Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Thursdays Penny Stocks To Watch - TKDN, MPIX, OPMG, MSVS

TKDN this fully reporting stock is sitting at 52 week lows hitting $.0051 today.  The ask has thinned out with few shares showing until $.0085.  I still think this stock will post a sharp rebound over $1 in the short term.

MPIX this stock remains on bottom watch after a dramatic fall over the last few weeks.  The stock is down from over $.06 a share to $.001.  I think a bounce could be coming.

OPMG the stock is really starting to firm up.  Buyers are taking some hits at the ask and the sellers appear to be done.  The stock closed at $.0014 and currently as a 50 day moving average of $.004.  That would be the first point of real resistance if OPMG starts to gain momentum.

MSVS this triple zero stocks is reinvigorated with recent news pointing to possible renewed investor interest in the stock.  Today the stock held in a tight range and some late day buying could be a sign of things to come for this stock.

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