Wednesday, August 15, 2012

BBDA Hits New Highs - Continues its 2 Month Long Rally

I don't like to revisit a stock on a daily basis, but BBDA continues to give me a reason to write about them.  The stock sat at $.0003 a little over two months ago (its 52 week low) and hit a high today of .0172 today.  If you bought $1,000 of BBDA stock at the $.0003 price,  today those shares were worth $57,333 at the high.  If you bought $1,000 of BBDA stock when I alerted it my subscribers at $.0003/.0004,  they were worth $43,000 at the high today.  Just a great rally and just when you think its going to stop, it picks right back up and heads to new highs.

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