Thursday, February 2, 2012

RTGV - Up 80% Today, Stock Gaining Momentum

Only days ago I wrote about RTGV and how it had some great support at $.0008/.001.  The stock has been shuffling around between that range and later on this week started to try out the $.0011's and $.0012's.  AS I noted last week, a break of that level would be the impetus for a more explosive move higher.  Today we saw the start of that move, with RTGV experiencing substantial buying volume and money flow.  The stock closed right at the high of the day and if the session had another hour left in it, I have little doubt that the stock would have seen $.002+.  That will have to wait until tomorrow.

This was a stock I alerted to my subscribers last week as a bottom trade.  It was no sure thing, but certainly the support at $.0008/.001 eased some of the risks, and made this alert a little easier to call. 

We have a stock with some attractive news recently and a chart that is coming off its lows.  This will make RTGV a very interesting stock to watch from here on out.  For those who got in when I alerted it and out at the high today, congratulations on your 80% profit.  For those looking at this stock for a potential trade, I do think the stock has more room to go to the upside. 

When I drew up the chart last week I put $.004 as an area to watch, as it provided significant resistance previously.  Let's see this stock break above $.002 first before we start thinking about higher price levels.  I do think more gains are likely, and I don't think chasing this stock at this stage is the smart thing to do.  I like bringing my subscribers and readers stocks that are at or near their lows, not stocks up 80%.  That doesnt meant RTGV won't go to $.004 or better.  It certainly has a great shot at doing just that.   Sub-penny stocks can go plain wild, and 80% can turn into 500% in a hurry. 

Here is my annotated chart from last week and a link to that post as well:

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