Wednesday, February 29, 2012

EVGI - Continues To Head Higher

For those of you who read my blog post on EVGI several weeks ago, you know I was keen on a recovery in share price back then.  This is what the chart looked like when I wrote that post:   (Click here for that post)

Today the stock closed at $.10.  A great move.  In my first post on this stock I saw $.08 as being the point of resistance.  That meant, at the time, that I was looking for an over 100% move for EVGI.  So far its out done that going up now some 150+% from those levels.  Once again congratulations to those who took a chance on this bottom stock in the hopes it would bounce.  It doesn't always work out to the tune of 150%+, but it did and for that we are happy.

Looking ahead he stock needs to break $.12 and hold above that figure.  I think that could be a tough one to break at first, but if it does we could see $.20-.25 in the very near term.

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