Wednesday, December 7, 2011

AMWI = The Next LEXG?

I see some newsletters comparing AMWI to LEXG and I think they are wrong as far as price goes. While both stocks started out as completely dead and dormant, there are a few differences. For those that don't know LEXG, I was the first to spot this stock at $.10 a share it ultimately went over $10 a share in spectacular fashion.

Read about it here:

The difference between LEXG and AMWI on the surface is money flow and volume. AMWI is already hitting close to 30 million in volume a day. If AMWI were to hit $2 or $3 a share your looking at $100-125 million in daily volume. I just don't see that happening. I do think the stock has a decent shot at $1 and could see $2 at the current rate of buying interest, but $5 or even $10, it would take some enormous money flow for a stock that was DEAD only weeks ago.

While there are differences there are similarities, such as LEXG and AMWI both being dead with virtually zero volume until a buying switch gets flipped and instantly liquidity appears. LEXG was an amazing rally and one that every promoted stock would love to be compared to.

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