Wednesday, April 4, 2012

THQI - Double Bottom?

THQI has fallen back to its 52 week low as volume has subsided.  I think this stock will trade back over $1 at some point and will make for an excellent trade for those willing to risk their capital on a stock that has fallen from over $5 to $.51. 

Why Do I Like THQI?

Over 23% of the tradeable stock is in the hands of short sellers.  In order for short sellers to lock in profits they need to buy back the stock in the open market.  This could lead to a  short squeeze.

THQI has over $11 in revenue per share.

THQI has a modest debt per cash ratio of 2-1.

The stock is held by major institutions including Blackrock, State Street, Vanguard.  

The chart shows a stock that is forming a double bottom.  With the large short interest I think this stock will see a sharp rally over $1.00. 


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