Wednesday, January 4, 2012

ATRN - A 300% Call In My Chat Room

ATRN was a hot stock today closing up 300%, but it was more of a hit in my subscriber chat room yesterday at $.01 and below. A few subscribers posted that they purcvhased shares below $.01.

It was then the stock was talked about and I noted the support at $.0084 at the time. I thought taking half a position at $.01 and the rest at $.0084 would pay off. ATRN hit a low of $.008 yesterday and closed today at $.03. It sure did pay off!

I also noted in my chat room today when the stock was pulling back that $.0183, based on the minute ticks of the chart and studies I follow, was a great spot the stock to bottom. It bounced right off of there as if on que.

I also stated at the time that a run to $.06 or better is possible. I still feel that way, and after todays strong close we are only 100% away from that figure.

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