Friday, March 23, 2012

How To Become Penny Stock Guru Subcriber

What do I offer my Subcribers?

1. A 24 hour chat room
2. Unlimited Access To Me, the forum, the chat room
3. Stock scans that provide great opportunity for profits. I have numerous stock scans, some of which I post in the forum, that offer great profit potential.
4. Stock charts that have, so far, provided some great returns for subscribers.
5. Nightly updates, 3-5 times a week covering the market, money flow, stocks to watch, my opinion on the market.
6. Stock alerts/picks usually one a week, sometimes more, sometimes less.
7. An unbiased perspective of the market. I do not trade penny stocks. I do not buy or sell stocks I write about. I do not promote penny stocks. I do, however, have a great eye for potential movers in the market.

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