Monday, February 20, 2012

RTGV - Sometimes A Little Patience Can Pay Off

Just a few weeks ago I covered RTGV on my blog.  This is the chart I annotated with RTGV at $.0011:

This is what RTGV looks like now:

The stock is up from sub $.001 to a close of $.003 on Friday, that's a great call on my part (pat my back).  When the stock was at sub $.001 I saw the resistance as $.004, that still hasn't changed.  Congratulations to those in from when I posted on the blog, twitter, and alerted my subscribers.  Nothing in this market is easy, but with experience, instinct, and knowledge you can increase your chances at turning a nice profit.

RTGV I would look for a hit and break of $.004 before re-assessing upside potential.  When I alerted this stock at $.001, I knew it was a former $.01+ stock, and there is the chance it could recover those prices.  For now we need continued buying pressure, no selling, and solid measured movements.

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