Thursday, February 23, 2012

PTSC - Stock Continues To Impress

PTSC is a stock I told my chat room was comparable to FFN as in I felt it would perform exactly as I foresee it performing... if that makes any sense to you.  Basically I see PTSC going higher and thus far it has not disappointed.  Here is what I thought about PTSC not long ago.

FFN was as stock I wrote about numerous times on my blog.  At its lows, near $.51 a share, I was as adamant as ever calling for a rally then to over $1.20 a share and more.  Here is my post from back then:

At the time FFN was seeing $30k  in money flow.  It now sees almost $2 million in volume a day.  To say I was giving this stock to my readers and subscribers before the crowd qualifies as an understatement.   FFN then went on an impressive tear hitting over $2.60 a share.  From $.51 to over $2.60 a share.

PTSC is the next stock I feel will have a nice run.  Actually it already has a nice run under its belt.  I've been telling my subscribers and readers for weeks now, and guess what?  The stock continues to perform.  I was writing about PTSC before this big money flow surge started.  Once again I was letting my readers and subscribers know before the crowd.  I think we haven't seen anything quite yet and that the stock will soon break $.20.  From there we need to see where the next support and resistance lies.  I don't think PTSC will do an FFN, but I've been right to the tune of 60% already on PTSC and I think I will be right for quite a while longer.


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