Thursday, May 24, 2012

ROSG - 800%+ Gain From My Intial Coverage Late Last Year

Late last year I included ROSG in my 2012 charts to watch.  I also noted the stock was one to watch going forward:

This is what ROSG looked like when I began coverage.  The stock recently did a 15-1 reverse split so prices don't reflect that split.  ROSG when I began my coverage on the stock was $2.70 split adjusted.  Today it hit over $23 a share.

 You can see ROSG bottomed precisely when I called for a bounce in late 2012.  It has since returned over 800%.  All of my charts to watch for 2012 have returned over 150%

I have been looking for ROSG gains for quite some time:

This is why people trade penny stocks.  To find the stocks that return hundreds of percent.  I've been doing it for countless years.

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