Monday, April 23, 2012

April 24th Penny Stocks To Watch - TLAN, ENTB, THQI, LQMT

TLAN this $.0012 stock issued its annual report to Otcmarkets.  Revenue is up nicely, laiblilies are down, and  the share structure is exactly the same.  I think we could see a nice run from current levels.

ENTB the stock is setting up for a sharp move higher.  Today the stock withstood some selling pressure to close a few ticks in the green.  I think that tells you a lot about this stock.  Remember this was an over $2 stock not long ago.  Price averages offer a potentially bullish scenario with the 50dma at over $.02 a share and the 200 dma over $.28 a share.

LQMT this was a stock I alerted earlier this year, and while it did not pan out initially is paying out now for those who had patience.   Its not easy to be patient  with a penny stock.   I think LQMT could work its way over $1.  We are talking about the largest company by market cap in the world and LQMT in the same sentence.

THQI the uptrend is intact and today's pull back was not unexpected.   You close up over 30% one day a pull back of 5-10% can be healthy.

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