Tuesday, January 8, 2013

REVO Rallies To Over $.01 a Share

In early December I alerted REVO in the chat room and via email as the market opened after it issued an 8k filing.  The stock rose that day more than doubling in price by the next trading session:

REVO $.0011BId $.001ask $.0011
Trying to get his out ASAP.  News just hit this stock may move as well.  Here is the 8k :
Revolutionary Concepts, Inc., is pleased to announce that over the past three months, we have been in discussion and actively seeking to acquire a company that is generating significant revenues and net profits. Management believes that potential company involved has the financial strength that could assist us in the development of our technology, which, in turn, will enable us to execute a commercialization strategy (sales and marketing of the technology). No assurances can be provided that these discussions will result in a formal agreement or enable us to achieve our goals.TGGI has news out today and earlier this month of a share reduction.  The company is almost fully diluted and is looking for further reductions.

Today the stock soared hitting over $.013 a share before closing at $.01. The stock broke and held above the key 200 DMA and may see more gains before pulling back.