Thursday, May 17, 2012

GWBU Stock Could Collapse 30-40%

GWBU has had a great rally.  But let's face it.   This rally is based on nothing other than traders buying the stock.   There is literally nothing backing up the stock asset wise other than traders.  The traders who were buying in near the lows will be the first to exit the stock, and they could already be selling.  From there those buying GWBU stock at these lofty levels will start to sell, unless they decide to average down, either way they will lose.  And of course the insiders who have likely been selling all along will just sell at a more feverish rate.  GWBU will ultimately collapse lower under the immense selling pressure.  We could already be starting to see that.  Volume is declining, price is starting to follow.

GWBU has ZERO assets, ZERO revenues, and nothing to back the current run up in price other than over zealous speculators.  That is the reason this stock, in my view, will collapse.  Penny stocks are all about speculating on the next big stock.  I've covered and alerted many stocks that have moved 1,000's of %, many of which were in much worse shape than GWBU.  However a stock like GWBU should be trading under $.01 not well over $1.00. 

I was the first to find LEXG when the stock was at $.10, it ended up going over $10.  I am all about letting my readers and subscribers know about potential gains.  I am also about letting them know about limiting their losses. GWBU was a great gain from its lows until it hit recent highs.  Now its poised to collapse.   

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