming weeks. This will be another .0001 stock to watch, just like HCPC.

MNDP looks like it has bottomed, just like CIRT. Keep this one of your radar for the time being.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Get Your Lotto Tickets - HCPC, BUNM, BKMP

It looks like lotto season again in the penny stock market!

When talking about HCPC yesterday I said " If the company can ever follow through with its business plan as well as a proposed stock repurchase program the $.0001's would be a distant memory." Sure enough this afternoon HCPC looks to have taken its first big step toward following through on their business plan and just as I predicted the $.0001's were bought up quickly and the $.0002's followed. I don't expect the $.0002's to last very long at the open tomorrow. Actually if the company finally does start buying back shares this stock could be trading at $.001 or better come next week. That is a bold prediction but HCPC seems to have the momentum and the story that every penny stock craves. How many times have you seen a stock trading at $.0001 get over $11 million in financing? It is unheard of and it likely isnt the last we'll hear as additional financings are in the works.

Here is a snippet of today's pr:

WILMINGTON, Del., Feb 26, 2008 /PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX/ -- Heritage Capital Credit Corporation (Pink Sheets: HCPC) today announced the closing of two financings totaling $11.1 million for its BCLOC Program.
The first transaction was for $808,000.00, which closed on February 22, 2008. This included a separate $234,000 renovation loan for a small hotel. The funding for this hotel will commence upon the first construction draw for renovation.
The second transaction for the commercial office building closes in two phases. The first phase closed today for $10,307,000. The second phase is for $5,500,000, which was arranged by the Company through an independent third party lender. The funding is scheduled to commence on March 7, 2008.
Both loans were closed as part of the BCLOC Program.
Weekly updates on the status of the BCLOC Program are provided on the website: The information will include new financing that enter the pipeline and progress reports.

But remember that HCPC does have billions of shares outstanding. This could be a hurdle that could slow the momentum of the stock down. It should be an interesting one to follow the next month or two.

Another lotto play that has yet to pop is BUNM - Burned Media. The company has issued a few promising news releases the past couple weeks and volume has been sporadic at best. Their main site just surpassed the 250,000 member mark as I type. This is a very big milestone that will likely be pr'd. Also members = value as far as the site is concerned and prospective purchasers of the property. The site has really taken off since last spring and its growth seems to be ongoing. The company has acquired other sites to add to its portfolio. The bottom line is the company is growing and its sites are growing. The stock has just lacked attention recently. There are currently no bids on the stock and the ask is at $.0001. A little buying pressure should move this stock like it has in the past. The stock has gone from .0001 to .0005 on two occasions already. Could this be the 3rd time?

BKMP looks to join the lotto foray by issuing a shareholder update today. With at least 14 billion shares outstanding it would take a monumental buying effort to lift this stock. I'd be surprised if it ever got a bid back, but stranger things have happened.

SMAS, GEGP, ICBM are others that might attract some auxiliary attention tomorrow and the next few days.

Get those lotto tickets, all you need is a few dollars and a dream, of course remember that you could lose your entire investment. These lotto plays are the riskiest plays, but also can be the most lucrative.

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Monday, February 25, 2008

Stocks To Watch Tuesday Feb 26th 2008- SYDI, BDRR, UHCR, HCPC

SYDI looks ready for another run toward $.0025+. The stock rose from sub $.001 to the .003's on heavy volume, but has declined to $.0008 on low volume. The stock does not show any great degree of dilution occurring and the money flow looks to be coming back into the stock. With continued news and as along as the company refrains fundraising through the selling of stock, there is no reason why SYDI couldn't be trading at $.003 next week.

BDRR and UHCR are two stocks to keep on your radar. UHCR looks ready to bounce off of recent lows and could run 35-50% from current levels. BDRR looks ready to break resistance at .01.

HCPC received significant volume today. Certainly the stock is a lotto play as is any penny stock, but more so for a stock trading at $.0001. The potential for a quick 100% + gain always exists with these stocks and lures the gambler at heart to the table. If the company can ever follow through with its business plan as well as a proposed stock repurchase program the $.0001's would be a distant memory. But with the bloated share count the stock needs significant volume to move higher. Monday was a step in the right direction for shareholders, now lets see if the company can come through. Either way HCPC is worth a look and certainly carries the
"don't invest more than you can afford to lose" heading with a little larger font than your average penny stock.

