Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Chart Updates - DHT FFN

I posted both of these charts last night on the blog. DHT came through today with an over 23% rally. While I think there could be some more room to the upside for DHT, I think the money was made with todays rally. FFN, on the other hand, has yet to get that rally that i think it will see at some point in the short term. The stock has a 7.6 million share float and close to a million shares shorted.... that was the Nov 15th number. I expect the short ratio to be higher since then, which will aid in the rally should FFN decide to bounce. At current $.84-.89 range I think the stock could see a 30-50% boost, if not more as this was a $10 stock back in the summer.

FFN $.84

DHT $1.08

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Sandra said...

Thanks for sharing this chart updates and the shares information. I am always looking out to hot penny stock