Thursday, October 10, 2013

$TGGI up 900% and Climbing

I alerted TGGI at no bid and $.0001 ask a while back, saying the stock has a great chance to rally.  Here we are with TGGI closing at $.0009 highs and looking ready to take out the $.001 level today.

I compared $TGGI at the time to $BBDA, another stock I alerted at triple zero prices that rallied over $.01.  Could TGGI do the same?  A move from no bid to $.01?  Thats the great thing about penny stock, you never know.

Let's see what today brings.  If recent trading action is any indication we could be looking at more gains ahead.


Michael Miller said...

I held this since your alert and made great profit. Thanks Bob

kevin hughley said...
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