Tuesday, January 3, 2012

ONTC - AMIR Continues To Buy Up Stock On Open Market

On December 28th Amir Kammona filed an ownership statement for ONTC:

The Reporting Person acquired the
140,215,399 shares of common stock in open market transactions through his brokerage account(s) for a total of $150,039.7 paid for them.

Two more FORM 4 filings have hit the wires since including one today as Amir was busy buying up almost another 7 million shares today alone.

He now holds a total of 157,514,327 shares of stock. This is either a novice penny stock trader, helplessly averaging down, or something to keep on eye on. Assuming ONTC stops selling shares and Amir keeps buying, this stock will eventually go up. For ONTC shareholders its nice to know someone is buying up the stock. For now its doing little to boost the price, but that could change.


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