Friday, May 11, 2012

OPMG - A Stock To Watch Next Week?

Stock don't get down to all-time lows because people are buying up the stock.  It quite the contrary, usually heavy selling is to blame.  Many times the selling never stops and the stock falls to $.0001, reverse splits, and starts selling all over again.  Buying stocks that have fallen dramatically is a risky business, but it also can be a highly profitable one.  This year alone we have seen many 500%, 1000% or more returns on stocks that fell out of favor.

I think OPMG has the potential to be one of those stocks.  The 50 day moving average rests at $.004, an over 300% move from today's close.  While I think that's possible given the decline we saw in OPMG, lets first see if the stock gets its legs.  Selling looks to have slowed, and a sign of an impending bounce would be heavy buying volume.  We have yet to see that yet, but if and when it comes I think OPMG will post a nice gain.

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