Thursday, December 29, 2011

NXMR - A 1,400% Call In The Chat Room Today

NXMR rallies from $.0003 to $.005

Today NXMR sat quietly, even briefly after an 8k hit the wires. It was then I noted the NXMR could see a similar type run-up as ASFX did yesteryday. ASFX had an 8k filed and I noted that stock in my chat room at $.0025 it went on to hit $.018.

Today it was NXMR that saw the buying pressure, but it didn't happen right away and those in the chat room were alerted to it right away before a single trade took place.

NXMR ended up running from $.0003 to $.005. The rally fizzled out at the close of the session, but the stock still ended the day much higher.

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