Friday, April 20, 2012

THQI - Up Over 30% - Closes At High Of Day

Today THQI posted one of its biggest percentage gains in its history surging over 30%. The stock closed at the high of the day as volume and price increased late in the session.

 If you are new to this blog, or have simply ignored all of my posts about THQI, I am sorry to hear that.  On March 10th I gave this stock to my subscribers as a chart to watch.  It is turning into exactly what I thought it would become back then.

I knew with THQI it wasn't going to trade 50% higher in a few days like some sub-penny stocks.  I knew THQI as an established company that in 2007 posted revenue over $1 billion.  I also knew, after doing some extensive research, that the shorts were heavily betting on a bankruptcy.  THQI was falling apart at the seems last year and into this year.  This formerly $35+ stock in 2006, sat as low as $.45 this year. 

With the shorts piling in and betting on further declines there was no better time to take the contrarian trade.  I  alerted  FFN, a stock with an almost identical short percentage, at a similar time of desperation.  FFN went from $.51 to $2.70.  THQI has gone from $.45 to $.75 so far.  I think we are just seeing the start of a nice price recovery that will almost certainly take THQI back over $1 a share and likely well beyond that figure.

The news release by THQI earlier this week, in my opinion, shows a company that has turned the corner.   The stock was trading like it was going bankrupt, now we learn that not only is the company not going bankrupt, its posting much better than expected sales numbers and a significantly stronger cash position.

The stock market is great at trading the future.  When you start hearing great things about a stock its probably time to sell.  Look no further than AAPL's recent price action.  With THQI when the analysts start moving up their targets, issuing strong buy ratings, we know the rally will be long in the tooth.  For now know that THQI has a long way to go before the herd starts piling in.  The analysts have nothing good to say about THQI.  The shorts who are trying to cover are lucky THQI remains a mostly unwanted stock.  I have no idea what THQI will do on a daily basis.  I do know, based upon my research, knowledge, and instinct, that THQI will be a great trade this year, even at $.75 and even at $1.00.

My very confident post a few days ago remains very true and will remain true for quite a while.  I just hope the shorters who have yet to cover aren't still holding onto a THQI bankruptcy, because its not going to happen. 

My posts about THQI over the last month are below.  If you couldn't tell, I have, and remain very confident about THQI and the prospects for more gains for the stock.  I have never owned one single share of stock of THQI, and never will.  This stock is for my subscribers and readers as are all the stocks I post on this blog and my web site.  THQI already an over  50% move from its $.45 low, and I don't think we've scratched the surface yet.

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