Monday, August 6, 2012

BBDA Closed Right Near Highs For The Year

Only two weeks ago I posted a chart and why I thought the stock would head higher.  This is the same stock I alerted to my subscribers at $.0003/.0004 only a few months ago.  The stock hit $.004 before pulling back.

Here is the post on my blog before BBDA started its big rally:

This is what the chart looked like then, don't you wish you had a time machine?  No one was buying BBDA when I alerted it to my subscribers.  Right now the stock is trading almost $1 million in a single session.

Just two weeks ago after the stock was trading in a tight range I thought a breakout was coming.  Here is my post from then along with the chart I posted:

What happened next?  BBDA has moved to fresh highs for the year.  It has been some rally and at some point it will come to an end, but so far its been a very exciting ride for BBDA shareholders.  BBDA has soared from $.0003/.0004 to $.0077/.0078.

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