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Stocks To Watch Friday Feb 22nd 2008 - ADTJ, BUNM, VRED, EPGL

ADTJ has had an excellent run the last few days and it looks like its not done just yet. But remember that all good things do come to an end eventually. If ADTJ can break and hold above $.003 by the end of the day then the stock could see $.004 - .005 by early next week. Otherwise it is headed toward $.001 by the end of next week.

BUNM looks to be heating up with the release of some news on Wednesday. The stock runs in cycles just like a business. It goes quiet for a month or two and then it takes of for a few weeks. I expect much the same here. If the company holds off on the printing press a run to $.0005 is not out of the question.

Our pick MLXO is still holding up nicely and trading in a fairly narrow range of $.0042 - .006. Holding above the 50dma is a good sign here. If we get some news then this stock could really explode into the pennies.

Our other picks are also performing well. Here are a few of them:

AWYI we picked last year at .0006 the stock traded well over .01 today. A $600 investment when we picked it would be worth well over $10,000 today.

EXPH looks ready to hit a .01 - we picked it at .003 with the bid at .002

GWTR recently hit $.0065 we called it at .0018.

BZCN hit $.05 from our alert at .008 and still looks like it will go higher.

RCCH we called last year at .007 recently it traded as high as $.084 for a huge gain.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Stocks To Watch Thursday Feb 20th 2008 - MLXO, VRED, AECS, ATLJ

MLXO our current pick closed near its high of the day and looks poised for a breakout. Keep a close watch on it tomorrow and going forward.

VRED came under some nice buying pressure today on a press release in the morning. Expect more of the same on Thursday with the stock likely to break through the resistance at .02

ATLJ has seen a very nice run from $.0004 and still looks to be gathering some momentum. The question will be if it can sustain it. I think tomorrow will be a telling day. If ATLJ does not sell of it could have another couple days left in it.

AECS had some news come out on Wednesday and had some decent volume to go along with it. The stock did not move very much in either direction though. That could chance on Thursday. Also look for more press releases from the company in the future, per Wednesdays PR, which could also generate some buzz for this stock. AECS could surpass the $.05 range in the near future so it is surely one to keep a watch out for as it closed today at $.025.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Stocks To Watch - PCLI, MLXO, RVGD, PRSU

PCLI dropped more than 50% on Friday on record volume. It should be good for at least a 10% bounce today.

MLXO is our new stock pick so keep it on your radar and check out our site for more on MLXO.

PRSU is selling their restaurant per a news release today. With a lot float this stock is more than over due for a move up.

RVGD looks like it has bottomed out for now.

Its a short week but should be an interesting one. Have a green day.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Stocks To Watch Feb 15th 2008 - MSTF, MRDY, CEGE, SWVC

We are big on bottom plays here at pennystockgurus. SWVC certainly fits that discription and has enough attention and volume to bounce of its recent lows. Keep an eye on it the next few days for a potential bounce.

CEGE had some news out this morning. It also looks like its trading cheap for a stock with a lot of potential. $2.50 - 2.75 is not far fetched and long term $4 or so could be in the cards for CEGE.

MSTF has soared from the $.001's to over a penny in only a few days. It could still have more left in its tank too.

MRDY is a subber worthy of some attention as well. With some buying volume this stock could soar just like MSFT.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Stocks To Watch Thursday Feb 14th - RVGD, BLLB, GWTR, BZCN

RVGD, BLLB are stocks that should enjoy a bounce the next few trading sessions.

GWTR and BZCN are two stocks that we told you to watch and have now more than doubled in value with more gains likely on the horizon too. It does not look to be too late to join the party on Biz Auctions or Global Water.

Have a Happy Valentines Day - May that be the only red you see today and hopefully everything else is green.

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Monday, February 11, 2008

Stocks to Watch on Tuesday - BZCN, BHWF, SLVO, DBYC

BZCN continues to ascend and has already achieved $100,000 in revenue this month per a press release issued Monday morning. The chart still shows no signs of dilution and the company keeps reporting impressive numbers.

BHWF looks to have recovered after selling off late last week. This stock could have another run left in its tank.

SLVO has pulled a multi-bagger and soared above $.01. The company recently released news of an acquisition and looks poised to reach $.015.

