Tuesday, June 26, 2012

BBDA Up 75% On "MAJOR" News

BBDA just hit $.0015 and is up over 75% on the session.  I posted this stock in my chat room today when the news hit and said to watch for volume.  Sure enough it did rally.

I also noted the headline and how they had "MAJOR" in the headline in all capital letters, as if the term major needed some additional emphasis:

BeBevCo Sets Date for MAJOR Announcement on Impending Corporate Growth

Ultimately who cares what is capitalized, all that matters for a penny stock trader is making money in this market.  BBDA has now provided that opportunity twice and both times I was sure to let my subscribers now before the rally started.   I alerted BBDA a few weeks ago at $.0004 and it went to $.0014.  Today again at $.0007 it is hitting $.0015 as I type.

Congratulations to those making MAJOR money on BBDA.

BeBevCo Sets Date for MAJOR Announcement on Impending Corporate Growth

STATESVILLE, N.C., June 26, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Bebida Beverage Company (OTC markets: BBDA) (BeBevCo), a developer, manufacturer and marketer of liquid relaxation products, announced today that the company will be making a major announcement on Thursday @ 10:00 AM concerning the company and the ever growing KOMA UNWIND relaxation brand .
"This is not something I usually approve of; a pre-announcement, announcement. However in this instance this news is so big, I don't want anyone who has invested their time, money or energy in us to miss out on this major news," said Brian Weber, CEO of BeBevCo.
"The idea that our Company has accomplished so much in a few years, and now is in position to grow into tens of millions of dollars in gross sales annually is not only a huge opportunity for investors, but also a tremendous accomplishment by our team of people here at BeBevCo and all those who see and believe in the future of the relaxation drink category of beverages," added Brian Weber. "Part of the excitement of having one of the fastest growing beverages in the world, is the amount of lives that can be effected by having a non alcoholic, non prescription solution to the anxieties and stresses of life in a tasty liquid solution," Weber concluded.
About BeBevCo
BeBevCo (Bebida Beverage Company) develops, manufactures and markets liquid relaxation products including KOMA Unwind � "Liquid Relaxation" (tm), KOMA Unwind Sugar-free �"Liquid Relaxation" (tm) and KOMA Unwind "Liquid Relaxation" Shot(tm) as well as Potencia Energy �, Potencia "BLAST" energy shot, Relax5 shots and Piranha Water.

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