Monday, May 14, 2012

Tuesdays Stocks To Watch - IMDS, THQI, OPMG, TKDN

IMDS news was out today.  I alerted in my forum at $.0003 the stock hit a high of $.0008.  Solid support on the bid throughout the session.  The stock could be starting to make a much larger move off its lows.  Add this one to your watchlist.

THQI earnings tomorrow after the close of trade.  With over 26% of the stock in the hands of short sellers a decent earnings report should send the stock higher.  I think this $.65 stock should be trading over $1 in the short term.

OPMG this stock looks poised for a break to the upside.  It has been holding a tight range and the sellers that brought it down seem to be MIA.  If this remains to be the case we could be looking at a nice move higher from OPMG.

TKDN has sat quietly over the past few months holding up at support.  This is one of those stocks that could rise $.01 - $.02 in a hurry if buying pressure comes in.  This is a stock to watch going forward.

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