Wednesday, February 15, 2012

INHC - From $.0022 To $.0132 In Two Days

Yesterday I posted INHC and its news in my forum at $.0022.  The stock has since soared to a high of $.1299 some 4,000%+ in two sessions.

This was my post in my forum

Some of my subscribers made some nice profits from this stock and its move.  Here is one of them:


SAMDMIL  INHC lovin' it... ATM folks... still can't get in chat at work, but i'm getting it done with the forum and chat updates... Thx Bob! A true Guru. up like $6,300 on INHC in two days..


and later on today



SAMDMIL  Yesterday, 04:45 PM · Delete
Thx bud... Obama Who? Bob Wilcox for President! close to $14K in profits on INHC alone>>> in 2 days. WEEEE!


I post potential market moving news each morning and during the session.  I also post in the chat room and send an email if I think the stock is undervalued.   With penny stocks the potential is there to make some serious profits.  INHC was a great money maker, congratulations to all who profited on this stock.   I will continue to do what I do and bring big profit potential to my subscribers and readers.  I am by no means perfect, but I think my history speaks for itself.  I don't buy and sell my alerts, stocks, etc.  I find my subscribers quality stocks that have returned some serious gains. 

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