Tuesday, August 14, 2012

BBDA - Stock Soars From $.0003/.0004 to $.0144

BBDA has mounted, for some, a life changing type rally.  From my alert to my subscribers at $.0004 on June 14th, the stock has returned 36 fold.  A $1,000 buy at $.0004 could be sold today at the $.0144 high price for exactly $36,000.

This isnt a stock I alerted and gave up on either.  Just a few weeks ago with the stock trading in the $.0027-.0029 range I said I believed the next rally was still to come.  I couldn't have been more right.

Here are some of the updates I sent out to my subscribers after alerting the stock:

BBDA I sent out today at $.0003/.0004 as an alert.  The company has been issuing many press releases this year, but I think this one could be the most meaningful.  Assuming they are right about the shares structure, and volume should continue to send the stock higher.  It closed up at $.0005/.0006.  I think it could see $.001+ as this was a price it slowly recently fell from.  We also have seen this stock run big in the past, and we could have a nice rally.  Nothing is 100% certain and they could sell, but it didnt look like that was going on today.  Mostly all buys and not much selling.

BBDA hit $.0014 today.  This was my alert from $.0003/.0004.  After my alert was emailed there were plenty of shares to be had at $.0004.  Overall a wonderful alert and I am very happy to have brought it to you.  Once again alerts like this validate my service and at the same time give me a sense of satisfaction knowing I've helped you turn a sizable profit.  The stock pulled back today but todays news also signaled a possible longer term trend change.

BBDA my alert from less than two weeks ago hit a new high today surging to $.0035 today.  I alerted the stock at $.0004 with many shares available for purchase after my alert.  The stock went from .0004 to .0014 and the pulled back.  Yesterday I noted BBDA's news in the chat room and said to watch for volume for the next move.  Volume came and the stock took off again hitting fresh highs today of .0035.  Another few .0001's tomorrow and we are looking at a possible 1,000%+ alert.

Congratulations again to those who were able to make a large profit off this move.  It is usually not this easy and this market can humble you quickly with your very next trade.  Not all of my alerts perform like this, some even head south after I alert them. 

The best part about this penny stock market is that your next trade could be into the next big BBDA runner, one I  am proud to have brought to my subscribers first.

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