Wednesday, February 8, 2012

FFN - Up 47% Today, Closed at $2.10

Back in late December I wrote a post about FFN and  how it could see a short squeeze.  Over 20% of the reported float was short, and a rally would force the shorts to cover.  Looks like I was right as FFN has now rallied from $.51 to $2.10 a share.

FFN was a stock I wrote about many times, and while the stock saw less than $25k traded on many days in December, it is now seeing in excess of $6 million in daily volume.  FFN is why people trade penny stocks.  The chance to turn a profit of 100,200, 300% or more.

When the stock was in the $.50's and $.60's I wrote that I felt a run to $1.20 was almost inevitable and that further gains to $1.60 were possible.  I never felt better about being wrong by an additional $.50.

Congratulations to all who profited with FNN.

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