Tuesday, February 28, 2012

RTGV - Breaks $.004, Closes at $.0043 On Strong Volume

Back when RTGV was a $.0008 - $.001 stock I called it a stock to watch for 2012.  (click here for that post)  I also alerted my subscribers and members about RTGV, noting that it could see a nice run over the next few weeks.  That is exactly what happened.  Here is my annotated chart from a few weeks ago.

In the above RTGV chart I made when the stock was at $.0008, I highlighted the $.004 area.  Not just because I thought it could go there, but because I felt that price would offer some stiff resistance.  Today RTGV broke through that resistance and closed at $.0043.  I think this opens up the door for further gains.  Obviously the stock is up well over 300%, as a stock continues to soar the potential for a pull back increases as well.  For those of you who bought in at $.0008, $.001 or even higher prices, congratulations on your profits.  I do think RTGV can continue to surge, but it never hurts to take some profits off the table.

I think ultimately RTGV can head back to $.01.  It will take more buying interest and continued momentum to get there.

RTG Ventures Continues Execution of Business Vision With Trip to NIBA & Los Angeles

NEW YORK, Feb. 27, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- RTG Ventures, Inc. (OTCQB: RTGV) stated in its last press release that: "In November 2011, Reggie James and Linda Perry had preliminary discussions with several companies who meet the criteria and were interested in a joint venture with a public company in the social media space which could evolve into a merger of like-minded entities." Alongside these meetings a short release was also issued (http://prn.to/AooL65) that described clearly the continued development of the Pulse Station platform. The combination of these last 2 statements and continued effort under extraordinary and often negative sentiment, has culminated in a seismic shift in 3rd party investors and technology companies looking to engage in a deeper way with RTG Ventures, its technology and lead interactive agency.
Speaking on the recent activity, Reggie James, SVP Marketing & Communications said, "There has been significant interest in our unique offering of combining bespoke technology with digital marketing insight that has resulted in us making a trip back to the US to take things to their next logical level."
He added, "As social and digital integration is at the heart of what we do, Pulse Station is already modelling part of its architecture to embrace the need for brands to understand their footprint in this arena as well as other vertical sectors. This has allowed us to broaden our reach in sectors that are in vogue and we will look to push the technology in areas such as sport and fashion."
Linda Perry, Executive Director further commented, "Now that the restructuring of debt is in hand, we attended the National Investment Bankers Association (NIBA) Conference (http://nibanet.org/). The Conference met all expectations. Not only a new network of institutional investors, but people whose sole purpose in attending is to find like minded people for mutual advantage. As a result of our participation, RTG now has several sources of long term funding sources who are interested in our business and who are prepared to invest. Those discussions will continue, hopefully to conclusion, after the next week of meetings in LA."
She added, "Following that event, we are travelling on to Los Angeles to continue the discussions that begun in November. These discussions will include several companies that are part of an overall plan to vertically integrate. The private company which RTG has identified as a JV/Merger candidate will be an active participant in several of these meetings."
In light of potential developments that can change the landscape for RTG significantly Neil Gray, Chairman of RTG Ventures from London, will join the meetings in Los Angeles. Additional efforts will be announced within the next couple of days that will enhance the balance sheet. We also expect to update shareholders through releases on the progress of the meetings in LA shortly after the meetings conclude.

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