Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thursdays Stocks To Watch - ATWT, ICPA, PEPR, FTWR

ATWT filings out, the stock is now current at OTC markets. My only concern is they remain default at their secretary of state. This needs to get resolved, but absent this I still think the stock bears watching at its current $.0008 price.

ICPA I had this stock on my watchlist yesterday at $.0022 today it hit $.0061 a share and closed up 150%. Congratulations to those of you who profited off this stock today. I think the potential is there for further gains. A nice bid was present at the end of the session and today;s momentum should carry through into tomorrow.

PEPR dump and run? I like this stock if it falls further. Figure $.0035 - $.005

FTWR I think this stock is going bankrupt. FTWRQ. But at some point it will bounce. Today it held above $.30 until late in the session. I could tell by the chart that the selling was not over. Tomorrow it could be a great day to swing trade this stock. I will let you know in my chat room if I see a good chance/potential for profit.

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