Friday, December 7, 2012

IENT - Stock Sees Strong Buying Into the Weekend After Merger

IENT's merger continues to draw the attention of investors who today bid the stock up another 75%.  An impressive move for this recently sub penny stock.  Let's see if the momentum continues into next week.

iEntertainment Network Inc. Merges With Great Outdoors, LLC

New Games, New Sponsors, New Executive Leadership

CARY, N.C., Nov 29, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- iEntertainment Network Inc. (OTC:IENT), the developer of the WarBirds 2012, Combat Simulation Game Series, announces an agreement to merge with the Great Outdoors, LLC, a Company of Mr. Danny Hammett, a well known game executive with over 20 years of game company management experience at companies including Activision, Electronic Arts, Vivendi NBC Universal, Head Games Publishing, and others. Mr. Hammett is credited with producing many successful outdoors games like the well known Cabelas' Big Game Hunter and Rapala Fishing franchises.
Coming to iEntertainment as its President, Mr. Hammett will bring those same game concepts and a bevy of sponsors and partners including over 20 leading marketshare outdoors products' companies to support IENT's new outdoors products. Mr. Hammett also has relationships and sponsorship agreements with outdoor and action celebrities as well as major television networks.
IENT will develop a series of new online outdoor games, under Mr. Hammett's direction, for the Great Outdoors Online Game Universe including shooting, hunting, fishing, skiing, snowmobiling, and many other outdoor sports with first launches scheduled by mid 2013 on PCs and mobile devices. Great Outdoors Concept Video.
JW Stealey will assume the role of Chairman of the Board and work primarily with the development teams. Mr. Hammett will focus on day to day Operations, Sales, Marketing, and promotion of the brands and the products.
IENT current websites including, will shortly include the games and products of the Great Outdoors. The current Great Outdoors website is
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