DBYC broke through a year of resistance in the span of one day. Maybe the sellers who have frequented the stock were away on vacation or maybe the sellers have left for good. If that's the case DBYC might be ready to run this time around and a DBYC lotto ticket might be able to net 100-200% even after rising from .0001 to .0004 on Monday.

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Stocks To Watch Friday Feb 8th, 2008 - SHMM, SLON, BZCN, GWTR

On Thursday ran from the open to a high of $.0023 and DIAAF went as high as $.0008 or 150% before dropping as the day progressed.

SHMM also rallied on Thursday after spending the last few months dipping to all time lows. The stock finally rebounded and looks ready for a possible move to the $.002 - .0025 range in the short term. The company recently posted their share structure on Pink and files reports with Pink Sheets so there is plenty of information to gather on SHMM. Certainly a Pink Sheet stock worth taking a look at, especially with it trading for less than $.001 a share.

BZCN is still under some great accumulation. The stock traded as high as $.023 on Thursday and if the last few weeks have been any indication, there appears to be zero dilution. With huge increases in monthly revenue already announced this certainly could be just the beginning of a monster run.

SLON looks to have reached a temporary bottom and could head above the $.01 mark as soon as tomorrow. But remember all these penny plays are speculative and risky. Never buy a penny more than you can afford to lose.

Lets hope for a nice green day for all and a great weekend as well.

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Stocks To Watch Today - DIAAF, BHWF, VYON, BZCN

BHWF moved up from $.0003 to a high of $.0016 yesterday before settling at $.0012. This stock has fallen significantly and was well over due for a bounce. With 100 + million shares traded yesterday the stock closed up hundreds of percent. With continued volume this stock could rise again today. Keep your eyes on it.

DIAAF released a pr that is posted below. The only thing that matters about the PR is the word "GOOGLE" and the phrase Google Orders from DIAAF. A stock trading at $.0003 and the word google on a pr mean one thing - a huge run today for DIAAF. I expect a pop to at least $.0008 - .001 but would not be surprised if it goes much higher.

Google, the Internet Giant, Orders Bio-Degradable Film From Diamant, as Google Fulfills Commitment to Convert to Eco Friendly Solutions in an Effort to Contribute to Global PreservationMarket Wire "US Press Releases "
TORONTO -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 02/07/08 -- Diamant Art Corporation (OTCBB: DIAAF) is pleased to announce that, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Bio-Plastics Film Inc., it has received an order for bio-degradable plastic film from Google based on their commitment to become a company that in every way consumes responsibly in the light of our ecological global crisis. The NON-PVC plastic bio-degradable film will be used for the Company's internal requirements.
This purchase is based on a comprehensive plan that Google has committed to execute implementing some environmentally sound strategies that include reducing energy consumption by maximizing efficiency, investing in and utilizing renewable energy sources, and purchasing carbon offsets for the emissions that can't directly reduced.
This current initiative is part of Google's continuing commitment to a clean and green energy future. Google has been making great strides in converting to eco friendly solutions and optimizing energy efficiency to making the business environmentally sustainable.
Last spring Google announced that it would be carbon neutral for 2007 and beyond. The Company has taken concrete steps to reduce the carbon footprint and accelerate improvements in green technology. In addition to "greening" the Company, they have announced that they are also cooperating with members of the tech community to improve efficiency on a broader scale.
About Diamant Film Inc.: Diamant Art Corporation (OTCBB: DIAAF), through its wholly owned subsidiary Diamant Film Inc. ( and Bio-Plastics Film Inc., is the world's first plasticizer-free and the first food wrap film that is environmentally friendly and recyclable. Diamant's Bio-Products contain Totally Degradable Plastic Additive. Unlike other plastic, once biodegrading is complete, all that remains is carbon dioxide, water and biomass, all of which are part of the normal bio-cycle. Diamant(TM) Film has recently received the ECO logo certified by the Environmental Choice(TM) Program. The Environmental Choice(TM) Program is North America's leading benchmark of environmentally responsible products and services and the Sole supplier of The Nor-X additive in North America.
Safe Harbor Act: This release may contain "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended and such forward-looking statements are made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. "Forward-looking statements" describe future expectations, plans, results, or strategies and are generally preceded by words such as "may," "future," "plan" or "planned," "will" or "should," "expected," "anticipates," "draft," "eventually" or "projected." You are cautioned that such statements are subject to a multitude of risks and uncertainties that could cause future circumstances, events, or results to differ materially from those projected in the forward-looking statements, including the risks that actual results may differ materially from those projected in the forward-looking statements as a result of various factors, and other risks identified in a company's annual report on Form 6-K or 20F and other filings made by such company with the SEC. Further Diamant Art Corporation and its wholly owned subsidiaries, Diamant Film Inc. and Bio-Plastics Film Inc. do not condone or participate in spam activities, e-mail and fax programs of any manner.
For more information visit our FILM division website of Diamant Art Corporation at or contact Investor Relations: Gibraltan Financial (407) 834-9777. Contact:
Investor Relations
Gibraltan Financial
(407) 834-9777

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Stocks To Watch February 6th, 2008 - BZCN, UHCR, VYON, HCPC

BZCN continues to impress with its revenue numbers. The revenue trend is on the rise but the price per share trend has yet to follow suit, although it does look like a bottom was reached at $.008 a share. As the company continues to grow the price of the stock should grow with it. The stock also does not trade like one that is being diluted, it only seems to lack attention from investors. BZCN is a stock you should keep your eyes on in the coming months. This could be one of the better "under the radar" plays of 2008, with the potential for a few hundred percent in gains here.

UHCR came out with more news on Tuesday, to go along with a pile of positive news and company actions over the last few months. UHCR has decreased their authorized shares, acquired revenue producing stores, and now has added at least $2.5 million in annual revenue. They have done this all without diluting shareholder value through utilization of a $20 million line of credit. The stock is currently trading at $.12 and could see a spectacular run if it continues on its current track.

HCPC has news come out today and the stock garnered volume it had not seen in some time. But the hundreds of millions worth of buys did nothing to move the stock out of its current .0001 x .0002 rut. This does not bode well for HCPC investors who have rode this subber roller coaster up and down numerous times. The problem is that the company has finally reached the saturation point with their dilution - you can only dump some many shares onto investors so many times before they sell and move on. I could be wrong here but I think HCPC has seen its last run unless the company figures out away to buy back the billions of shares they've been selling the last 6 months.

VYON is gaining some great momentum and volume over the last few trading sessions. Volume and attention are truly the only things that matter for most penny stocks. Throw in a nice story and VYON just might be ready for a 50 - 100% run. Keep your eyes on it.

As always check out our forum for picks and to discuss penny stocks.

And remember everything here is pure opinion - never invest a penny more than you can afford to lose in Pink Sheet and OTCBB stocks.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Stocks To Watch - LDTI, XRGI, AECS, ISBL

Our alert on Friday before the open of PWREQ turned into a huge gainer for any of you willing to take the plunge. The stock at one point was up over 2,700%! The shell had filed with the SEC for the first time in 6 years indicating the shell is ready to reverse merge. Looking through the filings you can find the company that is reverse merging into the PWREQ shell. The company looks impressive and PWREQ might be a good lotto ticket with this pending merger in the works.

LDTI has appreciated in value over the last few trading days on much higher volume. This trend looks like it could continue at least over the short term. An entry in the low $.10's could yield a 50 - 100% gain.

AECS and XRGI are two thinly traded penny stocks that could have a little more left in the tank. XRGI opened trading on Monday at $.01 and went as high as $.15 before closing the day at $.10. AECS also trades thin and could see a similar run in the future.

ISBL has popped again. The last run brought the stock over $.01. We could see that again here. Always take your profits and never invest more than you can afford to lose.

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Friday, February 1, 2008

On Watch Today - UHCR, RVGD, IAHL, PWREQ

UHCR has been slowly picking up steam after annoucing a stock dividend. The stock reached $.12 before settling for a close just above $.10. Not a bad run so far for a stock that has been as low as $.016 recently. Even after rising hundreds of percent the stock still has much upside to it as expansion is just underway and the share structure is virtually maxed out. With the prospects of dilution non-existant and with the company holding the necessary capital to expand their business UHCR could be one the of the big penny stock winners of 2008.

RVGD continues to maintain investor attention. The stock appears poised for another green day after consolidating on Thursday.

PWREQ trading at $.0006 released SEC filings to get the company up to date. This could be one to keep on your radar today.

Have a green Friday and a great weekend.